Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • A disappointing episode with perplexing actions by Oliver trying an ill-conceived rescue of a prostitute, followed by a pointless attempt to reunite with Lois. Clark watches passively, until an abrupt take-what-he-wants scene at the end.

    I was disappointed in this episode and found myself cringing at the contrived and manipulative plot. It's pretty loaded with cliches and worn-out plot devices, such as Oliver playing hero by trying to rescue a prostitute from herself and her too-civilized pimp. Sorry Smallville has to take on this flavor - dressing up the street women in the latest fashions, and putting the Green Arrow in this mode - if he's going to convert prostitutes, he can spend all day every day doing that. Prostitution is not fashionable - it's seamy, depraved, and devastating to women - and pimps are the lowest form of life on the planet. How did it become stylish?

    The next story line is Oliver (shirtless again, for the young teen females) making a play for Lois, but the writers are just manipulating us with this teaser. I was pretty sure last week that the romance between these two would never be restored - that would cause even more fan consternation and further delay the developing Clark-Lois relationship, which most fans seem to want this season. So they're just creating contrived conflict. Sure enough, Lois takes a powder, but not before we have to watch Clark playing jilted lover for a few scenes. It doesn't go over well - the Lois/Oliver thing has been squeezed dry.

    The Tess-Zod story line was lots better, Ms. Freeman looking awfully good and Zod surprising her with the sneak attack on her (ecologically-fashionable) green energy plant by taking the CEO position at the acquired company. She discovers late that one of her security guards is a Kandorian, who gives her only an hour to turn over the RBB. But are we to believe that she's protecting Clark/Kal-El? You could write a plausible alternative that would have her giving him up to force a confrontation between Zod's horde and Kal-El, following the plot line from last season. Tess was even more to be admired when she turned the tables on Zod by somehow eliminating his henchman's threat, wish we could have seen how. Ms. Freeman had real strength and presence in this episode.

    Then there's the quickie plot summary in words - with Clark telling Chloe that he's been off tracking down Kandorians. Gee, I'd much rather see this story line acted out than have it presented in summary, verbal form. They could do an entire season with Clark going up against a variety of Kandorians all over the world. Sounds more interesting than dismissing much of the crisis by implying that he's taking care of them off-camera.

    Even Chloe's part in this episode is a bit forced and rushed. She didn't seem nearly as in control and confident as she did in "Roulette" last week.

    Then there's The Kiss, apparently based on Chloe's advice to Clark to go for what he wants. He cuts out all that second-date discussion and just grabs. And sorry, but that kiss was not that well-done and convincing, in fact, Mr. Welling was a bit awkward with that. Their near-kiss last season had a lot more tension and emotional content. And what a non-romantic spot - down there in the DP basement, and not a word of confessed love. Ok, it's done with, but I have no confidence in continutiy here - he might later apologize for his actions, and movement on their relationship could easily be re-wound, just as the writers have done before. I think we need to hear more from Clark about his feelings for her than just showing his determination to protect her from harm. If he wants her, and loves her, he needs to tell her.

    Last week's finale - Clark and Oliver together on the roof-top, ready to take on the Kandorian threat to the world - they set the stage for a great follow-on episode, then frittered it away with streetwalkers. Re-run rating C-.
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