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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on The CW
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Jonathan's oldest friend, Senator Jack Jennings, comes to Smallville looking for support in his re-election campaign, but is framed for the murder of his mistress, requiring Lois to go undercover as a stripper.

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  • The Strips of Hazard

    Exposed-Jonathan's oldest friend, Senator Jack Jennings, comes to Smallville looking for support in his re-election campaign, but is framed for the murder of his mistress, requiring Lois to go undercover as a stripper.

    Wow, 3 sucky episodes in a row, this a new low even for Smallville! "Exposed" feels like the writers took the script from "Striptease", added some shots from the series "Dukes of Hazard" and added they're usual predictable boring angles to it. While it's fun watching Chloe and Lois investigating a dead strippers' murder like Chloe's reaction to Lois' outfit (God bless america) and Lois pulling a Demi Moore on Clark, the plot just never interests, as well as the villain of it all. Then we have the blatant "Dukes of Hazard" reunion with Tom Wopat guest staring as Senator Jack Jennings. While it's nice to see both actors reuniting on screen, did the writers have to recreated shots from that series? Just the scenes of Jonathan and Tom racing off seemd cheesy and over-the-top. The only good development in that storyline is Tom suggestion of Jonathan running for Senate. It's a great storyline of Pa Kent as we really don't get much storylines from Jonathan and Martha. Not to mention, Lex also running in the race is great as it will be interesting to see how Jonathan will handle his animosity towards Lex in this race. All and All, "Exposed" feels as tacky and cheap as those outfits those strippers were wearing...just saying!moreless
  • Boring in some parts but overall good.

    Well I labeled this character development cause now we know Jonathan is running against Lex. The first thing I did not like about this episode was that Lana was absent. And I liked her character this season, mostly because she was with Clark at the time. The whole Smallville meets the Dukes of Hazard wasn't for me. I thought Jonathan's scenes were just boring and I couldn't wait for them to end. The reason this episode got an exceptional rating, was the hit & run in the beginning, Clark saving Lois, and Lois stripping. Sorry if that sounds perverted but it was a funny light scene which I liked. Overall good.moreless
  • Good Episode!

    I thought this episode was pretty good. It may have been a filler episode, but it wasn't one that annoyed me. The overall plot didn't go very far, but it gave a good explanation of why Jonathan Kent ran for office with a nice investigation for Chloe, Lois, and Clark. I thought the Lois and Clark interactions where great, like the final scene with the Elmer Fudd night light. With that final scene, they built up the Lois and Clark relationship, and with their facial expressions its obvious that they are beginning to have feelings for each other even though they won't admit it for a while longer. So one step closer to the Lois and Clark duo. Lois does a strip tease, NICE! I also enjoyed the Dukes of Hazzard loop and the King David reference.moreless
  • Chloe pursues her first big story, a hit-and-run murder, but she and Lois are in danger from the owners of a sleazy night club. Jonathan's old friend Senator Jack Jennings appears, just a powerslide away from their "Dukes of Hazzard" roles.moreless

    As Chloe and Lois hang at the Daily Planet late one night, an urgent call comes in from a woman in distress, so they head out to a darkened street, Chloe looking for her first big story, but just as they arrive, the woman is killed in a hit-and-run. At the farm, a big late 60's Dodge Charger powerslides in and, yes, it's James Wopat, John Schneider's old costar from "Dukes of Hazzard," here playing state senator Jack Jennings and Jonathan's friend of 25 years. He's running for re-election against...Lex! This might be a fun reunion for fans of the old show, but it ended in 1985, which seems to be out of the Smallville demographic.

    Next morning, Chloe gets a few unkind words from Metropolis police Captain Sawyer (Jill Teed) but she downplays the possibility of the woman's death being murder, so Chloe keeps after the story. Sawyer also comes to the mansion to interview Lex, showing him photos of Senator Jennings with the murdered woman.

    Sawyer interviews Jennings at the Kent's home, and shows him the photographs, but Jennings denies knowing the woman. They suspect election-year sabotage by Lex in doctoring the photo, so Clark goes to see Lex - who of course denies any involvement. But Clark will pursue the murder case, and Lex gives him a pass to the club where the alleged meeting took place. Chloe and Lois beat him to it, sneaking into the club, but they're caught and Lois has to be "Exposed" to avoid big trouble.

    Lex brings to Jonathan phone records showing Jennings was calling the girl, in spite of his denials; Jonathan is taken aback. For once, people have misjudged Lex. The plot twist is a way exposing more of Lois's talents, and even Clark has to show up at the club, as Lois finds her inner Demi Moore, as Chloe puts it. Clark can't squirm his way out of seeing her attempt at exotic dancing, and Lois spots him, too, to her embarrassment. Just then, she's escorted out by suspicious club types, and the place is raided by Captain Sawyer, looking into a conspiracy to serve liquor to minors, like Clark and Chloe. They're briefly arrested, while Clark overhears conversations about Senator Jennings, and about dancers who have been disappearing from the club. A bit of intervention by Lex, and Clark and Chloe are released. Lois is a "guest" in a penthouse with the club owner, who has been removing gals from the club for his own dark purposes. He has a new life planned for her, and Lois gets in a few quick kicks before she's tasered.

    Back at the farm, another powerslide entry by the Charger, and John Schneider is the driver, no stunt crew needed. Jonathan presses Jennings for explanations for all the lies, but he isn't completely open yet. Chloe and Clark continue searching for Lois; the club owner is the son of foreign diplomats, so Chloe tracks his diplomatic license plate and Clark arrives just as the bad guys are preparing to stow Lois in a helo for parts unknown. Some pretty good special effects here, as Clark stops the helo liftoff with a tether, while Lois helps with a few elbows to her assailants. Sorry, no arrest, bad guy #1 has diplomatic immunity.

    Later, Clark sees Jack, who is is rueful about his behavior, but Clark is ready to give him a second chance. But Jennings confides in Jonathan that he's pulling out of the race because of his moral failings, and urges Jonathan to run for senator. Will he think about it? Against Lex? Stay tuned to future episodes.

    Lois is moving from the farm to the Talon apartment, now that Lana has moved in with Chloe, and Lois gives some attitude to Clark, threatening to expose Clark's Elmer Fudd night light if he lets her club dance go public, but also thanking him for the rescue. Fun interplay between these two, as we always watch closely to see signs of a real relationship developing. Pretty much a stand-alone episode, nothing puts it above average. Re-run rating C.moreless
  • While visiting his old friend Jonathan, Senator Jennings becomes the prime suspect in the hit-and-run death of his stripper mistress. When Clark, Chloe, and Lois investigate, Lois is forced undercover as a stripper, but is kidnapped during a police raid.moreless

    While working late at the Daily Planet, Chloe receives an anonymous call from a girl, Melissa, who insists on meeting with a reporter. However, when she and Lois go to investigate, they witness Melissa getting killed in a hit-and-run, and learn that she was a stripper at the Windgate, an exclusive gentleman's club in Metropolis. At the same time, Senator Jack Jennings, who's up for re-election against Lex, is visiting his old friend Jonathan, when Detective Sawyer (see EXILE) stops by to announce that since Melissa was Jennings's mistress, he's the prime suspect in her death. When Lois and Chloe investigate the Windgate, Lois is forced undercover as one of the club's strippers, but, much to her embarrassment, runs into Clark, who's trying to clear Jennings. Things take a turn for the worse when Metropolis PD, led by Sawyer, raid the club, and Lois is kidnapped during the raid. Meanwhile, Lois moves into the Talon apartment, and Jonathan considers running for state senator in Jennings's place.

    My Review: Even though it seems as if the writers contrived the episode's entire plot *just* to give Clark and Lois a few awkward moments, I still enjoyed it. For some reason, I found Clark's squirming, combined with the looks on his face throughout Lois's performance and "lap dance", just priceless! And it wasn't just the strip club scenes that made me like EXPOSED. At the end of the episode, Clark looked kinda sad to see Lois move out, but then he covered it up with a couple of zingers thrown Lois's way. To me, their love/hate relationship is what makes Clois work, and makes them worth rooting for. Plus, it was great to see them collaborating on a story, even if they were approaching it from different angles. It demonstrated a pattern L&C fans are all too familiar with. Better still, no Lana around to ruin all the Clois moments. :D Now, going in a completely different direction, I also enjoyed the reunion of former DUKES of HAZZARD costars John Schneider and Tom Wopat, as well as the various references, be they subtle or obvious, to their now-defunct show. Best example I can give: Tom Wopat climbing into his own car, the same car as the General Lee, via the window and getting a *look* from John Schneider. Overall, ten thongs (or lap dances, or whatever's appropriate for this episode) out of ten.

    Highlights: Chloe and Lois hanging out at the Daily Planet; Senator Jennings's arrival; Jennings telling Clark a story from the "good ol' boy" days; Lois getting changed backstage; Clark trying so hard to blend in at the Windgate ("I'll have a Coke. S-straight up, on the rocks." :D); Clark recognizing Lois onstage, and Lois spotting Clark across the room; Clark's overall reactions to Lois's cleavage in his face and Lois sitting in his lap; Jennings climbing into his car through the window (see above); Clark's rooftop rescue of Lois; Clark helping Lois move out; and Clark and Lois's tender moment at the Talon, as well as Clark's smart-@$$ remark ("Aye, aye...sailor.").moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

John Schneider

John Schneider

Jonathan Kent

Tom Wopat

Tom Wopat

Senator Jack Jennings

Guest Star

Jill Teed

Jill Teed

Captain Maggie Sawyer

Guest Star

Woody Jeffreys

Woody Jeffreys

Mr. Lyon

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • During the raid in the Windgate club Captain Sawyer cuffed Clark and said that he was under arrest. First of all, police entered this club on grounds of minors being employed there so they had a warrant only for the owners of the club, as Clark is not one of them he was not a suspect and should have been left alone as well as the rest of the clients. Second, to be arrested is to be under suspicion of illegal activity, otherwise police can only detain. Third, as Clark was detained he was not read his Miranda rights and this is a ground for dismissal of the arrest immediately.

    • While Clark is talking to Senator Jennings in the barn, we can see a bicycle hung near the entrance door. However, when their conversation ends and Senator Jennings leaves the barn, it is no longer there.

    • When Captain Sawyer declines to arrest Lyon for charges of murder, she states he has diplomatic immunity and he cannot be arrested or tried for any crime on U.S. soil. While it's possible his country's immunity might protect him, typically consuls can be arrested/detained for any crime, especially for felony or following a warrant.

    • When Lois is talking to the Russian her red, white, and blue bra is showing out of her red dress. When she turns around and starts kicking him, the bra is no longer showing.

    • Lois is referred to as "underage" -- Lois is at least a year or two older than Clark and Chloe, who, having graduated high school are most likely 18, hence Lois is at least 19 or 20. At this time, the legal age for stripping in Kansas is 19.

    • Trivia: Senator Jennings' 68 Chargers license plate number is Kansas AJH 927

    • Even given American TV standards about nudity (the strippers here don't actually...strip although everyone acts like they do), the stripper on stage before Lois actually puts her top back on early on into her routine.

    • Clark shows the photo of Jennings and his mistress to Lex. How'd he get it - it's evidence in a murder investigation. Sawyer is the one who showed it to him - she wouldn't have handed it over.

    • Trivia: Lois' stage name is "Amber Waves".

    • Where did the photo of Lois for the passport come from? She didn't have her purse on her, and in the passport photo she's wearing a blue shirt.

    • Why doesn't Clark superspeed out of the Club when the police arrive rather than get arrested? It can't be that he's afraid of being seen, since he does it later in the crowded Planet office.

  • QUOTES (39)

    • Lois: (to Mr. Lyon) I don't know what kind of kink you're into, but... you are seriously behind on your Gloria Steinem.

    • Jonathan: Going back to the city, facing all those reporters takes a lot of guts.
      Jack: After facing you, live feeds and bloodthirsty journalists are a walk in the park.

    • Detective Sawyer: (to Lois and Clark) Some people live above the rules. Guess what? That's life in Metropolis. You want justice... I suggest you stay a little closer to home.

    • Lois: This scumbag was about to air-cargo me to the honeymoon suite at the "Gropa" Cabana.
      Detective Sawyer: I'm glad you're all right. Now, if you will release him, I'm afraid Mr. Lyon is free to go.
      Clark: What? You can't just let him walk away.
      Lyon: Diplomatic immunity.
      Detective Sawyer: As a consulate guest in our country, Mr. Lyon can't be arrested or tried for any crime he commits on our soil. Even murder. I'm sorry, I can't touch him.
      Lois: Well, I can. (knees Lyon in the groin)

    • Chloe: Five hundred grand for a massage with benefits seems like a lot. Do you know anything else?
      Clark: Just the bouncer told Detective Sawyer that the guy was the son of some foreign diplomat.
      Chloe: Then he'd have diplomatic plates. See, while you were inside checking out the entertainment, I was out in the parking lot taking shots of the license plates of all the cars.

    • Dominatrix Stripper: (to Chloe) You know why they invented fairy tales? Because no one wants to face reality. All we know is that the girls disappear and then no one ever sees them again. Somebody should've warned your friend about that.

    • Announcer: (after Lois's performance) I'd salute to that any time.

    • Lois: (about to go onstage) Uh, on second thought...
      Chloe: No, no, no, no, no. Thinking bad, dancing good. Just ask Mr. Shoot-first-think-later over there.

    • Chloe: I guess even MapQuest has its limitations. Do you get to this place through a manhole cover?
      Lois: (spotting the bouncer to the Windgate Club) Or a big neon door. I'd say the Armani suit's a dead giveaway.

    • Clark: I can't believe you'd destroy someone just to win a race.
      Lex: There's a reason they call it a "race," not a "political potluck."

    • Lois: We couldn't have met her at a coffee shop?
      Chloe: I don't think she was looking for a brunch date, Lois. Sounds like she had a story someone didn't want her to tell.
      Lois: I thought you were supposed to pass on any real leads to someone whose cubicle was actually above ground.
      Chloe: Well, unless I want to stay subterranean my whole career I've gotta take a chance.

    • Chloe: (while Lois plays a video game on a Daily Planet computer) Lois, I'm sorry you were in for a girls' night out and I got called in to screen news that's not fit to print.
      Lois: Compared to the Kent Farm, this is a rager. Besides, I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to watch a big-shot reporter in action.
      Chloe: All right, now that I'm swimming in butter, why are you really here obliterating aliens with me at 1 AM?

    • Detective Sawyer: This is a big city, and bad things happen. A pretty young girl, not in college, with no traceable job… in that part of town. It's not a mystery what happened down there.
      Lois: You don't think it's strange that an alleged streetwalker was wearing $500 Jimmy Choo shoes?

    • Detective Sawyer: Let me get this straight, no ID or make on the vehicle, no ID on the driver, and no clue why this girl called. I'd say you're off to a great start as an investigative reporter Miss Sullivan. If you remember anything else, let me know.
      Lois: I think that's code for, "We're gonna file this under the rug."

    • Jonathan: You are Clark's hero.
      Jack: So I'm not supposed to have any faults, huh? Who can live up to that? You know why there's no heroes today? It's because at the end of the day, people don't respect them -- they envy them. And they're just waiting for them to screw up.

    • Maggie: Okay, so let me see if I'm understanding you. Your cousin, who I'm assuming is underage, was stripping and making deals with wealthy patrons, managed to escape a police raid...
      Clark: (interrupting) It's not like that.
      Chloe: Yeah, she was just helping me to investigate.
      Maggie: Investigate? Okay, Luthor may have pulled a get-out-of-jail-free card for you this time, but it will not happen again. If you want to play Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy, do it in someone else's precinct.

    • Jonathan: You know, I've never liked you all that much, Lex, but even I'm surprised by the depths you're willing to sink to.
      Lex: And I'm sure you have such a good view of it all from your pulpit. Holier-than-thou is an easy fallback, Mr. Kent. It keeps you from really looking at the people around you.
      Jonathan: I've known Jack for over twenty five years. I've never had a more trustworthy or loyal friend. This state needs somebody like him, somebody who's willing to stand by their word, somebody who's willing to do what's right for everybody, not just for himself... Somebody who's willing to go up against people like you.

    • (Clark helps Lois move into the apartment above the Talon)
      Clark: You know, this is weird. I spent so much time up here with Lana.
      Lois: Clark, it's not like I'm taking her place, just her subletting.

    • Lois: Hey, Smallville. Your personal space is about to be reinstated.
      Clark: What are you doing? You just moved back in.
      Lois: Well, now that Lana's living with Chloe, I'm taking the place. You don't have a key to the apartment, do you? You know, now that you two have been doing it?
      Clark: No, we, uh...
      Lois: Good, because I wouldn't want any surprise midnight visits.

    • Jack: Well, what do you want me to say? That my marriage is more of a business arrangement, and the only person who makes me happy is some dancer half my age? How much of that would you have really understood?
      Jonathan: I might not understand any of it, Jack. But, come on, all of our lives have taken turns that we didn't expect.
      Jack: You've never had a lie get out of hand. Or you've never been caught at it.

    • Jack: You just could not resist, could you?
      Jonathan: You still have a nasty habit of leaving your keys in the ignition. Get in.
      Jack: With you at the wheel? I guess it wouldn't be the first time I put my life in your hands.
      (Jack slides in through the passenger-side window, earning a look from Jonathan)
      Jack: What? Damn thing's been stuck ever since I bought it.

    • (Chloe tries on a stripper's angel wings)
      Chloe: Wow, these are, um -- they're heavier than they look.
      Stripper: They're way better than the heels. Trust me.

    • (Lois and Clark run into each other while undercover)
      Lois: What are you doing here?
      Clark: What are you doing here?
      Lois: It's Chloe's fault. We're following a murder story.
      Clark: Yeah, well, that makes two of us, but I think I'll stick to my method.

    • (after Lois finally gets her costume on)
      Lois: Well? What do you think?
      Chloe: All I can say is...God bless America.

    • Chloe: Lois, are you almost done? You didn't have that much to put on.
      Lois: You know, remind me when all this is over to never ever ask a favor of you again.
      Chloe: This isn't about me. This about getting to the truth.
      Lois: Yeah, well, the last girl that knew the truth ended up as a hood ornament on someone's car.

    • Jack: (to Clark) So your dad outran four cop cars and pissed off half the chicken farmers in Chickasaw County.
      Jonathan: It's only because you said that you knew a shortcut.
      Clark: See, these aren't the sides of the story that I hear. You got any more of these? They'll come in very useful next time I'm in for a lecture.

    • Jack: (to Clark) I don't suppose anybody pushed you to follow in his footsteps.
      Jonathan: Hey, now. That's a lot better than spending the football games underneath the bleachers with the sheriff's daughters.
      Jack: Not both of them at once.

    • Clark: Senator Jennings!
      Jack: I know it's been a long time, but what happened to "Uncle Jack"?
      Clark: Doesn't seem fit for someone who's on a first-name basis with the governor.
      Jack: I don't seem to remember the governor winning a state football championship.

    • Jonathan: How much longer do I have you before you hightail it back to Metropolis?
      Clark: Well, Lana's gone for the weekend. I lost out to a comet her class is tracking at the Lincoln Observatory.
      Jonathan: What about Chloe or Lois?
      Clark: Well, Chloe's juggling classes and the Daily Planet. And Lois, heh, I'd do anything to get rid of Lois. I don't think that's exactly prereq for best-friend status.

    • Lois: Hey, 007. Nice of you to show up.
      Clark: I'm starting to assume that means thank you.

    • Clark: Is there anything I can do to make this move go faster? Maybe pack your three closets of clothing? Burn your loofah sponge? Take your Whitesnake collection to Goodwill?
      Lois: You can take this! C'mon, Smallville. Move it.

    • Sen. Jennings: Your father's always had some pretty high expectations of the people around him. He's the one man I never wanted to disappoint.
      Clark: You should try being his son. (laughs) The thing I always try to remember, no matter how much he lays on, he never expects more than he expects of himself.

    • Chloe: How are you ever going to live without Clark?
      Lois: One word – blissfully.

    • Clark: How long you've been planning to run for state senate?
      Lex: Several months now, and if you're implying I should have told you, you might want to think the barrier you've drawn in this friendship.

    • Waitress: Hey handsome, what can I get for you?
      Clark: I'll have a Coke. (waitress stares) Straight up, on the rocks.

    • Lex: (to Clark) You know, when I asked you to stay out of trouble, I kinda thought that might include being caught underage at a strip club, using my membership while I'm gearing up for a political campaign.

    • Lex: We all need to believe in heroes, Clark, and even the best ones are far from perfect.

    • Lois: Clark? Look, I am not great at this, so just keep your mouth shut and listen up. Even though I was kicking butt on the helicopter, it was really nice to have backup. And you didn't have to come after me, but you always do. So I wanted to say thank you. You're a really good friend. Oh, and, uh, about the lap dance... if you decide to tell anybody about it, your Elmer Fudd night-light will make a very public appearance.

    • Chloe: I just got my first Daily Planet by-line! (Clark looks at the front page) It's not the Torch, Clark. Page 73. At the bottom.

  • NOTES (5)

    • In-joke: When Lois is stripping, Clark does not recognize her until she removes her glasses - a tip of the hat to Superman being supposedly unrecognizable when he wears glasses as Clark Kent.

    • Music: I'm A Human (Flashlight Brown - Smallville Vol. 2 Metropolis Mix), The Alternative to Love (Brendan Benson), Don't Cha (The Pussycat Dolls - PCD), and All Jacked Up (Gretchen Wilson).

    • Jill Teed reprises her role as Captain Sawyer from "Insurgence" and "Exile." Woody Jeffreys previously played a different character, Jack, in the season 2 episode "Witness."

    • Tom Wopat is listed as Special Guest Star.

    • Annette O'Toole, John Glover, and Kristin Kreuk don't appear in this episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • Chloe: You don't have to Tom Sawyer me, we're family.
      In the Mark Twain novels, such as Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huckleberry Finn was best friends with Tom Sawyer.

    • Lois' Stage Name: Amber Waves
      A reference to Julianne Moore's character Maggie in the 1997 movie Boogie Nights. "Amber Waves" is her porn star assumed name.

    • Chloe: This makes my Halloween Heidi Dirndl costume look tame.
      Heidi Dirndl is a reference to the novel and movie Heidi, the story of a young orphan girl. A dirndl is a type of dress that Heidi would have worn, defined as having a tight bodice and full skirt.

    • Dukes of Hazzard There are several references to the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard
      1) Tom Wopat and John Schneider played the original Duke boys.
      2) The senator's name is an in-joke allusion to singer Waylon Jennings, who was the Balladeer on the series.
      3) Tom Wopat and John Schneider drive a Blue Dodge Charger, the same make as the General Lee, the car from the series.
      4) When Senator Jennings is driving the Charger up to Clark and Mr. Kent, his driving is extremely reminiscent of the same wild driving of the Duke Boys, using sharp turns and skidding and similar camera angles.
      5) During the first scene with Jennings and Jonathan, there is faint banjo plucking in the background, similar to that on the series.
      6) Lex makes a comment about Senator Jennings being Mr. Kent 's "Good Ol' Boy" which is from the first line of the show's theme.
      7) Jennings enters the car through the window, just as Wopat's character Luke Duke did.
      8) Jennings talks to Clark about how after 20 years Jonathan still has a knack for the guilt trip - it was 20 years ago that the series ended.
      9) Jonathan talks to Jennings about if they let a couple of rough days ruin a friendship of over 25 years that they weren't the good friends they really thought. The series first aired approximately 25-26 ago.
      10) Jennings tells old stories to Clark, including one about Jonathan being chased by police in a pursuit through Chickasaw County. The police pursuit was a common plot point in every episode, and Chickasaw County, home to Sheriff Little, was right next door to Hazzard on the show.
      11) When Jonathan and Jennings drive away from the farm, the Charger they are driving jumps over the camera, a nod to the stunts of The Dukes of Hazzard.

    • Clark: Guess it got caught...
      Referencing the first public appearance of the title character in Superman (1978), in which Clark saves Lois (and a pilot) from a falling helicopter that got tangled up in cable on the helipad atop the Daily Planet building.

    • Lois: Hey 007, nice of you to show up.
      References the James Bond novels and movies, and the agent of the same name who has the agent number 007.

    • Lois: You're going to get me fired if you keep looking at me like Jabba the Hutt.
      Referencing the alien ganglord from the Star Wars movies, who had the benefit of a scantily clad Carrie Fisher (who appeared in last week's episode) hanging around with him.

    • Address: 7th and Edgemont
      The address where Chloe and Lois go to meet Melissa is an in-joke reference to Kristin Kreuk's "other" series. The entire time Kristin has played Lana on Smallville, she has been pulling double duty by also playing Laurel Yeung on the Canadian TV series Edgemont.

    • Lois: Hopefully you'll have more luck than Officer Stalin
      Stalin was a Communist military dictator in Russia, who was very harsh and starved many of his citizens to death.

    • Police Badge
      When Maggie Sawyer flashes her Metropolis police badge to the Kents, it's shaped the same as the five-sided Superman chest shield.

    • Chloe: Now I need you to dig deep down and find your inner Demi Moore.
      Referencing the 1996 movie Striptease, which featured Ms. Moore as a stripper who gets involved with a powerful politician.

    • Lois: How you ever had a crush on Richie Cunningham, I will never understand.
      Referencing the (relatively) sweet innocent lead character, played by Ron Howard, from the TV series Happy Days.

    • Passport: Margot Neill.
      Lois' fake passport is a nod to former Lois Lane actresses Margot Kidder from the Superman movies and Noel Neill from The Adventures of Superman.

    • Captain Sawyer: If you want to play Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy, do it in someone else's precinct.
      Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys (Frank and Joe) were teenage detectives in popular detective novels, which have been updated occasionally for modern audiences. Nancy Drew was created by Mildred Wirt Benson under the pen name "Carolyn Keene" and the Hardy Boys by Leslie McFarlane under the pen name of "Franklin W. Dixon." The characters are probably known best under their TV incarnations in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries from 1977.