Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • In the ending scene between Clark and Chloe after the football game, you can see half of the padding of the sports bag's strap on Clark's right shoulder. In the next cut of Clark, the padding is hardly seen but then reappears halfway again in the subsequent cut.

    • In this episode Clark says he got his dad's old position as quarterback. In the first season they said Jonathan played tailback.

    • Prior to when Jason was attacked, the sign to the boys' locker room has the apostrophe placed before the S, (BOY'S instead of BOYS') making the term singular/possessive instead of plural.

    • The guys attacking Lois and Clark, along with Mandy, should be badly scalded by the hot steam. There's no indication they've been parboiled in the brief shot when they start to recover, but they should be screaming in agony.

    • Jason actually says he sees Clark run really fast to rescue him. But...Clark was moving in his usual F/X super-speed manner, blurs and all. Shouldn't he know no human being moves like that?

    • When Clark first joined the football team he started with a letter, and typically you have to play a full year to get the letter.

    • When Chloe attacks Lois, she hits her pretty hard with a wrench. All Lois does is turn around and then defend herself. She should have had a little more reaction to a wrench in the back of the head. For that matter, Lois lays a kick full-face into Chloe, who of course shows no visible injury whatsoever here or afterward.

    • No one seems the slightest bit curious how a shotgun, while in the hands of an out-of-control student, could spontaneously heat to the point at which the student would sustain second degree burns on his hands? Clark even mentions the gun heating up, so it's clearly common knowledge.

    • Chloe burns her hands on a hot furnace, with the flames inches away from the door she touches, yet shows no blistering, redness of skin, and needs neither gauze nor bandages on her wounded palms.

    • Jason seems to have a pretty good slash from the glass during the shotgun shootout, but instead of going to the hospital or getting stitches, he just has Lana put a band-aid on it.

    • It's varied on and off again in the past, but Chloe specifically says here she only has two reporters - Clark and Lois. Shouldn't she have like...a staff? A high school covering even a mid-sized town (and Smallville is pop. 40,000) usually has 5-10 reporters - if nothing else, it looks good on your college application to do some newspaper work. But the Torch only has...1 editor/reporter and two reporters - this doesn't make much sense.

    • Despite the facial cuts she received in the previous episode, Lana shows no signs of damage or scarring this episode.

    • In the kitchen scene when Clark is talking to Martha about Chloe coming on to him, at one point Annette obviously steps up onto a box to continue the scene with Tom. Later, before leaving for the Talon, she steps down.

  • Quotes

    • Chloe: Uh, you guys, where's Mandy?
      (Clark and Lois see that Mandy is gone)
      Lois: Oh, nice, Clark. You know, you only had one thing to do.
      Clark: Me? You're closer to the door.
      Lois: Okay, so it's automatically my fault?

    • Jonathan: Look, son, if you're gonna be the quarterback, then you have to be the leader. Of course a bunch of the guys are gonna want to challenge that, especially if they don't think you deserve it. Same thing happened to me.
      Clark: I thought your team worshiped the ground you walked on.
      Jonathan: Well, not when I was a sophomore, they didn't. See, the coach made me starting quarterback. A bunch of the seniors didn't like that very much.
      Clark: What'd you do?
      Jonathan: I earned their respect.

    • Clark: (discussing football practice) Some of the guys have been giving me a hard time since they found out I was starting. Missing my passes...
      Jonathan: Nobody said it was gonna be easy.
      Clark: The frustrating part is, I could score every time.
      Jonathan: Clark, we talked about that whole thing, remember? The football field is not a place for you to be using your powers to save the day.

    • Chloe: I would do anything for you. Things that Lana would never do. Things to help relieve your stress.
      Clark: (apprehensive) Like what?
      (Chloe's hand starts wandering down Clark's chest and stomach)
      Clark: Chloe... (her hand keeps lowering) Chloe!
      Clark: (taking Chloe's hand and patting it) Hey, Chloe! Are you feeling okay?
      Chloe: I've never felt happier.

    • Lois: I'm glad you made the team, Clark, but why be a conformist? At least with the whole farmboy plaid thing, as lame as it is, it completely belongs to you.
      Clark: In the future, let's restrict our conversations to "hello" and "goodbye."

    • (as Lana goes to bandage Jason's wound)
      Jason: Ow, ow, ow.
      Lana: I haven't even touched it yet.
      Jason: I'm just practicing.
      Lana: Good, because it's really deep.

    • Lois: Where are we, some kind of freakish feminist parallel universe?

    • Chloe: Wow. So... 60-yard pass to win the big game at the last second. You're gonna be like some superhero around here. I just might have to do an article on you.

    • Clark: Nate, I need you to get open in the end zone.
      Nate: Are you serious? Can you throw that far?
      Clark: Can you run that fast?

    • Lois: Ooh, advanced chem. Exactly how many cheerleaders does it take to draw a double helix?

    • Lois: Oh, hey, we were just talking about you.
      Mandy: Yeah? Well, now you're gonna wish you never crossed me.
      Lois: Yeah? What're you gonna do? Cheer us to death?

    • Lois: Don't worry, I'll visit.
      Clark: Is that a promise or a threat?

    • Lois: If you break (Chloe's) heart, I'll come back and I'll break your legs.

    • Chloe: (about Clark) Wow, superhero and journalist - what are the odds?

    • Lois: Do you know how pathetic it is that you have to resort to chemicals to control your boyfriends?
      Mandy: I'm sick of being a distant second to a football.
      Lois: So you create a bunch of psycho nutjobs. (looks at Chloe) No offense.
      Chloe: None taken.

    • Clark: You know, I thought you made a great cheerleader.
      Chloe: Yeah, well let's never talk about that again, okay?

    • Clark: I'm looking for Coach Teague. He just attacked me in my loft.
      Lois: After that performance on the field today, not surprised.

    • Lex: There's a darkness in me that I can't always control. I'm starting to think that's my curse, why every relationship I have ends badly.
      Clark: We all have a dark side, Lex.
      Lex: Yeah, but I can feel mine creeping over the corners. Friendship helps keep it at bay. It reminds me that there are truly good people in the world. I'm not willing to give up on that.

    • Jason: Well, I guess it could've been a lot worse if Clark hadn't tackled me out of the way. I've never seen anybody move that fast. I got to get him off the bench.

    • Mandy: You want a quote?
      Lois: Yeah.
      Mandy: Back off, bitch.

    • Clark: You know, if you spent as much time studying as you did trying to leave, you'd be in college already.
      Lois: And where'd you get that pearl of wisdom? The Farmers' Almanac?

  • Notes

    • Music: "Welcome To My World" by Kyle Newvachek, "Feels Like Today" by Rascal Flatts, "Cruel Sun" by Silver, "Don't Say Nuthin'" by The Roots, "On the Run" by Sam Roberts, "Revolution" by Authority Zero, "California" by Hawk Nelson, "Meltdown" by Ash, "Our Mystery" by Bebo Norman, "Better Off by Myself" by Bosshouse, "Medication" by Sub space radio, and "Disco MF" by The Penfifteen Club.

    • John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

    • During its original airing, this episode begins and ends with a brief tribute to Christopher Reeve (Dr. Swann), who passed away on October 10, 2004, three days before the episode's premiere.

    • The WB advertised this episode as "Thirst".

  • Allusions

    • Lois: He and the dean did the white man dance and, Shazam, I'm back in school.
      In DC Comics continuity, Shazam is the magic word that transforms a youngster named Billy Batson into Captain Marvel, "The World's Mightiest Mortal", as well as the name of the wizard that endowed Billy with that ability. Shazam is actually an acronym of six mythological figures - Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury - whose god-like powers are bestowed upon Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has often been compared to Superman. "Shazam!" is also the expression that Gomer Pyle used in the TV series Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C..

    • Lois: My cousin goes 'Martha Stewart' without the jail time...
      Referencing the famous hostess who ended up going to jail for insider-trading.

    • Lois: She's taking the fast train to 'Stepford'.
      Referencing the movie, The Stepford Wives where women were turned into robots who are completely devoted to their husbands. The movie was originally released in 1975 and remade in 2004.

    • Lois: Hey, I'm trying to get out of Mayberry.
      Referencing the show with Andy Griffith.

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