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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2002 on The CW
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Pete finds Clark's spaceship, forcing Clark to reveal his secret to his best friend. Dr. Hamilton is plagued by kryptonite-fueled illness and focuses on Pete. Meanwhile, Lana has to deal with Nell and her plans to remarry while Lex and Lionel adjust to life together.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of smallville doctor hamilyton runs a guy off the road pete is driving by and helps the man but soon discovers a spaceship. then he tells clark to come with him but is tring to convince pete its nothing but he hates lieing to him after telling his parents. but doctor hamilyton goes back to the guy that he made go off the road to ask him questions then he kills him after the guy reconizes him. he later goes and steals the ship from petes. but when clark and johnathan get there its nothing there but as there leaving pete see them leaving his garage. and pete questions clark about it but pete gets mad and drives away but clark reveals his secret to him .and doctor hamilyton goes to lexes and looking for the disk that fits into the ship but hamilton see the dad of lex linonal lutehr and takes him to see the ship but can only feel it since he is blind. meanwhile clark and pete are not really talking but pete opens up to clark and they become friends again and pete is kidnapped by doctor hamilyton and is question because he think pete knows who the ship belongs to can clark get ther in time .moreless
  • Pete finds out.

    Well this episode was filled with cheesey moments! Especially the Pete/Clark scenes. I found this episode kind of boring in some scenes. I love the development though, Pete finds out Clark's secret. And his friendship is put to the est when Dr. Hamilton threatens to kill him to find out the secret. The whole matter is brought up when Clark & Pete find Clark's spaceship. Dr. Hamilton shows Blind Lionel, and since he can't see, he only felt it. Lex continues to think Lionel has an ulterior motive to all his niceness. Of course, by the end, Clark saves Pete, gets the spaceship, when Lex is told and he doesn't find the spaceship, the obsession begins. Lana would do anything to be in Pete's shoes at this point, as she continues to strive for the truth from Clark. Lana's Aunt is getting married, and she is taken by surprise and she does not like Nell's boyfriend which is what her plot is about. I guess she can't do anything about it now, or can she? I like how Chloe & Lana's relationship is growing in season 2. Good episode, amazing development, some boring scenes.moreless
  • Pete happens on a vehicle accident, and turns up Clark's spacecraft, putting his secret in jeopardy. Dr. Hamilton nears the truth about the craft, and threatens Pete's life.

    Joe Morton makes another guest shot as Dr. Hamilton - a great actor who is always an asset to any film in which he appears. Hamilton's increasingly agitated state has alarmed his assistants, and Lex has decided to end his financial support of Hamilton's meteor rock research. Hamilton drives off on a foggy night in a Jeep Liberty, a sure sign that there's going to be a collision. This time, however, the other driver veers into a corn field, and Hamilton flees. Pete is next on the scene in his '64 or so Ford Falcon convertible. I'd make a cell call first for help, but Pete runs out there to find the driver hanging by his seat belt, and a strange object nearby. It's Clark's ship, lost in the tornado in "Vortex" two weeks ago.

    Next day Pete excitedly comes to the farm to get Clark and the pickup. The spaceship is there, but so is the van. The script has a slight hole here in failing to explain that Pete must have taken the driver for medical attention himself, and did not make a 911 call. Pete is enthusiastically convinced it's alien; Clark always tries to downplay these obvious exposes, but usually gets nowhere.. They haul it to Pete's toolshed, where Clark tries to quash Pete's starry-eyed dreams of fame and the talk show circuit.

    Jonathan and Martha suggest stealing the spaceship back; Clark favors telling Pete the truth, but reluctantly agrees that his secret would impose a great responsibility on anyone.

    Side plots have Lionel, still blind, coming to stay for a few days at the mansion, and another having Lana's Aunt Nell in a new relationship, but these are pretty much minor issues that don't need much attention.

    At the hospital, Dr. Hamilton sees the accident victim, who had first claimed to have seen a spacecraft in the cornfield, and now remembers that Pete pulled him out of his van. The driver recognizes Hamilton, who has to up the man's i.v. dosage of something to puts him out cold. Or maybe it's murder - that's not clear.

    Next night, Pete sees Clark and Jonathan retrieve the spacecraft, clearly a bonehead move, because Pete spots them. We have to have a story, but the plot would make more sense if Clark sped in and grabbed the craft. Next day, Pete waits for Clark at the farm, who begins by denying the theft. Pete drives off in a huff, intending to tell Chloe, but in a decisive and eye-catching move, Clark physically blocks Pete's car - "Pete, we have to talk." Here is a major development in the Smallville story - another person learning Clark's true identity, and Pete doesn't take it well, looking at Clark in an entirely new way. He leaves, only to be met by Clark at school next day, but Pete is still understandably angry at the many lies he now realizes Clark told him over years of friendship. Good story line so far.

    Dr. Hamilton comes to Lex again, more agitated, demanding the octagonal key, knowing where it fits. But Lex simply says it disappeared during the storm. Hamilton stalks out, but corrals Lionel and offers a deal.

    Even Chloe is on to the story, hearing about the van driver's rambling about a spaceship in the corn field, and she knows Pete was there. This is a classic situation of damage control, and Clark is not always skilled at this kind of maneuvering, relying mostly on lame excuses and transparent half-truths.

    Lex awaits Clark at the farm - Clark is 'way too calm in the light of recent developments. Lex is having a similar experience with Lionel - apparently conciliatory, but with too many deceptions in the past, and Lex cannot take him at face value. Clark hears the applicability of this precaution to his own dilemma with Pete. But Lex provides a valuable clue to Clark - asking about the octagonal key - so Clark knows someone is getting close to opening the spaceship.

    That would be Hamilton, who has taken Lionel to his lab, but Lionel is skeptical, being unable to see the object he's touching. Hamilton claims the ship's alloys are made of elements not appearing in the Periodic Table. Hard to buy that, since we assume that basic elements are common throughout the universe - any new ones are high on the Table, and highly unstable. "Get me the proof," Lionel replies. And Hamilton describes the disk, and the refusal of Lex to provide it. Clark counsels with Lana about resentment caused by telling the truth - but I think it most unwise of him to tell her about the conflict with Pete. Good friend that she is - she might question Pete, who might expose too much. Chloe knowing too much is enough already.

    That night, Pete discovers Hamilton ransacking the tool shed - again, Pete foolishly takes matters into his own hands, instead of using that cell phone. Being thrown around by Hamilton just makes Pete blab about the ship and someone tougher than Hamilton, who now knows even more. Here's some instant karma - all the dangers associated with someone knowing too much about Clark affect Pete right here in the same episode. Back at the farm, Clark finally has to tell Jonathan and Martha that he told Pete everything. Life is about to change - they hear from Pete's mother that he's missing. These scenes and dialog make a lot of sense and play out just as one might expect - and that's good in this case.

    Meanwhile, Nell tells Lana that Dean has proposed, and she said yes. More changes for Lana.

    Hamilton has Pete roped up at his lab, but Pete still isn't talking. In a surprise move, Lionel asks Lex about the disk, and whether he has taken a look at Hamilton's barn lately. It's out of character for Lionel to yield any advantage on potentially-lucrative research or secrets, especially to Lex. The craziest phrase in the episode comes from Lex, who asks Lionel if he's after some "oedipal mano-a-mano." What a hoot. This is more than just gratitude for a few days stay at the mansion, but why would Lionel trust him?

    Chloe to the rescue again - she has hospital visitor logs showing Hamilton visited the van driver before he expired. Zap, Clark's gone - about time. Hamilton is about to inject poor Pete with something bad, like meteor rock solution, when Clark blasts in. As usual, he saves someone, but green stuff is always around to slow him down. Pete frees himself, pulls Clark to safety, and Hamilton is left with green liquid dripping onto him, sending him into a frenzied seizure and death. End of Joe Morton's interesting tour on Smallville.

    The spaceship is back home - maybe it needs a better hiding place. Pete is apologetic to Clark, who in turn is understanding of Pete. Lex and Lionel finally get to Hamilton's lab - too late - the ship is gone. The final plot hole is left unfilled - what happened to Hamilton's body? Did Pete report it? If so, how would he explain all the evidence of his presence? And if the authorities removed the body, why didn't Lex and Lionel hear about it before showing up there? And why wasn't there a crime scene restriction - with all the evidence of violence, you'd expect that. But you won't get it in a typical Smallville episode, because the bodies just disappear.

    Other than the final corpse questions, "Duplicity" is a pretty fine episode, probably the best so far for Sam Jones, as he plays the (finally) loyal friend, and new member of the Kent family. With Clark's secret out to at least one more person, this is a good episode to see again. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • Not so good.

    Disapointed, last weeks episode was awesome but this......anyways the most interesting thing to see out of this episode was Clark's best friend Pete Ross discovering Clark's secret. This knowledge will become something of a curse for Pete in the time he remains in the town.

    Pete discovers the ship that Clark came down from Krypton in an open field after witnessing the crash of Dr. Hamilton, whose contract was terminated with Lex Luthor after repeated exposure to the mysterious green substances caused him to be ineffective in his scientific investigations of the substance. Unfortunately, Dr. Hamilton also sees the spacecraft. Pete urges Clark to help him take the craft to his cellar, where he can explore it himself. This forces Clark to reveal the truth to Pete. Not surprisingly, Pete initially does not take this information well. He is suddenly freaked out just by being in the presence of Clark, and is fiercely tempted to tell local authorities. But as a good friend, and after a discussion with the Kents, Pete restrains and morally decides to keep the secret.

    "Duplicity" carries a huge responsibility for revealing crucial moments in young Superman's life, and the writers and all involved in this episode did a really good job with it. It is interesting to observe the burden that Pete carries the remainder of the time he remains in the town, let alone that fact that someone outside of Clark's parents for the first time has the responsibility to keep this world-breaking news a secret. So this not good really.moreless
  • Pete Can't Handle The Truth!

    Duplicity-Pete finds Clark's spaceship, forcing Clark to reveal his secret to his best friend. Dr. Hamilton is plagued by kryptonite-fueled illness and focuses on Pete. Meanwhile, Lana has to deal with Nell and her plans to remarry while Lex and Lionel adjust to life together.

    Probably the only decent Pete centered episode, "Duplicity" sees Pete finding out the truth about Clark. No while Pete finding out the truth was refreshing moment, when compared to when Chloe, Lionel and even Lana found out the truth, Pete comes off like the ultimate jerk when he finds out the truth. The scene where Pete makes a joke about Clark being an alien in front of Chloe was just annoying. But the writers actually developed Pete for once and by the end of the episode, Pete fully accepts the responsibility of protecting Clark's secret. It's also big step for Clark as he finally tells someone the truth about him.

    The episode sees the return of Dr. Hamilton, whose screws have completely loosened! Joe Morton gives a very creepy performance and the way he can't seem to control the seizures in his hand is quite disturbing. It was very interesting watching his hospitality grow and his upduction of Pete was handled well. I loved that in with his life in danger, Pete stood up for Clark and kept his secret. The rest of the episode only half decent as Lana is probably given her worst storyline yet with her feeling neglected by Nell and her new boyfriend. It seemed like an afterschool special the writers decided to add to the episode. Then there's Lionel moving in to Lex's mansion and it's always a great dynamic watching father and son go at it. Lionel's blindness makes the conflict between them more interesting as Lex is forced to abide by his father's demands. All and All, "Duplicity" is an pretty good episode that has some good developments and probably Sam Jones' best performance on the series...which isn't much anyway.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Joe Morton

Joe Morton

Dr. Steven Hamilton

Guest Star

Cam Cronin

Cam Cronin

Dr. Glenn

Guest Star

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Ray Wallace

Guest Star

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Aunt Nell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • After Dr. Hamilton dies and Pete is helping Clark out of the laboratory, if you look at Tom Welling he starts to laugh before the scene is complete. However while Tom is still smiling his voice says "We gotta get the spaceship."

    • At the end when Clark and Pete are playing basketball, Pete asks Clark to show him what powers he's got. When Clark jumps over Pete you can see that Pete's shadow is cast to the right, but in the next camera angle from the other direction the shadow is cast on the other side of Pete.

    • Trivia: Hamilton seemed to be suffering from the same kryptonite-induced disease that affected Earl Jenkins in the episode "Jitters." No mention is made here of the similarity, however.

    • When Dr. Hamilton is using tools on the ship (presumably trying to open it), the spaceship prop is shaking around quite a bit, making it obvious that it is not as heavy as it should be if made out of metal, and as shown when Pete was hauling it around earlier.

    • When Pete rolls up after the accident, what is the flashing red light that leads him out to the van? I doubt the guy thought to put on his hazards! Besides, we see the front of the van when Pete gets to it, and the blinkers clearly aren't going. We also see in the shot of the spaceship that it isn't what is flashing, either. So what is the strange flashing light out in the field?

    • Even if you were in a fight with your best friend, would you keep your accelerator to the floor if he suddenly appeared in front of your car like Pete did with Clark? Pete kept on the gas for five full seconds staring straight into Clark's eyes.

    • Pete says to Clark "This is like the Holy Grail or something," his lips continue to move, repeating the line after it's finished. In the same scene, the problem repeats with Pete's line "She'll never let us live it down."

    • If Pete told the police that he couldn't remember where the car went off the road, then presumably he would have had to carry the injured man in the truck out of the cornfield and well away from where the spaceship was if the man was to get to the hospital. Even assuming he could actually do this, wouldn't it have been really selfish of him to risk further injury to the man by dragging him all that way after he'd been in a serious accident?

    • When Dr. Hamilton gets pushed into the table, the bottle of green meteor fluid gets thrown off it. Yet the next bit shows the bottle still on the table and dripping onto Hamilton's forehead.

    • When the Luthors went to Hamilton's barn to see the ship, we the audience see that Hamilton's body isn't is he really dead? (editor's note: or did Clark and Pete ditch the body somewhere...?) (some contributors such as c_jones thought Lex might have disposed of the body, or that it vibrated itself out of existence (?), or simply that he was not quite dead yet and fled for a future appearance)

    • When Dr. Hamilton "dies" Pete goes up to him to help and comes back to Clark saying "He's dead. Let's go." How does Pete know he's dead just by looking? (some contributors thought that he was just telling Clark that to get them out of there.)

    • Clark was talking to Chloe as they were walking to Smallville High's front entrance and then Clark supersped away when he figured out that Dr. Hamilton might have kidnapped Pete. Wasn't he thinking before he did this? I mean it was broad daylight and dozens of his schoolmates were outside nearby. Don't ya think they would have noticed him zipping away, or at least noticed him being there, then suddenly disappearing? (editor's note: several other contributors such as Undeclared noticed this as well - the novel "Strange Visitors" also has Clark doing this in a classroom. The impression there seems to be that unless someone is looking directly at Clark when he starts or stops, he pretty much moves so fast as to be invisible. Besides, these are self-centered 21st century high-school students. :) )

    • Pete needed Clark's help to move the ship. And yet somehow Dr. Hamilton moves the ship from Pete's place to his. He's probably stronger, but his jittering left hand seems to make it very difficult to do coordinated physical activity or operate machinery. So how did he move the ship by himself? (some thought that Hamilton might have had boosted strength like Jenkins did. And later in "Lineage" we see that Jonathan could move the ship by himself. So it's remotely possible, but still doesn't seem like Hamilton had much control.)

    • Chloe shows Clark the hospital visitor log because it shows that Ray Wallace was visited by Dr. Hamilton. Considering Hamilton's sneaky motives and the fact that he bribed his way into Ray's room why would he be dumb enough to let himself be put on a hospital visitor log. (some contributors thought he may not have had a choice)

    • It's unlikely that the spaceship would have been left out in a farmer's crop field untouched for an entire summer.

    • When did the Kents get a new truck? The last one was destroyed last year in "Tempest" - how much money do they have? (some contributors thought insurance, but that implies an insurance investigation, which would turn up the explosives, and who started the ignition to activate the explosives and how they survived, and raises some issues the Kents wouldn't want to go into. Note later, in 'Ryan', they are very reluctant to draw official scrutiny.)

    • Once again Clark is out using his powers where anyone could see him (and Pete almost does).

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Pete: (discussing Clark's spaceship) Clark, last time I checked, I found this thing. You're acting like you got license and registration on it, man.

    • Clark: If aliens came to Earth, don't you think they'd find someplace a little more exciting than Smallville?

    • Pete: You want to talk, here's what I have to say: you take that needle and stick it wherever the hell you want because I'm not telling you a damn thing.

    • Pete: Sure Chloe, I saw a spaceship. I even met an alien.
      Chloe: Really? Would you like to describe it?
      Pete: Actually, it looks a lot like Clark.
      Chloe: I thought aliens were little and green?
      Pete: I guess things aren't always what you think they are.

    • Clark: Hey, Pete. Look, man, I know you're freaked out. Don't you think I freak myself out sometimes?

    • Pete: So you're some sort of... what? You're not human?
      Clark: I don't know what I am. I don't know where the ship brought me from. I just know that I grew up in Smallville and everything that I care about and everyone that I care about is here.

    • Chloe: Love is rarely, if ever logical.

    • Pete: So you're telling me you never once looked in the girl's locker room?
      Clark: Well, maybe once.
      Pete: That's my boy.

    • Jonathan: I hope you realize it's a big responsibility, Pete.
      Clark: That's my dad's way of saying 'Welcome to the family.'

    • Lionel: Never underestimate the value of eccentrics and lunatics, Lex. Every Arthur has his Merlin.

    • Lana: Long story short, I'm a terrible liar so I've moved on to avoidance.
      Clark: You've come to the right place.

    • Lex: I had to get out the manor for a while. It was getting crowded.
      Clark: Doesn't it have, like, 75 rooms?
      Lex: My dad takes up a lot of space.

    • Pete: You didn't think I could handle it?
      Clark: Can you?

    • Lionel: We'll have some time for some father-son bonding that you've always told me I've been lacking in.

    • Pete: This has got extraterrestrial written all over it.
      Clark: Yeah, and there's little green men running all over the cornfield.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Chloe: We had a Keanu DVD-a-thon. Once you get lost in those brown eyes, just geometry loses its appeal.
      Chloe is referring to heartthrob Keanu Reeves known for such movies as The Matrix, Point Break and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.