Season 3 Episode 21

Forsaken (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 2004 on The CW
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Clark decides to tell Lana his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, an errant FBI agent kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Also, Lex panics after the FBI gives him 24 hours to turn over information on his father or face jail time, but help arrives from an unexpected source.moreless

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  • Lana's childhood friend Emily, actually a dangerous clone, returns to her vent her obsession, while Clark, Lionel, Lex and Chloe try to track her down and save Lana's life. Lionel is arrested, Pete moves to Wichita, Lana is leaving for Paris.moreless

    The Emily Dinsmore character from "Accelerate" in Season 2 returns, but she's aged by several years and is even more dangerous. She's the result of Luthorcorp's human cloning experiment, whose base cells were from Lana's childhood friend, the real Emily. Neil Flynn plays her father Pete again, but his role in minimal. Emily now has the power to walk right through walls, making her confinement in a glass cell moot. Still yearning for her friendship with Lana, she finds her way to the Talon, executing the new owner and taking over the operation under the guise of being the daughter. Sometimes the return of a previous character doesn't play too well, but this script is effective, and Emily, played this time by Amber Rothwell, is reasonably sinister and scary.

    The departure of Lana for Paris continues to progress, with Lex providing an upgrade to first class. Clark wants to delay all this, but then he always wants what he cannot have, and Lex wisely advises letting her go. Clark gets a lot of good advice from the more mature Lex, and it isn't always self-serving. Of course, Lex does not have to deal with a secret identity, just his secret motivations.

    Pete Ross tells Clark more about his family's breakup, setting the stage for Pete to either stay in Smallville with his father for his senior year, or move with his mother. He's still driving that rare '64 blue Ford Falcon convertible, not a classic, but interesting because it's 40 years old and still on wheels. Just when Sam Jones is being written out of Smallville, he gets his best role and performs his most effective acting job of the series.

    Clark makes another stab at keeping Lana close - inviting her to dinner with the intent of finally telling her who he really is. She hesitates, but he does the "something I should have told you" routine, and she's hooked.

    Lionel brings Pete Dinsmore to the cell from which Emily escaped - and they think she would have gone to Lana. He presses Pete to find Emily.

    Meanwhile, the Talon is unchanged, Chloe and Lana hearing from Emily that it won't become a restaurant. Emily persuades Lana to show her the ropes of running the Talon as always. Dinsmore comes in, letting Lana know the terrifying news about Emily, but he's interrupted by his own murder at Emily's hand, and Lana takes a blow across the room, awakening in a big glass cell, out in the country somewhere.

    When Clark tells Martha about his plans to tell all to Lana, there's some misgivings, but also support for an important decision. It looks like Lana won't be making the dinner engagement.

    Lex and Lionel have the usual confrontation, during which Lionel nails Lex for his betrayal in working with the FBI to prosecute Lionel. Lex is unrepentant when Lionel rips out the wire. What is so important that Lionel would risk everything? How about an alien from another galaxy with powers far beyond those of mortal men? Lionel has also been working with the FBI, perhaps a rogue agent.

    Clark is stood up for the big secret unveiling, but Jonathan is back in the cast after a few weeks off, and supports Clark taking responsibility for a major life decision. Clark looks for Lana next day, finding Emily at the Talon, who claims Lana has left for Paris. Clark is incredulous and stunned at the news. Ms. Kreuk is really exceptional in conveying her fear at the prospects of being Emily's caged pet for life. Clark tells Lex that the new owner of the Talon says Lana is gone; Lex replies, "the new owner doesn't have a daughter." That night, Clark confronts Emily, both have superspeed, but only Emily can run through solid walls - Clark could follow, but that would involve a lot of destruction.

    Lionel pushes Chloe into looking for Lana, identifying Emily by photo, giving Chloe just enough details to sound the alarm. When Lana manages to bash Emily and escape, she finds two bodies, and Emily catches up, saying ominously, "You're not my friend any more." Some really effective lighting makes Ms. Mack look just stunning, as she discusses the missing Lana with Clark and they try to nail down where Emily lived as a child. By now, Emily has a tank of chlorine gas set up to asphyxiate Lana, but Clark arrives in time to save her, Emily escaping for a moment, until Clark drops a whole water tank on the running girl, in some pretty slick special effects and stunts. How will he deal with the continuing threat posed by Emily?

    Pete is set up by the rogue FBI agent, who beats him around in a clumsy attempt to get information on Clark for Lionel. Somehow Lex knows where to find this assault, since he thought he was the employer here. Lex looks for evidence to indict Lionel - Chloe reveals she has recovered his confession of murdering his parents in "Truth," although in that episode the incriminating voice mail she recorded had been deleted by Lionel. Chloe still has it - how badly does Lex want to put away his father? The end of Pete - the beating has convinced him that life around Clark is just too dangerous, and gives Clark a final warning about Lex. Pete is moving to Wichita, and Clark sees his good friend slipping away, Mr. Welling showing some of his better emotional range about this loss. Hey, Wichita is only a couple hours drive from Smallville - it's not like he's moving to another planet!

    Lana has recovered, they mention Emily escaping from Belle Reve - well, that was a dumb idea of Lionel or someone to put her there - everyone involved knew she could walk through walls. So Emily may be back yet again. About the secret? Clark just lost a good friend with knowledge of his secret - he realizes he cannot tell Lana, and endanger her the same way Pete was endangered. Lana says goodbye - now she is bound for Paris. How long will she be out of the cast?

    Lex gets his revenge for confinement, electrotherapy, loss of memory - leading the FBI in to Lionel's office - with an arrest warrant for murder of his parents. The Lex-LIonel war escalates, to the score of classical music - nicely done.

    "Forsaken" appears to be Part One of the season climax, and is heading to some significant changes in cast and story lines. Pete leaving the cast, Lana departing for an unknown period, and perhaps Lionel headed to prison. Of course the writers still have the often-used prerogative of reversing any of these events with the stroke of a pen. Everything is done well, script, direction, lighting, tension, significant cast developments - it's well above average. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show smallville pete is kidnapped by a curupt fbi agent and wants to know the secret of clark kent and pete does not tell him but it reallyh upsets him and makes him scared so he decides to leave smallville and move away and lex is forced to either tell information about his father on going to jail or not so he is help by a person you would not expect and lana is leaving for paris to explore more of the world this was a good ep i thought and alot of excitement and that is why i gave it a 9moreless
  • "I'm A Freak and Obsessed with Lana" Part 7

    Forsaken-Clark decides to tell Lana his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, an errant FBI agent kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Also, Lex panics after the FBI gives him 24 hours to turn over information on his father or face jail time, but help arrives from an unexpected source.

    Well since Lana has decided to go to Paris, the writers decided that before she makes the bigt move, lets have one more "Lana in danger from another freak of the week" episode as memorable farwell. The return of Emily, who is now 7 years older after 11 months, is redundant and less threatening than she was before. She's almost like a cheap-knock of Tina Greer. Mostly because Amber Rothwell (Emily) gives a dry performance and isn't nearly as creepy as the child actress who played Emily. The whole trapped in large box is lame, and it's never explained how Emily made or got it. The only remotely interesting thing is the cool special effects of when Clark chases after Emily and she runs through a wave of water that slows her down.

    The strength from the sub-plots, like how the Lex/FBI finally comes together finally. I love how Lex finally confronts his father about the murder of his parents and succeeds on what he originally what he was trying to do before being driven mad by his father. It's a tension filled scene as Lionel feels betrayed by his only son and is taken away by the FBI. I also liked how Chloe helped Lex and showed real developed even responsiblity in the character. Also, this episode marks the departure of Pete from the series. After getting almost beaten to death by an FBI agent and saved by Lex, Pete decides keeping Clark's secret is too much and moves away with his mom. While Pete's depature from the series really has no impact and was never really a good character, Sam Jones III does really well during his goodbye scene and delievers in his performance for once. All and All, "Forsaken" is a weak penultimate episode of the season, having only the breakthrough drama of it's sub-plots to save it.moreless
  • Great Episode

    Clark Kent decides to disclose his secret to Lana Lang, trying to avoid her traveling to Paris, and invites her for dinner. Meanwhile the dangerous teenager Emily Eve Dinsmore (Amber Rothwell), the six years girl from "Accelerate" that has had an accelerate grown-up and is still obsessed for Lana, escapes from the institute where she is interned. She kills the new owner of Talon and kidnaps Lana Lang. Chloe Sullivan joins Lex Luthor trying to find evidences to send the powerful Lionel Luthor to prison. The life of Pete Ross is threatened by a corrupt FBI agent trying to find what her knows about Clark Kent, and he decides to move with his mother to Wichita.moreless
  • Great episode.

    A corrupt FBI agent kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to give up Clark's secret. Lex gets in trouble with the FBI when they tell him to give up some damning information about his father or face jail time. This is a pretty sad episode, it's the last time that Pete Ross will be appearing in this show. This is a really exciting episode. There are twist and turns along the way. It's a really intriguing plotline. It's very exciting to watch, we get to see stuff throughout the episode. It's a very interesting story. I really had a good time watching it.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Gary Hudson

Gary Hudson

FBI Agent Frank Loder

Guest Star

Scott Bellis

Scott Bellis

Monitoring Technician

Guest Star

Ryan Booth

Ryan Booth


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (35)

    • After Lana successfully escapes her cage, she runs straight ahead further into the barn, which is covered with bales of hay. However, to her right was a large open door leading out of the barn. Why didn't Lana run outside where she would have a better chance of calling out for help and escaping Emily?

    • After Emily is hit by the water and laying on the ground, her right arm is angled upward towards her head, and her left is slightly on her stomach. Then when the camera switches back from Clark, her arms are both by her side.

    • When Loder arrested Lionel, he didn't read him his Miranda rights. Based on the Supreme Court's decision in Miranda vs. Arizona, if Lionel appealed his case to the Supreme Court, he could get a conviction overturned.

    • Why did Emily even bother to use a set of keys from entering and exiting the cell? She could just walk through the glass and therefore, stop any attempts of Lana trying to escape by grabbing the keys and unlocking the door.

    • The water coming out of the tower is clearly (and badly) CGI.

    • Lana starts coughing from the gas long before it ever reaches her.

    • When Emily enters the cage with food for Lana, she just...opens it. She doesn't unlock it or anything. So was she just counting on the honor system to keep Lana imprisoned?

    • The "evidence" of Chloe's transcript is pretty much meaningless as far as possibly bringing Lionel to trial. Not only would she have to explain why Lionel was confessing to her ("Well, I had a temporary super-power to make people tell the truth, your honor..."), but Lionel could easily say he was joking with her or pretty much anything to explain it away. And as shown up through the next episode, there seems to be no other evidence against him tying him to the murders.

    • Despite her martial arts training, the horror films she showed at the Talon, and her experience with all the other obsessed fans, freaks, and weirdos in the last three years, Lana still hasn't learn that once you have the bad guy knocked down and temporary stunned, you keep on hitting them until there's no chance they're going to get back up and come after you. Sure enough, Lana hits Emily once, and then runs.

    • Emily's dad must go to the same amazing physical recovery program that Lana did - he had a pipe shoved completely through his chest about a year ago, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all here.

    • So...where does Lana go to the bathroom in her shatterproof clear prison cell?

    • Conveniently for Emily, the guy she kills at the Talon apparently has no friends or family that notice that he disappears for what seems to be about 24 hours, or make a report or show up to ask any kind of questions.

    • How did Emily manage to discover she had the ability to vibrate through solid matter? She's been under constant 24-hour surveillance (one hopes!) for the last year. How did she discover and test that kind of ability without anyone noticing?

    • Emily seems extraordinarily patient for a teenager with the mentality of a 10 year old. First she hangs out in her prison/test cell for several months despite apparently having the ability to leave any time. Then at the end she escapes and instead of going after Lana to finish her off again, what with her superspeed and intangibility and all, she just...disappears (presumably to show up another year down the road). Most 10-year olds aren't that patient.

    • Why does water stop Emily? There might be some pseudo-scientific "different molecular structure" explanation but a better question is... how did Clark figure it out? And when?

    • It's possible that Emily found an abandoned farm somewhere to hide Lana out at. But...then why does it have a full water tank and electricity?

    • While it might be possible to recover fragments of a deleted message, it's almost impossible that a complete transcript could be recovered.

    • Lana is staring straight at Clark when he goes to super-speed after Emily, but she doesn't seem to notice anything.

    • Lionel doesn't seem to be having a good week - he really didn't anticipate that someone might be able to recover Chloe's voice mail? The master of a thousand schemes, with untold millions at his command, and having already set it up to erase the message, he couldn't take an extra step or two to have it entirely purged?

    • But, hey, let's say you're Lionel and your first crappy choice for someone to find Emily doesn't quite pan out. Now do you bring out your squad of hired professionals? No, you turn to the girl who knows you've blacklisted her father and hates your guts, and who would love to find out about another of your secret projects to try and blackmail you, and you ask for help.

    • Why on earth does Lionel send Emily's dad to bring her in? She's a valuable science project, and the last time out Emily tried to kill him. So...Lionel sends out one untrained amateur to find the girl?

    • In "Accelerate," Emily wanted to be Lana's friend but then tried to kill her at the end. Here she (and the writers) seem to have forgotten that, because...once again, Emily wants to be Lana's friend (despite wanting to have killed her last time), and then ends up...trying to kill her at the end.

    • When Clark is telling Martha about his plan to reveal all to Lana, he puts some food in a full fridge that seems to either have a blown bulb, or not work at all.

    • Emily quickly kills two people by sticking her hand through their chest, but she tries to kill Lana with poisonous gas. It would have been much easier to kill Lana the same way she killed the other two, but the poisoning gave Clark just enough time to save Lana.

    • When Lex gives the FBI agent the document proving that his father is guilty of his parents' murder, we see the transcript of the conversation between Chloe and Lionel. On this document we can read "Of course, *there* life insurance provided the seed money I needed to start my company" - it should say "their life insurance.

    • In the first scene, Lex offers Lana a France guide named "Paris enroute", which means "Paris onroad" - a space is missing between "en" et "route".

    • When Clark is running after Emily, they are both running at super-sonic speed. When Clark knocks over the water tower, it should fall at normal speed. Emily would have easily ran past it before the water even hit the ground.

    • So where did Emily get all this stuff? Despite having the mentality of a 10-year old child and (presumably) relatively little exposure to high-tech learning, she manages to build an airtight, soundproof, shatterproof glass/plastic containment cell with ventilation, toiletry (one assumes - see below), and everything. There are skilled adults who couldn't put together that kind of thing.

    • So Lana just blindly accepts that Clark broke through a "shatterproof" plexiglass wall, knocked down a water tower, and managed to capture a girl who can move faster than the eye can see? As far as we see, she doesn't question any of it in the least.

    • It's extremely unlikely that the FBI would arrest Lionel for the murder of his parents. Except in very specific cases, homicides are almost exclusively under state jurisdiction. It's possible that it could be part of a larger federal case pending against him, although they don't seem to have any evidence to tie him to another crime. (It's unclear, however, whether the transcript is the only evidence the FBI has, or if they have gathered other information against Lionel as well.)

    • After Clark rescues Lana, she coughs a few times then appears to be fine. Chlorine gas is not only poisonous but also caustic. She would have had severe chemical burns in her throat and lungs, not to mention her eyes and exposed skin, after even brief exposure.

    • Emily seems to be holding Lana at a farm. While it looks to be a fairly large farm, there doesn't seem to be any sort of specialized equipment. So why does she have a huge tank of chlorine gas?

    • did Lex find Pete and Loder?

    • Why did Lionel and the scientists give Emily up-to-date newspaper clippings? And if she snuck out to get them, why didn't anyone notice?

    • Clark can read the lettering painted on the tank even though he's using his x-ray vision?

  • QUOTES (9)

  • NOTES (4)

    • The following scenes didn't make it into the episode:

      - Pete Dinsmore mentions to Lionel that he should have been left in charge with the responsibility of his daughter and then blames Lionel for her escape. Lionel defends himself by stating that Emily is no ordinary daughter.

      - Loder believes that Lex is trying to gain information on Lionel to divert the FBI's attention from Dr. Teng's murder and states that he has 24 hours to obtain evidence before the case is dropped.

    • Lana's glass cell set is a leftover from the Birds of Prey episode "Feat of Clay."

    • Last appearance of Samuel L. Jones as a regular.

    • Music: "When The Sun Goes Down" by Charlie Mars, "What You're Thinking" by Christopher Jak.


    • Lionel: Be careful son. Don't forget, Judas hung himself with his own rope.
      After Judas betrayed Jesus he felt guilty and hung himself with his own rope.

    • Lionel: Forgive them for they know not what they do.
      Jesus says this when he is being crucified

    • Pete: I hate to agree with Uncle Fester...
      Referring to the bald coat-wearing member of the Addams family, played by Jackie Coogan in the original series and Christopher Lloyd in the movies.