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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on The CW
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Clark saves a man who in gratitude decides to help Clark in using his ability to turn invisible and his skill as a hitman to kill Lex so Clark can reunite with Lana. And Clark and Lana finally square off about Lana's new relationship.

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  • Are You Kidding Me?!

    Fade-Clark saves a man who in gratitude decides to help Clark in using his ability to turn invisible and his skill as a hitman to kill Lex so Clark can reunite with Lana. And Clark and Lana finally square off about Lana's new relationship.

    I'm sorry, excuse me while I bang my head against a steel wall! Continuing this remarkable string of Smallville's worst episodes comes the worst of them all. Why is "Fade" so terrible you ask? Because instead of the writers ripping off other films, they decided to rip off themselves! The writers already did the psychotic invisible man in Season 1's "Shimmer" and nowthey decided to do it again in "Fade"! This time, the plot is pointless, tterribly written and the freak of the week couldn't be more poorly portrayed if they wanted. Why is this guy so obsessed with wanting to pay back Clark? Yeah, his crayz, but come on, it just makes for a predictable and horrible concieved plot. If that wasn't worst Lana had to make things worst. Lexana has been moving at such a fast pace that it's such an unrealistic relationship already. I hated Lana throughout this episode (liek always!), especially at the end of the episode where she pretty much throws her new relationship with Lex in Clark's face! I mean seriously, wtf!? It just makes Lana look stupid for falling for Lex so quickly, not to mention, making her look like she's trying to hurt Clark in the process. "Fade" mixes an awful freak of the week storyline with an already awful development of Lexana and does what it title says, it's fades away right until the end of the episode.moreless
  • A meteor-affected hit man troubles Clark and all his friends with his threats, and Chloe comes to the rescue of Clark again. Lana finally reveals to Clark her relationship with Lex.moreless

    In an unusual turn for the Smallville crew, they feature downtown Metropolis in several scenes, from courthouse to Chloe and Clark strolling along. Apparently he has nothing to do at the farm, so he's just playing escort for Chloe, while throwing out the line, "My journalism days ended at the Torch." But we know better. And Chloe's on his case about being "holed up in the loft." For continuity from the last couple episodes, he mentions his concern about Lionel knowing his secret, and waiting for that bomb to go off.

    They look up to see a van about to run down a pedestrian, so in a nifty special effects shot, Clark leaps across another vehicle and pulls the man, Graham, to safety. He's grateful, but doesn't stick around to buy Clark lunch. Ok, so the antagonist is already identified. The van driver doesn't stop either; maybe he was texting while driving.

    In the courthouse, a witness is being secured in an interrogation room by the police, apparently being readied to testify. How did Graham get in there? He strangles the witness; that's gratitude for you. With a fuzzy-focus cut, we get clued in to the possibility that the murderer is invisible at will.

    Back at the farm, Clark arrives to find Lois deeply involved in a video game on a new plasma HDTV just delivered from an anonymous source. They suspect Lionel is trying to ingratiate himself again. So Clark inexplicably runs all the way back in to Metropolis to see Chloe; she's excited about the courthouse murder story. Clark returned the tv, but prevails on Chloe's hacker talents to get the plasma company's sales records, but it was a cash sale, and Lionel has already denied having sent the gift. So Lex is next on the suspect list, as Chloe carefully avoids telling Clark what she knows about the Lex-Lana relationship.

    The director is featuring the physical attributes of Ms. Durance this week; as she does her calisthenics, a fuzzy-focus shot shows someone is watching. Zip, he's suddenly visible, and fiesty Lois warns the intruder about her third-degree black belt; Graham claims to be a friend of Clark, and the one who sent the gift tv.

    The Lex-Lana scene of the week is at the mansion; Lex has been in D.C. searching for Milton Fine, who had claimed to be a government agent. No trace of him, but the classified documents Lex received from Fine were "authenticated." Reality check, Lex would have been arrested for having them in his possession. At least he offers Lana the possibility of a permanent relationship; of course Clark steps in just as the couple is getting very close.

    So who is the object of Clark's anger? Chloe? Hey, writers, don't put our favorite reporter in that position! Clark is adamant about keeping Lana from being hurt; Chloe has more sense about her - "You don't have a choice," she tells him. As Clark wallows in angst, Graham sneaks into the loft (Clark didn't hear him coming?), offering more in gratitude for his rescue. Clark accepts an offer for dinner in the big city.

    Among the Beautiful People at a high-rise cocktail party, Clark feels a bit out of place, and is shocked to see Lois escorted by Graham. Clark has been set up for a night with a lovely young lady, but sorry, his mind is elsewhere. Graham has misjudged Clark, who name-drops his successor-in-interest to Lana. Graham now has a name, and the enemy of his friend is his enemy. Not much mystery here, we can see where it's going. It's out of character for Clark to reveal personal details of even Lex to a stranger.

    At the mansion, brief but important words are spoken by Lex into his phone - "Rest assured Fine, viruses are being spliced even as we speak." Had to replay that scene several times to understand that, but what a revelation! Lex in cahoots with Fine! But that still doesn't mean Lex understands who, or what, Fine actually is. Then the invisible Graham is there, attempting to strangle Lex, interrupted by Lana, and disappearing.

    Another hospital stay for Lex, visit by Clark, talk with Lana, who does not admit to the relationship, but describes the assailant to Clark. Graham is still pursuing Lois, offering her a concert trip to Chicago. She accepts, even as Clark goes to Graham's place, accuses him of attempted murder, and makes a super defensive move. Graham then demonstrates invisibility and escapes. Later at the Planet, the invisible One overhears Chloe and Clark discussing his weakness. Real bad timing.

    Lois is being watched in the shower (still hasn't learned to lock the door), and Clark arrives, embarrassing the towel-less Lois; he senses that Graham is there, too. Finding Graham on the street, Clark tries a citizen's arrest, but is brought to his knees by a meteor rock.

    Lana's still keeping a vigil with Lex, but she admits she hasn't told Clark about them - he urges her to tell him so Clark won't find out from another - pretty good mature advice from Lex. Chloe is back to the Talon, finding Lois and informing her that Graham is a killer, so they hit the streets to find Clark. A quick cell call leads them to him, buried in the alley, and Chloe quickly gets rid of the disabling meteor rock. How many times has she saved Clark?

    Lex and Lana are on the danger list next, and he's still emailing Fine from the hospital. Invisible Man is there, but Lex conveniently has a pistol, shoots up the whole room at random, but one shot wounds Graham; as they run down the hall to escape a shot from Graham, Clark arrives, faster than a speeding bullet again. But Lex gets the credit for saving Lana again - that's the life of a superhero, and the death of a meteor mutant.

    Martha is back from Topeka, so Lois describes recent events . "Why can't I just meet a decent guy from a decent family who isn't a psychopath," she laments. So Martha gives her some motherly feedback about meeting Mr. Right - "Get through all the wrong men so you'll recognize the right one." Might that be someone we know? Will that ever happen in Smallville? Happy Days at the Planet - Chloe has a front-page byline on the Graham story. She tells Clark that Lana's moved on, maybe it's time he did the same. Back at the barn, Clark's telescope is going into storage, when Lana drops by to explain that she and Lex are seeing each other. He says she can't trust Lex; she asserts again that she doesn't need Clark's protection. It's over, yet again.

    A fair episode, with familiar themes, and the discovery that Lex and Fine are working together is a major continuing storyline, so be sure to see this one. Re-run rating C+.moreless
  • While in Metropolis, Clark saves the life of a stranger named Graham, who vows to repay Clark's kindness. Unfortunately, Graham happens to be a hitman that can turn invisible, and decides killing Lex would be the best gift he could give Clark.moreless

    While with Chloe in Metropolis, Clark saves the life of a stranger by the name of Graham Garrett, who thanks Clark and rushes off. Shortly afterward, a man set to testify in court is found dead in a locked room. Later that same day, Clark comes home to find Lois playing games on a new plasma TV that Graham sent to repay Clark's kindness. However, when Clark returns the TV, Graham decides to help Clark get back together with Lana, whom Clark has learned is now with Lex. After Lex is attacked at the mansion, Clark and Chloe investigate, and discover that Graham is The Chameleon, a notorious hitman with the power to turn invisible. When Clark tries to stop him from using his ability to kill Lex, thereby allowing Clark to reunite with Lana, Graham decides to kill Clark, Lex, *and* Lana. Meanwhile, after accepting a date with Graham and learning his identity, Lois worries about a "disturbing trend" in her love life, until she receives some advice from Martha.

    My Review: One of the things I liked about this episode was the moral dilemma it brought up: if someone with questionable ethics needs help and you're in a position to save them, *do* you save them?? As Chloe put it best, "[Y]ou save first, and ask questions later." Now, as for the episode itself, I most enjoyed all the Clois moments, particularly the unintentional payback Clark got for Lois seeing him in his birthday suit, plus the fact that the Clana scenes were kept to a minimum. If the writers were trying to show the fans their appreciation, they did a good job. Not excellent, but good. Now, in regards to the freak-of-the-week, Graham wasn't too bad. At least he had an actual use for his ability, and speaking of which, invisibility would come in pretty handy in real life, even if the only use the average person would have is spying on others. The only downside to being a fly on the wall, at least that I can see (or rather, *can't* see, :p), would be that even though people couldn't see you, they'd still be able to run into you. All-in-all, nine professional hits out of ten.

    Highlights: Clark and Chloe's conversation while in Metropolis; Lois yelling at the video game she's playing; Lois meeting Graham, who mistakes her for Clark's girlfriend; Lois and Clark running into each other at Graham's party; Clark confronting Graham about the attempt on Lex's life; Lois "greeting" Clark after her shower (:D); Lois's talk with Martha; and Chloe and Clark's conversation about saving others.moreless
  • Great Episode

    While in Metropolis with Chloe, Clark saves the life of Graham Garrett without knowing that he is a professional killer known as "Chameleon" with the ability of becoming invisible. The young man feels in debt with Clark and wants to please him with a US$ 20,000.00 plasma TV and home theater of latest generation first and even eliminating Lex Luthor to permit Clark to be with Lana again. After the magnificent "Mercy", I found "Fade" very good. The fair story of the invisible hit-man gives the opportunity to see that Lana is really dating Lex, and her relationship with Clark has definitely finished.moreless
  • not sure if this was thought through

    Not every episode of a series can be great, and this one fits that bill with a bullet. Seems that a lucky person became a hitman, and that is the start of a nice career. However, the way Clark reacts is just a little less then 'normal'. He left himself open to soo many spottings that it seems odd that only one non family member seems to know.

    1st the bus. He could have blown the guy away and noone would have seem him. He could have melted the axial of the truck stopping it on the spot. but he had to run.

    Then spotting the invisible man. he could have used xray vision, perhaps that shot might have forced him to rely on hearing. Still all in all this episode is riddled with odd's and Chloe just had to use the 'M' word with an invisile assassin in the area.

    So over all, not bad to watch but a very sloppy episode.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Why doesn't Graham stay invisible when he's trying to kill Lex? In a large mansion like Lex's, there are bound to be security guards and staff walking around who might happen upon them.

    • When Lois gets out of the shower to confront the person she thinks is outside the door, she doesn't wrap a towel around her and apparently plans to confront the intruder naked.

    • Why does Graham tell Clark he has to get rid of only him, Lex and Lana? Didn't Graham see Clark telling Chloe all about Graham? Shouldn't he want to get rid of her too?

    • At the start of the episode the windmill is blowing, yet there is no evidence of any wind.

    • When Lana tells the guards to call for help, why do they run out of the room? Doesn't Lex keep a phone in his office? Both the guards probably have their own cell phones, as do Lex and Lana. So with five likely phones in the room, why don't they use one?

    • Although the viewer realizes that Graham is invisible at will, there are at least two scenes, one just after his initial 'hit' and one in the Daily Planet, having heard Chloe and Clark talking, where Graham suddenly reappears. A busy corridor where people have gathered to see the dead body and a busy newspaper office with people milling around everywhere. No one seems to notice him appear.

    • When Lana goes to visit Lex at the hospital, Graham enters the room behind her and Lex rushes Lana to the corner and starts shooting into the corners of the room, after he hits him, they run out into the hallway and Graham shoots one last time. During this, there are absolutely no staff members to be seen, responding to the emergency or ducking for cover.

    • When Graham tries to kill Lex by strangling him, he's gasping and struggling to cry for help. Neither would be possible since both actions would require him to breathe.

    • Why is Lois exercising, in a skimpy exercise outfit, at the Kent farm? She moved out several episodes previously, there's no indication Martha uses her house as her office, and one can imagine that newspapers could make quite a scandal out of Lois being there with Clark.

    • Chloe's story at the end says the killer's name is "Christopher Boyer." That totally contradicts earlier when Choe identified him as Graham Garrett.

    • Lois claims she was in the shower for an hour and a half, but her skin isn't prune-wrinkled, her makeup is perfect, and there's no steam in the room.

    • Why doesn't Clark use his x-ray vision to see Graham when he turns invisible, just like he did in the season 1 episode "Shimmer".

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Lois: Why can't I just meet a decent guy from a decent family who happens not to be a psychopath?
      Martha: Oh, Lois. (sighs) You know, when I was your age, I wasn't dating Prince Charmings either.
      Lois: Really?
      Martha: Yeah. I used to attract the dark, mysterious type, too, until I met Jonathan.
      Lois: See, what worries me is that when my Jonathan finally does come around, I'll be looking the other way and I'll miss him completely.

    • (Lois plays a video game on Clark's new plasma TV)
      Lois: Jimbo, you are mine.
      Clark: Lois!
      (the game ends)
      Lois: Ah, come on, Smallville, ya killed me!

    • Martha: Maybe, you have to get through all the wrong men, so you can recognize the right one.

    • Clark: Lana, I know you don't want to hear this, especially from can't trust Lex.
      Lana: Oh, I can trust you?
      Clark: I just don't want to see you get hurt.
      Lana: I know you think you're being some kind of hero, Clark. But the truth is, I don't need you to protect me.

    • Martha: So, how are you? Clark told me what happened.
      Lois: Me? I'm fine. Getting swept off my feet by a notorious hitman is my way of living la vida loca.

    • Graham: Go easy on me – I'm a friend of Clark's. Are you his girlfriend?
      Lois: Not in this lifetime.

    • Clark: But really, I'm okay.
      Graham: You're hanging out in a barn, alone, in the middle of nowhere. That doesn't seem too okay to me.

    • Lana: Actually, I wasn't your only visitor. Clark stopped by earlier.
      Lex: Really?
      Lana: Yeah.
      Lex: It's too bad it takes a near-death experience to bring old friends together.

    • Lana: I don't owe Clark anything, Lex – especially the truth.

    • Lois: Official warning -- I'm a third degree black belt. That means I can't be held liable for any funeral costs.

    • Clark: I guess this a bad time to ask for a favor?
      Chloe: Are you kidding me? The amount of times you saved my butt you can pull a coin from the favor bank anytime you need. What's up?
      Clark: Somebody sent me a 50-inch plasma with all the bells and whistles -- forgot to sign the gift card.
      Chloe: Clark, that's not a problem. That's winning the Trifecta. When's movie night?

    • Lex: You know, I was only gone for a week, but I actually got a little homesick.
      Lana: What's so special about Smallville?
      Lex: Oh, I don't know..the cows, the cornfields..wide open spaces...
      Lana: I missed you too.
      Lex: You have no idea.

    • Chloe: (to Clark) You know, Lana's moved on. Maybe it's time you started doing the same thing.

    • Graham: You think using your powers to be a hero is a rush? Nothing beats using them to kill.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Deleted Scene: Lois is preparing for her date with Graham with help from Martha. Lois suggests that mentions that Clark should move on from Lana with Martha mentioning how Clark's always moved at his own pace. Lois then mentions that if she had a mom, that she would do better at dressing up for dates. Martha responds that if she had a daughter, she would want her to be someone like Lois.

    • Although credited, John Glover and John Schneider don't appear.


    • Clark: Not that I mind being your Boy Friday
      This is a reference to the film His Girl Friday, about sparring newspaper reporters (which was itself a remake/reworking of the film The Front Page). Of course Man Friday (actually just Friday, but known everywhere as Man Friday) was also Robinson Crusoe's companion in the book of the same name, from where the His Girl Friday title came in the first place.

    • Lois: Getting swept off my feet by a notorious hitman is my way of living la vida loca.
      Livin' la Vida Loca is a hit song by Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin. The English translation for this is "Living the crazy life."

    • Lois: I'll be wearing my glass slippers.
      Referring to the story of Cinderella, where a poor young women goes to a ball and meets a charming prince who falls in love with her. She then loses one of her glass slippers while running away and the prince finds her using it.

    • Lois: Can I ask why you're playing Daddy Warbucks with the guy?
      Daddy Warbucks is the father of Little Orphan Annie. His name has become synonymous with wealth and power.

    • Chloe: Riddle me this: how does an assassin get in a completely sealed room without being seen?
      The phrase "Riddle me this" was a catchphrase used antagonistically by the Riddler, a Batman foe, to taunt the Batman before presenting him a riddle to solve.

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