Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • "Biggest Fan" gets a Whole New Meaning!

    Fanatic-The Senatorial race between Jonathan and Lex heats up when Jonathan receives an anonymous threat warning him to drop out of the election. When Clark finds Jonathan badly beaten he determines to find the attackers. Lois is thrown into the mix when she is captured and she is forced to assassinate Jonathan during his speech.

    I realize that a lot of fans find "Fanatic" to be one of the worst episodes of this season, I found it to actually be one of the better episodes of the series. I mean an episode that features a bald naked chick that worships Lex sounds all kinds of creepy. Annie Burgstede (Samantha Drake) gives a pretty disturbing performance, especially that scene where she kills her fellow classmates, slaps herself, than shaves her head bald. Also, the fact is this is pretty much the only episode that centers on the Senate Race plot of the season, which puts Lex and Jonathan's rivalry at the center of the episode. I love Lex growing crueler and power hungry with each episode and Jonathan is growing more conflicted with each episode. Jonathan knows his endangering his life, even his family, but is doing it for the right reasons. I thought John Schneider was great throughout this episode and gives probably his best performance of the series in this episode. Other scenes that make this episode enjoyable are Chloe and Clark's discussion about Clark's impossible sex life with Lana. Just the awkwardness of that scene was priceless. I also loved the development of Lois and Martha taking Lionel's money to fund Jonathan's race. Lionel's motives have been questionable with him helping Jonathan with his race. Is it Jor-El? Does he have his own twisted motives? Whatever the case, whatever Lionel does, he always does it with class and it's always great watching him. Lastly, the scene of Clark catching the bullet during the Senate rally was a stunning sequence by the SFX crew. "Fanatic" is usual called a forgettable, bad episode, but I think it's very enjoyable with some nice developments and a creepy storyline.
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