Season 9 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2010 on The CW

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    Oh Smallville, after a string of good episodes, you can only predict a clunker like this one. What this has been successfully doing is relating back to the comic books, and in this case it was Silver Banshee, but she was just awful here, she looked like a band member of KISS.

    The writing was dreadful here, and the only good scene in the entire episode is Clark & Chloe in the shower, but that's about it. Why couldn't have Clark decided to control his powers with Lana years ago? Now that Lois is in the picture, he can do whatever he wants? This just doesn't make much sense, and the fact that he had to go to training for it was ridiculous. You know the show has jumped the shark when all of the main cast has partnered off with someone. Chloe with Oliver, awful, just awful relationship. I didn't tune in to watch something I'd see on Gossip Girl with everyone trading partners as if it was a swingers party. Tess sleeping with Zod, are you kidding me with this? Why would Tess sleep with Zod? Really out of character on her part. Clark & Lois: Oh you two, still have as much chemistry as an eraser. So overall, the worst episode of the season for many reasons. Like a horrible episode of Supernatural, that's what I saw in this episode.