Season 10 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Swank Campfire Psalms At the Kent farm, Lois dresses up for the night and comes downstairs, wearing her engagement ring. Clark is waiting for her, and they're planning to go to their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Tess and Chloe arrive to pick up Lois, and Chloe notes that she's never seen Clark so happy. Oliver and Dr. Hamilton are there to get Clark, and Chloe offers their toast before they go their respective ways. She says that they will all be there for the happy couple in the years to come. The next morning, Clark wakes up in his room and finds a Blur S burned into the ceiling above him and a lemur sitting on his chest. He staggers out of bed, badly hung-over, and opens the closet door to find Chloe, wearing a wedding dress. They realize that they're wearing wedding rings and that they have no memory of what happened the previous night. They try to figure out what happened and go downstairs, and discover that a number of items from all over Metropolis are piled up in the house. When Clark realizes that he couldn't be affected by normal alcohol, they check the champagne and discover it came from Zatanna. Clark gets a call from the police saying that they've found his wallet downstairs. When they arrive, they discover a huge red limo with "just married' scrawled on the sides. Clark checks his text messages and finds one from Lois saying she needs more time. Chloe says that she wouldn't leave, despite her previous history of leaving when things get rough. They find a wedding certificate torn in half, and Chloe's name is on the half they find. As Clark superspeeds away, he trips. As he regroups, they notice two girls wearing t-shirts that feature Emil dressed as Elvis Presley. They're watching an Internet video of Emil performing at a bar. Chloe heads for Watchtower while Clark goes to track down Emil. At the bar, Emil and Tess are performing Presley numbers. Clark arrives and a female chauffeur recognizes him. She says that she dropped off Lois at the Chapel of Love with Clark, but Lois wasn't there when the chauffeur picked Clark up later. Two policemen come in and haul Emil away, saying that he made an armored car disappear into thin air. Tess, clearly drunk, notes that she only knows one person who can make an armored car disappear. Lois wakes up on the railroad tracks, lying next to a sleeping Oliver, who is wearing a green tuxedo. They also have no memory of what happened the previous night, and discover that their cell phones are gone. Lois doesn't want to call Clark, because she's realized that her engagement ring is gone. At Watchtower, Clark, Tess, and Chloe are trying to track down Oliver and Lois. Tess hesitates and suggests that Chloe use the computers, but Chloe says that they're in good hands. Tess gets a lock on the armored car and sets off the alarm by remote, and Clark's cell phone goes off. He superspeeds to the Kent farm and discovers that the armored car is in the barn, and filled with money. As Oliver and Lois walk into town, Oliver tries to reassure her and says he'll buy her a new ring. However, Lois doesn't want a counterfeit ring, insisting that she doesn't want to use a lie. She insists that they can't tell Clark, and then finds a gambling chip on her for the Fortune Casino in Metropolis. Back at Watchtower, Clark blames himself for being reckless, but Tess and Chloe assure him that it's normal behavior for bachelors. Chloe confirms there's no record of Emil at the police station. The two fake policemen have taken Emil to the Fortune Casino. Their boss, Fortune, tells him that he wants the stolen money, but Emil has no idea what he's talking about. They show him video of Emil and the others at the armored car, and it disappearing into thin air along with Fortune's lucky lemur. Emil realizes that the two henchmen were the robbers, and Fortune tells his men to break Emil. Lois and Oliver arrive at the casino and one of the bouncers tells them that he told them never to come back again. They ask him what happened to the ring, and the bouncer says that Lois bet her ring and trash-talked the boss, and Fortune won the ring at cards. The bouncer admits that Fortune rigged the game, and Lois spots Fortune at a table, wearing her ring. When Lois starts to go after him, the bouncers capture them and tie them up backstage. They manage to slide over to the controls and Oliver starts to cut apart the tape holding them. Meanwhile, Lois complains that she didn't want her wacky life affecting everyone else, and figures that Clark wouldn't have lost the ring because he's perfect. Oliver gets them free, but Lois refuses to leave without her ring. The bouncers spot them as they try to leave, and the couple is forced to lock the door. The only way out is through the stage, but there are more guards outside. Oliver spots the showgirl costumes and realizes there's only one way out. Chloe has identified the men in the footage using facial recognition software, and she and Clark arrive at the casino. As Clark leaves to search the casino, Chloe spots Lois and Oliver on stage... disguised as showgirls. When the show ends, Lois tries to get close to Fortune, but he's more impressed with Oliver at first. However, he spots Chloe and realizes that she is involved in the armored car theft. A fight breaks out and Lois knocks the ring off of fortune's hand. Oliver and Chloe takes out the guards while Lois tries to get the ring. She grabs it and promises never to lose it, but Fortune grabs her. Oliver knocks him out first. In back, the guards plan to torture Emil, who realizes that Fortune set up the robbery for the insurance. However, Clark then stole the armored car to stop them from fake-stealing it. The men use a vice on Emil's head, but Clark arrives to knock them out before there's any permanent damage. Later at the barn, Chloe and Clark meet and the loft and she congratulates him on surviving his bachelor party. Clark says that they have one thing to undo, and Chloe tells him that the chapel has confirmed that it was a drunk prank. Clark admits that the whole thing reminded him of the good old days, and realizes that she's preparing to leave. Chloe admits that she's made her decision, and she won't let Oliver give up his world for her. She explains that she can't be Watchtower anymore, and figures her job in life is to find heroes and inspire them. Chloe has created a new identity as a reporter for the Star City Register. The two of them share a hug. At Watchtower, Tess finds Emil going over the computers. She congratulates him on his singing debut, and he admits he hasn't done anything like that since his wife passed away. Tess tells him that his wife wouldn't have wanted him to give up. Lois arrives with Emil's camera, which they found in the limo. As they sit down to watch the footage, Clark admits to Lois that he thought she had run off again, and tells her that if she's not 100% sure, he'll understand. However, he assures her that he'll be ready to marry her whenever she decides. Lois tells him that was the perfect thing to say. They start the footage and see a drunken Clark declaring that Lois is the love of his life. They head to the bar, and watch as Oliver complains about Clark buying cheap rings. Clark then goes around town collecting souvenirs and spotting the armored car with Fortune's lemur. They realizes there are robbers involved and Clark whisks the armored car away, and then Emil and Tess ending up together naked at her office at the Daily Planet. Chloe tries to slip away but Oliver catches up to her and realizes that she's leaving for good. He admits that she knew that she wouldn't stay forever, and then shows her the other half of the wedding certificate... with his name on it. He figures she took a job in star City, his home town, so they'd be together. They kiss and then leave together.
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