Season 2 Episode 23

Exodus (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on The CW
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A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Lex and Helen prepare for their marriage, and Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate Clark.

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  • The Episode that Setup Season 3s Exile

    I love this Episode cause Clark doesn't know what to do You could tell that it was killing him inside that he had to make a choice He finally got the girl of his dreams even though he has to leave her behind cause of his strict Father.

    From Chloe Finding out about Clark and Lana was Great

    Great Setup to Exile

    He meets his Father in Calling but His Dad tells him he must leave Smallville to begin his Training Clark freaking out puts on the Red Kryptonite Ring and Leaves Everyone Behind.

    Plus The Mark Jor El gave him had to hurt

    This Episode is the one where Clark Left all of his Problems and Ran Awaymoreless
  • The second of a four-part series of episodes has Clark encountering Jor-El, his Kryptonian father, manifesting through the spaceship, and directing Clark to accept his destiny and set aside his relationships with loved ones.moreless

    Written by Gough and Millar, this season-ending cliffhanger puts Clark at a crossroads - will he accept his Kryptonian destiny, or choose his own earthly existence? Clark is given one day to accept Jor-El's version of destiny, but an idyllic afternoon with Lana is his true desire. Lex admits to Helen that he has the blood sample, but his honesty costs him their relationship, and then he admits to Clark that the wedding is off because of his betrayal of Helen's trust.

    Clark slips past heightened security at the cave but is found by Lionel and they spar verbally about Clark's knowledge of the cave's meaning. As to the missing key, Lionel has created a duplicate from meteor rock. Sunset comes, and Joe-El's voice calls Clark to the spaceship, where he tries to defy Jor-El, resulting in the classic House of El symbol burned into Clark's chest. Next morning, Clark continues to pursue his own path, and tells Pete he intends to destroy the ship, but they need the new key. Pete creates a distraction in the cave while Clark speeds in and steals Lionel's key, sends Lana off to the wedding alone, then fends off an angry and spurned Chloe.

    Meanwhile, Helen returns to Lex, reaffirms that she loves him, and the wedding is back on. Clark inserts the meteor-rock-based key into the spaceship, resulting in a massive shockwave that strikes the Kent truck, putting Martha into the hospital where she loses her baby. John Schneider does some of his finest series acting in this wrenching scene. Clark is stricken by the damage he has done, and pushes Lana away.

    Chloe, suffering from Clark's rejection, cozies up to Lionel again and agrees to the investigation of Clark. Unable to face his grieving parents, and desperate with remorse, Clark goes to the Torch office and retrieves the red kryptonite ring, prepares to escape his life and family, and leaves Lana in tears...but Jor-El's foreboding voice follows him on the highway to Metropolis. Finally, Lex awakens in his honeymoon-bound bizjet to find that Helen and the crew has disappeared, and in a few seconds, he's in a high-speed impact with an unknown ocean. Re-run rating A, an essential episode for Smallville fans, one that is full of dramatic and surprising turns and defining moments.moreless
  • this ep of smallville it was really good .

    in this seaon 2 final of the smllville season clark must choose to stay on earth with his family or go forfill and his destany and become a ruler. on earth. this was a good ep . clark goes and sees the caves and learns that lexes dad linel has made a key out of a krptonigte exact replica of it. clark has a plan that if he puts it into the ship then it will be destoryed the way krptonight effects him. the wedding of lex luthor is final here and clark goes to it and his family sit at lexes table but clark does not think its a good idea to have lana at the table like he wanted to. she is having second thoughts about ther realationship. and so clark goes and steals the krptonight key and places it int othe ship and as his parents come home it expoles and cause a huge hole in the ground like a meator had just hit or a bomb went off and the truck flips over multple times with his mother and dad in it . and the plane is taking off and it coems to find out that its going down with no one in there and planes goes down. and clarks mom lost the baby and jothan is mad at what clark did and clark things they dont love him anymore so he gets on the bike and drives away. and the ep ends .moreless
  • Jor-El Lays Down the Law

    Exodus-A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Lex and Helen prepare for their marriage, and Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate Clark.

    A fantastic finale that brings all the storylines and makes for a pretty gripping episode. The opening teaser truly stunning as Clark meets his father Jor-El for the first time. Terrance Stamp, who is well known for his unforgettable performance as Zod in Superman II, provides the voice of Jor-El. The actor shows how strong of a presence he puts so much soviction and hope in Jor-El's voice that most actors can't pull off in person. Clark is really put through a trial throughout the episode as Jor-El forces Clark to leave Smallville and all his friends. Tom Welling does a good job of showing Clark's fear and confusion of following his destiny.

    The special effects throughout are amazing from the effects of the ship coming to life in front of Clark during the teaser to Kryptonian mark Jor-El puts on Clark's chest to the desturction of the spaceship and the huge explosion from it's destruction. The most heartbreaking aspect of the episode is how Clark's actions affect Martha's baby. It was so sad seeing that Marth's baby died and just the sight of Johnathan not being able to look at Clark as he tries to apolozie is hard to watch as there is a rift between father and son. You can't help but feel bad for Clark especially when Lana tries to confront him at one point and Clark feels his the cause of so mcuh pain around him. It's a excellent played well by both actors as well as the scene where Clark prepares to leave for Smallville and Lana tries to stop him. Also, the use of the Red K ring was a nice touch.

    The only thing hurting the episode is Chloe yet again. The scene where Chloe verbally attacks Clark again about his relationship with Lana was probably Chloe's most unlikable moment ever! I'm just glad after season, the writers ease Chloe off her affections for Clark as she's a much, MUCH better character when she's supporting Clark. Hard to believe Chloe would become one of the best characters of the series in later seasons as she's almost unbearable here. But I love how Lionel manipulates Chloe's feelings for Clark to have him work her and investigate. It's a brilliant scene as both characters come to an agreement yet Chloe still being skeptical about her decision. I also love the cliffhanger with Lex crushing into the ocean after being left in his jet to die during his honeymoon. It leaves a sense of dread as you think Lex might not survive. A truly significant episode for the season as we left with shocking development, heartbreaking drama, and nail-bitting cliffhnager as Clark rides off to Metropolis leaving Smallville forever!moreless
  • Great Episode

    The will of Clark's biological father, Jor-El, informs Clark Kent he must leave Smallville. Not wanting to leave his family and friends, Clark Kent steals Lionel's copy of the spaceship key made out of refined green meteor rock and sticks it into the ship, destroying it. The blast from the explosion causes Martha to lose her baby. Grief stricken, Clark Kent decides to leave Smallville. During his honeymoon flight, Lex Luthor wakes to find the plane going down and Helen and the pilot missing. The jealous Chloe Sullivan accepts the proposal of Lionel Luthor to investigate the life of Clark Kent.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Ivana Paduch

Ivana Paduch

Lexcorp Cave Scientist

Guest Star

Arnie Walters

Arnie Walters


Guest Star

Dan Payne

Dan Payne

Lexcorp Airport Security

Guest Star

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Dr. Helen Bryce

Recurring Role

Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp

Voice of Jor-El

Recurring Role

Rekha Sharma

Rekha Sharma

Dr. Harden

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • When we see Clark driving away at the end, he seems to be going pretty slow (maybe 50-60 mph). As he is wearing the red kryptonite, shouldn't he be taking chances, like going above the speed limit?

    • When Clark puts the Kryptonite octagon in the ship, he falls back because it's making him sick. When he's exposed to Kryptonite, bullets, knives, and explosions can kill him, so why doesn't the explosion from the ship kill him.?

    • Helen claims that Clark's blood vial wasn't specially labelled or distinguished and Lex claims that he didn't have the blood sample analyzed... so how did his thieves know what to take and how did he know which vial to keep? Maybe Helen's lying or maybe Lex is... again. Or maybe good doctors just don't leave unmarked vials suspiciously lying around.

    • Why does Clark leave with a motorcycle, couldn't he just superspeed away?

    • When Clark tells Pete that Lana's necklace almost killed him when he was tied up in the storm cellar, wouldn't the necklace have killed him when he was tied up as the scarecrow? He's exposed to the necklace when it was broad daylight outside, and, when he is shown as the scarecrow, it is completely dark outside. This indicates the passing of a few hours. However, when Tina Greer turns into Jonathan and ties Clark downstairs in the storm cellar with Lana's necklace on, it only seems like a matter of minutes (10 at the very most).

    • When the ship explodes, the storm cellar completely explodes, and everything is destroyed. So, how come the stairway is perfectly intact?

    • When Clark's parents crash the car because of the shockwave the door is open when the car comes to a stop but when the Clark sees the car the door is closed and there are almost no damages to the except the smoking engine.

    • When Clark gets up after the storm cellar is demolished from the explosion of the ship Clark's shirt is ripped down to where his S mark should be but it isn't there.

    • The box with Lionel's key in it is gone from the little plinth in the long shot before the shot where blurred Clark comes and steals it.

    • How dumb is Lionel? Come on, he doesn't know the meaning of Backup? If he made one key why not two or three or a dozen? He has enough kryptonite to do so. (editor's note: just because he's pissed the first key was stolen doesn't mean he can't have others...)

    • Clark's theory is based on a seemingly false assumption that the ship neutralized Lana's necklace to protect itself. The necklace wasn't that close (in "Visage") and it wasn't moving toward the ship or anything. The ship was closer to kryptonite in "Duplicity." And when the ship came to Earth, it came through space in fairly close proximity to the kryptonite meteors - why didn't it neutralize those too to "protect" itself?

    • The "range" of red kryptonite seems to vary inconsistently. It works on Clark when he wears it as a ring on his finger, and when Pete puts it in his pocket, but not when he holds it in his hand.

    • It seems unusual that Lionel doesn't put two and two together and needs Pete to explain how he put the Ross family out of business. Lionel has a mind like a steel-trap, and even if it was just a standard business deal like hundreds of others from his perspective...well, it wasn't. Jonathan Kent and the deal he cut with Lionel about adopting Clark (see "Lineage") apparently played a big role in the creamed-corn buyout, and Lionel has a lot of interest in the Kents.

    • Lex kicked Lionel out of the manor way back in "Red," and except for when Lex was temporarily ousted in "Prodigal," Lionel has only been a visitor. Yet here Lionel is using it as a business place of sorts to meet with Chloe when Lex is gone. Maybe Lionel knows Lex isn't coming back...?

    • Maybe they'll explain it down the road, but the key's function seems a bit confusing. At the caves it apparently activates the mechanism there (it has a keyhole that fits the key's inscriptions)...which seems to be some kind of anti-Clark programmed system that gives Walden the power and indirectly the motive to kill Clark. Yet it also activates the ship, which is a pro-Clark programmed system. Why does the same key serve two such diametrically opposite purposes? Or if they are two different machines, why do they have the exact same key?

    • Lex said that his father had stepped up security at the caves, yet Clark and later Pete waltz right in.

    • Why doesn't Clark use x-ray vision to find the ring in Chloe's office, rather then rummage through the drawers? Even if it's in lead, all Clark has to do is look for a box that he can't see through.

    • Once again, Lana showed up at the Kents' barn all gussied up with no visible means of transportation - even after Clark announced that he had to pick her up! Then, she was able to leave and get to the wedding somehow. (We see the Kents leave without her.)

    • If Helen and Lionel are up to some secret plan and meeting, why are they meeting in the hallway right outside of Lex's office? For that matter, how did Lionel get into the manor past Lex's security for...oh, the 10th time or so in the last two years?

    • Clark has a pimple on his chin again - something that seems a bit difficult for someone with near-invulnerable skin. (Look for it when he and Lana are out with the horses.)

    • The position of the horses radically changes position depending on whether the camera is doing a close-up or wide angle shot of Lana and Clark.

    • When Clark and Lana are in the meadow there are two horses - if one is Whitney's (and now Lana's), whose is the other one? We've only seen Clark ride a horse once before, more then a year ago.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jor-El: Fear not, Kal-El.
      Clark: Who are you?
      Jor-El: I am...Jor-El...your father.
      Clark: I thought you died!
      Jor-El: I am his will, his memory. I am to fullfill his promise and guide you all the days of your life. You are the last son of Krypton. When you traveled through the cosmos, you carried the hopes and dreams of your people. They now live through you, Kal-El. It is time.

    • Lana: Smallville's my home. It's yours too.
      Clark: Not any more.

    • Lex: I've always been fighting my destiny -- trying to avoid becoming my father. But we all have certain genes that no matter how much we want to change dominate us.

    • Lionel: Love has a way of blinding even the sharpest minds. We don't look because we don't want to see. But once love has been stripped away, then we see the real person clearly. They're revealed to us, with all their flaws, their foibles, and their secrets.

    • Jonathan: (giving Lex a compass for his wedding) will help you so you don't get lost coming down the aisle

    • Pete: (to Lionel's security guards) Don't touch me - you know you hate him.

    • Pete: Careful, Mr. Luthor - you wouldn't want to look weak.

    • Lionel: Lionel Luthor's never gotten anywhere in life by playing it safe.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Music: "Strange & Beautiful" by Aqualung, "High On Sunshine" by Kelly Brock, "Take Me Away" by Lifehouse, "Weapon" by Matthew Good.

    • A deleted scene on the Season 2 DVD reveals that Lionel interrupts the ceremony, so Lex and Dr. Bryce decide to elope instead.

    • Besides the world domination part, most of Jor-El's speech to Clark about who he is was taken from the first Superman movie.

    • This is the first time characters Pete and Lionel meet on-screen - a scene possibly well overdue given how Lionel "ruined" the Ross family's creamed-corn business.

    • On the first airing of this episode the WB featured ads for its new semi-"superhero" shows on its 2003 fall schedule - Tarzan and Fearless.

    • Terence Stamp is billed up front this week and is identified by character.


    • Lionel Luthor: You two star-crossed lovers...
      Romeo and Juliet are the two lovers in the classic Shakespeare play "Romeo and Juliet". They were described as two star-crossed lovers and were, as Lex and Helen, destined to fail.