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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2011 on The CW

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  • A baffling choice when the show is coming to an end

    I am still baffled, a week later, by this episode.

    Smallville is finishing a TEN YEAR run. They have built up such a rich heritage for the show. They have just 135 minutes of episode time left after this episode to finish the legacy. And they create THIS. Why?

    It's just... baffling. It doesn't further the story. It doesn't fit with the arcs really. It doesn't close off any stories, or revisit any memorable moments. The style doesn't fit, it feels like a director having a laugh and emulating Spartacus. It's not interesting. The return of Zod just slows down the pace of the last season.

    All in all, Smallville season 10 has been (overall) one of the best. But this episode just smacks of filler until they get to the finale. It really adds nothing to finish this great show.
  • Dominion

    Dominion was a superb episode of Smallville and I really enjoyed watching this episode. It seems that perhaps some people are rating based on their feelings about the show ending. I admit that some of these episodes could have been better, however there were some great scenes in this episode, especially at the end. I think this episode had important relevance to the over all story but feel that there should have been more time for the last scenes to have gone further. There was plenty of action, intrigue, romance, drama, as well as character and plot development. I look forward to watching the next episode of Smallville!!!!!!!
  • Smallville: Blood and Sand

    Dominion-Tess determines that a Phantom Zone prisoner has learned of the way to escape, and Clark resolves to investigate by going there. Oliver tricks Clark into taking him along, and they discover that the Zoners have a new leader: Zod. Meanwhile, Lois learns that Tess is aware of one of Clark's secrets and chose not to confide in her. Well, we all know Smallville is well know for ripping off movies/TV shows and as far as rip-offs goes, I surprisingly still enjoyed the hell of of "Dominion". Sure, this episode screamed "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" to the point where I thought Rob Tapert would sue the writers but considering "Spartacus" is a self-proclaimed "300" rip-off by the producers themselves, you can't really blame Smallville for ripping off a rip-off can you? Anyway, "Dominion" still manages to deliver some fine action, some dark blood filled moments and...oh...ZOD!! Callum Blue returns as the menancing Kryptonian General and never misses a beat in his performance in this episode as if he never left the series to begin with. I'm glad the writers managed to do something that made sense for a change having Phantom Zod possess Clone Zod when he was put in the Zone by the Kandorians. Making both verisons of Clark's nemesis sharing the same body makes the perfect set up for his future with Clark and I really liked they managed to show Zod in the classic mirror version with Ursa and Non beside him. Zod scenes with Clark and Oliver were filled with tension and you could feel the animosity through the screen. Zod is a great manipulator, especially when Callum Blue is chewing up the screen with his immpeccable delivery. I loved how they established some genuine continuity with explaining how Zod could open the portal out of the Phantom Zone thanks to Clark giving him his blood last season. Sure it's a stretch but atleast the writers are attempting to create less plotholes. I also loved how they established that Darkseid is behind Zod's rule over the Phantom Zone and has been affecting other planets with his darkness besides Earth. I also loved the shot of the Omega Symbol on of the Skulls. Speaking of direction, Justin Hartley makes his directorial debut here and for the most part, it was decent. Sure the fight scenes screamed "Amateur, cliche slow mo fight scenes" but at least they were entertaining enough for me not to care. As stubborn as Olvier was to follow Clark into the Zone, it was great watching them work together and even fight each other. Although Clark having Oliver almost kill him just to get the crystal was a bit extreme, also, how would Clark know that Zod would manipulate Oliver to fight him not knowing Oliver was infected by the Omega Symbol? Anyway, it lead to a good bloody conclusion between the heroes and like a I said, Zod's last declaration of revenge as Clark and Oliver escape and he's floating away in the mirror Phantom Zone perfectly set up his return to fight Superman!

    The only downside of the episode was Tess and Lois part of the story. It desperately felt tacked on, especially considering how Lois' ends of reacting to Clark's plan. Tess was only doing what Clark asked of her and Clark is the leader, Lois should know this and should see the greater good in Clark's actions to sacrifice himself to stop other psychos like Slade from being released from the Phantom Zone yet she out of now where pulls a gun on Tess. WTF!? Not only was that out of character but comepletely unnecessary tension on the writers part. Not that I don't understand Lois' angst over the situation but get a grip woman! The writers tried to soften the blow when Lois and Clark reunite with Lois explaining her desperation and waiting for Clark to return, but I much rather would have liked Lois to apologize for Tess for her behavior. Anyway, the episode sets up a new mission for Oliver as his growing darkness will consume if he doesn't find the Bow of Orion...can you say Deus Ex Machina? Anyway, the episode ends with some bizarre flashs of Oliver's dark side starting to take over. All and All, "Dominion" is anything but original but it's extremely entertaining with a great return appearence from Zod and definitely adds some excitement toward the end of days of Smallville.
  • Typical filler before the Big End. Not bad though.

    A prisoner from the Phantom Zone appears on this side, which makes Clark go over there to check out what's going on. And shortly after he arrives, he finds out that it was all set up by no other than Zod. Clark was supposed to go there himself, but Oliver makes a quick move in the last second and they both end up in the Phantom Zone where they find several skulls marked with the Omega symbol.

    Meanwhile, Lois finds out about the plan Clark and Tess made up just in case of trouble, and she doesn't like it so she decides to do something about that.

    All in all not a bad episode. And the chance to see Callum Blue / Zod again. Forget about the bad reviews, this is not a bad episode, and keep in mind that the good stuff is coming right after this one.
  • 1019

    How could have anyone liked this? If I wanted to watch 300, I would have rented it at the video store. Definitely not something I would have expected when I started watching tonight's episode of Smallville. I could go on and on about the flaws in this episode, but I'll just name a few.

    Lois acted like a psychopath half the time. Pointing a gun at Tess? Are you serious? Oliver and Clark pitted against each other for Zod's pleasure in the battle to the death was just incredibly ridiculous. At least we got some development with darkness possibly taking over Oliver.

    The three week jump didn't make sense. It just seemed like the Smallville writers are rushing to the end, all the while, the story lines are all over the place. We only have 3 episodes left including the 2 part finale and the plot seems to be going at the slowest pace imaginable. Is anyone actually intrigued by Oliver's story line this late in the game? I surely am not. Horrible episode that contained ridiculous story lines and not believable character decisions.
  • ''Being a hero's wife means never accepting defeat.'' -- Lois

    Holy Lens Flare, Batman!

    Directed by Smallville's very own Justin Hartley (and seemingly edited by JJ Abrams), ''Dominion'' pays a lot of homage to Starz' wildly entertaining breakout show, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. But, as with most attempts made by Smallville to recreate a familiar concept seen put to more effective use elsewhere, the episode finds itself wrapped up in this one idea, never really branching out to explore different avenues to a well worn set-up.

    Tess informs Clark that General Slade, last seen in the episode ''Patriot'', where Clark judged, juried and exiled his ass to the Phantom Zone, has escaped. If you call escaping showing up in a coma. Anyways, it can only mean one thing: someone has gained access to the Phantom Zone's portal. Clark decides to jet-set to the PZ with the help of his crystal and check things out, however Oliver randomly shows up in the nick of time and lunges onto Clark and tags along for the ride.

    Enter Zod. And a lot of chiseled men and large breasted women waving swords around and cheering on other large breasted women and chiseled men as they take chunks out of each other. Clark, powerless, is forced to participate in this ragtag, barbaric tournament, much to Zod's amusement.

    As you'd expect, the hour is chock-filled with macho bravado, and lots and lots of lens flaring. I've mentioned that, right? I'm not sure where the latter comes from, I can't quite remember if I needed sunglasses the last time Lois and Clark took an unscheduled trip to the Phantom Zone, but it became rather annoying after the second flare up and by the end I just wanted it all to *stop*.

    But at least the show didn't dilly-dally around its wafer thin premise. There's plenty of slow-mo action, lots of abs and biceps-a-flexin', and Clark wears the Phantom Zone really well. He had this ruffled look to him that made Tom Welling look years younger and even hotter than usual. Justin, too, looked noticeably ripped as shirtless Oliver (is there any other kind of Oliver worth giving a rats about?). And Callum Blue reprises his role as Zod, lapping up every moment and chewing up every scene when possible, with a spiffy new beard to boot.

    I've never really been a fan of Smallville's Zod. He never truly came across as a worthy adversary to Clark; often choosing to ramble on and on rather than assert himself and take action. No fault on Callum's part, it had a lot to do with budget restrictions and, ya know, bad writing. In this episode, he's in the arbitrary position of pitting Clark against Oliver to a battle of the death, a predictable final act, though not without its shocking moments of that red stuff you're supposed to keep on the inside.

    Which leads me to Clark's really really dumb plan. Clark had several opportunities to take the crystal necklace from Zod, yet he chooses possibly the worst strike of action: have Oliver not only kick his arse until it's black and blue, but take a massive sword and gut him. The sword slips right through Clark's chest and we're meant to believe that he didn't instantly keel over and die in agony, but had enough will power and terminator-like resilience to kneel before Zod (unintentional, I swear) for minutes on end, and then fight alongside Oliver to take the crystal and heal himself. This bugged the crap out of me.

    Meanwhile, at Watchtower, Lois and Tess enjoy an extremely forced spat over how to save Clark (and shirtless Oliver). This poor effort to whip up some tension to stress how doomed Clark and Oliver are if they can't find a way back did nothing but injure Lois' character. The urgency behind the situation, especially examining what it takes to be one half of a super-couple, is an interesting angle to take. But hammy acting and some clumsy decisions taint the level of drama that could have been milked from the dilemma had there been a little more restraint. Lois pulling a gun on Tess would have been fine several years back, but it's not the Lois we've come to love over the last few seasons.

    The hour ends with an unsettling piece of imagery, as well as reminding viewers that Oliver is still infected by the darkness. I'm still not sold on what that means or how it will affect him down the line but colour me intrigued. It seems that Ollie is adamant on taking out Darkseid by himself. A plot-line clearly set in motion to drum up even more speculation as to who will die during the finale, Ollie's chances aint looking so good as of right now. But at least he's not Tess. At least there's a slim chance of him surviving the finale reaper. Tess is just getting into everyone's good graces cos she knows she's a goner. Classic Tess.

    Not quite as filler as the last few episodes have been, Justin Hartley's directional debut beams with some interesting shots, although he does lend his co-stars a little too much rope resulting in some offbeat performances, particularly from Erica Durance. I may have had some issues with the script, but it's hard to fault the episode entertainment-wise, and since the show is just about finished, I'm feeling a little sentimental, and for that reason it's receiving a higher rating than it probably should.

    Not long to go now!
  • Clark goes back to the Phantom Zone, and Oliver tags along.

    Wow what an awesome episode. It was easy to figure out what was going on but it was still a cool episode. Yes we knew Zod opened the gate because he had Clark's blood inside him. I liked the use of the Phantom Zone in this episode, we got to see a lot of action in it this time. Zod getting the Phantom Zod inside him was cool and explained how he became in charge, and how he got the crystal from the gate. I like the fight scenes and how Oliver faked his bad side. I knew Oliver was faking but I thought he was going to stab Zod or something. I like how they made it work to get out of there but I wasn't sure how Zod and the other two got caught in the diamond shape prism thing. I like that Lois and Tess had interesting arguments, it kind of seemed like a filler episode for those two however, just because they couldn't do anything once Clark was in the Zone. The thing with the time difference was interesting. I was wondering where Lois had gone because I figured she would be there when they got back, but they explained it well. The wedding is in two days according to this episode, so does that mean they will show it next week or save it for the finale. Oliver is questioning his thoughts again about himself being a Darseid carrier and how Clark would take it. I like that the talk of Zod and Clark also helped Clark get closer to who he is. Zod pushed Clark to kill but he wouldn't and didn't fall for any of his tricks. I feel like I want ot say more but can't think of how to phrase it. Overall, it was an awesome episode and I look forward to the next two (technically three). Talk to you next week.
  • Kneel.

    Dominion was a big step up from last week in my opinion. Less talk, more action and some good acting performances along the way. The combination of John Chisholm and Justin Hartley as writer/director helped make this episode seem action packed and high octane. Another reason why this episode was very good was Zod's presence. I think that Smallville has lacked a villain like him this season. One that plays with people's fears, but is also cutthroat when he has to be. We will wait until the finale to say how Darkseid's arc plays out, but I've really missed Callum Blue's Zod in Season 10. Great to see him back. That being said, Tom and Justin gave stong performances too. Where do we go from here? Looks like Ollie will try to get rid of the omega mark himself. I was hoping Clark would be more supportive of marked people, but I guess the plot demanded otherwise.

    The one part of Dominion that prevented me from giving this episode a higher mark was the Lois/Tess subplot. That seemed so forced and out of character. particulary for Lois. Clark's role in this wasn't the best either. He made a rush decision and let Lois and Tess behind to argue about it. I loved Tess' blind devotion. Can't say I liked Lois' mistrust and gun pulling though. It would have been nice if we saw the two of them more civil on screen. It's usually Tess that comes off looking worse in their scenes.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode other than the Watchtower stuff. Can't believe we are one episode away from the finale. Roll on Prophecy.
  • Great Episode!

    Nice to see Callum Blue back as Zod, I have missed him. I enjoy Phantom Zone episodes and this one was no different. The action was great and I liked the fact that Clark made a plan with Oliver to escape and it worked. The fighting looked very realistic to me. I also liked how Lois was determined to save her man. Now Zod is out of the picture and the PZ is safe again to contain prisoners. The big question is dark Oliver and that sounds like an interesting storyline coming up. The actors all did a great job and Justin had a successful outing as director. Terrific episode and I give it a Ten.
  • ΩΩΩ Spoilers ΩΩΩ In the Eye of the Phantom Zone : Season X Fatality

    When it comes to film remakes episodes like Collateral have proven that Smallville can miserably fail to appeal its audience. But the past six installments were all good when not excellent so even after the stellar Booster I just knew they wouldn't disappoint us. Dominion was obviously inspired by Mad Max : Beyond Thunderdome and definitely succeeded to entertain. First spotting Callum Blue as a guest during the title sequence was surprising and as usual he just gave his best and convinced the heretics that Zod is not ready to kneel before Super… Clark. Second the last outfit during the fight against Oliver was a direct reference to the upcoming finale. In fact he reminded me of Thor because of the dusty make-up and dark colors. Third the fights were dynamic and violent. From visual effects (Slow motion, sparkles, broken shields) to blood splatters and deadly weapons it felt like a Salvation and Mortal Kombat crossover. My only complain would be about the loud cries during the numerous slow motion sequences. It leads us to Tess versus Lois. I was quite disappointed by their arc because the second pointing a gun at the first seemed misplaced. I think it would have been more appropriate to mirror the Phantom Zone fight and plunge these gorgeous creatures dressed up as Amazons in a pool of mud ! It would have been reminiscent of the good old days when Lois and Chloe used to cat fight Tess in dark alleys. Still the future wife's line about what it meant to be a superhero fiancé was punchy. She's right, we should never give up our loved ones specially in their darkest times ! Easy to say, harder to do. But knowing it is the first step toward the light. In the minor cons department I could point out some boring dialogs and the rushed beginning with the whole crystal mumbo jumbo but overall it was an other installment respectful of season 10 quality. Moreover the end was sweet and Lois looked like the perfect girlfriend with only a shirt on. Let's also not forget how cool it was to have Oliver back on the show because the wicked character brought a lot to the surreal story and Justin Hartley as a gladiator looked sexier than as a dancing queen !
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