Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • There are quite a few significant character moments in this one.

    There's a nice shift in gears this week, as almost every main character gets something to do – even Chloe! The focus once again lies heavily on Oliver, and it's good to see the writers follow through with these storylines, even if this TV-Budget version of Pretty Woman doesn't necessarily click together as well as it could have. Having Lois and Clark on the backburner was a smart move – this episode could have easily been all about the kiss (it's not exactly uncommon for this show to market a storyline and then milk it for all it's possibly worth); but their TV shenanigans didn't take centre stage, and thank the lords, cos I seriously wouldn't have been able to hack that ''ooh look at us being kooky'' music that played whenever these two were onscreen together. + Erica and Tom are having blast playing these two in such a fresh light; hopefully we'll get more of this dynamic.
    + The kiss was good, but not exactly the best onscreen kiss I've seen.
    + I think I liked how underplayed it was – usually Smallville goes all out for its apparent ratings-grabber-scenes, but this low-key ending worked well.

    Oliver and his new protégé fumbled between the lines of homage and full on cheddar cheese: some scenes worked, a lot of them didn't. Smallville had its very own chance to inject new life into a newly reinvigorated season, in the form of Mia, aka, Speedy. She's given a badass entrance scene and we're shown she can handle her own. Unfortunately, she lacks any sort of personality and seemingly forgets how to fight towards the end…she literally could have been Smallville's very own Faith; the writers have an opportunity to take this story down a dark path, at the very least, a compelling one. + That action scene was fairly kick ass. More please!
    + Less leather and more development would have been nice, writers.
    + I wonder if this incarnation of Speedy will have aids…

    There are quite a few significant character moments in this one. Chloe may have found her male counterpart. These few scenes were really something. Well, actually, they weren't a whole lot of anything, but I got my Allison Mack fix, so I'm good. Tess offing one of Zod's men was great. That crazy-cool bullet-time sequence (brought me back to the old days) was filled with tension (Clark just saved Ollie's life as a hero, but unknowingly crushed him as a friend); I'm thrilled that the writers dismantled any possibilities of a triangle budding between arrow/lois/clark and are actually moving these characters forward.