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Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2011 on The CW

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  • very good

    my hero
  • Strong negative feelings!

    I really have negative felling about how this show turned out. From season 8 forward, only 2 of the original characters were on, Clark and Chloe. In the final season, Chloe should have played a major role but was absent for half of it and delegated to last on the title! Only Lois of the new characters was at all interesting. Some of the new characters, especially Aquaman, could not even act. And to kill off Tess... why the H... did they do that???!!! What plot purpose did that serve? As the show progressed, the repeated angst one Clark's trying to figure out if there was room in his life for a life partner got to be extremely frustrating as did the consistent "the next enemy is the greatest one Clark will have to face". I can understand the Jonathan and Martha hard to leave Clark's life. However, what mother would move away and rarely visit her son or return to the home where she spent such a blessed time with a beloved husband? The explanation that it was just too painful just did not ring true. My favorite characters where Chloe, Lois, Tess, Clark, and Lex, in that order. Others were okay but less believable or interesting.

    And I haven't even mentioned the ridiculousness of a planet hitting the Earth but not being noticed until it was closer than the moon and not having any gravitational effect or heating effect... not even when it was almost touching the rooftops!

    Season 10 was more about saying goodbye and tying loose ends but not doing a good job or it. I thought they could have done a much better job of closing the Lana issue. Lex returning but really not being a big part of the story was disappointing as well. I understand that Michael Rosenbaum did not really want to be a part but they had so many other options.

    For me the fight and identity as Superman is a non issue. I always expected those would be the last things to happen before Clark transitioned from "Smallville" to "Superman" I do wish that he had been identified and Superman at least once.

    But back to paragraph 1, my greatest disappointment is the absence of Chloe, Clarks best friend, for so many episodes. To me, that just ruined season 10. She was an integral part in every episode until the end of season 9 but absent for 12 episodes in season 10.

    Overall, the show was okay. However, this is one of those shows that should have ended sooner... 2 or even 3 season sooner; for whatever reasons, the writers just lost their edge and direction.

  • my nieces thoughts

    clarks cute lois and lana are perfect for him i think hes heroic hes my favorite super hero out of them all wow here he omes now somebody save me
  • One of the most disappointing finales EVER!

    I cannot express more strongly how frustrated I was watching the last episode of Smallville... it was not only a terrible episode but sloppy story telling. I freely admit that there are plenty of things about Smallville I found to be lacking but despite those faults I stuck with it (Chloe helped). Still nothing had really gotten me excited about the show in years (except perhaps the hope that Lana would leave the show never to be seen again... EVER).

    Then season 9 came along and I started to be excited for the next episode. I loved the larger world the creators of the show were building. Ollie really came into his own, as a character, and Mercy was one of the most interesting new supporting roles they had brought us. Lois pining for Clark, instead of the other way around, was fun to see. All-in-all it wasn't as iffy a show any longer. Then they take a huge step backwards and screw up the last episode I watch (my last memory) of this series. It's like they wanted us to remember that in the end this show was just a 5 or 6 out of 10 at best.

    Let me explain No there's too much, let me sum up: 1) The huge plot hole in why everyone was all of unbranded (why because they saw a speck in the sky?) 2) The death of Tessa - They took a character that had the most interesting & textured story arc and just killed her for real no reason. If it was for gravatus they should have realized it would not upset longtime fans like the death of Chloe would have (I would have totally cried). 3) What the hell happened with Green Arrow's assault on Darkseid's heralds? Why did his arrows all of a sudden do... well anything at all to them especially as Apokolips is floating in the sky. 4) So now you tell me that Lois & Clark don't get married until 2018? Why? Is there some kooky running joke about it ever working out? Nope... they just had more to do than finishing the last line in they vows (BTW legally they're most likely already married). 5) The cheesy plug for Smallville comics and the almost bookend to the episode of Chloe reading to her son (with Ollie?) was lame. Sorry guys this isn't the Princess Bride (despite what my header for this section might lead you to believe).

    Lastly I don't care if Sups flies for 7 mins or 27... what I needed him to do was be Superman and what we saw was still The Blur. They even set the whole thing up so that all Sups needed to do was be the LIGHT and inspire people. But all he did was try to sell the Kent family legacy, get beat up by a Luthor and let Tess die.

    I cannot say this enough Superman is an overwhelmingly positive character (like him or hate him) and what he needed to do was inspire people, he could have done that many ways but the main one was simply to stop for a moment and show his face. It's saying something that the new JLA movie mirrors this story thematically in that the huge world treat of Darkseid can unite the world behind its heroes.

    Yet here were the answer to saving people is just what Clark did with Ollie (inspire him by speech and deed) was what he didn't do at all. We had the perfect moment too, Lois and the Prez on Air Force One with a camera but nope.

    Don't get me started on how we had a huge list of potential guests that could have been on the show (from JLAers to Dr Emil who we just forgot about). I really wonder how this show lasted as long as it did with a production team or (more than likely) a bunch of studio excs without heart or story symmetry.
  • One word: EPIC

    I know some people disliked the fact of that we only got to see him fly for 7mins. But, this show was never about Superman. It was about the journey of Clark Kent. This episode gave us everything we soul have ever wanted from the finale.
  • While the series has become somewhat heavy-handed and dark during the past few seasons, this finale returns it to the original spirit of the Superman legend.

    Outstanding finale! The series has tended to be overly cerebral and heavy-handed in the past few seasons, but this final episode was true to the historic spirit of the Superman legend. It returned to the original basic premise of good vs. evil, action, and the heroic and courageous heart and soul of the hero. Especially satisfying was Clark's transition to Superman after he receives the suit from Jonathan, which was filmed beautifully - the entire series has been building up to that moment for 10 years! Much disappointment has been expressed about the fact that there is never a full shot of Clark in the uniform, and that he doesn't wear it until the last 5 minutes or so. To me, though, that makes perfect dramatic sense - we've spent 10 years imagining that sight, and the way the scene was shot, when he finally does become Superman - suit and all - preserves that mystique. After all, at its core, the show was never about Superman - it was about Clark's development and his journey to becoming Superman. It did not disappoint - the special effects, the music (including themes from John Williams's score from the 1978 motion picture), and the storyline all added up to the electrifying and satisfying climax that we were expecting.
  • thank you......please need season 11 on TV ^_^

    Thank you for the show it's really long journey coming with hard and amazing piece of art I really enjoy it except it needs one season more to finish properly I think. ^_^

    I have heard they will do the season 11 as books its great move thought it would be better if they make it on TV, with the same actress and closing all the open doors because the show really really need season 11 on TV. ^_^

    I still have so many questions about Lana's destiny and how she will help superman. Dose superman will have super children?! We want to see Connor too?! Will superman meet the Candorian again? Because he can fly between galaxies now!

    Plus i hope they will concentrate on the story of the hero (superman) and remember there are FAMILIES watching! Hoping they will not put bad senses (kissing and stuff!!!!)! Because it's really disturbing and loosing the meaning of the show if it's keeps happening. (Superman for all ages) ^_^
  • The last 2 hour episode of the series was bitter sweet to many fans. It closed the doors to an era where we needed super heroes.

    The long 10 year journey to where Clark Kent was trying to hide from his destiny finally embraced it. He became the man who not only Jonathan and Martha Kent wanted him to be but also his birth father Jor-El. The show started with Chloe Sullivan (Now Chloe Queen) is reading a Smallville comic book to her son. (I have not watched this show in two years so I was surprised to see Oliver and Chloe married.) This must have been an awesome moment for the character of Chloe. She is reading about a super hero whom she had part in helping him define his character. While she is reading the clock turns back 7 years to where Lois is having second thoughts about marring Clark. Lois thinks she is standing in the way of Clark being the hero he needs to be.

    Other aspects of the show I was surprised at was that- One: The Luthor Mansion was burned down. I thought the mansion was built on stone.

    Two Tess and Lex were brother and sister.

    Granny Goodness called upon Tess at the ruins of the mansion. Granny wants Tess to join Darkseid. Tess denied Granny's invitation. Martha came home to the farm and was very upset to see it packed up. Clark told her that he and Lois are going to live in Metropolis and he wants to put Smallville behind him. Martha tried convincing him that Smallville is where he grew up and it was there where he found out who he was. The ghost of Jonathan Kent was right there. It seems that Jonathan was always there trying to guide Clark along the way but Clark turned his back on Jonathan and Jor-El.

    Chloe shows Lois Clark's vows to her and Lois realizes Clark is in love with her and she loves him. After going back and forth Clark walks Lois down the aisle and they almost get married. Chloe noticed that Oliver was giving Lois a gold kryptonite ring. Before she could place it on Clark's finger and take away his powers forever, Chloe stops her. It was obvious that Oliver was consumed by Darkseid's power at that moment. There was a small battle between Clark and Oliver. Clark insisted that he would never give up on his friend and Oliver must fight the darkness. Oliver took back the ring and he came back to his old self, but at that very moment Apocalypse covered the sky. Lois and Clark had to put their marriage on hold. It is time for Clark to face his final challenge.

    Everybody is back at the farm and Clark can see his father. Jonathan told Clark that he has to let Jor-El guide him for this particular trial. Martha told Clark he has to save the world.

    The second part of this finale is centered on bringing Lex back to life. Lionel abducted Tess. He had her bound to a table where he explained to her that Lex had himself cloned in every way except he did not have a heart. Lionel was going to take out Tess's heart but she broke free, fighting off henchmen and then picking up a gun she shot Lionel.

    Lionel makes a deal with Darkseid to let Lex live. Darkseid took Lionel's soul and Lex came back to life. (When Michael Rosenbaum appeared, there was hype that he wore a bald piece instead of shaving his head. This was a very good bald piece. It looked as if he was really bald.)

    Clark was at the mansion when Lex appeared to him. (During this scene I got the impression that even Lex was encouraging Clark to stop Apocalypse.)

    Lois found out that the Government was going to Nuke the planet Apocalypse and she got aboard Air Force One to confront The Secretary of State. She convinced them not to do that and she knows someone who could save our planet.

    Darkseid came to Clark at the barn in the form of Lionel. During the battle between the two Clark stopped in mid-air and somehow got transported to the Fortress. (This was a nice scene to watch. It was about 5 minutes or so of flashbacks. It showed some of the best scenes from the past 10 years. The music sounded as it was paying homage to John Williams.)

    At the fortress Jor-El told him the time has come. The power to stop Darkseid was always in him. Clark realized that all the trials that Jor-El put him through were for that very moment. Clark went back to the barn and flew right into Lionel smashing him to pieces.

    Lex and Tess meet at Luthorcorp. Lex killed his sister by using a dagger. Before Tess died she touched his face with her blood to erase his memories. (This was something else that I missed within the past 2 years)

    The next scene at the fortress is my favorite of this episode. Clark went back to the fortress where Jor-El told Clark he was proud of him. Jor-El also told Clark it was his time in Smallville that made him a hero. Jonathan handed Clark his costume and gave the greatest line of this show "Always hold on to Smallville." Clark is now Superman! (The costume is Superman Returns costume with a Christopher Reeve cape.)

    Clark takes to the skies and he first saves Air Force One. (Homage to Superman the Movie) Then he flies through Metropolis to destroy Apocalypse. Back to present time, Chloe finished the comic book story to her son. The scene changed to the Daily Planet where everything is in place;

    Perry White as editor screaming "Great Caesar's Ghost" (Not only Voiced by Michael McKean but also another homage to John Hamilton from the George Reeves Series)

    Jimmy Olsen is back (Aaron Ashmore reprising his role)

    And for some reason Clark was acting bumbling.

    Clark and Lois are ready to get married (again) but there is a bomb. With the Superman March playing Clark ran on top of the Daily Planet building whisking away his glasses and ripping his shirt to reveal his 'S'.

    From the very beginning Smallville was different from the rest of the Superman myth. This final episode or Television movie brought the character full circle. I found it paid tribute to Christopher Reeve (Music, Air Force One, Bumbling Clark), John Williams (Superman March) Gerard Christopher of Superboy (Clark at the Fortress, the way he was dressed in the shirt and vest), George Reeves Series (Perry yelling "Great Caesar's Ghost!), and also the 1940's comic book and radio series (The way Jimmy Olsen was dressed in the 1940's hat, shirt and bow tie.)
  • A double apisode finale of superman with 7 minutes of flying and no actual apearence of c.k in the suit

    Like others,i have been watching smallville for 10 seasons.i know i was watching smallville,not superman,and what the creator's thought where about flying."no tights no flights",eve though clark flew around his 14,i was ok watching a 25+ clark not flying,only superspeeding,an occasional eyezapp and catching was ok.then i saw clark cent being turned to batman (black coat,watching from the rooftops,gloomy).i said,ok,since it helped me not to vomit from the whole melodrama overdose.then,it comes the final episode.i see clarc kent flying for about 6 minutes,i see him only head+torso in the suit,an some blured cgi from distance in the suit.also,hi punched once Darkseid and defeated him (LOL??).Thats the reward/conclusion for seeing smallville for 10 years,thats the reward for t.welling-not being seen in the actual costume-,and thats the last taste that they gave to its audience.maybe one of the worst endings ever
  • a super let down


    Smallville will always be one of my favourite t.v shows of all time, but when i look back on the show in years to come i wont think fondly of the finale which to me was a huge letdown the word superman was never used, you never actually saw tom welling in the famous suit and there was only a few mintues of flying i also found this finale to be far to mushy and cheesy and the return of lex wasnt excititing, the way chloe was writen out was poor espeically for a character that has been on the show for 10 years, the only think i really likedabout this episode was the flashforward at the end of episode Overall i found this finale to be such a letdown and a disopointing end to a tired show

  • Sometimes it might be a little bit slushy, but it is definitely worth to the Superman story.


    Great episode, although sometimes I felt the parts where Clark was still hesitating a little bit too much. Fighting with Darkseid could have been a little bit more detailed (rather then discussing the selling of the farm with his mother), and I would have emphasized Oliver's big part a little bit more and the Olsen part wasn't worked up perfectly...(If they had decided to kill him seasons ago, then they should have been leaving that like that.)

    All things considered, one of the best episodes, worthy ending of Smallville(my heart is crying), and definitely worthy for the Superman story. Somehow please fill in the heart in my soul! (maybe a Superman series with the same cast? :))

  • I LOVED IT!!


    I genuinely thought it was a really good finale. Reminded me of the 'Commencement' episode with the impending disaster headed for Earth in both episodes as well as a main event in Clark's life (graduation vs. wedding) happening concurrently.

    I thought the writers' made good use of its former series regulars in the episode and that they blended in with the overall storyline well. The visuals are always a pleasure to watch, LOVED seeing Clark finally put the cape on and take off to the skies and finally embrace his destiny. His scenes with Lex were EPIC. John Glover plays Lionel so well and as a character, he is an awful human being. Literally taking one child's life to save the other is inhuman. But it was sad to see Tess die. I liked her this season and didnt really see the need for it even though I enjoyed her dialogue with her newfound brother. The only thing that bothered me was the fight scene with Darkseid. He was defeated rather quickly for my liking and we didnt reall see Clark 'throw' Apokolips away from Earth. All in all though it was a great episode. Nicely tying up the loose ends and setting the needed groundwork for what we all know as Superman.

  • Smallville will always be one of my favorite shows and will always have a special place in my heart but I don't think I've ever seen a show end so poorly.

    I have put off writing this review for so long because I hate to bad mouth one of my favorite shows. But I have to be truthful about my feelings regarding this episode.

    Plain and simple: The episode was awful. I remember last year at Comic-Con, everyone was bragging about what a great final season they had in store for us, and they were liars. The season was terrible and the show ended on the same note.

    I still can't understand why they wasted so much time on Clark and Lois relationship, the whole will-they-won't-they get married. What a waste of time. So much of the season was devoted to wasting time on nonsense. Why didn't they take advantage of a great villain like Darkseid and actually devote more than a few minutes to that storyline?

    After seeing the role Lex played, I don't blame Michael Rosenbaum for hesitating to come back. It was really great to see him, but I expected more. At least they've cleaned up some of the mess they've made by wiping his memory clean. Now we can see how he will be a great enemy of Superman in the future.

    (They weren't ever able to undo their first great mistake: Clark without glasses. He should have been in glasses from the beginning. They also waited way too long to put him in glasses, and to try to make him shy & bumbling. Too little too late).

    Tess being killed is the only thing I liked about the episode. But I was ready for her to be gone after her first few episodes. I never liked her character.

    The entire comfrontation with Darkseid, the battle or whatever you want to call it, was anticlimactic. It should have lasted longer. It could have had so much more suspense and action. It had so much potential. They were leading up to it all season and then it was a letdown.

    I wish they could redo the episode and let it be a cool episode. I was so sad after I watched it. A massive disappointment. I could go on but I won't. I just hope there are brighter things in store for the cast of Smallville.
  • Excellent Finale!

    Considering that the show was dealing with the origins of one of the most iconic pop culture figures in history ever I was a little wary about what they were going to do with the finale. But they struck the right balance with the action and the emotional storylines in the final episode and left me feeling very nostalgic for the entire series especially when they showed clips from past seasons and characters that had moved on. I also really liked that the writers of "Smallville" payed homage to the comic book genre that launched the whole Superman era in the 1930's by having Chloe be reading her son a comic book about the origins of "superman" in the finale.
  • the end of smallville was great for me.

    i never really thought of smallville as the best show on tv but i like the end of the story.i happen to like the finale.

    i like the action in it.

    i like how they tied up all lose ends.

    im glad they ddint waste this ep. and bring in alot of characters they werent need like the end of charmed.

    i love how the story end b/c it ends where the comics and everything start off.

    clark became superman,clark even flew and he had on the superman suit.

    this would have been a 10 but i hate that clark/lois thing where it was are they gone get married arent they gone get married it annoyed me and it felt like a waste of time.

    overall i like this ep. and thought the writers did the show justice and this is coming from a guy whos never given any show a 10 b/c theres no such thing as a perfect show.
  • It all comes together for Clark but unfortunately also the end to a great TV show.

    Ya now... I'm just a little annoyed at all the negative comments being made about this episode. And it's usually by people that don't even like the show. My suggestion to you is to p**s off! If you don't like the show don't comment on it. You obvious don't have a life if you have to comment on a show that you don't like. Now for the episode. I thought they did an excellent job with it. At the end of the day we got him flying, in his suit and Lex was back. Not bad for a finale. Yes there were some short comings like the defeat of Darside and Apocalypse. They could have done that a little better but then again I don't recall Darside ever being mentioned in the comics when Clark was in Smallville before becoming Superman, so they were making this stuff up as they went along. The really battle with Darside is in the future. Ultimately it was about the end of Smallville and the beginning of Superman and I think they did that very well.
    The one thing I truly like about Smallville's version of the Superman story is that Lois knows who Clark is and doesn't look like a complete idiot not being able to recognize that Clark is Superman. I have been a long time Superman fan and I believe the Smallville TV show not only did the story justice it put a human and believable spin on it which I think has been missing with Superman.
    It's sad to say goodbye to this show. I'll miss it!
  • What can I really say? I got so emotional when Clark took flight and when Lois walked down the isle.

    After 10 years Clark finally realised and embraced his destiny. I was beyond happy to see the wedding even if it was interupted. I loved how it didn't just focus on Clark fighting. It rarely showed any action scenes and stuck to the emotional "flight" that the characters have taken us on (like what LOST did)

    I loved the show and I am kind of dissapointed yet suprisingly glad that we didn't see Clark in the Superman suit as the show was never about Superman it was about Clark Kent and how he came to work at The Daily Planet and meet Lois Lane and become the world hero. I feel it was kind of enough just seeing him from a distance and knowing he has become a good man.

    I got emotional when he saved the day and teared up. I was some how proud of him :$ strange eh?
  • the weakest attempt at a finale i have seen

    i havent reviewed anythink before but had to with this my pal got me on to smallville i thought it was alright but the finale was the worst i have ever seen i have seen canceled shows with better endings im no a big fan and felt robbed anyone that said they are satisfied are that big of a fan they carnt see sence 100 words min dont know what else to say didnt like it and never will the big bad of the hole season was ended in seconds and his greatest enemy he a couple of words at the end weak and the recap bit went on for to long dragging a crap episode even longer

    best thing i can say was the clark vs queen fight was ok
  • Destiny Fulfilled

    Finale, Part 1 (I'll call it "Vows")

    What Worked:

    -I liked the opening with Chloe and the little boy (sure it doesn't make a lick of sense that Clark's story ends up being a DC comic book!?) I like the idea of Chloe telling Clark's story to inspire young heroes (who happened to be Connor Hawke aka Oliver's son/Green Arrow #2/Chloe's son too?) Not to mention, the shot of Apokolips coming to Earth was impressive!

    -Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet was beyond entertaining with Clark being so assertive, even using his powers to get it through Lois' head that there wedding was going to happen. While Lois continues to think she's standing in his way, Clark declaring that "you're not in my way Lois, you're by my side" was powerful and never has Clark been so decisive which is very appropriate given this is the final episode.

    -Chloe and Oliver....I actually enjoyed them together. Yeah, I know, but considering this is the end, there was a bittersweet feeling I got from watching them and both Allison and Justin sure made their characters' attraction seem more honest than they usually do...or maybe it was the fact that it wasn't a scene about their relationship but about helping Clark and Lois? Anyway, I liked the musical score, the lighting and Allison looked stunning!

    -Granny and Tess! Really intriguing and Granny pratically begging Tess to go with her was also creepy. Not to mention, their discussion of Darkseid's true nature. Sure, that fact that he's a Devil entity seems a farcry from the comics but ehw, at least it adds some dread to the scene. I loved Granny's "May God bless you soul" and "It's not coming, it's upon us."

    -The scene between Martha and Clark at the farm was heartwarming and both of their arguments about whether or not to keep the farm was well written not to mention very well acted by Annette O' Toole and Tom Welling. Sure, Marth not wanting Clark to sell the farm after "Kent" saw Clark moving on from the farm seemed pretty contradicting, it was beautifully executed scene and I loved Jonathan's spirit appearing so upset at the end of the scene.

    -Chloe and Lois at the Daily Planet was probably the best scene I've scene from these two in a while. It's good not only seeing the cousins connect so deeply, but the dialogue from Chloe was especially the finest written from the character. Her speech spoke volumes about why Lois Lane is so essential to Superman, besides the Kents, she's his connection to his humanity and keeps him "ground", something to look forward to besides saving the day all the time. The moment where Lois reads Clark's vows and "Breathe Again" by Sara Bareilles was just a stunning sequence. The direction with Chloe and Lois' trading looks after Lois' reaction after reading the letter, wonderful.

    -Clark talking to Jonathan's grave was great, Clark's whole speech was also a strong piece of writing and I loved Jonathan trying to reach out to Clark even if Clark can't see him. -Clark and Lois at the apartment was probabaly the high point of Part 1 for me. Evrything was just perfect, the acting, the direction, the use of the score etc. You could just feel the romance and beauty of Clark and Lois' relationship and the emotional vulnerablity was spot on. Erica and Tom gave that scene their all and it showed!

    -The walk down the aisle was solid as well, the shot of Jonathan magically appearing next to Clark and Lois walk down the aisle together almost had me teary eyed. While it's a bit excessive to have Clark and Lois' vows read again, I still loved the editting and montage of all the characters at the wedding. It's a moment that hits hard with saddness and appreciation as the series is closing right in front of our eyes.

    -The chaotic interruption of the wedding had some great action, I especially loved the shots of Clark superspeeding in to save Lois and Dark Oliver throwing Clark over him and slamming him down. Even if it's another stretch to have Clark cure Oliver with a couple of inspiring words, it's a moment complete in the character of Superman! Part 1 ends with Apokolips moving closer towards Earth in another great shot.

    What Felt Weak:

    -So all of sudden Clark is agrees with Lois and wants to call off the wedding? Felt a bit forced and a way to drag out the "will they or won't they?" dilemma longer than it needed to be.

    -How exactly did Granny, Desaad and Godfrey escape from being captured or whatever the explanation for their disappearences were?

    -Since when does Chloe know about Gold Kryptonite and what it would do to Clark?

    Final, Part 2 (I'll guessed it....."Superman"!) -Without a doubt, the stronger part of the two!

    What Worked:

    -The Kent family reunion at the barn was simply the finest scene from all 3 characters in years. Jonathan letting Clark go and telling him to go to Jor-El while Martha joins in and tells Clark to have faith as Clark looks in amazement with both is parents once again standing before him. Just heartbreaking and powerful. I especially loved the shot of Clark superspeeding out the farm as his parents look up to see Apokolips hovering over Earth.

    -Lionel's final confrontation with Tess was brilliant and I'm glad the final moment for the character was trying to kill Tess just to ressurect Lex. Tess fighting her way out of being captured by Lionel was badass and her killing Lionel felt like a fitting end to her story this season. If that wasn't enough, Darkseid's appearence soon after was chilling, especially the moment he rips Lionel's heart out. Talk about ouch and epic at the same time!

    -I LOVE, LOVE the scene with Clark and Lois investigating as the Daily Planet (and the whole city) is in chaos. It was a screen straight out the comics showing how not only do they both make a great match as a couple but as reporters. The direction continues to shine (with Beeman behind the camera for Part 2!) and how could you not love that last kiss/moment before Lois tells Clark to go save the world?

    -Clark and Lex at the mansion. I have no words! I don't care if Lex loses his memory later on. This scene is probably my favorite scene of the finale and completely sums up not only Clark and Lex's journey on the series culminating finally, but Superman and Lex Luthor's epic rivalry. Everything from Clark's determination to always stopping Lex to Lex's delivery of "We have a destiny together Clark...only on different sides" would make any Superman fan weak in the knees. Michael Rosenbaum's return was worth the wait and his performance was some of the best work he's ever done on the series. He wasn't just playing Lex Luthor, he WAS Lex Luthor! I also loved that Lex's final words to Clark was him pushing Clark to become Superman. It's completely in the character of Lex Luthor as he wants Clark to defeat Darkseid so he can take his place as Superman's main nemesis.

    -Clark vs. Darkseid at the barn. Yes, there was no real fight or showdown between them, but that wasn't the point. While Darkseid or should I say, "Dark Lionel" wasn't exactly the Cosmic Dark Lord we know from the comics, his confrontation with Clark was enough for me, I loved Clark's line about "it may be easier to hate, but it's stronger to love". Darkseid while not phsically a match for Clark in the end, he seemed more like a metaphorical villain, the last bit of darkness inside of Clark that he had to face before he reached his full potential. The moment where Clark finally flies (after an uplifting montage of Clark's most heroic saves throughout the series) was exciting, a moment while delayed for so long, felt just as worth waiting for as Lex's return. Sure Clark beat Darkseid in like 2 seconds, but that moment of him realizing the true power within him as he stared Darkseid down was powerful!

    -Lex and Tess, another long over due confrontation. Cassidy and Michael worked great together in just that one scene and it was great seeing both characters finally discuss the reason for Tess' inheriting the Luthor empire. While most feel Tess' death was poorly handled, I felt it was exactly the way Tess would go out, not only as a redemped woman but protecting Clark's scret and getting revenge on Lex. The Lex mind-wipe was a surprising twist and while most will never forgive the writers for dumping on 7 years of Lex's journey on Smallville, it's an open ended twist that leaves the audience to put the pieces together. Does Lex get a clean slate to chose his own destiny outside of his dark past or is he ultimately doomed to re-live his past with Clark by becoming Superman's greatest foe? I think we know the answer! I also loved the Luthorcorp sign turning into "LXcorp". ;)

    -Finally, the moment we've been waiting years for: Clark becoming Superman! The scene is everything we've wanted and more! Clark fully ready to put that suit on, Jor-El...finally acting like Jor-El, not to mention the Fortress looking more beautiful than it ever has! If that wasn't enough, Jonathan handing Clark the suit was the cherry on top of this long awaited birth of Superman. Clark flying out the Fortress as he emerges as Superman was breathtaking, with epic scoring and I couldn't help but cheer as Superman finally, after all these years, took to the skies.

    -Superman saving Air Force One was beyond iconic and the moment Clark and Lois trade smiles at the window was excellent as well as the shot of Superman flying toward Metropolis with Apokolips right above the city. It's was pure comic book gold, pure epicness and man, will that shot be embedded in my brain for years to come!

    -While we never get a full shot of Tom as Superman, I never felt that Superman's first real time appearence on the series felt cheap or like a cop-out. Beeman's direction and the shots he chose perfectly display the power and godly presence that Superman is, especially when Superman flies above Metropolis into Apokolips as the cizitens of the city watch in awe. Sure Superman's power display is show to be greater than most of the Superman before him and he moves the planet pretty easily, but it's a truly inspiring moment and feels like a comic book unraveling in front of our eyes. I loved how after Apokolis is thrown away, we see Clark staring into space with a look of accomplishment and as he turns away we go back to the comic Chloe is reading to the little boy. The little add in of the Superman score was also a nice touch.

    -Metropolis 2018! I never get tired of those flashforwards! Comic Lois Lane, Comic Jimmy Oslen (played by Aaron Ashmore! YAY!), Perry White in his office (that was infact Michael McKean's voice!), President Lex Luthor, Comic Clark Kent with the wedding rings and the final shot with the classic shirt rip as the red "S" englufs the screen. Perfection! Flawless!

    What Felt Weak:

    -Green Arrow takes out Granny, Desaad and Godfrey with his arrows.....WTF!? Great finale or not, WEAK! -Since when can there be an election in 2018? Oops!

    -Lois breaking into Air Force One? Anyway, the finale was a truly rewarding experience and after repeated watches, I enjoyed more and more. While the fans are still greatly divided and will be complaining about it's shortcomings for years. It was a finale that fulfilled what the series set out to do: turn Clark into Superman! 10 years, thank you writers, it's been a stressful, annoying yet strangly satisfying ride the past decade. Just no spin-offs, like SuperLana! Yuck!
  • Was left completely satisfied after ten years of watching the show.

    Was left completely satisfied after ten years of watching the show. Smallville started very strongly but started tailing off towards its later years. It was definatley time the show ended and i was glad they did it the way they did, leaving no loose ends or unanswered questions.

    I was not totally captivated by Smallville's final season, and in fact temporarily gave up watching the show five episodes from the end... i know, i know. However, i finally came to my senses and watched them all this morning in succession and I have to admit i squealed like a little girl during several parts of the final episode.

    As i said the final season was less than satisfying, especially when you think back to the fantastic first few; but my faith was utterly restored in the world of Smallville after this morning. The two things i have been waiting for finally happened, the superman suit and Clark finally learnt to fly!!! - In the most amazing way i might add.

    The show was brought to a close in a nice full circle. I was definatley overjoyed to see the return of Lex, without Michael the show would not have felt complete. Also the glimpse into the future was great, it felt like we were watching Superman, not Smallville. "Jimmy", Martha and Jonathan's return was also a really nice touch.

    There is a lot of hatred for Smallville these days, but i don't care, i am pleased with this episode which payed Homage to a show which i have loved.
  • No love but no hate

    There was so much they could've done during those annoying, unnecessary moments which took alot of the time I mean the only time I felt intrigued was the last 15 minutes and the last couple of minutes happened to be the ones where he learned to fly and got his suit whiiich btw we didn't get to see Tom Welling use it was either a floating head or CGI which was kinda lame but the future in the end was awesome :) the wedding was nice and that Oliver conquered the darkness within' him and thus played a huge roll in taking out Darkseid's prophets was kinda awesome but the fight was not epic and way to short same with the battle between Clark and Darkseid which wasn't actually a battle, Darkseid isn't that easy to beat what so ever. The return of Lex Luther was amazing and we got to see Jonathan handing Clark the suit was pure gold and when Clark learned to fly he had flashbacks from season 1 where we saw all the rescues he's ever done and then he flew. Pretty much an epic ending but with alot of downsides leading to the fact that I was abit dissapointed :(
  • Not a powerful cast..

    I was so disappointed of this episode, because they left Lana Lang behind. Having those original casts as their special guest star was superb; they all got shown up even the long time dead, Mr. Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor. But I still don't understand why the Ex-girlfriend wasn't in the final episode or in the other episode? Lana Lang means to me allot that's why not having her in the season was a very bad idea to me.

    Season 1 to Season 8 is the best season so far and the remaining two season wasn't that good but it wasn't that bad also. It's just they forgot the important character in the important episode of the show. I can't believe it ends this way
  • Smallville Finale ruined

    Its to bad that the series ended like this... the season finale is the worst episode of the whole series. They completely ruined darkseid and the fact that Clark pushed away Apocalypse is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong smallville was on of my favorite series but what the frik were they thinking. Defeating darkseid by flying trough him.. superman has never been able to defeat him on his own and now they don't even had to fight for him to win. So this id how it ends a great show ruined by the writers because they want a Hollywood finale instead of something even remotely similar to the actual dc comics.

    I almost feel bad for Tom Welling because he had to play in this ridiculous episode.

    This is exactly what Smallville was about. I can't understand why people criticized this Finale. It is the first and probably only time we will see a proper detailed version of Clark becoming superman. The suit never had anything to do with smallville it was Clark becoming superman.

    We will see the suit many times in comics on the big screen in cartoons. Please let smallville be.

    In my opinion the highlight of the Finale was when he flew in the barn WOW sent chills. Smallville did everything right, they brought back lex, created the clark we know and created a modern superman. they also gave us Chloe an interesting character who i hope to see more of in the DC world.
  • Good but disappointing finale

    I think they screwed up the Smallville finale big time in that 1) Like Doomsday, Darkseid's planet was easily defeated by Clark Kent's bout of positive emotions vs. The Man of Steel, 2) Lex Luthor got very little screen time, and 3) we never got to see Superman, hence Clark Kent did not really fully become the hero we were waiting for. It was good, but a disappointing series finale. There really should have been at least ten seconds of a shot of Tom Welling in the whole SuperMan suite. It would have been great to see him fly around the Earth like Christopher Reeve did at the end of the Superman Movie with the sun shining in the distance.
  • A mediocre show's mediocre ending.

    Since I first heard they would create the series Smallville, I had imagined what I expected out of the finale and the series, and this show has disappointed all the way to the finale. I have been waiting since then for something in this series to give us some of what makes Superman super, but that never came. This series (like pretty much all "reimagined" series and movies) hijacked the name Superman, to tack on to a completely unrelated series.

    What I expected in the finale was Clark stepping up to bat, giving a compelling reason for taking up his cause. What we got was pretty much the same as the whole series, extremely quick an simple answers to what was played up as a major crises mixed in with soap opera moments, and name dropping of Superman comic book alumni, who's connections merely their names.

    I had hoped to see Clark standing proudly, overlooking the city in his superman suit, giving us the feeling that Superman was really "the light".

    Still there were some good moments, which were tributes to the movie. It was nice that some of the music was included from the film. And the rescue of air force one was a good homage to same rescue in the film.

    But the final season build up of Darkseid was confusing and misleading. I wouldn't rate Darkseid as one of Supermans greatest nemesis, so his choice as the series finale villian is puzzling. Even more so Darkseid is portrayed as completely different from his comic book counterpart. Since when does he control black ghosts that can inhabit peoples bodies?

    And why is it that Tess had to die, but Chloe lived? Since the first episode Superman fans have wondered how the Chloe's existence (who has never been mentioned in any other iteration of the Superman mythos) would be explained, justified or extracted, but none of that was done. This is all a pity, as Chloe (and Allison Mack) have been one of the most compelling characters on the show. That being said, Tess Mercer also developed into an outstanding character (not to over look Cassidy Freeman's outstanding performances), but in the tenth season Tess went back and forth from story lines that added depth, to those that made her seem absurd (and all the females could get a role in Kill Bill 3 - Why didn't Martha Kent get a shot?)

    And it would be wrong to not mention Erica Durance's spectacular Lois Lane. While her contrived and ill fitting introduction into the series has irked some fans, she has developed into perhaps the best Lois Lane, considering her excellent balance between strength and undeniable beauty, with out ever flaunting it too much or appearing airheaded.
  • The Blur dies, Superman is born!

    The moment most of Smallville fans have been waiting for a whole decade, the moment he finally rises to the challenge, is...not what i expected. I've seen many episodes far better than this, the Zod saga was better, we get so few shots of Darkseid, and Apokolips closing Earth is supposed to create chaos, mayhem in the world, and yet all we get is more chit-chat in more than one angle. But this doesn't mean i'm disappointed, quite the opposite, while indeed i WILL miss this show, i'm glad it ended, and seeing Clark finaaaaaly wear the suit, flying gave me shivers or goosebumps i couldn't tell. Tom Welling has earned the profound title of Superman and he rose up to the name. For 10 years of hard work, and struggle they all got the deepest respect from me and i deeply wish them all the best and Congrats for a series that resisted despite many issues over the years. Peace
  • Very fulfilling ending for a great show!

    Excellent ending for a series. Loved the fact that toward the end of the episode they used John Williams' Superman movies soundtrack. If they're smart they might think of a spin-off series.. Hopefully they will!. Finally he whore the Superman suit!!! Awesome episode and a very fulfilling finale for a show that has had its ups and downs through out the last 10 years. Kudos to everyone involved on the show and good speed for future projects!.
  • Smallville Finale was awesome!!

    Smallville Finale was awesome!! People who gave it a low rating expected too much from the finale...keep in mind this is smallville not Superman!! In the finale he flew, he donned the suit and flew, that is what we were expecting and that is what he did. I thought the finale was awesome!! the final scene gave me goosebumps, the whole show was great. I knew Lois and Clark wouldnt' get married on the show, it wasn't meant to be. I loved the flashbacks in the beginning and again in the fortress. The cast did a great job, I've been watching Smallville since Day 1, lots of memories, I will miss the show. The finale did exactly what was become Superman which Clark did at the end.
  • Biggest anticlimax ever.

    Oh where to start. Graciously. The first part of this finale double bill was actually fairly good, with the interaction of the characters serving to compliment each other in rounding off some of their remaining rough edges. But even here the problems for me began to mount. Although Clark and Lois proved that they were each what the other needs in order to be fully matured in character and purpose, that relationship has never convinced me - it has always been too pragmatic without any of the real heart-beating romance of Clark and Lana. Clark has only ever looked truly happy with Lana, and what we needed to see was a situation where Clark showed that given the choice he would rather be with Lois. In the past he has always chosen Lana over Lois and this needed to be resolved - it wasn't. And this failure to resolve conflicts haunts the whole finale.

    The biggest example of this was Clark "learning" to fly. Over the years I've had so many different ideas as to how this might happen, either in a dramatic sequence where it's fly or die, or a resolution of his fear of being too powerful (admitted in season 4's premiere), or going even further back to the first few seasons there could have been a resolution of his fear of heights. I've had multiple ideas for each of these possibilities. But how did it happen? What exciting drum roll worthy event led to him finally taking to the skies? What swirling camera motion measured his deep purposeful eyes as he overcame an emotional handicap to free himself of those inner shackles? What great barrier was overcome that had kept him spellbound since the second ever episode when he found himself floating above his bed? Answer... you know I'm not even sure what it was we got. It was almost as bad as Season 8's mysterious escape from Doomsday. For me, the real pay off was in season 4 when Clark took to the skies as Kal-El - that was the best flying sequence you will ever see and it will have to remain the true Superman moment throughout the whole 10 seasons.

    The second biggest failed resolution was Clark's identity as Superman. There has been so much lead-up over the years to formulating his name, from the Red-Blue Blur, then the Blur, then Jimmy's "you're some kind of super...guy", even Booster's advice to come up with someone beginning with "super", and then we got no payoff! We never find out how Clark comes to be known as Superman!! I mean, this is intrinsic to the whole purpose of the show!!! Deary me. I would have cried but all the tears had dried up.

    The third failed resolution was why Chloe never comes to be known in the future for her huge role in Clark's life. After the Legion revealed this little bit of trivia in season 8, we thought she would die somehow, or that she might just disappear for good, or that she would lose her identity as Dr Fate, making it too painful for Clark to speak of her. But we never find out why Clark decides to keep her out of his "memoirs". And seven years later she's still alive and kicking, married to Ollie, and assumedly still friends to cousin Lois and best friend Clark. So what happened there then?

    Fourthly, how does Perry White become editor of the Daily Planet? I've been waiting since season 3 to find out. They even tantalisingly brought him back for an episode in season 9, but again, no resolution, no pay off.

    The only real pay off in this show was Lex's return, and even then it was diminished by the fact that he had no part in events. Just one iconic line, "you always say it the same way: astonishment, mixed with a hint of dread, yet with a hopeful finish," sums up what this show was always about, and that was the relationship between Clark and Lex. Clark's comment that he wished he had been able to save Lex was just so perfectly done, with so much heart, sincerity and virtuous nobility, that you knew in that instant that this show ended with season 7. This finale was a patchwork job to heal something that died 3 years ago, and it required an artist, not a corporate commercial empire, to have finished it properly in its prime.

    The biggest letdown of all was that we didn't get to see Clark as Superman in front of a crowd, that we didn't get a speech from him to say who he was, what he stood for etc. The finale was supposed to be about the unveiling of Superman, getting to see him basking in the cheers of the people which is HIS pay off after 10 years of trials. But we saw nothing of it. We needed to see him as Superman for at least half an episode, seeing how the city accepted him as the Blur in the flesh, answering peoples' concerns over his power and his promise to always act in accordance with the law, to see what decisions he had come to about how to behave as a superhero, decisions we saw him struggling with over the last three seasons. Again, no pay off. I think another reviewer has said that there might be a rights issue with the Superman brand - well thank you corporate America! No wonder Superman doesn't want to be recognised as an American citizen anymore.

    However, if we HAD seen Superman before the crowds, I'm not even sure that Tom Welling could have pulled it off, because in what little we did see he just didn't seem like Superman, whereas at the end of season 9 he really did. I think the problem lies in the fact that by the end of Season 10 he had become too placid - rather than entering through his toughest trials to forge him as gold out of fire, his visions and trips to the future cheated him of it; because he had seen the end, knew it was all going to work out all right, there was nothing really hanging in the balance. From Brainiac in episode 3 onwards, it just seemed as though he was having his hand held on the final part of his journey, so that when he finally became Superman it just lacked the sense of victory and accomplishment that would have filled that colourful costume with the sense that he had earned it. The Superman costume is also too brightly coloured for Smallville's introspective, heart-torn, serious-minded Clark Kent. He needed to have his character developed to fit the costume, but in the end Smallville and Superman just didn't meet up. This was further hindered by the fact that Clark immediately took to flying like a pro, without any of the learning difficulties of his previous power developments. It was as though Smallville wasn't quite on course for Superman, and so they had to jump the tracks at the last minute, which is shameful considering they had a whole season upfront to make this work.

    I always knew this final episode would be boom or bust; season 10 was Smallville limping on one leg towards either the finish line or defeat, and it needed a great finale to shine new light upon a series that could be watched over and over again. Instead it's simply time to move on with life.
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