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  • The question has been asked: "How does Superman cut his hair?"

    I've seen this question posed here in different reviews and thought I'd share the answer. This was taken from the "Supermanica" wiki, but I remember this response appeared nearly verbatim from a "Superman Encyclopedia" I'd read as a child...

    Superman's hair is indestructible and can neither be cut nor can it grow in Earth's atmosphere. (S No. 132, Oct 1959)

    From the wiki:
    "Any attempt to cut Superman's hair by ordinary means results only in the shattering of whatever scissors are being used, but Superman can cut his own hair when absolutely necessary by subjecting it to the concentrated power of his own X-ray vision. In a red-sun environment, however, where Superman has no super-powers, his hair loses its indestructibility and begins to grow. If Superman undertakes a mission to a red-sun Planet, it is best for him to shave and trim his hair before returning to the yellow-sun environment of Earth, where his hair will once again become indestructible.

    Similarly, Superman's fingernails and toenails, which are indestructible and do not grow in the earthly environment, do grow and are destructible on Planets revolving about a red sun."
  • After a 170 episodes…going strong and getting better!

    Multiple flashbacks and twists…. Old and new characters merge in a series that was brought back from the death with new villains and a sense of impending doom that provides us with a glimpse of a very powerful season ending. The constant juggle of characters sometimes can make fans impatient or frustrated but in episodes like this you get to see in a few minutes' great interaction and depth. The idea that surge is the "embracing and denying your destiny angle" and the dialogues are worked with craftsmanship and power.

    Eternal is a must see for the fans of the series!
  • It is revealed that Tess really knows the true identity of Clark and of Doomsday. Chloe and Clark learns that Davis is responsible for the missing people but they also learn that Davis is Doomsday.

    It was a great episode. It brings more information about how doomsday came to earth and it also perfectly fits him to the story. Tess becomes more involved with Clark because she knows of his secret although he still denies it to her. I sense something grim about Tess because I'm not exactly sure of her motive for being involved with Clark's destiny but that adds to the suspense which i like. Also, Chloe seems to be in a very different situation now with Davis in the end which brings me more suspense because i wanna know what she is really up to or if she is indeed falling for Davis(i hope not..but i think it would still be okay if ever:P).
  • Tess fails in her attempt to kill Davis. In order to try and explain his destiny, she captures him and unveils his past with the Luthors. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe discover Davis' secret.

    "Eternal" provided an excellent oppurtunity to reveal the origins of the mysterious Davis Bloome A.K.A. Doomsday. And sure enough, we found out a lot. It was great seeing old footage of "Pilot" while we saw what was happening through Davis' eyes. I thought that seeing Young Davis's P.O.V. of that day was extremely cool. But I'm glad that they didn't devote an entire episode to flashbacks. We still got to see plenty of present day action. Tess continues to intrigue me and she was great in this episode. She got to interact a lot with Davis, but it was her scene in the Luthor Mansion with "the object" that intrigued me. I'm not going to spoil what she found, but I can't wait to see what she'll do with it.

    People complain about Chlavis, but I thought the way it was used in this episode was very clever. Chloe has always been a sweet person, and she has a lot of Clark in her. She wants to see the best in people, but she doesn't trust people as easily as Clark, which makes her final decision that more believable. She's not harboring a killer. Davis means a lot to her, and Doomsday or no Doomsday, she'll be willing to help him.

    My only complaint about "Eternal" is that Clark didn't recieve enough screentime. As much as I like Chlavis, this is still his show, so I hope that his role in future episodes increases. (Although it seems that "Stiletto" will be Lois-centric and "Beast" - "Doomsday" will deal heavily with Chloe and Davis.)

    But nonetheless, I really enjoyed this episode. I actually felt sympathy for Davis and many scenes left me wanting more. April 23 can't come soon enough. "Eternal" - 9.5/10
  • Getting better

    This epsiode was much better then ususall. A step in the right direction. I liked the Doomsday plot line i think it was nicely done. A few things i didn't like: 1. Doomsday cries because of an onion? you can say that he did it on purpose so the 2. Dommsday being cut by a knife? 3. Leonal obviously knew Clark was the Traveler so why didn't he act before? that plotline is unclear although can be explained somehow. The kryptonite killed Doomsday so now he is immune to it. I actually accept the Shagit explenation because i never understood how Superman can have a regular human as mortal enemy. Loved the whole Doomsday abandoned kid thing. These are small things...

    i would have given this episode a 8.5 but Hex from last week was so bad that I can't jump into 9 but good work this week!
  • chloe finds something new in davis bloom.

    The latest smallville installment surprised me! Overall, it was an awesome episode. It had many revealing moments, and an interesting plot twist. In this episode, Clark seems to be giving the "red blue blur" a temporary rest. There are some intriguing flash backs that reveal a lot about certain characters(lex luther, lionel luther, and davis bloom) The way it was organized going back and forth between scenes kept interest, and brought attention to a lot of questions that viewers have had. The episode ended with chloe possibly deciding to be with davis, after realizing, she may be his only hope of escaping his inner demon. "Doomsday." The abrupt ending leaves the audience agitated probably because it makes you want to see next weeks episode right away, which can be good or bad depending on what the audience is hoping for. I give this episode two thumbs up! It was entertaining, and revealing. I am looking forward to next weeks installment.
  • Overall, it's a strong episode when you view it on its own terms of propelling the season forward and moulding Davis as Clark's equal. But as a retooling of the entire series it almost jumps the shark (Lex playing with Doomsday...really?!).

    It's a bold manoeuvre at this stage in the game to retool the series, and if I may say so myself, a little unnecessary (the writers already concocted their own story on how Doomsday came to be, so it's a little disheartening to see them completely undermine Smallville's earlier seasons in order to justify the many plot contrivances of the 7th season and tie new series regulars into the long-term fold). However, you have to hand it to the team, it's an audacious move that they just about get away with...if you don't think about it too much.

    Throughout the episode I was gripped, it was a rare Smallville episode that propelled many characters forward, had a very stylish look going for it and, for the most part, kept away from the more whimsical aspects of the series in favour for a character-driven, arc-heavy drama. The series rarely reaches this level of intensity without resorting to some ''comical'' subplot to keep things in balance, not ''Eternal'' though.

    From Tess' attempt at killing Davis (which was all kinds of cool) to Chloe's and Clark's many verbal sparrings throughout, to some great character work whenever Chloe and Davis shared screen-time, for the first time in a long time, this show felt adult. Yes, the foundations of the episode (or should I say the entire series) are shaken and stirred, but the character development has never been so strong.

    The acting overall was solid. While it's unfortunate to see that Tess has essentially taken over as Lex AND Lionel, Cassidy has never looked so good and her line delivery is impeccable. She really has the ability to deliver such callous and often complicated dialogue with such ease and conviction that she effortlessly outshines anyone she shares a scene with.

    Chloe's current situation remains a bit of a conundrum at this point (are we to believe Chloe let her feelings for Davis impair the PI within?); but I have to say Allison and Sam really do sizzle together onscreen. Allison gives a superb performance throughout, and while her actions are more than a little shady, it's good to see that Chloe is still capable of slipping up (remember her dark dealings with the Luthors in season's 2 and 3?). For all of the visual wizardry (loved the transition effect implemented through use of the journal), slick direction from Smallville vet James Marshall (some amazing shots in this one) and solid acting from everyone on-board, if you were to deconstruct this episode, it not only mucks up the hour, but completely destroys some of the major events of the series. It'll also make re-watching the show a nightmare... thankfully, though, while the episode dares to take massive liberties with the cannon already established, it's all told from the perspective of Tess Mercer and therefor may only be an interpretation of Lionel's musings...I certainly hope so.

    Overall, it's a strong episode when you view it on its own terms of propelling the season forward and moulding Davis as Clark's equal. But as a retooling of the entire series, giving it much thought, and it almost jumps the shark (Lex playing with Doomsday...really?). There are some standout scenes in this one, some cracking character bits and hardly any fat keeping this one down. It's just a shame that the scribes for this hour felt the need to dig up the Veritas stuff and attempt to rectify their mistakes, when in retrospect, they mucked it up even further.
  • Thanks to LAZY storytelling, what could have been a powerful episode ends up being a mess. Clark feels bad about Chloe's effort to end the life of a serial killer & Tess is useless when it comes to urging a boy to become a man.

    It's taken me several days to write this review because this was one of the most poorly written Smallville episodes ever produced. I guess all the writers are ready for summer vacation - and it shows painfully well!

    I'm not going to bother pointing out all the logic FLAWS that were showcased in this episode because most of you have alread done so. And usually, we can forgive these flaws because sometimes Smalville manages to pull it all together and you're willing to forgive things like Clark still working to keep the family farm going while holding down a full-time reporting job and not a soul wondering how he manages do so without a staff -- but let me stop here or I'll start asking folks to tell me how do Clark and Davis, for that matter, cut their hair.

    The one thing I want everyone who reads this review to think about is how in the world could Clark X-ray an entire field of dead bodies - all of them MURDERED by Davis/Doomsday - and then get so upset with Chloe's decision to help Davis end his own life. This just makes Clark look weak and mostly stupid. Given the nature of the threat presented by Davis, you would think "superman" would be very involved in ensuring that this threat to the world no longer existed. You know what? The more I think about this episode, the more I become disgusted. Literally, I am sick to my stomach right now and probably should go grab a drink to take the edge off. I'll continue to watch, but again, this was just a stupid episode.

    L - A - Z - Y Storytelling!
  • I agree with Walloftears....

    In the first season we see that lex moved into that mansion and also stated that his father never stepted foot into the mansion yet in this episode we find out that he lived there since lex was young.....

    And the egg thing that Doomsday came out of just came out of nowhere...

    In other words i hate that the writers or smallville never plan whats gonna happen and that everything just happens out of the blue.

    Clarks spaceship from the pilot of the first season looked nothing like the one that was show here and that the egg thing that doomsday came out of, We didnt see that from the pilot either then again i cant expect them to plan that far ahead.

    I just need to complain about this show somewhere, i still enjoy watching it but its still so annoying, I hated the freak of the week back in season 1-2 and that you never hear of that person until that episode and you never here about them again afterwards.

    Sorry this has nothing really to do with the episode i was meant to be reviewing but honestly i really had to complain about this somewhere it has been driving me crazy.
  • The cave art takes on yet another meaning. Chloe's one true asset of loyalty is questioned. A villian outshines the hero yet again. Tess becomes Lex of season 6.

    I really enjoyed this episode, however for those of us who have watched Smallville from the beginning the journal story doesn't make much sense. Now we're to believe all the times Lionel was surprised by Clark's ability was lie, because he knew all along. And the cave drawings suddenly mean Davis as the dark side. What the Hell is that about? It was fun to see young Davis and the writers made you feel sympathy for him. But it doesn't change the fact he kills because he likes to, the fact that he picks criminals as the victims doesn't matter. I was someone disappointed in the Chloe character. The one thing we like about Chloe is her loyalty, too bad she couldn't share that with her husband. She virtually picked a man she knew half the season, over her own husband who she's known for years. She owes Jimmy a huge apologize, hopefully we'll see that happend. I think Jimmy needs to take his rightful position as Clark's friend. Missing from the episode was Oliver. Can we see more of him in the future? And this episode may me really miss Lex. They want Tess to fill that bill, but she doesn't quite meet the task. She was almost nagging at the end. And Clark, can we get a show that concentrates on him. Why is he always a footnote in his on show?
  • Critical times at this point in season, how did the writers react?

    These was a critical episode in the season. To this episode would either make or break this whole season.And I'm glad to say, that we've finally experienced the usual smallville caliber type show which we've been lacking in the 2009 part of season 8. This episode was beautifully written. I love Tess' new interpretation and what that did to the plot. The lust between Davis and Chloe getting serious only to discover he's a serial killer, then to discover he's krptonian, say what?! Everything's finally in the open with Clark, Davis, Chloe and Tess. The writers have something to build on in these finals episodes. But they need to find a clever way to get Oliver,and Lois involved. The dry streak has ended!
  • It's all collapsing.

    This is the episode that has finally killed off my genuine interest in the show. It's just turning into a continuity mess. Let me explain.

    It started in season 7 with the Veritas project. Apparently Lionel is supposed to have always suspected Clark of being the Traveller, but we know from season 2 that Lionel didn't take any interest in Clark at all until as a blind man he "witnessed" Clark doing some unusual things when he was doped up on red krpytonite. Then in season 4 when he inhabited Clark's body it wasn't until he lifted up the truck that everything fell into place for him, and even then the very idea that Clark could lift a truck was the furthest thing from his mind.

    Now in season 8 we discover that Lionel knew all along about Doomsday, yet chose not to warn Clark? Why? Because in reality he knew that Lex was Clark's greatest nemesis; Lex was Sageith. We know this because the dagger fell apart in Lex's hands in season 3. And yet now we are told that Doomsday is Sageith! If that's the case, then the dagger would not have disintegrated when Lex touched it. What we witness here is the writers rewriting the main story line. This is a travesty!

    Now for a mid-season continuity problem. Davis cuts himself with a knife. Excuse me? Last time he drove a knife against his chest it shattered into myriad pieces. Now maybe his finger never actually bled, maybe that was just the sauce, but his reaction was one of intense pain, which clearly shows that his flesh was not rock solid as it should be.

    I have to say that I still love the direction that has been taken with the Doomsday storyline, but it's just such a shame that it hasn't been integrated into the Smallville story with any degree of integrity. To quote another reviewer, it has been shoe horned in. It was bad enough watching three seasons of Lex going from good to bad to good again as the show was given one season after another to keep the story stalling. No one seems to care that the story has lost its middle and its end for the sake of drawing out a show that should really have evolved into Superman a year or two ago. As long as we get good individual episodes with a wow factor no one seems to care that the main story is becomming more and more ludricous by the month. Well listen up writers, I care! Or at least I did. The Lana/Clark fiasco of mid season and now this... I only have enough heart to write this review and then it will all be spent. To quote an extra from episode 4, Smallville is dead to me.

    The only way my interest can be saved is for Clark to become Superman for real in season 9, and then I could consider it a new show to watch and blank the last two seasons from my mind. But I doubt this will happen.

    R.I.P. Smallville.
  • Amazing.....

    This is one of the best episodes I have seen Smallville create. It was very well written, I thought the twist they put on it with Davis Bloom (aka Doomsday) coming to earth on the same day as clark, and instead of being found by the Kent's, being found by Lionel Luther. It's also amazing how they connected everything such as: Lionel knew there was a "traveler" all along and even found out it was Clark from the very beginning of the show. This is in fact why he came to Smallville all along. The character development in this episode was great, learning about the life of Doomsday, finding out his story, it was very well written and I don't think they missed a beat.
  • Doomsday's past

    "Eternal" is a good story telling episode of Smallville about the origins of Davis Bloome, Doomsday. Tess has a book that reveals who is Doomsday and Superman. Davis Bloome is pretty a discarded kid, Lionel Luthor got him in to do tests knowing he has special ability but did not want him. A young Davis kills some of Lionel's agents. On the other hand, Lionel wanted Clark Kent because he knew Clark was special. Later, Tess tries to kill Davis but fails. She then realizes that Superman needs Doomsday to be a superhero. I like the metaphor she made that without Judus betraying Jesus, Jesus would not rise from the dead. Its takes a supervillain to make a superhero. This episode has little to no action to vivid storytelling.
  • What was Chloe planning to do after she locked that door?

    I understand what this episode was trying to accomplish. The idea of basing Doomsday's background, and the revelation that the Kent's could have easily found Davis instead of Clark was cute. At first I wondered if they were playing the right episode from the time Lionel, Martha and Johnathon took the stage (It was nice viewing old faces again though). Then there was the liquid that formed into a boy, then I knew that was something new. What had me cracking up was little Alexander (Lex) Luthor (Oh that explains his baldness).

    On a simple note this episode was just average and the only problem it faced was executing the story. I really missed Erica Durance (Lois) here, she always adds a sense of humor to each episode and it felt like something was missing. I admire Cassidy Freeman's (Tess Mercer) onscreen presence. She always portrays a captivating villainess, but her performance lacked the decent uproar needed. Her opening scene, where she just 'happened' to tumble upon Lionel's 'fairytale' diary and crack the furtive enigma hidden inside, lacked the basic challenge. It felt to sudden that Tess discovered Davis' true identity, Clark's true abilties, their fates and destinies all in one episode. The story defeated it's development purpose, that everything seemed out of control. It didn't surprise me that Davis hung around Chloe so much, after all she is the reason he remains in his human physique. It is also understandable that Chloe would seek the companionship of the guy that had her in pursuit for weeks; another way to get over Jimmy. Though when she found out his true colors and was pushed to take his life to save Clark's, I kept thinking that 'this is too easy' and 'that isn't the way Clark's prophesied enemy was going to die'. I actually laughed when Chloe placed her hands on the glass to match Davis' and wondered 'does Chloe love Davis that much, how much does she really love Jimmy?'

    Then I got thinking 'Kryptonite is the one thing that could kill Clark, what better a weapon than to kill him than a Kryptonite villain'. As the episode rambled on and Davis was a no-show and Tess taunted Clark about his powers, his destiny to become a 'superhero' and so on, I kept wondering why was Tess suddenly getting up in Clark's face, following him to the barn, being a complete nag. Is she trying to become Clark's all-time enemy? Seriously when Clark said "Are you threatening me", I really didn't hear a threat in Tess' tone.

    The flashbacks to Davis' past playing with Lex was interesting, especially when the inner beast in him came out after Lionel abandoned him. It was just the continuous 'prophecy' talk which made the episode seem a bit 'phony'. Finally when Davis made his final appearance I was disappointed. Just stumbling upon Chloe prophesying his immortality (there goes that word again), telling her that he loves her and the only way he wouldn't seize upon Clark would be if she stayed with him (how romantic-I guess). As Chloe began walking away, I was in the dark about what would be her next move. Was she actually walking away? Would Davis spiral out of control and turn into and ultimate killer? Would he then go into a rage and fight Clark maybe even kill him-almost?... but just then she walked up the stairs and closed the door...

    What was she going to do after she latched that door? Was she really staying with him so Clark wouldn't die? Okay I like Smallville, but even that could have been done much better.


    Two and a half out of Five Stars

    Grade C-
  • Retconning is never easy

    Much of this episode falls under the category of retroactive continuity. Considering the fact that Davis was said to have come to Earth at the same time as Clark in the meteor shower in "Bloodline", inserting his story into the original start for the series was practically a given. It was relatively well done, even if it was shoe-horned into the established continuity.

    I've always liked the Veritas explanation for Lionel's obsession with Clark, and this episode also does a good job of setting up Davis as Clark's true adversary. The only thing that doesn't quite match is the new interpretation of the Naman/Sageeth story. For one thing, Sageeth was supposed to be a friend of Naman, almost like a brother. David is known to Clark, but I wouldn't say that they were ever really friends. And the while business with the Starblade in "Talisman" made it clear that Sageeth was supposed to be either Lionel or Lex.

    And as much as the Veritas backstory worked in the previous season, that was only because Lionel never quite knew whether or not Clark was the Traveler. Having him work with others to find the Traveler gives Lionel a basis for everything he does in the early seasons. Changing that, so that Lionel always knew that Clark was the Traveler, undermines the logical rationale for Lionel's actions. It just doesn't add up.

    It also seems a bit convenient that Tess would find the Veritas book and get caught up on that side of the Luthor mythos so quickly. This has always been a bit of a problem for the writers. Tess was brought in to carry on what Lex might have done had Michael Rosenbaum remaining on the show. While the writers have tried very hard to give her a unique character thread, she's often tossed into situations where she has to act like Lex or Lionel, depending on the perceived need. It's one reason why her character has slowly but surely been losing definition.

    Despite the larger problems caused by the retconning, the story worked on its own merits. Davis has been focusing on Chloe for a long time as something of an emotional anchor, so his decision to ask her to help him die makes sense. Chloe's character motivations are a little less obvious. Once Clark discovers the truth about Davis, particularly that Jimmy was right about him all along, why would she still choose to stand by Davis' side? Especially once it's clear that he's a massive threat and practically unstoppable? The only explanation is that she is willing to sacrifice her own interests to keep him in check. Then again, now that she's Watchtower, why not explain the problem to her team?

    The writers seem to be building to the "death of Superman" story, but that wouldn't quite work given the differences between the comics and "Smallville". It might be more interesting if Oliver's presence and Chloe's inclusion with the Justice League brought them into the fray. If the writers also paid off the episodes from earlier in the season, where Tess was apparently pulling together a team of her own, it would be impressive. For now, I'm cautiously optimistic that the writers can pull it all together over the next four episodes.
  • I enjoyed this episode. FOr the first time in a very long while, I can say that I liked an episode of Smallville more than Supernatural, which I also liked by the way.

    More information is revealed about how Doomsday came to be on Earth. He was on the same ship as Clark, though how this happened I'm still a little lost about it. Tess somehow gets a journal of Lionel Luthor's explaining all this and we are given flashbacks of how Davis Bloom, a.k.a. Doomsday grew up. We also discover why Lionel always seemed to know more then he should as well.

    Davis Bloom is now unaffected by Kryptonite after being hit with a lethal dose as CHloe tried helping him kill himself, only for him to come back more powerful then ever. THis follows the DOomsday story in the comics pretty well as things that killed him once are unable to do so again. However the rest of the DOomsday storyline is a creation of the writers of Smallville, and not the comics because his story is much different here. BUt I have no real complaint since Sam Witwer is a pretty good actor who pulls the part off well and makes it work.

    Using Tess as a sort of middle ground to explain some older season arcs was pretty good as well. We always suspected that the two headed monster drawn on the cave walls was Lex and Clark becoming mortal enemies, but now we know differently, and this new idea makes more sense anyway. I can only give the episode a 9 out of 10 though because there is no way that LIonel Luthor would ever make it so easy for Tess or anybody for that matter to find any of these secrets involving Clark. After the way he protected Clark those last few years, he would've definately burned all the evidence, and left not a single piece left. Tess would've never found anything so big and important, and the way she acquired it was just to easy anyway. Otherwise, this was a very revealing and exciting episode. THe ones involving Davis Bloom usually are.
  • We find out the origins of Davis Bloom and that he's immortal. Attemps by Tess and Chloe to kill him only makes him stronger. In the end Davis believes only Chloe can keep the beast from coming out and convinces her to stay with him.

    I think that this episode was well written and moves the Doomsday story line along very well. I usually don't like it when an episode doesn't involve Clark as the main character but this episode was written well enought that it didn't matter. I liked the way the underlined idea that Clark won't become his true self until he confronts and defeats his ultimate enemy. I wasn't surprised at Chloe's discision to stay with Davis at the end of the episode because I think she will be one of the characters to leave the show at the end of the season and with the reference in Legion that she wasn't known to any of them, this would be the direction for her character to go to be left out of history as one of Clarks closest friends.
  • the clark and davis relationship comes to the surface.

    smallville has fully recovered from its lana days in this episode titled "eternal." clark and davis learn eachother's deep, most protected secrets. with davis (and witwer's fine acting) you feel sorry for him, realizing that he will become a monster destined to kill.

    in fact all the acting was well done in this show, from clark to tess, and chloe to davis. they really get you drawn into the story arc.

    this episode has been revealing, and i think i understand why tess has been keeping a team of superpowered baddies. with tess believing doomsday is dead (not too sure, sorry if i'm wrong) and her talk saying that clark will not reach his full potential unless he really tests his strength, it is possible that she believes she will be the one to let superman out. these last four episodes should be good
  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Excellent episode. The inclusion of the pilot episode with this episode and the story line that has evolved throughout the shows history was brilliant. I thought it was quite interesting to put Davis Bloom's character in the beginning of Clark's journey on Earth. I am looking forward to the remainder of this seasons story line.
    Chloe and Davis's relationship I find to be an interesting one, in that she seems to feel that she has to help Davis in order to protect Clark. Along with having an attraction to Davis.
    Not sure about Tess and her true motives, but I feel she will be one of the characters that will be leaving the show by way of expiring.
  • It's a tale of two travelers as Tess reveals. Attempts to kill Davis prove that he just might be eternal.

    I am on the fence on this one. Technically it was a superior episode. There was no one thing in the writing I can point to that bored me or really ruined the episode for me, but I still had some reservations with my tentative 9. Even the over used Kryptonite angle almost was interesting for once.

    First of all the one clear point that I can put my finger on that was bad was still good for television purposes. The book. The book was stupid. It doesn't exist! There is no basis for it's existence. It exists only because it looks good on television as a device to go back in time and connect where everybody is now right back to the beginning which brings me to the other thing.

    Now, on the one hand the two headed traveler thing tie in was brilliantly well done. And Davis coming at the same time is more than plausible. And Tess's aquisition of that little control the traveler relic might explain why she knows so much, but couldn't they have introduced that element a little bit earlier. I was busy yelling at the screen that this was fake and I have to wait till the end of the episode to go, oh that's what they were doing. I don't buy for a second the Davis early day storyline. I know they wanted an excuse to bring Lex back in any capacity. I know they wanted to parallel with Clark's relationship to Lex. But, still if they thought he really was an alien they would not have dumped him on the street like that. They would have kept him for study in one of their labs like they did with all the other meteor freaks. And if they thought he wasn't they would have put him in an orphanage. The Luthors are much better at dealing with loose ends than that. That was stupid but it was also too short and too small a part of the overall episode to overly analyze. I thought the Chloe stuff was brilliant and my biggest complaint came out of Clark's mouth. Isn't this just a little bit too soon?

    The Chloe/Davis angle was predictible but pretty well directed. Especially the ending scene.

    Now, even though the religious dogma is way overdone I believe throughout all TV shows and movies. And I really believe the angle hurts this episode more than it helps. I mean you don't need Clark to be Jesus. He is Superman. That is more than enough for me. I still think it's kind of neat as Jesus died and came back to life and you kind of have that potential in the future with Clark. But still I don't need a thesis in a superhero story. The story as is, is more than good enough for me. And I can see this story is heading in a very exciting direction. I can't wait.
  • Retconville

    Eternal-Tess fails in her attempt to kill Davis. In order to try and explain his destiny, she captures him and unveils his past with the Luthors. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe discover Davis' secret.

    I had mixed feelings about "Eternal" before viewing it. While I was excited that we would get more info on Davis/Doomsday's arrival, I knew there would be some possible plotholes with that development. There's also the fact that the writers decided to bring back the whole Veritas/Traveler storyline and mix it with the Doomsday arc. Let's face it, the Veritas/Traveler storyline was one of the major reasons that Season 7 turned into a mess. It was so full of plotholes and contradications that by the end of the season, the whole storyline was the most pointless the series ever did (well until the Lana arc! ehw!) Those are the essential flaws of "Eternal", while it tries to tell a dark, gripping storyline, it leaves a trail retcons that made the Veritas arc so frustrating. Now I won't list the plotholes throughout this episode because the writers have done it so many times it's not even surprising anymore. Despite the sloppy re-writing of previous events, "Eternal" works very well thanks to the core 4 characters of the hour.

    The acting felt very strong throughout this episode and even if the story was shaky at parts, the actors really commited to the script and really made you care about what was going on. I can't praise Sam Witwer enough, he's simply expectional as Davis. You just felt so bad for Davis, especially when asking Chloe to help him die. Allison Mack was just wonderful, especially her scenes with Sam. Every time these two are paired up, their scenes are ful of so much tension and emotional weight that it's hard not to even be slightly interested in their storyline. Chloe was all over the place this episode in terms of writing, one minute she sides with Clark, the next minute she's back on Davis' side. Not mention, moving on from Jimmy so quickly. Thankfully, Allison brought a dignity to Chloe in her performance that made her questionable decisions convincing. Chloe's final choice during the last scene of the episode seemed very suicidal for her character and it looks like Chloe might die by Doomsday's hand after all. Which is weird, last episode the writers made it seem like there was hope for Chloe at the end of "Hex" yet now it seems she's back on her dark path? It's inconsistent character wise but luckily the actors are making up for it.

    I liked Clark's part in all this. At the beginning of the episode Clark was very strong while in his reporter mode. It's good to see Clark continuing to track down Doomsday and being aware of Davis' killing sprees. Not to mention, the final scene between him and Tes was the toughest I've seen Clark. Even when Tess kept pushing Clark to reveal his secret, he came back with some harsh words. It's great to see this take charge Clark and that he isn't trusting Tess for one second. Tom Welling is growing stronger as Clark and it's because the writers are actually giving him good material again. Although, I do think Clark was little too passive when confronting Davis after he learned the truth. Clark had nothing to be guilty about, Davis is destined to kill him and destory the world whether Davis wants or not. Cassidy was also great as Tess put the pieces of the past together and tries to take down Davis on her own. One thing I love about her last scene with Clark was how she realized why Lex went crazy trying to get the truth from Clark. It was funny and ironic with her going through the same dilemma. But Tess knowing everything now is still pretty vague. Tess' intentions are still mysterious as one moment she seems like she's on Clark's side, then seems to be no better than Lex. Not to mention, her having that orb device from "Arctic" doesn't help her supposed "cause" to make Clark trust her with his secret. What are the writers planning for Tess to do with that? All it did was destory the Fortress and strip Clark of his powers if I recall.

    The flashback scenes were pretty great! I loved seeing the old footage from the pilot episode as well as seeing Martha, Jonathan and Lionel back (even if it was stock footage!) It brought a great sense of nostalgia for the old days and the editing of the old and new footage was nicely done, especially seeing little Davis forming from his alien egg, gross! But I don't understand the purpose of little Lex and little Davis' interaction. Yeah, it's great having 2 of Superman's greatest villains playing as children, but it wasn't needed and only felt like a device to show kryptonite hurts Davis. The kryptonite shower execution was a pretty powerful scene and I liked how it was played with the flashback of Davis dooming out for the first time. I was also intrigued by the Jesus/Judas references by Tess alluding to Clark and Davis. It makes their opposite destines seem more symbollic and greater. "Eternal" will be hated by some fans for it's messing with the past mythology of the series (Davis is Sageeth?) but it's overall good episode that helps build toward the upcoming Clark/Doomy smackdown. Let's hope all this retconning and Chloe's betrayal wasn't in vain.
  • The whole Davis and Lex thing is fascinating, really entertaining! Not boring as someone said!

    I loved how Doomsday takes center stage, because there is nothing to reveal about Clarks past. Want to know a bit? He came to Earth on a space ship. Want to know a bit about Davis? He also came to Earth on a space ship, but was surrounded by a mystery fog. Davis is immortal, he cannot be killed however Clark can be killed using Kryptonite. Clark and Davis are very opposite characters. Davis is now a main character on Clark's same stature. I find Clark really boring, because we cannot expect anything from him anymore. What's next? something happens and Clark is there to save the day. I really hope they kill Clark by the end of the season and have Davis replace Clark as superhero. I don't know how they should do it (maybe overtaking Clark's body?) but it's a really good idea. Smallville is going downhill because the storyline is very repetitive with Clark basically doing the same thing for the past 8 seasons. and I don't care about the Superman saga, I don't want to see a blue cape and ugly tights on one of my favourite series
  • Davis and Chloe storyline does get interesting

    This episode was pretty good! Unlike some others I did not mind the flashbacks. I found that it went a distance to tie in Davis and i found that the Davis Chloe dynamic was pretty darned interesting. Creepy. But interesting! Boy that Chloe sure gravitates to where the need is. I wonder if it has anything to do with growing up with a mother such as she had. I can't decide if she decides to stay in there with Davis at the end of the epside as a way to help Clark or to help Davis or even just based on momentary survival. And I can't figure out if Davis has any real chance of in anyway being able to salvage anything of his better self going forward. But the conflicts and tension and suspense of it all is very good drama.
  • Davis continues killing people. Tess blows up his ambulance. She later reveals to Davis that he and Clark were sent to Earth at the same time. Clark is the traveler, and Davis was sent to kill him. Chloe tries to kill Davis, but he survives again.

    Would they like a little cheese to go with the ham? There was so much bad acting in this episode that it was painful to watch. Chloe seems to have gotten over Jimmy rather quickly. Does Aaron Ashmore still work on this show? Since they came back from the Christmas break, he has been in only one episode. That's even worse than the lack of Erica Durance, who thus far has only been in two. What a misuse of two very talented individuals. Back to Chloe and Jimmy, I can't believe that she is actually having the nerve to blame Jimmy for the breakup when it is 100% her fault. Her marriage is falling apart and it is like she doesn't even care, and is not willing to fight for it. After walking in on her having dinner with Davis, can anyone really blame Clark for siding with Jimmy? Clark for the third straight episode is reduced to a backup role, while the Chloe/Davis storyline takes center stage. This is really ticking me off. The show is about Clark becoming Superman. Someone please remind the writers of this fact. The whole background story on Davis with the Luthors was long and really boring. They are completely missing the point with Doomsday. He is a totally evil killing machine. We aren't supposed to want to feel sympathy for him. That's one of the things I hate about Hollywood is all this "shades of gray" garbage. The whole scene with Davis in the kryptonite chamber, and Chloe was so awful. She's okay with her marriage breaking up, but cries a river over getting rid of a killer...WTF? Oh, but wait, he comes back. I was actually hoping that it would be Jimmy make a surprise appearance in that last scene, because that would actually make sense. Davis showing up again was irritating. Now I really hope my prediction comes true that Davis and Chloe are the ones killed in the finale.
  • Almost all perfect scores? Who are you people the writers, cast and crew? Am I the only one that remembers good episodes of this show?

    I don't enjoy being negative about one of my favorite shows, but if everyone is going to give this episode a perfect score, I have to give some real feedback.

    As someone thats seen every episode, these flash backs are a waste of time. They should have just left it at the corn field, that was enough. D-day and lex playing as children? Filler.

    Tess only becomes more annoying with one benefit; to really drive home the fact that lex (and the perfect choice of actor for the part) was 50% of the show. Without him the show is very much lacking at this point, for me.

    Now, thank god Tess clearly played pictionary at a world class level growing up, as it made deciphering Lionel's pictorial journal a breeze. The fact that she has this journal really bothers me. This chain of inheritance doesn't make sense. First, Lionel might leave almost everything to Lex, that's still believable but... as much as he was protecting Clark from Lex and withholding everything about veritas from Lex, it seems very out of character for him to forget about a journal containing all of the information in one neat package. Oh, but I guess there were no words, it was just pictures, and Nancy Drew... I mean Tess... cracked the code. * Rolling of eyes * Her comment about Lionel being to blind to see it is just horrible writing, I'm sorry. D-day gets dropped off as a child and then destroys that car and kills Lionel's henchman, and we are to believe Lionel just says "hmm that's odd" and then never thinks about it again? Come on guys...
  • Great Episode!

    Wow! Excellent mythos episode worthy of a 10. Very exciting, well acted, with a brooding, almost film noir haunting air to it. What I think is amazing is that for the first time since the creation of this character, whether in comics, novels or movies, the origins of Superman are coming together as a tightly told, fascinating story.

    Note once again the religious overtones and the crucial element of Davis/Doomsday being Judas the Betrayer. Just before Holy Week begins, this is way cool. Note too that Davis/Doomsday is not a counterbalancing evil force equal to Clark. I'm amazed at how close this mythos adheres to the Christian story.

    Finally, I am so impressed with the Chloe storyline. Thought it was going to degenerate into, "lost jimmy,now I can have davis.' Much more complicated now. Does she have to stay with Davis to save Clark? She's being put into a martyr role. Way to go writers! Thoughtful episode with a solid plot. You are uniting all the seasons into a great story arc. I agree with critics who wish there was more Clark. TW needs more face time on the screen. None the less, it is easy to see how he is moving into an adult Superman role that will have depth. Not since the Dark Knight have we seen such character development in a super hero role.
  • Lex meets Doomsday.

    Smallville is going from strength to strength at the moment.It has found the perfect formula at just the right time.I may be in the minority but i found Eternal better than Hex.Hex was in some way a glorified filler episode that didn't move any plots forward apart from Chloe becoming Watchtower.Eternal was about Doomsday and the journey he has been on.It's also amazing how Smallville can shift from funny to dark episodes in one week.At first i will say that the writing had a few blanks,which is disappointing since it was done by 2 of the showrunners.It's obvious they tried to fit Davis into the Traveler/Naman story but at the cost of Lex's place in the Superman Universe.The 2 headed figure was for Clark and Lex and in Talisman the dagger disintergrated because Clark's main rival Lex touched it.Also,Lionel was suspicious of Clark but he never knew from the start who he was.That's how it went down in Seasons 1-3 and they shouldn't be trying to rewrite this glorious part of Smallville's history.But i was able to look past this for 2 reasons:1)The theme of the episode and 2)the acting.I was happy to hear that James Marshall would direct this because he is the best director in Smallville.In Eternal he proved that.The episode was wonderfully well paced,well shot and i liked it's dark tone.Also,it was nice to go back and see the day of the meteor shower as well as 3 of the stalwarts of the first seasons of Smallville.I still miss all 3 of them.So where do we go from here?Clark and Davis are heading for the major showdown,there is no way wround it anymore.I just hope it's handled better than the Clark-Lex one from last year.Chloe is heavily involved in this and from the looks of things so is Tess.It should make for 4 smashing episodes after the break.

    The acting was fantastic in this episode.The one good thing about having only 4 regulars in an episode,is that it gives all of them a chance to shine.Tom Welling was Superman here.I liked his determination to get to the bottom of the killings.I also liked his acting in the scene with Davis in the cage.He knew that Davis was Doomsday but he still wanted to save him.He even thought that Davis could have been his brother and felt bad for him for the way he grew up.Some may think it's naive but that's what Superman is about.Chloe may mock his ethics but when it comes down to it,his ability to see the good in anyone is what makes him Superman.Allison Mack was briliant in her emotional scenes.To be honest,i don't like the material that she is given to work with,but Allison has made the best of it.Chloe seems to be getting herself in a very dangerous game and i am not sure if Clark will appreciate her decision to get this close to Davis.Tess had her most significant episode yet.I think it must have been the most screentime she has had in an episode.I loved her bravado in the scenes with both Clark and Davis.She is starting to become like Lex in the sense that she believes that she can take part in this game between aliens.Of course,it also helped that Cassidy Freeman was in confident mood in her scenes with both men.She took complete control in the scenes with Davis and she also stood her stance against Clark,something that was missing in their previuous intense scene at Bloodline.It was a nice surprise to see the orb in the end.I am just afraid that the lengths to which she is willing to go here, might spell her doom.Sam Witwer was superb again.The man knows how to act,simple as that.His best scene was when he was in the cage and you could see the desperation and despair in his eyes.You felt sorry for him.I don't know how many miles he has left in Smallville,but he has been a wonderful addition to the cast. All in all,this was a fantastic episode that really set the tone for the final 4.You can feel it.Clark vs Doomsday is coming.But for now,roll on Stiletto!See you in 3 weeks!
  • Wow just when i thought the show could not get any better....

    you guys come in and make it even better....Great episode!!! I didn't see a story background coming for Davis....thats so cool and the parody that you've shown between Clark and Davis...two sides of the same coin. The saver and the destroyer....I'm so excited about the episodes to follow. Chloe...poor Chole shes torn between Clark and Davis and she has to be very careful who she chooses. On one hand she has Clark as a friend but can never have him as a lover, but at the same time she wants to have Davis but she knows how dangerous he is for her and Clark and the world. Tess is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Davis, while at the same time trying to get Clark to break or slip up. I can't wait to see how all this turns out.
  • Smallville reaches 'way back to insert the arrival of Davis on Earth simultaneously with Clark, in the original meteor shower, and Tess knows 'way too much about Clark.

    "Eternal" brings Smallville back into top form. The four featured cast members and the single story line keeps things taut, and the script builds higher and higher tension. Allison Mack brings Chloe to life as never before, first frustrating us with her unwitting support of Davis, then bringing out her growing realization of the truth about him. But she's not the only star - Tess, Clark and Davis get as much screen time and socko acting to put this episode up with the best of the season.

    The "previously on Smallville" intro reached way back there to the premiere with John Schneider and Annette O'Toole discovering Clark from...year 2001! Good - they owe those two some residuals. Sometimes I think it's a stretch to keep adding backstories this elaborate, but it seems to fit together pretty well. I can't believe this storyline was dreamed up years ago during the Traveler story arc, so it's pretty amazing that the twist about Lionel discovering young Davis, believing he was the Traveler, is so believable. The boyhood battle between Lex (Connor Stanhope) and Davis was a compelling portent of the future - as young Lex "kills" the Destroyer of the world. You have to like what the screenwriters are doing here to tie things together.

    Quite a shock to hear Tess reveal to Clark that she knows his entire story...from a journal kept by Lex. The usual denials don't stand up for long, and Clark finally begins to realize that Davis is a threat greater than a mere serial killer. Tess has made an even more significant leap - she realizes that Davis must become a Judas, akin to the betrayer of Christ, in order to force Clark into his final commitment to his destiny. In this respect, Tess is working at the highest level of insight among all the characters.

    Tess obviously was the source of the resurrection of Davis, using a K-crystal, her motivation seeming to be to create that Davis-Clark ultimate confrontation. She's as good as Lex as a character who can appear to be both evil and good in the same story. She seems to want to bring forth the Saviour of mankind, using whatever devious methods are necessary. Cool line for her near the end - "It'll be sooner than you think, Kal-El."

    It's a roller-coaster ride for Chloe, going from an exciting new role last week as Watchtower for the Justice League, to the stunning discovery that Davis survived her agonizing decision to comply with his request to kill him with Kryptonite. Although the writers don't acknowledge that Chloe has any remaining Brainiac influence, or meteor powers, his appeal to her to stay with him puts her in the crisis of her life - her commitment to protect Clark only possible if she complies, and soothes the savage Beast. I could still buy this effect on Davis as a manifestation of her healing power - that would offer a number of good story possibilities. All the previews and teasers made me think she would protect him out of a misguided affection for him, but this is much more impressive story-telling. She has no other choice. The final scene of her locking the basement door to stay with Doomsday is heavy drama, and Ms. Mack does the acting job of the season again. Easy to support "Eternal" as a series classic. Re-run rating A-.
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