Season 10 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

2018 Chloe reads a Smallville comic book to her son, and explains that the hero, Clark, prepared to face his greatest challenges. Seven Years Earlier The planet Apokolips enters the solar system, passing Saturn on its way toward Earth. At the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois arrive in the elevator together and Clark tries to talk to her about her cancelling their wedding. He finally gets her to slow down and tells her that there is a whole team of heroes out there to protect the world. Lois explains that he has to accept that there are some things that he can't fix, and that she is taking away time from people who need Clark to be with him. Clark tells her that he's going to go through with the wedding, and she'll have to leave him at the altar. Chloe and Oliver are preparing the chapel, and Chloe wonders if Oliver would have married her if Zatanna hadn't had them both under a spell. He says that he would have and asks her the same, and she says that she would have married him as well. They wonder what they should do next, and Chloe notes that Lois hasn't responded to her pages. Oliver points out that it's the matron of honor's duty to get the bride to the church, and shows her the rings he's holding. As they leave, the chapel's basin fills with darkness. At the Luthor manor, Tess is going over plans to rebuild the manor as a symbol of good when Granny Goodness arrives. She says that she had to come, and that she was a loving mother to Tess when she was at the orphanage. Granny Goodness explains that Tess was born to darkness but yearned for the light, and wants to save Tess by giving her eternal life. She tells Tess that Apokolips is coming and Darkseid's rapture will be their only salvation. Tess still refuses to join her, and Granny Goodness bids her farewell. As she starts to go, Tess asks when Apokolips will arrive, and Granny Goodness informs her that it is upon them even as they speak. As she goes, Apokolips passes the Moon. At the Kent farm, Martha walks through the empty house and looks at a photo of her and Jonathan. When Clark arrives and wonders why she's there, Martha explains that she sent him the deed so that he and Lois could keep it at their home. As she starts crying, Clark asks if it's about Jonathan, and Martha explains that her father is always with both of them, and Clark has to allow himself to see Jonathan. Clark explains that he did see Jonathan a year ago, but he had to move on from both Jonathan and Jor-El. Martha says that she's proud of him, and today is the day to celebrate everyone that has been a part of the journey he is on. She warns him that Clark is cutting out the parts of himself from the past, turning his back on the things that have made him compassionate and decent. Clark assures her that it won't happen, but Martha insists that it already is. He says that he has to put everything behind so he can move on and leaves. As he goes, Jonathan appears to Martha At the Planet, Chloe arrives and Lois stands by her decision to call off the wedding. Chloe explains that Clark needs to rest some time and Lois can ground him. Lois admits that she's worried that she'll keep Clark from soaring to new heights by marrying him, but Chloe says it's not what Clark thinks. She gives her cousin Clark's wedding vows to read, that speak of Lois has already been there to bring him back and always believed in him. Realizing she's been an idiot, Lois leaves. Tess goes to Watchtower and tries to access their orbital spy satellite, but discovers that she doesn't have the proper security clearance. All of the Queen Industry satellites are off-line, and the command to disconnect came from Watchtower. Checking the footage, Tess realizes that Oliver is the one responsible, and then taps into the new League satellite, which gives her footage of Apokolips in orbit above Earth. Oliver, under the influence of the Omega brand, arrives to inform Granny, Desaad, and Godfrey that the satellites have been blinded. They have one final mission for him: to put a ring on Clark made of gold kryptonite to render the Bringer of the Light powerless. As Clark visits Jonathan's grave, his adopted father's ghost watches, unseen. He tries to tell Clark that he doesn't have to abandon his past, and asks Clark not to push away his adopted parents. Oliver arrives and points out that his parents weren't there for his graduation from Excelsior, and that Clark should be at the chapel. Clark wonders if Lois was right and that he has to leave her behind, and if heroes aren't destined to love. Oliver reminds Clark that he helped him overcome the same issues when he gave up being a hero, but Clark says that he has to make his own path and let go of both worlds, including Lois. Clark goes to their apartment and Lois refuses to let him in to see the bride, saying that the wedding is back on. She tells him that she read Clark's vows, and she slides her vows under the door to him. She admits that she can be bossy, and points out that Clark's background has made her a better person, just as she'll make Clark a better man and a better superhero. Clark talks about her doubts and how her father can't make it, and wonders if she is concerned about their stars not aligning. Lois assures him that her mother taught her that they'd be there for her even if they weren't physically present, but they would advise her. She asks what Clark's parents would think and he explains that he always knew what Jonathan was thinking. Lois returns to his comment about the stars not aligning, and Clark reads her vows about her being with him forever because she can't imagine life without him as her husband. Realizing what Clark meant, she calls out to him and Clark assures her through the door that he's there and will see her at the chapel. Tess drives through Metropolis and tries to call her hero allies, but interference in the atmosphere stops her. Two cars box her in and men get out and abduct her. Martha arrives at the chapel, followed by Chloe and Oliver. Lois emerges and after a moment, Clark comes up behind her to walk down the aisle together. As they approach the altar, Clark looks over and sees Martha… and Jonathan. They exchange their vows and Oliver presents Lois with Clark's ring. Chloe notices that it's not the one Oliver showed her earlier. She knocks it out of Lois' hand before she can put it on Clark, and Oliver's eyes turn black. As Chloe and Lois get the guests out, Oliver tells Clark to surrender to the darkness and shoves him through the wall. When Lois comes at him, Oliver throws her and Clark catches her and gets her outside. Oliver attacks Clark, who tries to get through to him. He shoves Oliver back to the basin, which is bubbling with the darkness, and Oliver says that it's too late to be saved. As they struggle, the gold kryptonite ring falls to the floor. Clark tells Oliver that he won't give up on him and he needs Oliver to be a hero. He then surrenders himself, offering Oliver the chance to put the ring on him. Oliver hesitates and then collapses as the brand burns itself out of his skull. As Oliver gets up, they look up and see Apokolips arrive, blotting out the sun. Everyone gathers at the Kent farm and confirm Tess' warning that Apokolips is arriving. Martha checks with Washington and confirms that the government isn't responding yet. Chloe say she has to go to Star City to access her database now that Watchtower is off-line, and tells Oliver to stay with Clark. She hugs Oliver and goes, and Oliver tails along to say he still should go with her. Chloe tells him to stay and do what he does do best: be a hero. Storm clouds gather as Apokolips draws ever closer. Clark sees Jonathan standing at the door and then walk to the barn, and follows him to the loft. He admits that he made a mistake by leaving Jonathan away, and that he is afraid to face Darkseid, who knows his weakness. Jonathan tells Clark that Darkseid didn't face the man before Jonathan now, and that Clark now needs to let Jor-El guide him. When Clark explains that he turned his back on Jor-El, Jonathan says that Jor-El will understand. He kisses Clark as Martha comes in and tells Clark not to doubt himself. She talks of how they wanted a child so badly and Clark was the miracle they prayed for… and now the world needs the same miracle. They share a hug and as Apokolips grows closer, Jonathan tells Clark that it's time. Clark thanks them and superspeeds away. Tess wakes up and finds Lionel looming over her. She's strapped to a table in a lab. He admits that he's been watching her, and Tess says that they don't have time. She tries to go to Clark, but Lionel says that Clark needs no one. He tells Tess that it is time for her to become the Luthor she's destined to be, and explains that Lex cloned himself numerous times. No single one was perfect, but there were pieces of each that Lex grafted together. Tess doesn't believe it, and Lionel says that Lex will reveal himself when the time is right. He admits that Lex is missing one organ: a heart. Realizing what he means, Tess tires to leaves but a security guard blocks her exit. Lionel assures her that when the day is done, he will see the Luthor name resurrected more powerful than ever. In the next room, a body awaits the one last piece necessary to come to life: Lex Mark 0. Clark finds Tess' abandoned car and uses his x-ray vision to find her PDA He replays her last few minutes in the car. Lionel's surgeons strap Tess to a table, and Lionel tells her that he considered using Conner's heart, but Tess hid him too well. When Tess wonders if Lionel can kill his own daughter, Lionel says that Lex is everything to him and Tess will finally serve an important purpose in his life. He starts to leave, and Tess kicks one of the surgeons. He drops a scalpel, allowing her to grab it, cut herself free, and knock out the guard. She turns to Lionel as he picks up a journal and shoots him, and then leaves. Dying, Lionel hits a button opening the concealed door to the chamber holding the clone. Before he can move, Darkseid appears and suggests that he reconsider his offer. Lionel says that he only cares for Lex's life and offers his soul. Darkseid agrees, reaches forward, and rips Lionel's heart out of his chest. A few minutes later, Lex wakes up, brought back to life. At the Planet, Clark meets Lois and they listen as the President tells the country that the eclipse is caused by a meteor. Clark notes that Tess said that the markings weren't just spiritual, and that the "anti-life equation" might have a gravitational pull. They wonder how many people are marked, and Clark scans the newsroom with his x-ray vision. Almost all of them are branded. Clark checks the footage of one of the cars that took Tess and traces it to a company named Preclox, founded six weeks ago. Lois checks and determines that they have unlimited funds and specialize in genetic research. They track the car's GPS as of 15 minutes ago before the satellites went down, and realize that it's at the Luthor manor, and that there are hidden corridors below it. Clark hesitates to go and abandon Lois, but she tells him to go save the world and they kiss. After he leaves, Lois goes to the radio and realizes that her father was called to duty. She contacts a reporter, Janet Dawson, who is covering the White House, and says that she knows that the President plans to use a nuclear missile on what he believes is a meteorite. Since Apokolips is a planet, the missile will have no effect on it but the fallout will destroy Earth. When Janet refuses to listen, Lois knocks her out and takes her press pass. Clark arrives at Luthor Manor and Lex greets him. He explains that Lionel had a change of heart, and that Tess is fine. Lex notes that the great men of history have been defined by their enemies, and he can't forget how Clark was always one step ahead of him. Clark says it wasn't a competition, and Lex admits that Clark was the Chosen One and was always superior. What hurt him was that Clark hid from his destiny while he would have embraced it. Lex admits that he has finally embraced his own destiny, and they will both be great men because of each other. Clark says that he'll always be there to stop Lex, and Lex says that he's counting on it. However, their story hasn't yet been written and Clark has to save them from the Apokolips. He knows all about the chosen Savior from the Veritas journals, and that Clark is the light that will inspire the world. When Clark worries that he can't do it on his own, Lex says that he's right but they both know who can. Clark apologizes for being unable to save Lex and then superspeeds away, as Lex smiles. Olive arrives at Watchtower and brings the monitoring systems back online to confirm the prophet's location. He then goes to a hidden room and takes out his Green Arrow costume and equipment. Darkseid's prophets wait at the church and gloat that they have finally won, saving all the willing souls. Green Arrow comes in and they realize that he no longer bears the Omega brand. They ask if Green Arrow possesses the power to vanquish them, and shoots the three of them with arrows. They burst into dust before they can destroy them. Lois is aboard Air Force One and tries to approach the President. A Secret Service agent stops her and she tries to tell the man that Apokolips is approaching. When he goes to the window, Lois slips by him and approaches the Secretary of Defense. He gives her time to explain that their missile will fail, but Lois realizes that they already know that and that they will sacrifice a third of the planet's population to save the rest. The Cabinet explains that they are going to a secure facility to meet with the President and their families, but Lois says that the Blur will save the day. She points out that the people voted with the heroes and that they need to be trusted, and that the Blur will save them if they give him a chance. The Secretary gives her five minutes. At the Kent farm, Clark removes the control piece of the Jor-El construct. Lionel's corpse comes in, possessed by Darkseid, and Clark says that he will fight him to the end. When Darkseid says that Clark must be disgusted by how easily the people were swayed to his influence, Clark says that he believes in people. Darkseid telekinetically grabs him and throws Clark up into the loft, calling upon him to surrender, and Clark remembers Jonathan's words to let Jor-El guide him. Clark finds himself surrounded by the presence of Jor-El, showing him every step along the way of his life to become a hero. Clark realizes that they were all trials, and Jor-El tells him that the final trial is upon him and he must seize his destiny. Clark hesitates and then comes to a stop in mid-air, turns, and flies directly at Lionel's possessed body, destroying it and Darkseid inside. Tess returns to LuthorCorp and finds Lex seated at his old desk. She checked the lab and realized that he is alive, and Lex admits that he knew she was his sister since before he recruited her. Tess points out that Lionel wanted Lex back again, and Lex asks what she wanted. She says that she wanted redemption but knew she would never have it. Lex embraces her and says that he loves her, and then stabs her in the stomach. As she falls, Lex says that he's actually saving her from turning into him. Dying, Tess reaches up to him, strokes his cheek, and says that Clark already did that. Lex realizes that she has the amnesia drug that he developed at Summerholt, and Tess says that in 30 seconds he will forget everything up to that moment. As Lex stares down at her corpse, his memories fade away one by one. He goes to the window and looks out as devastation spreads across the planet, and some of the letters from the LuthorCorp fall, off, leaving "LexCorp" behind. Clark flies to the Fortress and Jor-El says that his trials are at an end, and that he is proud of Clark. The construct says that Clark must now save the world, and the crystal containing Martha's gift, Clark's costume, rises out of the ground. Jor-El asks him to remember one thing; that it is Clark's time in Smallville with everyone there that made him a hero. Jonathan appears, holding the costume, and tells Clark to always remember Smallville. Clark takes it and Jonathan fades away. After a moment, Clark flies into the air, donning the uniform in midflight, and smashes through the Fortress' ceiling. As Apokolips starts to touch Earth, everyone on Air Force One is thrown about. Lois looks out the window and sees a red-and-blue figure steady the plane. Clark then flies to the window and smiles briefly at Lois, and then flies away. Lois grabs a video camera and starts filming herself, as the President steps out and she gets him on film. In the streets of Metropolis, everyone looks up at the sky as Apokolips looms overhead. Clark flies over and Oliver cheers him on as he flies up and pushes the intruding planet away. The Omega brands fade from the people and they cheer as Clark pushes Apokolips into the depths of space. Seven years later Chloe finishes reading to her son, saying that was the day that Clark Kent turned into Superman. He asks his mother to read it again, and she assures him that there will be more adventures for another day. Chloe kisses him goodnight and goes to the door, and her son looks at the bow and arrow resting on a chair. Outside, Chloe takes a call from Lois, who says that she received her present; something blue. She heads for Perry White's office and Jimmy Olsen, Henry James' younger brother, shows her the photos that he has of Superman. As Lois leaves, a news broadcast reveals that Lex is the President. On the stairs, a supposedly clumsy Clark bumps into Lois. They talk privately and Clark shows her their rings, and he says that he's been waiting seven years to get married. Jimmy announces an emergency and Clark says that they'll have to wait a little longer. He runs to the roof and dons his uniform, and flies off into the sky.