Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Despite a slow start this turned out to be another great episode.

    Lois and Clark are great together, simple as that. The best thing about season 4 was the chemistry between Clark and Lois but somehow it kind of got lost in the 5th season. It didn't really get back on track until the 8th season when once again most of Lois and Clark's scenes were with each other. The reason I say this is because their relationship has obviously grown over the years and while I was dead against them ever getting together on Smallville originally, now it works nicely and their dynamic has evolved to the point where it feels right to have them like each other.

    Most of their scenes here were whilst working for "Good Morning Metropolis" and the tension between the two was handled well. Their scenes were fun while making it clear that Lois was still hurting after being stood up by Clark. It was a good balance that prevented it from getting bogged down and depressing (which was what happened with Lana) but also didn't treat the issue as a joke.

    Meanwhile Oliver was trying to help his future side-kick Mia. By not knowing a lot about her from the comics all I have to go on is her interpretation here. Well she pretty much won me over with her first scene which was an incredibly well choreographed fight sequence. Oliver could see himself in her so it made sense that he tried to help her. This was important as it might've seemed a bit dodgy if it was implied that he just went around recruiting everyone he saw participating in a fight club! Mia was handled well and came off as sympathetic but still strong. She couldn't believe that Oliver wanted to help her with nothing in return which made sense and was well played.

    The other main plot that was going on here was between Tess and Zod. Zod tricking Tess into helping him harness the power of the sun was a nice touch and I'm glad to see him working his way into the real world (so to speak) rather than just hiding in the background as a mercenary. He's not just strong, he's smart which makes him a very dangerous foe and he's looking more and more like being a great villain this year. Again Callum Blue was great as Zod and it can't be an easy role to play. There needs to be a certain amount of camp evil genius while staying realistic and he does it wonderfully. Tess on the other hand is never going to be a fantastic character but she serves her purpose and is still good on the show. I felt the ending to her story with delivering the Kandorian's blood stained dog tags was a bit predictable but it was needed to show that she will be able to hold her own against Zod this year.

    While Tess and Zod's story was pretty much completely separate from the rest of the episode the two main plots interconnected nicely. That said the only real crossover was because Lois got caught when Oliver was attacked. Again Mia was good here as she tried to fight back when she realised they wouldn't let Lois go. Despite causing the situation it was a no win for her and again you could empathise with her. Which was the name of the game as we needed to like her! When Lois' earpiece fell out I thought that would allow for an easy fix to the situation but what was great was that Clark didn't come straight away, allowing for Oliver to show his awesomeness.

    After being deceived a bit too easily last week for my liking he was back to his awesome self here and considering I was expecting Clark to stop the gunman firing that it was Ollie who dived in was a great cheer moment. That said when they were running from the gunfire they didn't seem to be that bothered by the ricochets going off around them! Of course they did eventually get cornered which was when it was Clark's time to shine. Sometimes superhearing seems like a bit of a cop out as it conveniently activated just when he was needed. I might've preferred it if they'd found a different way for him to have found the earpiece, and not just because then they could've avoided the awful superhearing effect.

    Clark stopping bullets has been done dozens of times, so finding a new take on it is always impressive and here it was absolutely fantastic! As usual the Clark-time effects were awesome (first use this season by the way), although I did notice there was no trail behind Clark as he was moving. Still the way he handled it with the first few bouncing off him and then melting the rest to get to the gun was just amazing! The icing on the cake was the one bullet that got past him only for him to expertly catch it right in front of Ollie's face. That was one of the best action moments Smallville's done in a long time and that is a big complement on this show!

    One of the advantages of the smaller cast on Smallville now is that every character can be in an episode like this without it seeming too crowded. Which brings me to Chloe who I'm afraid was the weak link this week. Again she was just Watchtower girl with some unthankful dialogue to get through. I actually thought Tess's hacker handled the techno-babble quite well, but Chloe's "now you've made me angry" line was cringe-worthy. Her recruiting him at the end seemed a bit off too. It could've done with a bit more detail than a dialogue free scene but I guess it wasn't the most important part of the episode so they didn't want to dwell on it too much.

    Which brings me to the episode ending; the kiss that was shown in the trailers. First off the Cat Grant name drop was awesome (or at least it would've been if Kryptonsite hadn't spoiled it on their news page). The kiss itself was done very well. It wasn't a cheesy slow moving into each other kind of kiss, but instead a bit of a surprise action with Clark grabbing Lois mid sentence. If I hadn't known about it then it would've been a great shock ending. It worked perfectly and was a great moment to end the episode on.
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