Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • The dangers of political fanaticism threaten both Jonathan and ultimately Lex as they square off in a campaign for the Kansas State Senate. Lois becomes Jonathan's campaign manager, as Martha secretly meets Lionel.

    Another episode begins with a review of recent installments, then a flash forward, as Jonathan is speaking at a campaign rally, and someone is aiming a weapon at him. The rally features one of the largest crowd of extras ever seen in a Smallville episode, good to see the budget holding up.

    Back in the present, Lex meets with a contingent of Central Kansas U. student supporters, one of whom is a young lady named Samantha, who borders on political worship. As Lex leaves, he's called by political operative Griff, who has developed damaging information, real or contrived, on Jonathan. But Lionel cuts off Griff (at a phone booth, how quaint!), and becomes the high bidder for Griff's information, burning it on the spot. Photograph or document, we don't see what it is, but it won't get into the wrong hands. See, that Lionel isn't all bad.

    After some bungled and pretentious photo shoots and bum press releases, Jonathan fires his campaign manager - next! Here's Lois! A threating phone call to Jonathan - "This is your last warning to drop out of the campaign," but he terminates the call abruptly, and we see he's taking red capsules - nothing worse than nitroglycerine, we trust.

    Lois has a set-to with the student supporters of Lex, including rabid Samantha, during which Lois refers to Lex as a "facist environmental annihilator." Zowie, what that gal could do as a reporter; she's not one to back down from anyone. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, we see Lana studying a meteor shower time line - that can't be her regular homework assignment. What is Lana up to? Clark arrives, and they get into a tense discussion of their love life - who's pulling back? Clark seems fearful of hurting Lana, and they go from kissing to angry in not very many seconds. The tension centers around the changes in Clark since he came back from the dead ("Hidden," earlier this season). Is he the same person? Well, no, he'll never be the human again. Piqued, she leaves.

    Back at the farm, Jonathan is attacked by three CKU students, and Samantha looks on the injured Jonathan with something like smug satisfaction. At the Talon, Martha is surprised to see Lionel, who gives her the lowdown on the resources available to Lex, and the serious cash shortage faced by the Kent campaign. He offers a bundle of dough, but Martha, although tempted, realizes Jonathan would never accept financial help from Lionel. John Glover always plays Lionel as sinister and challenging, but he's just not always that evil.

    Clark and Chloe talk - about Lana and Clark's love life - and this is almost too much information for Chloe. What would he do without Chloe and her good counsel? Her insight into Lana's activities is spot on - Lana is studying astronomy, and she's going to be asking "all the wrong people all the right questions." Lana is nearing understanding more about Clark than he intends to let her know - he knows Chloe is right.

    Back home, Clark and Martha bring in some product placement breakfast cereal (a pox on these demanding corporations, a few bucks and we have to watch more and more not-so-hidden commercials). Good dog Shelby gets them to the barn, where they find Jonathan playing Batman, upside down from the barn rafters, and it's off to the hospital again, but not for long. Jonathan isn't going to let a couple thugs get him down. Anyone calling the police? Assault on a political candidate? Family's getting worried, but Jonathan will bull his way through, suspecting Lex is behind the assault. Speak of the devil, he's there, telling Clark he has denounced the attack and offered a reward to capture the perps. I believe him, maybe Clark does, too.

    Samantha is going to escalate the hostilities, starting with her classmates, who threaten to go to the police about her violence. Bang, bang, they're dead. Then in a stunning scene, Samantha (Annie Burgstede) begins shaving her head. On camera, for real, and next thing ya know, she's at the mansion, even more crazy and offering herself to Lex. Lex does not condone what she did. As he calls his Security, she lays him out with a blow to the head.

    Clark enlists Chloe's help in checking all the calls made to and from Jonathan; they find one made from the students at CKU, but Clark apparently went home to change, as he's suddenly in a different jacket and shirt at the students' office, where he finds two very dead bodies, and photos of Samantha with Lex. With all this evidence in plain sight, it's no problem to figure out what to do next.

    Now we're back at the opening scene - the rally, and an intruder, who knocks Lois to the floor. Seeing it's hairless Samantha, Lois gets the fun lines of the episode: "Talk about an initiation gone wrong," and refers to Samantha as "magna cum laude psycho." But Samantha has the drop on her, and forces Lois to take aim at Jonathan down at the podium. Lois tries to fight back, leaving Samantha to take aim...and fire. As the bullet streaks out, we see some pretty dang cool special effects through use of still camera arrays, and even balloons exploding as the bullet passes through. Clark's superspeed to intercept the bullet is just as impressive, except that an object as big as Clark moving over 2000 feet per second to catch a bullet would create gale force winds in his wake which would knock everyone to the floor. Except for that lapse in physics, good work, FX crew! Lois gets the final hammerlock on Samantha.

    Lionel and Lex have another father-son chat, now that Lex's campaign has taken a heavy blow through the murderous mess of his student "Fanatic." Lex has learned that Griff is dead, but Lionel accuses Lex of slipping - Lex let Professor Fine get past him, and now Griff.

    Back at the farm, Lois and Martha admit to each other that the Kent campaign funds are depleted, and only one option remains...Martha arranges a secret meeting with Lionel.

    Clark and Lana have their usual wrap-up in the barn, but this time Lana has some important revelations, as Chloe predicted. She's been studying the meteor showers, and she knows they were not random. She saw a spacecraft arrive with the second shower; and in satellite imagery of the first shower, she has detected something that landed. Lana is nearing the truth, speculating that someone came in that first craft, and has been with them the entire time. If she learns just a bit more, future episodes will see some major changes in Clark and Lana's relationship. Nice end to a dramatic episode with several unfinished story lines, and excellent music accompaniment, worth seeing several times. Rerun rating B.