Season 10 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2011 on The CW
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Due to a gift from Zatanna, Lois and Clark lose their memories of their respective bachelorette/bachelor parties. As they trace their steps, Clark realizes he may have robbed an armored car, and Lois discovers she gambled away her engagement ring to a crooked casino owner.

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  • And Now a Break From Darkseid...

    On the night of their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, Clark, Lois and their friends unknowingly make a toast with Zatanna's magically spiked champagne. Next morning Clark wakes up not only with no recollection of what transpired, but is possibly married to Chloe and has a lemur on his chest. Parody ensues...

    At times so surreal that you'd swear the actors had their faces pressed right up to the fourth wall, 'Fortune' marks a 180 turn from the dark, serial-killing episode that preceded it, 'Masquerade'. This is of course a blatant 'Hangover' parody, and while Smallville has never shied away from cribbing the latest blockbuster for an episode or three, this is arguably one of the more successful attempts during the run of the series, if for no other reason than it doesn't take itself too seriously. Where else will you see Alessandro Juliani as an Elvis impersonator, or Justin Hartley one-up the requisite Lois Lane T&A wardrobe change with cleavage of his own? I also chuckled at the visual gag of Clark stealing the Luthorcorp sign, and Chloe's unrestrained squeal of delight at seeing the Lemur during their night of antics. Oliver's drunken rant to Clark in the bathroom is probably the most 'real' moment these two characters will ever have, and overall it's refreshing to get the gang together and not be weighed down by the melodrama of the week.

    Of course, it's a bit telling that with the diminished cast of season 10, there's really not a whole lot of characters to choose from a bachelor/bachelorette party, short of the usual suspects + Emil. True I don't see John Jones stopping by and maybe Stargirl is still underage, but what about Black Canary or Impulse? Maybe they should've killed Hawkman later in the season and brought him in here. I'm also disappointed that Zatanna didn't make an appearance, but the story wasn't really structured around her cleaning up any mess. I just want my guest stars!

    The episode also manages to slip in some character moments with Clark/Chloe/Oliver, just enough to reassure you it's not all a dream. Chloe's last hurrah? Please. She already promised Lois earlier in the season to be Maid of Honor at the wedding. I suppose on the initial airing this episode felt somewhat wasted if you wanted a continuation of the Darkseid story, but when you're running through the DVDs marathon-style, 'Fortune' provides an amusing break from everything else. I'm normally one to pick Smallville episodes apart scene by scene, but this one's carefree enough that I can leave the critic at the door.moreless
  • A PG version of the Hangover!

    One of the more amusing episodes of Smallville that I have ever seen in ten seasons filled with memory gaps, silly behaviour an Elvis impersonator and a Lemur! Gotta love the Lemur! This episode was quite a departure from the rest of season and the drama that was Darkside. In this one you get to see normally staid characters like Tess, Clark and Emil act giddy and foolish and be extremely funny. It is a bit of departure for us to see these larger than life somewhat serious characters like Chloe, Oliver and Lois act like "normal" drunk fools. Not many men could pull off the headdress like Oliver could though!moreless
  • The relative calm before the storm

    I suppose, after the blatant ripoff of "The Matrix" not so long ago, that I shouldn't be surprised that the writers would also crib from "The Hangover". Granted, this episode doesn't go nearly so far as the film, since there are limits to what the show can do (even on the CW network), but the source inspiration is obvious. That said, I thought this worked better than the "Matrix" clone, and provided just the right level of comedic charm as a breather before the darkness to come.

    There's a reason "The Hangover" worked. It takes a rather predictable concept, the bachelor party gone wrong, and wraps it in the trappings of a mystery. It's the equivalent of giving a writer a random assortment of keywords, a general premise, and telling them to write a story. Most of the fun is putting the pieces together and seeing how ridiculous the plot gymnastics can be, and that's why this episode works as well.

    The set piece in the casino was probably the highlight of the episode. It was fairly obvious that they would get Lois into the showgirl outfit; it's not an episode of "Smallville" without Lois in danger of showing cleavage and skin. Getting Oliver into the same outfit was a nice unexpected twist, and merged with the homage to "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and Chloe's latest foray into gunplay, and it hit just the right wacky notes.

    This would appear to be the last episode for Chloe Sullivan, which would be a shame. Her presence was definitely missing from the first half of the season, and while there's more than enough plot material to cover before the end, I can't see how they can shuffle her off the stage completely. If nothing else, she has to be there for the wedding and the anticipated Superman reveal!

    But beyond that, she's now married to Oliver. That's portrayed as something of a fairy-tale ending, yet I get the feeling the writers are setting things up for a nasty twist. After all, Oliver has been tainted by the darkness, based on the previous episode, and this would seem to put Chloe in the crosshairs when Darkseid finally pulls the trigger.

    The subplot with Tess and Dr. Hamilton was another great element. I've never had the sense of Emil as a solid secondary character, as he seems to come in and out of the story as the writers need him. But he gets his moment to shine here, even as Tess gets to break out of her serious mode and get crazy.

    As others have said, this feels like the proverbial calm before the storm, and I can't disagree. I get the feeling some of these characters won't survive until the end, so this may be the last happy moment they all have together. But with so much left to establish and conclude for the season and the series, I can't see them having time to take another such breather before the finale.moreless
  • Hangover Reboot!

    =))))) this episode just made my day. I would've never thought i can have so much fun watching Smallville. I've picked various bread crumbs here and there from the previous seasons but none as hilarious as this hot stuff. Honest to god good clean fun. When Clark comes with that Luthorcorp sign, it's priceless:))) i'll never forget that, and Tess and Emil who would've thought. Between all the romance flowing around this season and the public tension this is EXACTLY what this show needed. Well done crew, i applaud you. These kind of episodes would've been perfect throughout Smallville over the years, now i just feel sorry that the show will end. I saw a totally different side of the characters, a side that should've been shown more often. Anyway, one of the funniest episodes i've seen, enjoy! Peace!moreless
  • So SUPERBOY can't fly yet...

    Yet another filler episode. How about someone giving Superboy flying lessons? Or how about whatever happened to his Kryptonian father, Jorrel? Why is he still literally running around without wearing his Supersuit his Mother gave him all gift wrapped in a box no less? Where did the Red Jacket with the Superman emblem come from!? Did he order it from Sears? Honestly! LOL! Who is writing these episodes? I just don't agree! Clark Kent has barely even created his mild mannered persona of Clark and Lois knows his secret and they're getting married? HUH? This seems a bit too fast! Shouldn't SuperMAN be more concerned with fighting crime in general than a wedding shower? I don't think he has his priorities established correctly! At least I am being honest! Look at all the Fanboys here that always give this show a perfect 10 no matter what! They can't stand an honest opinion so they give me a thumbs down. I'm sorry but Smallville is far from perfect.moreless
Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Cassidy Freeman

Cassidy Freeman

Tess Mercer

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Roman Podhora

Roman Podhora

Head Bouncer

Guest Star

Aleks Paunovic

Aleks Paunovic

Thug #1

Guest Star

Paula Elle

Paula Elle

Limo Driver

Guest Star

Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani

Dr. Emil Hamilton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Oliver is fighting, and wearing a show girl outfit, the bad guy rips off the bra-top (27:09 mark). But in the next shot from behind, Oliver still has it on (27:10), and then off again (27:11) when the camera cuts to a front view of Oliver.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Chloe: To the bride and groom. You know, to friends. You two amazing people have been the best friends I could have ever asked for. And... we want you to know that we're here for you, to support you, as you begin your happily ever after adventure. And tonight is all about celebrating you.

    • Oliver: Tell you what, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get you that ring back, okay? But really, you gotta relax, all right? You're starting to do that twitchy thing again that you do.
      Lois: I'm not twitching. There's something stuck in my bra.
      Oliver: That's not my territory anymore, all right?

    • Clark: I can't believe on my first drunken night out, I lose Lois, commit a felony, and I land my friend in jail. So reckless.
      Tess: But oddly, Clark, very human.

    • Fortune: You are an eyeful--like the tower in Paris.

    • Chloe: You know, in every epic tale there's one person who believes in the hero first. Someone who helps inspire them to greatness. Maybe it wasn't just a fluke with you. I've been thinking that's my true calling. Finding heroes and helping them realize their true potential beyond the reach of Watchtower. You're not alone, Clark Kent. In all my globetrotting, I have met several others like you. A billionaire with high-tech toys and a wondrous woman who is going to throw you for a loop.

    • Clark: You don't need to explain. I just want you to know that if you're having doubts deep down inside, if you're not 100% sure that this is the right thing to do, I will understand. I'm going to want to marry you in five days or five years.
      Lois: That was the perfect thing to say.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Lois: Since this isn't exactly Mister Rogers' neighborhood.
      Referencing the TV series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, which aired primarily on PBS and was aimed at children. The sweater-wearing Fred Rogers hosted the show and made the phrase "Won't you be my neighbor?" famous.

    • Oliver: Your Pointer Sisters just gave us the first clue to where we were last night.
      Referencing the singing trio (sometimes quartet) who perform R&B. They were most popular from 1973 through 1985, and hit songs include "He's So Shy," "Jump (For My Love)," "I'm So Excited," and "Neutron Dance."

    • Oliver: How about a little privacy there, Blair Witch? Now.
      Referencing The Blair Witch Project (1999), a movie supposedly made from footage found in the woods, chronicling three student filmmakers using a handheld camera to film their trek through the woods to make a documentary about the legendary Blair Witch.