Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Justin goes to Principal Kwan's house, you can see that he uses a garden light pole to force him blocked at the garage door (he shoots Kwan so the arrow point of the pole enters the garage door). Even disconnected, the light remains on.

    • When Justin is killing the dean he uses a garden light pole, and he takes it from the right side of the lane (there are at least two others there). However, the next day Clark goes to the same house and there are no light poles on the right side.

    • When Clark and Pete are at Mr. Fordman's funeral, at first they are both under umbrellas, but the next time they show Clark he's by himself with no umbrella and all wet.

    • Clark says that the fax came in at 4:43 p.m. the day before. We saw that scene earlier, and it was just before the bell rang and students started coming out of the classrooms. At 4:43 in a Kansas high school? This doesn't happen in the U.S. school system.

    • Lana says she caught some of Clark and Chloe fighting at the career fair. She wasn't there, and even if she was she certainly wasn't anywhere near the scene where they were fighting.

    • The Daily Planet takes high-school interns? Most newspapers, it is unlikely for college interns to get signed on.

  • Quotes

    • Clark: I've always liked Lana, but I can never get near her. I just found out that Chloe likes me, and I think I may have feelings for her, too.
      Lex: So which one do you want to pursue?
      Clark: That's the thing -- I want to protect my friendship with both.
      Lex: Then you'll never get either one.

    • Chloe: So should we do the "I told you so" part, or is my perennial bad judgment implicit?

    • Justin: Am I freaking you out?
      Chloe: Believe it or not, I've seen stranger things.
      Justin: 'Cause I don't want to end up... on your wall.
      Chloe: Don't worry, you won't. Now let's make everything float again.

    • Chloe: What's with you, Clark? Do you have some sort of a Savior Complex? If I'm in trouble, you'll rescue me but other than that, you remain emotionally unavailable.

    • Lex: (seeing Clark reading a book, amused) 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus'?
      Clark: I'm trying to get an insight into the female psyche.
      Lex: I seriously doubt you'll find it in here.

    • Danny: I see you in a uniform, flying. Have you ever considered a career in the Air Force?
      Clark: Um...I'll think about it.

    • Clark: Look, I know I screwed up, but why is Chloe having a breakdown?
      Pete: You're not the most observant person in the world, are you?

    • Clark: It's like you find out this secret and it colors everything. I just can't believe I never saw it before.
      Lana: Sometimes the right person can be right in front of your eyes and you never even know it.

    • Lex: Clark, love isn't about playing it safe, it's about risks. Unless you're willing to put yourself out there, you'll never know.
      Clark: Have you ever been in love before?
      Lex: I've only loved two women in my life. One died and the other betrayed me.

    • Clark: How many more innocent people are you going to kill?
      Justin: Just one more.

    • Lionel: What did she want?
      Lex: Forgiveness.
      Lionel: She must not know you very well.

    • Lionel: (reading) "I celebrate myself, and what I assume, you shall assume..."
      Lex: "...for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."
      Lionel: That sounds like a description of family.
      Lex: Not ours.

    • Lex: What's the problem?
      Clark: I have these two amazing friends, both of them girls...
      Lex: For the sake of argument, let's call them "Lana" and "Chloe."

    • Pamela: I wanted to see what kind of man you grew up into.
      Lex: A very busy one.

    • Chloe: Most men are from Mars, Clark, but you're from some distant galaxy that I've never even heard of.

  • Notes

    • Although he appeared in this episode, John Schneider did not have any lines.

    • Music: "Nothing To Do" by Bottlefly, "Time After Time" by Eva Cassidy, "40 To 5" by Leave The World, "Light In Your Eyes" by Louise Goffin, "You And I" by Micah Green, and "2001 Spliff Odyssey" by Thievery Corporation.

    • This episode re-aired on July 22th, 2003. This was the last week Smallville aired on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. On the following week, Smallville began airing on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM starting on July 30th.

    • About 11 minutes into the episode, Chloe compliments Justin on her "favorite" comic strip of his. If you look closely, you can see it's some kind of muscular duck-esque super-hero type in a blue suit with the famous "S" on the chest. We get a another split-second shot of this character shortly after Justin drops his file on the ground.

    • Smallville's "Mayor Siegel" is an in-joke reference to Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman. The mention here will generate a goof down the road in "Ryan" when we are introduced to long-time incumbent Mayor Tate.

    • Last appearance of Hiro Kanagawa as Principal Kwan.

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