Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a hidden killer assembling a rifle at Jonathan Kent's election rally. Jonathan steps up to the podium and gives a speech as Martha looks on, and the assassin draws a bead on him…and we see it's Lois. She fires and the bullet streaks toward Jonathan… 48 Hours Earlier Lex is meeting with the local Kansas college youth at the manor and gives a speech congratulating them and warning them not to be complacent. Afterward one woman, Samantha Drake, asks to have a picture with him as her and clearly knows a lot about Lex's history and has a "Lex" charm around her neck. Lex leaves for a meeting and takes a call from his informant Griff, who asks for a meeting. Griff pulls a gun on him and Lionel offers him money in return for the incriminating evidence he has on Jonathan. Lionel burns the photo, much to Griff's surprise. Clark and Martha dress up for a photo shoot Jonathan doesn't like the way Jack Jenning's campaign manager Sosnick is running his campaign for him, so he fires him and hires Lois instead, because he thinks she will help him win on his beliefs and high standards. Jonathan is interrupted by a scrambled call giving him a last warning to drop out of the campaign. Afterward Jonathan secretly takes a heart medicine pill. Lois is putting up election posters when Samantha and her buddies run up against her and tear down her posters – the two spar verbally and then Samantha stalks off vowing "Defeat is not an option." Clark pulls away from Lana because he is afraid that he will hurt her now that he has his abilities back. Samantha and her two lackeys decide to, in Lex's words, "Go the extra ten miles." The three of them corner Jonathan in the barn and beat him up Lionel offers Martha enough money to finance the rest of the campaign, but she refuses. He brings up the idea that maybe she doesn't want Jonathan to win. When Clark goes to Chloe for help with his relationship with Lana, she tells him he needs to be straight with Lana and tell her the truth. Jonathan is rushed to the hospital after Martha and Clark come home to find him hanging upside down in the barn. When his family and Lois want him to postpone a rally until he's better, Jonathan refuses, because he doesn't want the ones who did it to him to win. Martha isn't happy with Jonathan's decision. Lex tries to convince Clark that he had nothing to do with the attack, but no one believes him. When Samantha realizes that Jonathan's poll numbers are rising due to the attack, she decides to kill him. When her two co-conspirators baulk at the thought, she kills them then shaves her head bald. Lex returns to the manor to find Samantha waiting for her. When she confronts him with what she's done, he tells her to get out and she knocks him out. Clark and Chloe trace the call to Jonathan to the Youth group and Clark finds the two dead students and the evidence of Samantha's obsession. At the rally, while Jonathan prepares to give his speech, Lois runs into Samantha. The two of them fight and Samantha gets the upper hand. She forces Lois to use a sniper rifle to shoot Jonathan, but at the last second Lois attacks Samantha. Samantha grabs the rifle and gets a shot off before Lois grabs her. Just as Samantha shoots, Clark enters the room where his dad is giving the speech, hears the bullet, and super-speeds in front of Jonathan to catch it without anyone noticing By the time he gets to where Lois is, she has Samantha pinned to the ground. Lionel drops in at Lex, and they spar. Lex reveals that Griff turned up dead and Lionel warns him that he's slipping. Jonathan is ahead in the polls but Lois is concerned that Lex is dropping a lot of money into the next few weeks and tells Martha that they're out of money. Lana and Clark meet in the barn and decide to take it slow and try to build their relationship again. Lana reveals she is studying all about the meteor showers again, and discovered that a ship might have come in the first one too, and that someone from it has been in Smallville the entire time. Martha decides to go to Lionel for help. The episode ends with her getting into his car and driving off.
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