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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2010 on The CW
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When Clark and Lois end up at the same romantic bed & breakfast as Chloe and Oliver, things get awkward. However, a new supervillainess, Silver Banshee, launches an attack on the men. Meanwhile, Zod and Tess square off against each other.

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  • 915

    Oh Smallville, after a string of good episodes, you can only predict a clunker like this one. What this has been successfully doing is relating back to the comic books, and in this case it was Silver Banshee, but she was just awful here, she looked like a band member of KISS.

    The writing was dreadful here, and the only good scene in the entire episode is Clark & Chloe in the shower, but that's about it. Why couldn't have Clark decided to control his powers with Lana years ago? Now that Lois is in the picture, he can do whatever he wants? This just doesn't make much sense, and the fact that he had to go to training for it was ridiculous. You know the show has jumped the shark when all of the main cast has partnered off with someone. Chloe with Oliver, awful, just awful relationship. I didn't tune in to watch something I'd see on Gossip Girl with everyone trading partners as if it was a swingers party. Tess sleeping with Zod, are you kidding me with this? Why would Tess sleep with Zod? Really out of character on her part. Clark & Lois: Oh you two, still have as much chemistry as an eraser. So overall, the worst episode of the season for many reasons. Like a horrible episode of Supernatural, that's what I saw in this episode.moreless
  • The main cast (who all look fantastic, by the way) charge the story with a zany undercurrent that almost lets the episode off the hook. Almost.

    After a long hiatus, Smallville returns with a peculiar episode, to say the least. There are moments of pure, unadulterated geekdom to be found within 'Escape,' and certainly, it's an escape from the show's usual storytelling format, but – and it's a big one – the hour doesn't convince as a whole, and that's mainly down to the fact the Smallville writing staff do not know how to plan out a season.

    I know, I know…broken record. I'll kick off with the goods of the hour:

    Even though Chloe sums up this episode perfectly during the pre-titled sequence (''that was fast''), I thoroughly enjoyed Clark zipping around Metropolis saving innocents, with Chloe navigating him via a Bluetooth headset. The banter between the two during these scenes was refreshing – it felt very like the Clark and Chloe of old. They've been too bogged down with being the Blur and Watchtower lately; I had almost forgotten they had personalities to boot.

    Everybody gets the chance to discard their titles and 'Escape' to a nice little B&B far, far away from Metropolis – the reporter, the hero, the playboy and miss exposition are all tucked away for another episode, to allow us to connect to our main characters again. It's about time. Season 9 has been successful in terms of the Geek-O-meter treats, but the arc, and more importantly, its characters, haven't been explored in any significant ways. This episode tries to rectify that, but it's a Smallville case off too much, much too late.

    This didn't feel like a Smallville episode at all, actually. It felt like a standalone episode of Supernatural, sans the hunky brothers and witty script. Spooky woodland surroundings: check. Strange mythic lore: check. Ghostly goings on: check. A last minute rush to kill the seemingly unstoppable ghost that's about to kill a very important character unless something of significant sentimental value of theirs is burned…*pants*…check!

    I digress.

    The entire Couples Retreat angle didn't really click with me, and that's mainly down to the fact relationships never feel natural on this show. It's one of my main gripes with Smallville and its staff of writers. This episode, while it only just barley scrapes the credibility barrel, could have been so much better had the season been properly planned out.

    Oliver and Chloe hooked up two episodes ago and have shared probably 10 minutes of screen time together – they've gone from Booty Call to a Bed & Breakfast without any storylines dedicated to their initial attraction. We're meant to read between the lines and see that these two have been so emotionally wounded in the past that casual sex is exactly what the doctor ordered, right? But Chloe hasn't done anything in the first half of the season outside of her job as Watchtower to suggest she'd prefer the playa' playa' lifestyle. While Oliver is certainly a catch, I just don't buy this particular coupling. At all.

    There are enough Clois moments to satiate the shippers, but I feel as though this episode should have been used to establish their adult relationship. Slipping into something as eye popping as Lois' little number, nipping into bed with Clark, only to talk? How very high school. How very Lana Lang. I realize this isn't HBO, but have at it already! They should have taken a few pointers from Tess and Zod. After reeling from the hilariousness of their meeting point – the Kent barn, really?! – Tess shows off her masochistic side, for as soon as Zod is weakened and on his knees, she immediately finds him attractive. I like that about her. I do not in anyway support this pairing either, but I like how it reveals more about Tess as a person, and as a lover.

    As for the Silver Banshee storyline, it was worth it for the very, very silly reveal. It was so silly that it made the episode. Silver Banshee looked the part, in a comic-con sort of way, but how she came about didn't make a lick of sense. A possessed Lois transforms into an entirely different being. Said being is effectively terminated. Lois is nowhere to be seen. She then pops up in the next scene and knows everything that went on, even though Chloe had amnesia while possessed. Hrm.

    In a nutshell, a delightful mess. Not quite the return I was expecting, then, but it could have been sooo much better with a little more planning. Lively performances from the main cast (who all look fantastic, by the way) charge the story with a zany undercurrent that almost lets the episode off the hook.


    Please check out for more reviews of the latest and greatest TV shows. (Or, ya know, guilty pleasures, like Smallville.)moreless
  • Great Episode!

    I think this episode was pure gold from beginining to end. I really think so many things happened in this episode but it really was a way for us to see what was going on with Clark. Every scene was very telling and really let us in what was going on with him and how he was feeling.

    But, I thought the ghost stuff was fine, it was OK. Superman villians have always been this way, so it was good.

    I only wish Lois and Clark had a little more time on screen, and more funny scenes. I'd love to see them solve crimes together.

    I would love to see more episodes like this one, with more Lois and Clark time. Smallville writers should keep up the good work!moreless
  • Clark and Lois head to McDougal Inn for a romantic weekend getaway, and run into Chloe and Oliver, who are also there for romance. However, the spirit of Siobhan McDougal, a.k.a Silver Banshee, threatens to ruin the couples' weekend. (SPOILERS AHEAD)moreless

    I don't know about anyone else, but personally, I wouldn't mind more episodes like this. ESCAPE was so lighthearted and fun (though not quite fluff), and just what the doctor ordered after all the seriousness of the Kandorian drama. As usual, I loved the Clois moments, and speaking of, I'm glad Chloe brought up how Clark had been worried about 'controlling' himself with a nonpowered Earth woman because I was curious about that myself (plus, it made for some nice continuity). Also, I liked the tone in Clark's voice when he noticed Lois in her Scottish outfit, as if he had momentarily forgotten that he had his arms full of towel-clad Chloe. And speaking of Clark, I practically drowned in my own drool when he came out of the shower (please, SMALLVILLE, gives us ladies more of these kinds of visual feasts!). Anyway, moving on to the other two couples in this episode, I felt (and still feel) uneasy, for lack of a better word, about Zod and Tess's alliance, however temporary it may have been. Actually, Tess allying herself with anyone makes me uneasy, but that's only because when that happens, I know trouble's on its way. As for Chlollie, I wasn't used to them together (well, other than as friends and teammates) when this episode first aired, but they've since grown on me. However, as glad as I was that Oliver was trying not to take Chloe for granted, I can understand why she wasn't wanting something beyond friends with benefits. I mean, her last few romantic relationships didn't end so well. Anyhow, unlike most DC characters SMALLVILLE uses, I actually liked Silver Banshee, though I didn't care for some of her methods. I also liked that Odessa Rae played both Silver Banshee and her descendant, Maggie McDougal. All in all, I'd give ESCAPE nine banshee wails out of ten.

    Highlights -- Chloe sending Clark to protect various parts of Metropolis, before teasing him about his weekend getaway with Lois (I especially liked her remark about the Chloe Sullivan Charity Case); Clark picking up Lois for their romantic weekend together; Lois and Clark arriving at McDougal Inn, only to find their room has sprung a leak; Clark fixing up his and Lois's room; Lois accidentally tearing Bevan McDougal's portrait, and getting the story on Bevan and his sister Siobhan; Siobhan McDougal, a.k.a. Silver Banshee, possessing the nearest woman; Lois and Clark getting ready for bed; Lois and Clark running into Chloe and Oliver; Lois babbling on about Chloe and Oliver being a couple, before Chlollie joins her and Clark for breakfast; Clark and Oliver awkwardly trying to make small talk; Clark singing in the shower, then pulling aside the curtain (;D); Clark and Chloe discussing the physical side of his and Lois's relationship; Clark's showdown with the Silver Banshee (too bad it wasn't a little longer); and Clark hoisting Lois onto the kitchen counter and making out with her.moreless
  • a good ep reminds me of the meator freak eps of smallvile

    in this ep clark and louis go on break to a bead and breakfast thing and same with cloe and oliver . except they both dont knowe there going to the same one. when they get there clark had to fix a leakie pipe. to get to stay in the room. as there walking around they see a old painting and it has a old story to it. they dont belive it at first but in the middle of the night a guy is lored out into the woods and killed. everyone wakes up to hear the screams. and that is when louis and clark see cloe and oliver. and they must solve the mystery of the painting .moreless
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Odessa Rae

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Zod "received" his text message, the phone was actually on a screen meant for composing messages, as there were menus for changing keyboard settings, and one of the options on the screen was "send."

    • Clark tells Chloe that part of his Fortress training involved learning how to be intimate with human women without harming them with his powers. But Zod, who only gained his power a few weeks ago and underwent no such training, is able to sleep with Tess with no ill-effects.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Chloe: How did you guys manage to find the road less traveled?
      Clark: Well, I found the brochure for the inn at the apartment. I figured Lois wanted to come here.
      Lois: What brochure?
      Chloe: That wasn't Lois' brochure, Clark. That was mine...
      (everyone looks awkward)
      Ollie: Well, don't look at me. I learned a long time ago not to assume what belongs to who in that apartment. You gotta use context clues.

    • Clark: Lois, we wouldn't be late if we hadn't driven 40 miles out of our way to see the world's largest ball of yarn.
      Lois: You'll thank me later.

    • Chloe: Oh, come on, Ollie. Throw out the white flag. It's Lois. She makes Susan B. Anthony look like a quitter.

    • Oliver: So... you, uh... save any orphans recently, old ladies, maybe, anything like that?
      Clark: I did stop a bank robbery.
      Oliver: Yeah, that's nice. That's fun stuff.
      Clark: Thanks. How about you? Anything new?
      Oliver: No. No, no. just, Oh, well, there's a--a new compound bow that I'm trying out. Yeah, seems pretty good. See how that works.

    • Zod: And if you were wrong... your experiment would have killed me.
      Tess: Some risks are worth taking.

    • Tess: In every relationship, one person stands while the other one kneels.

    • Lois: Just give me ten minutes. Then you'll get a surprise.
      Clark: Something tells me you'll never stop surprising me, Lois.

    • Chloe: Okay, so not that I haven't seen enough of Clark Kent's private... life tonight...
      Clark: I don't like where this is going.
      Chloe: You took Lois on a romantic getaway to some sort of a bed-and-breakfast. And while I doubt that the whole breakfast part poses any problem, I seem to recall you having some concern about the beds and non-powered people and what would happen in the beds with the non-powered people...
      Clark: Okay, stop.
      Chloe: Thank you.
      Clark: My training with Jor-El has helped me to manage my powers better. Let's just say that I'm in control. Of everything.

    • Clark: Lois, for our first weekend away, it could have been worse.
      Lois: I was possessed by a 300-year-old Scottish banshee, and I almost killed you, Clark.
      Clark: But we did get to see the world's largest ball of yarn. That made the whole trip worthwhile.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: September 7, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Sweden: September 10, 2010 on TV6
      Turkey: May 8, 2011 on CNBC-e
      Norway: May 22, 2011 on Max
      Czech Republic: October 17, 2011 on TV Nova

    • Silver Banshee
      Siobhan McDougal first appeared in Action Comics #595 (December 1986) and was created by John Byrne. She underwent a mystic ritual to prove herself worthy to lead her clan, but was dragged to an infernal netherworld and transformed into Silver Banshee. The crone that transformed her demanded a mystic book, and Silver Banshee encountered Superman while trying to find it. Since then she has battled numerous heroes both alone and teamed with other supervillains. She has superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability, can fly, and use her sonic wails to drain her victims of their lifeforce.


    • Lois: Let's talk about Mr. Green in the bedroom with my cousin.
      Referencing the Parker Brothers game, Clue (Cluedo in the UK). One of the suspects in the game is Mr. Green, and crimes in the game are described in three parts: the killer, the location, and the weapon. Thus, "Mr. Green in the Conservatory with the candlestick."

    • Chloe: Gone Norman Bates?
      Referencing Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 movie Psycho starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh. Perkins plays Norman Bates, a hotel owner suffering from a split personality, who pretends to be his dead mother and kills anyone unfortunate enough to cross "her" path.

    • Chloe: Like, in a Smallville far, far away.
      Referencing the Star Wars movies. Star Wars is an epic space opera franchise and a fictional universe initially developed by George Lucas during the 1970s and expanded since that time. Each movie in the series stars with the words "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...". This sentence became one of the series' most famous catchphrases, along with other sentences like "May the Force be with you".