Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

At practice Clark is waiting to go in when cheerleader Amanda gives her boyfriend Denny a drink that turns him particularly affectionate and obedient to her. The player becomes irritable towards Jason and leaves in the middle of practice, giving Clark the chance to go in. In the locker room Denny opens fire on Jason and Clark manages to save him and disarm Denny.

Afterward Clark and Lois are struck by how attentive the guys on the team are toward their girlfriends and Chloe goes to check out Denny. Lex is providing the jerseys for the team, much to Clark's dismay. Both Jason and Chloe drink the water that the cheerleaders provide, and Chloe is soon dropping the Talon to follow Clark. A suspicious Lois overhears the cheerleaders talking and sees one of them with a chemistry paper on "love molecules." That night Chloe is at Clark's loft and hits on him, although nothing happens. In the school Lana is puzzled by Jason's overly-devoted behavior and he jealously takes it out on Clark who is talking to Lana. And they discover that Chloe has joined the cheerleading squad1

Clark drinks the water as well and suffers pain from the kryptonite-tainted liquid, but it has no other effect. In his weakened condition, the players ordered by a jealous Jason take him down pretty readily. That night Jason visits the still weakened Clark in the barn and beats him up. Fortunately Lex arrives and drives him off. Clark doesn't admit to know it was Jason and his wounds heal up shortly thereafter. Lex turns over all of his files to Clark as a gesture of friendship.

Lois puts it all together and she and Clark set up an operation where Clark pretends to still be affected and goes to a pool party where the cheerleaders are holding court so he can cause a distraction while Lois grabs the notebook. Mandy takes off with him and the notebook into the weight room and Lois follows. Hilarity and hijinks ensue and Clark manages to slip Lois the notebook but then Chloe attacks her in a fit of jealousy. Lois knocks Chloe into a furnace and the heat dispels the effect.

Chloe and Lois bust up Clark and Mandy, but Mandy brings in some football players. Lois sticks around to fight it out and Clark secretly busts a steam pipe, "curing" the players. Clark meets back up with Lex who reveals he has cleaned out the room where he kept Clark's "evidence" and the two reconcile, and Clark asks Lex for a favor. Clark proves himself in the game by scoring the winning touchdown, reconciles with Chloe, and finds out that Lois is going back to college thanks to Clark's favor from Lex.