Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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    Not a bad episode of Smallville and it's definitely better than the last episode as predicted, but the whole plot overall was not the best. Everyone rated this a 10 because Lois & Clark kissed in the end, well let me tell you folks, if you did that, you don't know a thing about television.

    Rating an episode high because your favorite couple got together is just biased, you have to rate an episode based on quality, not on shock value. Also why is everyone getting so excited for Lois & Clark anyway. When they kissed, it felt forced, like Tom Welling was forced to kiss his step sister, there is no chemistry there. As for the plot goes, we did get some good moments even though the writing continues to be lacking and the plots are losing their originality. Clark & Lois on a morning show for an episode? Smallville jumps the shark yet again, what was up with this plot? The backdrop fulfilled the plot but not subtly or cleverly. I got to say, the most enjoyable scenes were with Chloe, who is the best thing about this show right now. Her getting Stuart in the end was a great scene. Tess & Zod, another great plot, it seems as though the supporting characters are stealing the show here.

    Why has all the season 9 episodes been so Oliver-heavy. I enjoyed the focus on him in "Echo" but now it's just annoying and uninteresting. Did anyone else care that he's helping a hooker with incredible strength? Overall a lackluster episode, but enjoyable in small doses.
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