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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on The CW
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After escaping from the Phantom Zone, Raya comes to Smallville to visit Clark. Raya and Clark grow close, and Raya reveals how to repair the Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately, Baern, another escapee seeks out revenge on Clark and Raya for his time spent in the Zone.

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  • Wish Raya didn't die

    The beginning of this episode had some horrible acting especially from that guy that was playing basketball with Bow Wow. But as the episode went on, the acting got better. Raya came back to help Clark rebuild the fortress and stop the phantoms from destroying earth. She sacrificed her life to save earth and Kal-El, but it sure would have been nice if Clark had a kryptonian companion to be at his side. But at least Clark wants to get his training from Jor-el and capture all of the phantoms to put them back in the crystal where they belong.moreless
  • A flaming object falls from space, a ghostly wraith emerges and takes control of a young man, who begins asking for the location of Kal-El. The Phantom Zone escapee threatens to destroy the Earth, Clark and Raya as they reactivate the Fortress.moreless

    When a young man named Lamar investigates a fiery object that crashed from the sky, he is taken over by a strange creature from the object, which turns him into an alien pursuer (Baern, a dangerous escapee from the Phantom Zone) of Kal-El.

    Lex's current ride is a black Lincoln Town Car, (plates LEX III), in which Lana meets an employee of Luthorcorp, Dr. Groll, who gives her a case holding all his research materials. As he warns her about the Luthors' hold on her, Jimmy is photographing their secret meeting.

    Chloe and Clark learn more about the flaming objects and fatalities that have occurred in the western U.S. on a line leading toward Smallville. Before Clark can act, Raya (Pascale Hutton) appears at the Kent farm - she has escaped from the Phantom Zone, and they are reunited, after we thought she perished in the season premiere, "Zod."

    Suddenly Baern is at the DP offices to scan the newpaper archives, finding enough to locate Kal-El. Jimmy shows Chloe the meeting photos, giving her a chance to cleverly dub him a "stalkarazzai," but she points out that he has too few facts for a story.

    As Lex discovers that the lab documents have disappeared, Jimmy shows him the Lana-Groll meeting photos, but Lex has him ejected. Jimmy is able to photograph plans on Lex's desk, which Chloe later recognizes as having Kryptonian symbols, but Jimmy naively thinks are Egyptian - good enough for Chloe - send him off on a detour away from learning too much. Lex now knows how the lab documents disappeared, and confronts Lana, who tries to lie her way out of the conspiracy, leaving Lex to simply ask for the contents to be returned.

    Lana tells Lex to choose between her and the box, but sinister Baern appears at the mansion, drawing energy from the box, leaving it a pile of ash, and injuring Lex.

    Raya tells Clark more about Jor-El, describing him as brave, strong, and determined to save Kal-El. Clark is surprised to hear that part of his purpose was to save Earth's civilization from self-destruction, something Raya tells him should have been part of his training. When Clark admits he has not started his training and the fortress is damaged, they decide to go there because, according to Raya, Jor-El's crystal is the only defense against Baern. She informs Clark that the plans are for the Brain Interactive Construct (Brainiac), a power source that Baern could use to destroy both of them, not to mention the entire Earth.

    At the Fortress, Raya and Clark are able to generate enough power to send a signal, which brings Baern there, and in a short battle, Clark is able to defeat him, but Raya is mortally wounded, leaving Clark alone again. What about Lamar? He awakes in a hospital room - how is it that Clark is the one to explain the events of the previous six weeks? No family of Lamar to notify? What about the string of killings Baern/Lamar commited? These loose story elements are dropped.

    Jimmy ends up demoted to the DP basement through the influence of Lex, but he gains Chloe's respect and support. Back at the Kent farm, we get to see a previously-unfilmed side of the home and barn, from the west or maybe north side, while Clark tells Martha he is ready to stop running from his destiny and to begin his training, but only when all the escapees from the Phantom Zone are destroyed. Finally, we see the Fortress being re-energized. Some effective strong drama in this episode, and enjoyable interplay between Jimmy and Chloe. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • Beware of Bow Wow....Oooooo!?

    Fallout-After escaping from the Phantom Zone, Raya comes to Smallville to visit Clark. Raya and Clark grow close, and Raya reveals how to repair the Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately, Baern, another escapee seeks out revenge on Clark and Raya for his time spent in the Zone.

    Like the dull drivel that was "Wither", "Fallout" sees Clark battling against another escaped Phantom, this time a radiation absorbing creature named Baern, played by...uuh...Bow Wow! I first would like to admit my undying disliking of all things Bow Wow, and I truly feared his presence on Smallville. But surprising, his only mediorce at best and that's saying a lot! But it's actually not all Bow Wow as the writers create another worthless villian devoid of any personality, originality or threat. Not to mention, who the hell came up with his lines, "Paying for the sins of your father can be a b!%@#" and "I'm back and I'm super sized." Cause I'm sure an extraterresial criminal from another galaxy would sound a bit can I say...intelligent?

    The episode really succeeds when developing Clark's destiny a bit as Raya returns. The scenes between both Clark and Raya are the strongest aspect of the episode as Clark has someone from his home who can give him enlightenment. Despite Raya seeming like another Supergirl stand-in just to fool around with fans, she's actually fleshed out and makes for a good ally in this episode. The action sequences in the episode are also very entertaining like the brief fight between Clark, Raya and Baern in the barn. I also like the special effects, even if Baern's energy blasts were a bit dodgy. I just wish Raya didn't die as it seems everytime there is a character that helps to push Clark towards his destiny, they die. But Clark's words about finally embracing his destiny and the Fotress being reparied right after was a pretty cool sequence.

    Lex and Lana were actually pretty interesting this episode. I liked how the black box caused some feelings between them to come out. It's obvious that Lana doesn't trust Lex to an extent and Lex can already see it. If the writers keep playing this back and forth deception in their relationship than there might be some hope for Lexana yet, and by that it might create for an even better storyline. "Fallout" has it's major flaws, but has enough entertaining fights, special effects and dialogue to make it midly interesting.moreless
  • I think that this episode was ok, it didn't change a lot about what is happenning in the season.


    [ After escaping from the Phantom Zone, Raya comes to Smallville to visit Clark. Raya and Clark grow close, and Raya reveals how to repair the Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately, Baern, another escapee seeks out revenge on Clark and Raya for his time spent in the Zone. ]

    This episode didn't really change much about what is going on in the season. A new guest star got introduced, but they left. Clark and Lana are growing further and further away from eachother. [which nurrows there chance on ending up with eachother]. Lex and Clark haven't spoken to eachother in a while. So it becomes awkward. Overall this episode wasen't the best i have seen in the season.moreless
  • Great Episode

    An escaped phantom, Baern, takes possession of a young boy's body and sets his sights on finding Kal-El. As Clark is studying the satellite images, he gets an unexpected visitor, Raya. The escaped "Zoner" locates Clark and arrives at the Kent Farm, but is forced to retreat. Baern returns with more power, and after Raya is fatally injured, Clark uses the House of El crystal to capture Baern. Every so often a series requires a transition episode to move the overall story arc forward from point A to point B. An episode that will set the stage for things to come filled with a fair amount of exposition and plenty of retrospect. "Fallout" is one of these episodes and while it does plenty to further Kal-El's progression into Superman it is also comprised of a rather mundane villain and an unimaginative story.moreless
Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton


Guest Star

Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren


Guest Star

Bill Mondy

Bill Mondy

Dr. Groll

Guest Star

Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore

Jimmy Olsen

Recurring Role

Julian Christopher

Julian Christopher


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Raya says Jor-El had the biggest heart of anyone she knew. This doesn't correspond to all the things Jor-El did previously, like leave a message for Clark about human beings and telling them, to "Rule them with strength, my son," or possessing the corpse of a young girl and using her to kill someone and trick Clark.

    • Trivia: A map in this episode shows the location of Metropolis as being very near Dodge City in southwest Kansas. Smallville appears to be just west of Wichita.

    • Lamar and Yance are playing basketball and they see the seven lights from the Phantom Zone, however, when this happened, the entire Earth was shaking from Zod's reformation, Dark Thursday had just ended and the world was trying to recover. So why is Lamar so worried about a test he has the next day?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Clark: We need to check all the plants in the area.
      Chloe: Hello, have you met me?

    • (from deleted scene)
      Martha: [looks at crater pictures] Turkey, Argentina, Indonesia. Are all these craters?
      Clark: Prisoners from the Phantom Zone.
      Martha: Clark. I know you feel responsible for letting them out when you escaped, but do you really think you can track them down by yourself?
      Clark: What other choice do I have? The Fortress is destroyed. There's no way to contact Jor-El. I can't exactly call the Pentagon for help.

    • Clark: I went by the mansion. I heard you were taken to the hospital? Are you okay?
      Lex: We're fine, Clark...both of us.
      Clark: What happened?
      Lex: We had an uninvited guest, but...I guess we're used to that kind of thing.

    • Clark: Raya, I told you the Fortress is dead. Why are we here?
      Raya: The Fortress is our only hope to defeat Baern. This was all we had left of our home, Kal-el.
      Clark: And now it's gone, too.
      Raya: It was more than that. The Fortress was a storehouse for all the knowledge in the universe -- at least all that we had. How could this happen?
      Clark: I'm sorry. I don't know how to bring it back.
      Raya: Your father Jor-El wouldn't have given up so easily.
      Clark: I haven't given up. I just don't know what else to do. I've tried everything.
      Raya: Everything except the training your father wanted for you.

    • Clark: What was he like? My father.
      Raya: Brave...strong...with the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known.
      Clark: To be honest, that's not the Jor-El I've imagined.
      Raya: He was determined to save us. I remember helping him build your ship. He was so careful, planning every detail, down to your baby blanket. I wish that he could see you now.
      Clark: I haven't been the best son.
      Raya: Your father was hard on himself, too. He felt guilty that he couldn't save Krypton. His only redemption was sending you to save Earth.
      Clark: Save it from what?
      Raya: Extinction. Your civilization is going to destroy itself, just like Krypton. You should know this, it was part of your training.
      Clark: I haven't started my training. The Fortress is damaged. Jor-El tried to warn me, but I didn't listen. I mean, how could I trust someone who brought so much pain in my life?
      Raya: Pain is part of anyone's journey, Kal-El. You can't escape it. You must accept your destiny.

    • Baern: So this is Jor-El's famed fortress of knowledge. I thought it'd be bigger.
      Clark: It doesn't matter. You won't be staying long.
      Baern: Big talk, big man. I'm surprised you're still standing. I guess Jor-El was right about how the yellow sun affects you Kryptonian coachroaches. But I'm back. And now... I'm super-sized. This is the perfect place for the fall of the House of El.

    • Baern: Paying for the sins of your father can be a bitch.

    • Clark: You can't leave me, not now.
      Raya: I'm sorry... I couldn't share in your destiny... Kal-El.

    • Clark: For the first time, I'm ready to stop running... from who I really am... from my destiny.

    • Martha: It looks like Krypton gave us more than one hero.

    • Yance: No way, man. Don't go back there. Don't you ever watch movies?

  • NOTES (6)


    • Baern: I'm back and now I'm Supersized.
      The word Supersize was trademarked by McDonald's. For a small additional cost, a customer could Supersize a combo meal, thereby receiving a larger size order of fries and larger beverage. While competitor restaurants have adopted similar sales strategies, McDonald's has done away with Supersizing because of its negative connotation with obesity.

    • Baern: No way you gonna be dancing with the stars.
      Dancing with the Stars is a reality show where professional ballroom dancers partner-up with celebrities in an intense competition that's live in front of a studio audience and the nation.