Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Lois is trying to get on tv, poor Clark Kent is just trying to help, and the whole time I'm screaming at the tv, "Just get together already!"

    Firstly, did you know that the girl that Clark went on a date with is actually a character in the comics? If you did not then her name is Catherine (Cat) Grant, look her up. So, Lois is trying to get a job as a hostess on a television show and poor Clark Kent is pulled in to help. It doesn't help that the sparks are flying. It was surprising that they did not ignite.

    But enough about Lois and Clark! Ollie meets his kid!! Well, one his kid of his kids. As all Green Arrow fans are aware of he has multiple kids (adopted, biological, and a possible biological). Not to mention that he is married to the Black Canary (with an adopted daughter of her own). Mia is a prostitute who Ollie rescues and takes under his wing. I will not bother to compare Ollie from the comic books to Ollie as he is portrayed on the show. They have similarities but a lot of differences as well. It is a shame that they skipped Ollie's oldest adopted son, Roy, and went right to Mia. Then again, they skipped Barry Allen (Bart's grandfather) and Wally West (Bart's cousin) and went right to Bart. Though it would have been weird if they had introduced Bart and then Roy (major age difference). I am glad that they included her nickname, "Speedy". They even used her main colors of choice, yellow and red. There is also still room (if the writer's wanted to) to introduce the son that Ollie knew about and dismissed, Conner Hawke. Now that would be interesting. And as always, I love the character Tess. Man, she is a great actress and adds so much to the show. I love how she interacts with the other cast members and how developed (and yet interesting) her character is. I also really like the new character, Stuart the hacker, for some reason. I just feel as if the writers could really expand on his character. And mostly... I loved the last five minutes! It was worth watching the entire episode if only for that last five minutes. :)