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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • Great Episode

    Jonathan's life is threatened by a mysterious source, who urges him to drop out of the race. Clark discovers that Lex's followers, primarily Samantha Drake, are determined to do anything to see that Lex wins the election. Lois is threatened into assassinating Jonathan during his senatorial speech. Lionel offers Martha some money to help Jonathan's campaign, while Lana believes that the answers she is looking for lie in the first meteor shower. It is more interesting to see that Clark chose Chloe for advice on his relationship with Lana, and disappointing that Martha finally went to Lionel in a very un-Marthaish way for the money needed in Jonathan's doomed election, which is the part that annoys me greatly.
  • "Biggest Fan" gets a Whole New Meaning!

    Fanatic-The Senatorial race between Jonathan and Lex heats up when Jonathan receives an anonymous threat warning him to drop out of the election. When Clark finds Jonathan badly beaten he determines to find the attackers. Lois is thrown into the mix when she is captured and she is forced to assassinate Jonathan during his speech.

    I realize that a lot of fans find "Fanatic" to be one of the worst episodes of this season, I found it to actually be one of the better episodes of the series. I mean an episode that features a bald naked chick that worships Lex sounds all kinds of creepy. Annie Burgstede (Samantha Drake) gives a pretty disturbing performance, especially that scene where she kills her fellow classmates, slaps herself, than shaves her head bald. Also, the fact is this is pretty much the only episode that centers on the Senate Race plot of the season, which puts Lex and Jonathan's rivalry at the center of the episode. I love Lex growing crueler and power hungry with each episode and Jonathan is growing more conflicted with each episode. Jonathan knows his endangering his life, even his family, but is doing it for the right reasons. I thought John Schneider was great throughout this episode and gives probably his best performance of the series in this episode. Other scenes that make this episode enjoyable are Chloe and Clark's discussion about Clark's impossible sex life with Lana. Just the awkwardness of that scene was priceless. I also loved the development of Lois and Martha taking Lionel's money to fund Jonathan's race. Lionel's motives have been questionable with him helping Jonathan with his race. Is it Jor-El? Does he have his own twisted motives? Whatever the case, whatever Lionel does, he always does it with class and it's always great watching him. Lastly, the scene of Clark catching the bullet during the Senate rally was a stunning sequence by the SFX crew. "Fanatic" is usual called a forgettable, bad episode, but I think it's very enjoyable with some nice developments and a creepy storyline.
  • ouch, this definitely hurts!


    WE are in the campaign part, and as this is not season 1 of 24, you can bet the house that this episode is just too much below average. Even though it is nice to see some Lana/Clark dialogues. The rest of the episode, especially with the pathetic fanatic is way below par. This could have been a gem if it was pasted through the 4-5 episodes, but to just set it like this is wrong to say the least.

    In the end the special FX shots with Clark in action are decent and not bad, but even then there is a physical side to those actions making it too far fetched for it to be comfortable Sci-Fi.
  • The dangers of political fanaticism threaten both Jonathan and ultimately Lex as they square off in a campaign for the Kansas State Senate. Lois becomes Jonathan's campaign manager, as Martha secretly meets Lionel.

    Another episode begins with a review of recent installments, then a flash forward, as Jonathan is speaking at a campaign rally, and someone is aiming a weapon at him. The rally features one of the largest crowd of extras ever seen in a Smallville episode, good to see the budget holding up.

    Back in the present, Lex meets with a contingent of Central Kansas U. student supporters, one of whom is a young lady named Samantha, who borders on political worship. As Lex leaves, he's called by political operative Griff, who has developed damaging information, real or contrived, on Jonathan. But Lionel cuts off Griff (at a phone booth, how quaint!), and becomes the high bidder for Griff's information, burning it on the spot. Photograph or document, we don't see what it is, but it won't get into the wrong hands. See, that Lionel isn't all bad.

    After some bungled and pretentious photo shoots and bum press releases, Jonathan fires his campaign manager - next! Here's Lois! A threating phone call to Jonathan - "This is your last warning to drop out of the campaign," but he terminates the call abruptly, and we see he's taking red capsules - nothing worse than nitroglycerine, we trust.

    Lois has a set-to with the student supporters of Lex, including rabid Samantha, during which Lois refers to Lex as a "facist environmental annihilator." Zowie, what that gal could do as a reporter; she's not one to back down from anyone. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, we see Lana studying a meteor shower time line - that can't be her regular homework assignment. What is Lana up to? Clark arrives, and they get into a tense discussion of their love life - who's pulling back? Clark seems fearful of hurting Lana, and they go from kissing to angry in not very many seconds. The tension centers around the changes in Clark since he came back from the dead ("Hidden," earlier this season). Is he the same person? Well, no, he'll never be the human again. Piqued, she leaves.

    Back at the farm, Jonathan is attacked by three CKU students, and Samantha looks on the injured Jonathan with something like smug satisfaction. At the Talon, Martha is surprised to see Lionel, who gives her the lowdown on the resources available to Lex, and the serious cash shortage faced by the Kent campaign. He offers a bundle of dough, but Martha, although tempted, realizes Jonathan would never accept financial help from Lionel. John Glover always plays Lionel as sinister and challenging, but he's just not always that evil.

    Clark and Chloe talk - about Lana and Clark's love life - and this is almost too much information for Chloe. What would he do without Chloe and her good counsel? Her insight into Lana's activities is spot on - Lana is studying astronomy, and she's going to be asking "all the wrong people all the right questions." Lana is nearing understanding more about Clark than he intends to let her know - he knows Chloe is right.

    Back home, Clark and Martha bring in some product placement breakfast cereal (a pox on these demanding corporations, a few bucks and we have to watch more and more not-so-hidden commercials). Good dog Shelby gets them to the barn, where they find Jonathan playing Batman, upside down from the barn rafters, and it's off to the hospital again, but not for long. Jonathan isn't going to let a couple thugs get him down. Anyone calling the police? Assault on a political candidate? Family's getting worried, but Jonathan will bull his way through, suspecting Lex is behind the assault. Speak of the devil, he's there, telling Clark he has denounced the attack and offered a reward to capture the perps. I believe him, maybe Clark does, too.

    Samantha is going to escalate the hostilities, starting with her classmates, who threaten to go to the police about her violence. Bang, bang, they're dead. Then in a stunning scene, Samantha (Annie Burgstede) begins shaving her head. On camera, for real, and next thing ya know, she's at the mansion, even more crazy and offering herself to Lex. Lex does not condone what she did. As he calls his Security, she lays him out with a blow to the head.

    Clark enlists Chloe's help in checking all the calls made to and from Jonathan; they find one made from the students at CKU, but Clark apparently went home to change, as he's suddenly in a different jacket and shirt at the students' office, where he finds two very dead bodies, and photos of Samantha with Lex. With all this evidence in plain sight, it's no problem to figure out what to do next.

    Now we're back at the opening scene - the rally, and an intruder, who knocks Lois to the floor. Seeing it's hairless Samantha, Lois gets the fun lines of the episode: "Talk about an initiation gone wrong," and refers to Samantha as "magna cum laude psycho." But Samantha has the drop on her, and forces Lois to take aim at Jonathan down at the podium. Lois tries to fight back, leaving Samantha to take aim...and fire. As the bullet streaks out, we see some pretty dang cool special effects through use of still camera arrays, and even balloons exploding as the bullet passes through. Clark's superspeed to intercept the bullet is just as impressive, except that an object as big as Clark moving over 2000 feet per second to catch a bullet would create gale force winds in his wake which would knock everyone to the floor. Except for that lapse in physics, good work, FX crew! Lois gets the final hammerlock on Samantha.

    Lionel and Lex have another father-son chat, now that Lex's campaign has taken a heavy blow through the murderous mess of his student "Fanatic." Lex has learned that Griff is dead, but Lionel accuses Lex of slipping - Lex let Professor Fine get past him, and now Griff.

    Back at the farm, Lois and Martha admit to each other that the Kent campaign funds are depleted, and only one option remains...Martha arranges a secret meeting with Lionel.

    Clark and Lana have their usual wrap-up in the barn, but this time Lana has some important revelations, as Chloe predicted. She's been studying the meteor showers, and she knows they were not random. She saw a spacecraft arrive with the second shower; and in satellite imagery of the first shower, she has detected something that landed. Lana is nearing the truth, speculating that someone came in that first craft, and has been with them the entire time. If she learns just a bit more, future episodes will see some major changes in Clark and Lana's relationship. Nice end to a dramatic episode with several unfinished story lines, and excellent music accompaniment, worth seeing several times. Rerun rating B.
  • Average Episode. What made this one particularly special though was that in its original airing it gave us a sneak peak on the 100th epidode. Get past that, and this is an average Smallville episode without the classic "Freak of the Week".

    Average Episode. What made this one particularly special though was that in its original airing it gave us a sneak peak on the 100th epidode. Get past that, and this is an average Smallville episode without the classic "Freak of the Week".
    Average episode. I loved the drama between Lex and J. Kent. I also like how Clark is no longer trustfullof Lex Luthor. And I see Lex also starting to notice this. Lana was great. I loved how they explained the lackof emotion within their relationship. Now I feel kind of bad for saying all those bad things. It would have been nice to actually have seen those type of reaction in last episodes, instead of just leaving us in the air. Maybe the creators stop by and read this board? hmmm. Anyways, I loved the Chloe and Clark Sex talk. I love this Chloe. She is so far from that lovesick puppy/Stalker I used to hate so much. She's earned her place in the Superman mythos. Lionel is an enigma. I dont know who or what he's become or what his motives are. He is obviously Lionel but...something more. Is it Jor El? Maybe Braniac (He is known to posess people in the comics)? I also loved how Lois kicked ass. Samantha was freaky. She was definitly a psychtoic villain. I hope we see more of her in future episodes. Lex definitly has NO luck with the ladies. But as good as the episode was, it was outshone by 5 seconds of something else. Thats right. An episode, which would have done great on its own, was made all the better by a commercial. The 100th sneak peak.
  • More Wackos

    There a fine line between worship and obsession and that line is crossed, stomped on and set fire to by Samantha. Her obsession with getting Lex senator doesn't seem believable as she seems far too young to have the kind of resources and access to perform the kind of underhanded tricks she does. Meanwhile the relationship between Clarka and Lana has suffered in recent episodes with them airing trust issues. Lana is right about Clarks distance but she has to accept the relationship is a two way thing and that she contributes to the problem as well. Clarks conversation with Chole was funny as well as being heartfelt with boundries tastefully maintained. Lois seems to learn the campaign manager quickly whilst Martha's worried support is much needed in the crazy world of politics. Jonathan seems to suit the role of politician well. But he has a strong upstanding nature which helps.

    Martha taking Lionels money was no surprise as it is obvious she wants her husband to win although there is potential for Lionel to use that against her later on. Clark does not seem to have as big a role this week but he played the all important role of saviour which is important as well whilst Lois continues to have no problem which making him feel two inches tall.

    Not the best as usual but pretty good.
  • Exciting

    The introduction starts with Lois attempting to assasinate Jonathan Kent. Then we go to the past and see what happened prior to the current event. This starts with a crazy Lex fan trying to win his approval. things go bad when the fan starts killing people. clark and chloe starts investigating what's been happening, the episode is done well, it's not boring, we're presented with the usual smallville visual effects. Clark comes to the rescue, the scene was so spectacular. this is one of the few shows where matrix like effects work really well, it makes the scenes look really exciting.
  • This was a rehash of various previous storylines. The writers need to create a balance between the supernatural storylines and the normal lives stories or Smallville won't survive.

    Lex has yet another psycho stalker who ends up attacking him and who attacks the Kents; Clark and Martha return home to find Jonathan hurt; Clark is still lying (badly) to Lana, Lex defends his innocence when it's obvious he's not involved and we get yet another completely unsubtle reference to Lex being in the White House. How many times have we seen this before?

    The Clark/Lana thing is *really* annoying - they've dragged this out for five seasons and we are no further than we were in the pilot. Lana's character is even worse - most of the time she's objectified in Smallville, nothing but eye-candy, but at least last season she had some great storylines and handled them well. I used to like Lana but it's hard to be sympathetic to her when the writers don't give us anything to work with. And Lana and Clark make up *again*.

    Man, is this political storyline dull! If I wanted to watch politics, I'd watch the West Wing.

    Following up an episode like 'Lexmas' with this is just disappointing. Have the writers already run out of normal storylines? Smallville won't survive the long haul unless there's regular storylines to balance out the paranormal ones. There has to be a balance - look at Supernatural, juggles the bizarre and the personal storylines perfectly. Smallville focusses completely on Clark, includes other characters only when necessary to further his storylines but they don't flesh out the rest of the characters at all. Smallville's writers should pay more attention to shows like Supernatural - less glossy surface, more substance.
  • A fanatic that tries to kill Jonathan, where's Clark?

    This episode is not one of the best episodes of Smallville, the story will have been ever better if Clark have done a lot of more things, all what he manages to do is to save Jonathan from a bullet, while is Lois the one who manages to finally kick Lex's fanatic's butt by killing her, and like is happening so very often, Clark gets there so very late just to watch Lois taking care of the situation by herself, which means no powers. You could say that it is exciting to see Lois doing fun stuff and tried to resolve the situations, but that not often (please!), I mean Lois is hot and cool and everything, but this show is about Clark battling villains, is good seeing Lois doing things, but not that often, she is almost taking out Clark's job from his hand.
    Well, this episode was not that special, but it was OK.
  • Talking Man to Manchurian

    A pretty average episode which tries to be serious but ultimately fails miserably, mainly because of the corniness of the bad guy and the fact that the episode itself could have been a hell of a lot better.

    Fanatic sees the senatorial campaign between Jonathan and Lex heating up, with a group of Lex supporters reducing themselves to drastic measures to get Jonathan to back out of the race. The team is led by a young woman with a creepy obsession with Lex, who ends up plotting Jonathan's assassination.

    Annie Burgstede is not a good actress. She is completely unconvincing as crazy Samantha and what could have been an interesting, Manchurian Candidate-style storyline majorly falls flat, leaving us with an episode reminiscent of last season's Lex-stalker episode Bound.

    The most interesting aspect of the episode is the team-up between Lionel and Martha. There's an underlying sexual tension between the both of them, and their scenes together are played effortlessly by John Glover and Annette O'Toole, who both put a lot of effort into their performances.

    Clark's subplot is unintentionally funny, as it features Clark worrying about sleeping with Lana after regaining his powers. His awkward conversation with Chloe is hilarious, and Tom Welling acts well with some bad material.

    Fanatic is standard Smallville-on-autopilot with some amazing bullet-time effects trying to compensate for a lacking story.

    Director: Michael Rohl
    Writer: Wendy Mericle
    Rating: C
  • Not the best episode

    I would call this one a stumble by the writers. In "Fanatic," we have a young woman who is obsessed with Lex and will do anything, and I mean anything, to help Lex win his senate race.

    While nice, in a way, to have the bad guy, err girl, not be metahuman, I don't think it was enough. I really didn't understand why she was so obsessed with Lex, and for me, motive is always important. Yes, Lex is a rich, good looking guy - but what else? She goes from kooky to homicidal very quickly, and I just didn't buy it.

    Clark and Lana continue their on again, off again melodrama. All in all, not the best episode this season.
  • Average Episode. What made this one particularly special though was that in its original airing it gave us a sneak peak on the 100th epidode. Get past that, and this is an average Smallville episode without the classic "Freak of the Week".

    Average episode. I loved the drama between Lex and J. Kent. I also like how Clark is no longer trustfullof Lex Luthor. And I see Lex also starting to notice this. Lana was great. I loved how they explained the lackof emotion within their relationship. Now I feel kind of bad for saying all those bad things. It would have been nice to actually have seen those type of reaction in last episodes, instead of just leaving us in the air. Maybe the creators stop by and read this board? hmmm. Anyways, I loved the Chloe and Clark Sex talk. I love this Chloe. She is so far from that lovesick puppy/Stalker I used to hate so much. She's earned her place in the Superman mythos. Lionel is an enigma. I dont know who or what he's become or what his motives are. He is obviously Lionel but...something more. Is it Jor El? Maybe Braniac (He is known to posess people in the comics)? I also loved how Lois kicked ass. Samantha was freaky. She was definitly a psychtoic villain. I hope we see more of her in future episodes. Lex definitly has NO luck with the ladies. But as good as the episode was, it was outshone by 5 seconds of something else. Thats right. An episode, which would have done great on its own, was made all the better by a commercial. The 100th sneak peak.

  • What a close race

    Lex Luthor has a fanatic that will stop at nothing to insure Lex Luthor wins the race. Clark and Lana are already having problems in their relationship. This only shows that they were not meant to be together. Having Clark talking to Chloe about his sex life is hysterical. Chloe’s character is becoming better and better with each episode. I hope she will not die in Reckoning.

    If Lana was to find out Clark's secrete, why would Jor-El kill her and not Chloe in the next episode?

  • is always good to see a good show

    the actor are making a good efford to delivering us a good show, even thou this episode was laking some punch lines. Also in this show the lex caracter starts to go bad and not stoping to anithing to acheve what he needs or wants. The relation with lana looks strong and she is close to find the real truth about the meteor shower
  • Lex starts to go bad.

    I am not sure how long smallville will drag out Lex switching from confused and trying to do good to his bad persona. This show continues his path of making choices that benefit him at the cost of what is 'right'. The show is starting to move to the good vs evil of classic superman and this show continues the slide. Lex is no longer making 'bad' choices by accident but with premeditation. This show just keeps maturing as each episode comes by. I always find myself looking forward to it every week. Excellent character development throughout this episode and I expect that this season will make some more major developments in the story arcs.
  • Not a good return after a layoff.

    After not showing any new episodes for about a month, this was a disappointing return. There were no real story line continuations, and the Lex fanatic was no big deal. I was surprised that a show that generally has good story plots would waste so much time on this Senatorial Race.The writers seem to be jumping back and forth with no real destination in mind. Hopefully, the rest of the season will be better and give us a reason to continue watching. Based on things I have read, I have a reason to be optimistic about the rest of the season, but that remains to be seen.
  • Dropping the ball

    So I watched (painfully) as the story unfolded. The last story was so horrible I thought anything would be better. Well not by much. I struggled with the play between Louis and the Fanatic. The tension between Clark and Lana was some lame that I could have written better. The only redeming part of the story is the play that the Kents will be getting dirty money for the campaign. Does anyone even read what they write?
  • A Lex Luthor fanatic will stop at nothing to insure Lex Luthor wins the senatorial race. Clark and Lana develop problems in their relationship.

    I was very excited when I heard that Smallville has acquired a new writer, and she did not disappoint. I thought the episode was well written and didn't regurgitate the lines the other writers have. I especially liked the Chloe and Clark scenes, Allison Mack's performance was amazing. Overall, a very consistant episode, maybe the best of the season. If they can continues their rise, it will be a very exciting season. Can't wait for 100!
  • Smallville just keeps on rocking after 5 years

    This episode was pretty interesting. It did lots to further the plot and the character development. It's amazing that after after 5 years there is still so much character development left, and not just for Clark. I can't wait to see what happens with Lana's character. When does the true split between Lex and clark come, does it ever really come? When is Brainiac coming back? In this episode Jonathan is attacked and shot at, Martha enlists the help of Lionel, Clark talks about his sex life with Chloe (just date her already), and Lana's obsession with the meteor shower is furthered. All in all a pretty important episode.

  • Culmination of a season.

    While Clark did not feature as much in this episode, as he did in the previous one, this episode was very much needed to develop who the characters are now. We have had a period of change for every one of the characters and were in desperate need of a moment away from the main story to find out who the player now are.

    As much as Lexmas was about how Lex has changed and who he now is, Fanatic was about who the non-super Kents have become. We see the beginnings of a rift between Martha and Jonathan here. This may not be a shattering rift, but it is a rift none the less. Jonathan is determined to go his road alone and rely upon the intelligence of the people to see past the obscuring lies of the Luthor campaign. Martha, on the other hand, is fully aware that this is not a winning tactic, and in fact seems almost happy to see her husband fail, telling herself it is because she fears for his health. Out of money and with a couple of weeks left til the election, Martha decided to back her husband the only way that has been left to her, by going to Lionel for help.

    And this is only the side story of the episode.

    This was a fully entertaining episode, leaving us with a foreboding about what will hapen to the world of Smallvile no matter who wins the election.

    And one question stands out in our minds once again: What in the world is Lionel up to this time?
  • Good episode, Lex still has the good in him.

    Lex still has the good in him no matter how bad the writers want it out of him. He and Clark should become a team no matter what the comics have written in stone. The show has some drama but some promise of some change soon too in the setup of the show, looking forward to the next few weeks, nicely done even if it is no where near as good as the first couple of seasons, it’s getting much better I think.
  • Not one of my favorite episodes this season.

    I understand the political aspect of this episode, but what I don't understand is why Clark seems to have become a minor character this episode? All the attention is focused on the political campaign between Jonathan and Lex, and many other things are forgotten. Smallville is supposed to be about Clark Kent and how he goes about evolving into Superman as an adult. However this episode puts him in the background to focus on the politics between Lex and Jonathan.

    Maybe more attention is being focused on Jonathan because by all accounts it appears as if he's going to be the one that dies in Reckoning, the 100th episode of Smallville. There is know certainty about this, but if it follows the Superman movies, where Jonathan dies around Clark's 18th year, this is likely the case. Of course Smallville has not followed the Superman movies perfectly, so I guess we'll have to see.

    Still back onto point, Clark has little to do here. In fact he does less in this episode then any other episode in the entire series, including the Exposed episode. This is more about Jonathan being threatened and physically attacked in an effort to get him to step down from the race due to the fact that some people that Lex has hired for his own campaign are crazy and will stop at nothing to make sure Lex wins. Of course Lex is all against this and gets knocked out again for his troubles. I'm sorry, but this did not sit right with me.

    And on top of all of this I thought that after Lexmas, Lex was going to start to become more evil. It appears that we are back to square one where Lex is the good guy again. The writer's really got to stop flip flopping Lex's personality. It's really starting to become annoying. We all know he's going to turn bad, so stop playing with us.

    On a couple other notes I did find a few things I liked about this episode. Clark talking to Chloe about his sex life with Lana because Chloe knows his secret. Points to Chloe for being able to help here. I'm really starting to enjoy her character even more than before. I do seriously hope she is not the one to die in Reckoning because like Jonathan, she is another character that may be getting the axe so to speak.

    Another point I enjoyed was Lana explaining to Clark that she has not been completely truthful with him and tells him she has been studying the meteor showers again. She tells Clark that she suspects another ship came down in the first meteor shower and tells Clark that whoever came down in that ship is probably been living among them for all those years. The look on Clark's face at discovering that Lana seems to know more than he ever thought was totally priceless.

    I almost forgot about the small action between Martha an Lionel involving money needed for Jonathan's campaign because the cash has run out. Lionel is willing to give Martha money so that she will have the resources to continue the campaign. At first she is against this, but then she accepts because there is no other way out. However, she decides to keep it a secret from Jonathan. I wonder where this might lead? I have only one question though. How is it that Lionel still has money. Didn't Lex get everything signed over in his name while Lionel was in prison?

    It is for these last three points that I give Fanatic an average grade and nothing more. But after giving us so many good episodes this year, including one of the best of the entire series with Splinter, I can forgive them and hope for better.
  • A episode that started out good got better and better as the hour went on. Where Lois is tricked into assasination and where Clark and Lana have some special problems

    This episode was great it had all i wanted out of it but the story line in this episode was slow at some spots but still good. A girl that is obsessed with lex and turns out to be a freak. What i liked about this episode was how Mr Kent has to first win the support of his family until he won the election for senate. All in all i enjoyed this episode but due to the slow storyline it gets the grade i rated it.
  • An annoying guest character highlights issues with the main characters and the writing staff...

    This episode had a lot of promise, because the idea of Lex going hardball on Jonathan was actually something to look forward to, since “Lexmas” indicated that most of Lex’s better qualities would be sacrificed for the goal of attaining power. In fact, that episode went to great lengths to demonstrate how Lex had turned the corner towards true self-centered evil. But instead of going that far, the writers dial back Lex’s lesson in ego.

    Instead of having Lex be the mastermind behind the attacks on Jonathan, thus demonstrating and presaging his future political ruthlessness, he plays things in the middle again. He wants power, but he can’t bring himself to attack Clark’s father directly, beyond spending money to bash him on the issues. He can’t even step out of the way while underlings do his dirty work with nothing but implied consent; he’s adamantly against the physical attacks, despite being more than happy to dig up dirt and break Jonathan down in every other fashion.

    I could have bought it more if Lex had an objection because of the natural bounce in the polls that Jonathan would get should he survive. Instead, he objected on moral grounds. Isn’t he supposed to be setting aside morals to achieve his goals? Whatever the case, this would have been an interesting direction for Lex to take in the future: a young man with near-infinite resources, learning to use those resources to distance himself from direct connections to the actions required to preserve and expand his own power base. Instead, he remains in something of a holding pattern, and one that has gotten a bit old.

    It doesn’t help that Samantha Drake was incredibly annoying as a character, and the actress couldn’t seem to keep her line delivery from becoming childish. Once she shaved her head, it was creepy enough, but I just didn’t like the character or Lex’s response to her. A better version might have been a more serious and seductive character who could lure Lex, over more than one episode, into agreeing to act against Jonathan, and only then take it past what Lex would readily accept on practical grounds. (Oh, and those comments on his security go on the list of Least Observant Moments Ever.)

    At least the writers addressed something that made sense to explore: how are Clark and Lana dealing with their sex life, now that Clark has those powers back? Clark has reason for concern; his hormones have set off the heat vision several times without his control, and Lana’s not the most sturdy individual. Still, one had to feel for Chloe. I’m beginning to agree with the people who want Chloe to evolve into the future Lois through some plot twist; she really does deserve to get the man in the end.

    One subplot that did work was the interaction between Lionel and Martha. The writers often forget some of the early dynamics between the characters, but when they do, it’s a lot of fun. Was Lionel acting of his own accord, or was Jor-El ensuring that Jonathan would continue to push himself to a early grave? That’s one thing the writers haven’t explored at all: the connection between Lionel and Jor-El and what that means for Clark and Lex.

    So Lana has all but worked out what happened during the meteor strike all those years ago, and Clark has to decide what to do about that. If the writers are going to take this up credibly, Lana must work it out and have serious issues with Clark, given her parents’ death. More than that, but she could be drawn to Lex in the process, which would feed his ego. Of course, it could be a lot more complex, but if they are going to start knocking people off, it should mean something, and that means the character development should get better attention.
  • It's great to have a stand-alone episode once in a while focuse more on the characters than the action or special effects.

    It just goes to show that you really shouldn't pay attention to previews you read. I thought this would be a crappy filler episode focusing on Lex and another of his crazy stalkers, (the commercials with the bald girl really didn't help) just killing time till the 100th show.

    I was wrong. For an episode containing no supervillians, an overly evil Lionel, or space ships and aliens this was an entertaining episode. Don't get me wrong I loved the whole Evil Kryptonians and Braniac/'s Ship, but once in a while it's nice to see an episode that focuses more on the character development of it's stellar cast, and it's really good to see an episode more grounded in reality than those of late.

    I'm also glad they finally cleared up whether or not Lana and Clark are still, 'relations' now that he's Super again. The only thing is that if they haven't since Clark was shot, then in Smallville time it should have been at least five months. That's a long time to go without talking about something like that. Of course Clark and Lana have been known to dance around a subject for years without actually addressing the issue. So not a huge goof.

    My only problem was with the opening teaser showing us the climax of the episode first with everything then building to it. It bugs me when they do that.
  • With all the rumors floating, thought there'd be a lot more going on.

    First of all, what a mistake to open the show with Lois taking aim at Jonathan. After the commercial we realize this event hasn't taken place yet and so later, when Jonathan's hanging upside down, we know he's not dead because the assasination attempt has yet to happen. Assuming someone might be dying in this episode, this could have been a good writer's ploy to tease the viewer. Also, I thought the person Jonathan saw spying on him in the barn was a guy, later turned into the blond girl. So I thought she would later turn into Lois and attempt the assasination. I am so tired of Lois doing Kung Fu and beating people up--it seems so out of character. I also don't buy it when a gun is shoved in her face, she gives yet another nasty crack completely unphased. Can we never see Lois afraid in the face of danger like any normal person? Anyway, there wasn't too much to this episode.
  • Great episode. We found out more on the relationship between Lana/Clark, and more on Lex's intentions and how far he is willing to go to win the elections.

    Great episode. One of the best since the one where Clark dies and coems back to life. We found out more on the relationship between Lana/Clark, and more on Lex's intentions and how far he is willing to go to win the elections. Great ending, we see what Lana finds out about the meteor showers.
  • An ok episode nothing real important happen...

    I thought this episode was an ok one, just because it felt really short and quick. It did show some information on how Johnathan Kent feels about the race and he seems to be getting into it a lot more.
    Showed an interesting complication between Lana and Clark and their sex life, plus how Lana is very interested about the meteor shower and how she believes that there was a ship in the first meteor shower as well. Sets up Clark for knowing that he really needs to tell Lana soon about his secret so she doesn't start talking to the wrong people like Chloe said. Clark almost had a worried look on his face when Lana was telling him about what she discovered.
    Another big reason why this was so informative is because of the commercial about Lana and Lex screaming her name then Clark rushing to someone. This just makes it even harder to wait for whats going to happen later.
  • Lex proves he's not as deep as he can go yet. Lois once again proves that she cares alot about the Kents.Lana notices shes keeping secrets to Clark isnt alone.

    Overall this was a well written episode and a great one at that. Clark shows that he’s not fully capable of handling himself yet. Being human showed him many things. Lana is becoming stronger and stronger each episode she is gaining strengths in many areas. Lex is Lex but he is not the total bad “ASS” everyone is expecting just yet. The 100th episode is coming who will die that’s the question this I promise you will surprise everyone including myself.
  • Facts about the Clark/Lana relationship are revealed. Jonathon is shot at; and Martha calls Lionel.

    Clark confides to Chloe that he and Lana's physical relationship has been on hiatus and why. Chloe refers to herself as his "Krypto-hag." The scene is tastefully done and the expressions on Clark's face are classic.

    Clark is noticably absent from Jonathon's campaign rally, but comes in at the last minute to save the day. The photography leads the viewer to believe that Lois is the shooter until the very last second.

    At the end of the episode we see Martha and Lois have a discussion about campaign finances, then Martha gets into a car with Lionel.

    But, the best scenes bookcase the episode and are between Clark and Lana. At the beginning they have the "no lies, no secrets" converstaion. Then at the end Lana wonders out loud to Clark about (what she believes) the possibility of a ship landing during the first meteor shower.

    This episode continues to set up for the 100th epi in two weeks. And you will find yourself yelling at Clark to finally come clean with Lana. Hopefully we will see that soon.
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