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  • And Now a Break From Darkseid...

    On the night of their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, Clark, Lois and their friends unknowingly make a toast with Zatanna's magically spiked champagne. Next morning Clark wakes up not only with no recollection of what transpired, but is possibly married to Chloe and has a lemur on his chest. Parody ensues...

    At times so surreal that you'd swear the actors had their faces pressed right up to the fourth wall, 'Fortune' marks a 180 turn from the dark, serial-killing episode that preceded it, 'Masquerade'. This is of course a blatant 'Hangover' parody, and while Smallville has never shied away from cribbing the latest blockbuster for an episode or three, this is arguably one of the more successful attempts during the run of the series, if for no other reason than it doesn't take itself too seriously. Where else will you see Alessandro Juliani as an Elvis impersonator, or Justin Hartley one-up the requisite Lois Lane T&A wardrobe change with cleavage of his own? I also chuckled at the visual gag of Clark stealing the Luthorcorp sign, and Chloe's unrestrained squeal of delight at seeing the Lemur during their night of antics. Oliver's drunken rant to Clark in the bathroom is probably the most 'real' moment these two characters will ever have, and overall it's refreshing to get the gang together and not be weighed down by the melodrama of the week.

    Of course, it's a bit telling that with the diminished cast of season 10, there's really not a whole lot of characters to choose from a bachelor/bachelorette party, short of the usual suspects + Emil. True I don't see John Jones stopping by and maybe Stargirl is still underage, but what about Black Canary or Impulse? Maybe they should've killed Hawkman later in the season and brought him in here. I'm also disappointed that Zatanna didn't make an appearance, but the story wasn't really structured around her cleaning up any mess. I just want my guest stars!

    The episode also manages to slip in some character moments with Clark/Chloe/Oliver, just enough to reassure you it's not all a dream. Chloe's last hurrah? Please. She already promised Lois earlier in the season to be Maid of Honor at the wedding. I suppose on the initial airing this episode felt somewhat wasted if you wanted a continuation of the Darkseid story, but when you're running through the DVDs marathon-style, 'Fortune' provides an amusing break from everything else. I'm normally one to pick Smallville episodes apart scene by scene, but this one's carefree enough that I can leave the critic at the door.
  • A PG version of the Hangover!

    One of the more amusing episodes of Smallville that I have ever seen in ten seasons filled with memory gaps, silly behaviour an Elvis impersonator and a Lemur! Gotta love the Lemur! This episode was quite a departure from the rest of season and the drama that was Darkside. In this one you get to see normally staid characters like Tess, Clark and Emil act giddy and foolish and be extremely funny. It is a bit of departure for us to see these larger than life somewhat serious characters like Chloe, Oliver and Lois act like "normal" drunk fools. Not many men could pull off the headdress like Oliver could though!
  • The relative calm before the storm

    I suppose, after the blatant ripoff of "The Matrix" not so long ago, that I shouldn't be surprised that the writers would also crib from "The Hangover". Granted, this episode doesn't go nearly so far as the film, since there are limits to what the show can do (even on the CW network), but the source inspiration is obvious. That said, I thought this worked better than the "Matrix" clone, and provided just the right level of comedic charm as a breather before the darkness to come.

    There's a reason "The Hangover" worked. It takes a rather predictable concept, the bachelor party gone wrong, and wraps it in the trappings of a mystery. It's the equivalent of giving a writer a random assortment of keywords, a general premise, and telling them to write a story. Most of the fun is putting the pieces together and seeing how ridiculous the plot gymnastics can be, and that's why this episode works as well.

    The set piece in the casino was probably the highlight of the episode. It was fairly obvious that they would get Lois into the showgirl outfit; it's not an episode of "Smallville" without Lois in danger of showing cleavage and skin. Getting Oliver into the same outfit was a nice unexpected twist, and merged with the homage to "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and Chloe's latest foray into gunplay, and it hit just the right wacky notes.

    This would appear to be the last episode for Chloe Sullivan, which would be a shame. Her presence was definitely missing from the first half of the season, and while there's more than enough plot material to cover before the end, I can't see how they can shuffle her off the stage completely. If nothing else, she has to be there for the wedding and the anticipated Superman reveal!

    But beyond that, she's now married to Oliver. That's portrayed as something of a fairy-tale ending, yet I get the feeling the writers are setting things up for a nasty twist. After all, Oliver has been tainted by the darkness, based on the previous episode, and this would seem to put Chloe in the crosshairs when Darkseid finally pulls the trigger.

    The subplot with Tess and Dr. Hamilton was another great element. I've never had the sense of Emil as a solid secondary character, as he seems to come in and out of the story as the writers need him. But he gets his moment to shine here, even as Tess gets to break out of her serious mode and get crazy.

    As others have said, this feels like the proverbial calm before the storm, and I can't disagree. I get the feeling some of these characters won't survive until the end, so this may be the last happy moment they all have together. But with so much left to establish and conclude for the season and the series, I can't see them having time to take another such breather before the finale.
  • Hangover Reboot!

    =))))) this episode just made my day. I would've never thought i can have so much fun watching Smallville. I've picked various bread crumbs here and there from the previous seasons but none as hilarious as this hot stuff. Honest to god good clean fun. When Clark comes with that Luthorcorp sign, it's priceless:))) i'll never forget that, and Tess and Emil who would've thought. Between all the romance flowing around this season and the public tension this is EXACTLY what this show needed. Well done crew, i applaud you. These kind of episodes would've been perfect throughout Smallville over the years, now i just feel sorry that the show will end. I saw a totally different side of the characters, a side that should've been shown more often. Anyway, one of the funniest episodes i've seen, enjoy! Peace!
  • So SUPERBOY can't fly yet...

    Yet another filler episode. How about someone giving Superboy flying lessons? Or how about whatever happened to his Kryptonian father, Jorrel? Why is he still literally running around without wearing his Supersuit his Mother gave him all gift wrapped in a box no less? Where did the Red Jacket with the Superman emblem come from!? Did he order it from Sears? Honestly! LOL! Who is writing these episodes? I just don't agree! Clark Kent has barely even created his mild mannered persona of Clark and Lois knows his secret and they're getting married? HUH? This seems a bit too fast! Shouldn't SuperMAN be more concerned with fighting crime in general than a wedding shower? I don't think he has his priorities established correctly! At least I am being honest! Look at all the Fanboys here that always give this show a perfect 10 no matter what! They can't stand an honest opinion so they give me a thumbs down. I'm sorry but Smallville is far from perfect.
  • Should have been better.

    When a character with Chloe's tenure leaves the show, I think Smallville should be doing a better job of writing them off. Fortune, even though it was fun to watch at times, was pretty much a waste. Especially when you consider that it's Chloe's final episode, we are 7 episodes before the end and Tess and Oliver's cliffhangers from the last 2 weeks weren't even addressed. I can only find a couple of things that worked and they were all Chloe related. The little scene were she handed over the WT reigns to Tess, her scene with Clark and her final scene. Overall, I thought it was a decent send off for her. I just hoped that they focused on some of their season long arcs instead of trying to do comedy for one week.

    Other than the pointless nature of most of the episode, I did disagree with how they used Tess here. I never thought that Tess should have a romantic arc this late in the season and that hasn't changed. Whether it was making out with Emil due to Zatanna's spell or having a heart to heart with him in the end (with hints about something happening in the future) it looked bad. If we you are going to address Tess' complicated love life, you have to do better than that.

    I hope Scion puts us back on track.
  • Great Episode!

    I loved it. Somehow a normal party would not have been as much fun. I got to give credit to Zatanna she sure knows how to lighten things up. It was funny to see a hung over Clark crash into the wall and the highlight reel at the end only made it better. Oliver if he ever gets tired of being Green Arrow he has a promising future as a showgirl. Lois as always is a delight and she should not feel bad betting her ring, at leasts she got it back and on top of that had a chance to see if she really wants to be married. Chloe I knew was not going to stick around forever but I was hopeing she would be around longer. The twist about her and Oliver was interesting. Also it was great that she gave a shoutout to Batman and Wonder Woman, at least making it clear they exist. All in all it was a great episode it kinda went by fast. I was happy to get some humor before things get serious again. Next week looks even better, it seems Alexander is not completly good yet. Speaking of which I was wondering where he was when all of this was going down.
  • A nice surprising eps. This one was a lot of fun.

    When I started watching this eps, I had just gotten home after being at work for 11 hours. I was tired and I've been fighting a cold for two days. Right after watching the eps, I turned around and watched it again. Because this eps was just what I needed. Some people are going to come pair it to another movie, the Hang Over if memory severs. Will I never watched that movie, and just so everyone understands that over 90% of all shows are based off some other show. The Hang Over is based off of what happened in a Doris Day, Rock Hudson movies. So lets not cast any stones. The story is about people who don't get a chance, to really cut loss and just have some good old fashion no holds barred FUN! You know, and good 10 cent drunk. Clark wakes up with a Lemur that's eating potato's, finds Chloe waking up in the closet, and both are wearing wedding bands and no memory of what happened. And the show is off and running as we find out what happened to everyone. The ride is funny, as it should be. But, if you watch
    and listen, these is where Lois and Clark put their wedding on hold. It's not actually said. They are not canceling it, just putting it on hold for right now. That's what I was getting. We do here Chloe tell Clark about some other hero's that are out there. A billionaire with a bunch of high tech gadgets (that would be Batman) and a Wondrous Woman ( that would be Wonder Woman) that's going to knock Clark's sock off. This is Chloe's farewell eps and I for one enjoyed it.
  • ''Lois, if you're watching this 20 years from now - you are the love of my life!'' -- Clark.

    This could have been disastrous. I'm talkin' Celine Dion on soundtrack disastrous here. Rather surprisingly, what we do get is a pretty damn hilarious episode of Smallville, and the motherload of all references with Wonder Woman and* Batman in the same scene. I guess the writers really needed to appease us somehow by writing off my favourite character of Smallville, and not only that, but it's Oliver's farewell too. Smallville really is coming to an end.

    It's the day after Clark's bachelor party, there's a Kryptonian symbol etch a sketched into his ceiling and a monkey in his room and he has no idea how any of it happened, so what's a superhero to do? With a thumping headache he tries to piece together the night before. Clark's not the only victim of amnesia: Chloe wakes up in Clark's closet wearing a wedding dress, Oliver and Lois wake up on train tracks, and Emil is found in a club serenading ackey breaky hearts with his best Elvis impersonation. Zantanna's gift to the future Mr and Mrs Kent is a charmed bottle of champagne and that's the flimsy plot device that ties this episode together. Nice and simple.

    As you'd expect, some jokes don't work too well, but the majority of them are pretty funny. The sight of Clark doing what he does best – speeding off to save the day – only to run into a wall and fall over? Hilarious! I knew I'd enjoy the rest of this episode.

    We get a bellyful of slapstick, but there's also a surprising amount of character work, too. Little things in between Oliver in drag (oh my word, I was not expecting THAT!) like Lois revealing the enormous amount of pressure she's under marrying walking perfection. It's true of the character but also pretty funny because she immediately assumes Clark has been unaffected by Zatanna's spell. We also get a really touching scene between Chloe and Clark and the writers really do send Chloe out in style: she's assuming a double-identity as a reporter and is set on helping other superheroes (''a billionaire with high-tech toys and a wondrous woman who will throw you for a loop'' – squee!!), oh and she's married to Oliver! That's quite a tall order in just one episode, but it works and feels right. Chloe the reporter, yay!

    There's also that shocking reveal of Emil and Tess doing the dirty! Again, it's completely out of nowhere, but I'm going to roll with it seeing as we're only a handful of episodes away from the series finale, and Smallville has staged crazier stunts over the years. I couldn't help but smile when the gang all sat around to watch the rest of the missing footage, I've missed the true ensemble feel of earlier seasons, but this is the first time that it felt like Clark had a proper circle of close friends for a long while. I wonder who will make it and who will bite the bullet?

    This was just oodles of fun. The climax was an elaborate laughing riot and the perfect way to cap off a silly, extremely entertaining episode from Smallville's final season. I think it's exactly what we needed before going into the last stretch of episodes where we not only have Lionel Luthor running a muck but Darkseid, as well. If the series can be as a committed to the rest of the season as much as it was to having a blast in this episode, we're in for one heck of a ride!
  • Incomprehensible and unfunny

    I found this episode pretty much incomprehensible. 6 intelligent characters run around acting like idiots, and the only explanation we get is that "Zentanna" drugged their drinks. So exactly who is Zentanna? I've watched all 200 episodes of the series but I don't remember every minor guest character. Nor could I just sit back and enjoy the farce, because I don't find drunken antics funny.

    Some parts don't make sense even given "Zentanna". Within a few hours Emile loses his inhibitions, invents an Elvis act with Tessa, and becomes such a hit that somebody manufactures T-shirts based on it? And having a macho guy impersonate a showgirl who attracts a mobster is a 50-year-old joke; it's from "Some Like it Hot".

    The only great line comes when Emile, instead of panicking at the sight of a torture device to be used on him, deadpans "I wish I didn't understand the physics of this." And all this nonsense was considered a proper send-off for Chloe after 10 years?
  • So funny. and a nice send off

    Back in season 4 episode spell clark said probably the funniest line in smallville "it was magic...".
    I don't remember alot of funny episodes in smallville. And quite honestly I think the way the writers gave us a calm before the storm episode was the right call.
    I mean think about it, when was the last time you had a good laugh while watching the show?.
    And when thinking about sending off a cast member there are worse ways.
    But knowing that she is going off with oliver and staging the set for the real hero to embark on his journey to being earth's greatest hero.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** The Drunken Magic Circus : Smallville's characters like you have never seen them before

    Still hesitating to watch Fortune ? Five reasons to convince you !

    First, Chloe pulling a Castor Troy in a night club with a deadly look on her innocent face. Second, Clark in the blur and… Well you know what the man is capable of ! The most hilarious Smallville scene ever last only a few split seconds but you'll replay it dozens of times. Actually I wish they had based the whole episode on its concept. Third, Lois obsessive and entertaining ring quest. Or was Erica Durance mimicking Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman ? Two Lanes to rule them all ! Fourth and not least, Oliver on heels. The Tour Eiffel is alive ! Drop-dead gorgeous, or not. But she definitely has the power ! Fifth, Tess the glamourous and funky witch has done it again.

    Even if the rhythm was irregular overall it was a very funny episode filled with joyful and emotional moments. Still Serinda Swan was missing when after reading the summary I was expecting her to come back as sexy Zatanna. Her seductive role in Warrior was so well done ! To sum things up it could have been better but in the end it's a must see considering the few super cult scenes it features.
  • 1015

    I really did not think I was going to like this episode at all. Last week we saw something we'd see on "Date Night," but this week, we saw something we'd usually see on "The Hangover." Some scenes were a little too ridiculous for my liking, but it was an enjoyable and entertaining installment. I couldn't help but smile at seeing the videotape seeing Drunk Clark or seeing Tess & Emile "hook up." I don't know what I think about the Tess/Emile pairing, it's as random as Chloe & Oliver of season 9, but it was still pretty funny to see Tess step out of her shell like that.

    This episode didn't have much seriousness and I think that boded well for the episode. When Chloe said she was leaving again, I though "So soon?" Where would she even go? I know she wants to make a better name for herself and help people, but couldn't she do that with Clark and the others? The wedding license discovery at the end was the best scene of the entire episode. It was such a sweet and candid scene.

    Overall, the episode was quite ridiculous, but it was enjoyable regardless, and I think if you were a true fan of this show, you would have enjoyed it very much so.
  • Watched this in the cinema a couple of years ago...

    Watched this in the cinema a couple of years ago... it was called 'The Hangover'. Good movie. This episode - not so much.

    If Smallville has run out of ideas enough to have to start copying recent movies, at least try something that could fit the show. A comedy about a group of hungover friends piecing together their night isn't why I watch Smallville. Everything from the mystery spiked drinks, stolen animal and 'heres what really happened' montage ending is in here - all that's missing is a naked man with a beard.

    Comparisons aside, this was still a poor episode with no progression in any of the show's storylines, which is worrying this close to the end. We did get Chloe's departure, well acted by herself and Oliver, but its a criminal injustice to write out the show's only remaining original supporting character character in such a weak plotline. The Batman reference may have excited a few DC fanboys, but it personally made me cringe.

    To be optimistic, maybe this was the show's writers getting all the silliness out in one episode before they can concentrate on a run up to a brilliant finale. In which case, I might look back on this and think, actually, that was kinda funny. Unfortunately, it was also pretty bad.
  • Hangover 2: Dude, Where's My Ring?

    Fortune-Due to a gift from Zatanna, Lois and Clark lose their memories of their respective bachelorette/bachelor parties. As they trace their steps, Clark realizes he may have robbed an armored car, and Lois discovers she gambled away her engagement ring to a crooked casino owner.

    I have a message to the many up tight viewers who watched this episode: Lighten Up! I know it's the last season, I know this was an obvious rip from the Hangover, I know this was silly, I know you all just want to see Superman stuff and so do I, but this episode was suppose to taken anything but seriously, so why is mostly everyone acting like this was such a disgrace? This episode was meant to be "the calm before the storm", a time for the cast and crew to act goofy and relax, so why can't we enjoy the last comedy episode along with them? I have no problem with knock offs if they have their own spin to them unlike say "Mercy" or recently "Collateral". "Fortune" wasn't exactly comedy gold, but I wouldn't be lying if I said some moments had my sides splitting. Any episode that has Clark superspeeding into a wall and falling over is solid in my book! lol

    Some of the jokes I loved besides that one was the Lemur, Chloe's quick answers to Clark's questions about the morning after, the Luthorcorp sign being stole, Emil and Tess doing an Elvis duet, Oliver in drag (Who knew!), Lois and the ring, not to mention the tape of inafmous night. Just hilarious and I have never seen the characters look so happy together, especially Clark (that boy was cheesin' up a storm!) It really showed just how much the cast had fun making this and the video had some classic moments in it, particularly these quotes:

    Clark: "Lois, if you are watching this 20 years from now, I hope you know, you are the love of my life!"

    Oliver: "Are you really made of Steel?" LMAO

    Not to mention, Emil and Tess of all people hooking up? Priceless!! Amos Fortune of coruse is the villain of the episode but he was too minor and too insignificant to the rest of the story to matter. His only memorable moment was hitting on Oliver, lol. This episode of course, marks the end of Allison Mack's run on Smallville. After 10 years and 200 episodes, I wish I could say I was gonna miss Chloe, but all I got from her ending was...meh. So now she's a reporter and will be inspiring heroes in Star City...whatever. Now her and Oliver are married....exucse while I don't give a f@#$!! Okay, maybe I'm being too hard on Chloe, sure she became a self righteous plot device the last 2 seasons but she is the oldest character after Clark as she's been her since the beginning so her exit is a huge conclusion for the series. Not to mention, she makes a awesome reference to both Batman and Wonder Woman...who she met before Clark!? O_0 Don't let the door hit you on the way out Chloe! lol Anyway, "Fortune", despite all it's backlash, did what it needed to do, give us a break from all the doom and gloom over Darkseid and Lionel 2.0, so we could laugh one last time with the cast and crew before the last run of episodes conclude the series in a serious fashion.
  • Fortune

    Fortune was a perfect episode of Smallville. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was very entertaining and was a perfect Smallville version of The Hangover. There was a lot of character development, suprise, and intrigue. This was definitely a fun episode which had a nice pace. It was interesting to learn what all of the different characters were doing during their night of partying. The writers, actors, and directors and other cast and crew pulled this episode off perfectly. It was nice to see Clark and Lois talking about their true feelings and for Chloe and Oliver to engage their own. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Zatanna creates a zany episode with a mickey. Clark marries Chloe, Lois loses her diamond, Elvis turns over in his grave again, Oliver becomes the "Drag-on" Lady, and Tess boogies all the way home. These aren't spoilers.

    "Fortune" was a cast party, and we had almost as much fun as the players. Plot summaries made it sound like a filler episode (cable tv - "Zatanna sends a magically spiked bottle of champagne to Clark and Lois for their bachelor/bachelorette parties...Lois realizes she lost her engagement ring."), and a snooze to boot. We had not read any other teasers or hints about "Fortune," so it was a complete surprise.

    I believe the cast had much to say about the screenplay and dialog, maybe in answer to a question - how would you like to play a fun episode? Mr. Juliani must have had that Elvis persona stored somewhere - he played it with such zest I can't imagine someone wrote it and then had him rehearse for hours to get it right. He's clearly worked on this before, except maybe the on-stage gyrations with Tess. Party on, cast!

    Discussing the plot or production values is pointless - what can you say about zany situations and dialog? Here's some of the visuals that stay with me: the "lucky lemur" addition to the cast - brilliant, especially when we hear a crunching noise when Clark wakes up - our first clue that this was not a straight episode. Chloe falling out of the closet and finding herself wedding-clad. Clark zipping away from the limo and bashing into a building. Tess and Emil rocking on the stage to "How Do You Do?" The Showgirl bit featuring Oliver "Drag" will Mr. Hartley live that down? At least he soon had a chance to show some macho moves and flex his pex.

    The finale with the whole group watching themselves come apart on Emil's video was priceless, and I was glad to see the cast having a genuine good time after 10 years of effort on this series. They deserved this loopy tale.

    The only serious note was Chloe revealing her plans to Clark, then slipping away from the party. The marriage certificate was a good surprise, making me wonder again how Chloe's role will end. I could go along with her heading to her new job in Star City, and I don't need to see the whole cast in anguish if they kill her off - not enough time and episodes to do that tragedy justice.

    Seen it twice, and just as much fun the second time. Thanks cast, writers, director, and everyone else. Re-run rating B+.
  • Lighthearted, nonstop fun :)

    Haters are gonna hate. But episodes like this aren't meant to be taken so seriously. How can you watch "Fortune" and not laugh? That's the idea here: comedy. And oh boy, they delivered. The entire regular cast (with the assistance of the incredible Alessandro Juliani) looked like they were having a blast and it resulted in the most fun hour of Smallville ever.

    As a tribute to "The Hangover", the concept of this episode sounded absolutely insane. I asked myself, "Do they hate Chloe that much that they would turn her final episode into a farce?". But leave it to the cast and crew of Smallville to prove me 100% wrong. "Fortune" was a complete joy to watch from start to finish. And as for my fear of Chloe not getting the proper closure, I have to say this: the ending they crafted for Ms. Sullivan was so fitting and I can say with pride that that was the best send-off of any Smallville character EVER.

    Like the last few episodes, there were just so many standout moments in the episode. I could sit here and type all day about how much I loved the lemur or how much seeing Oliver in drag made me laugh or even how I can't stop singing "How Do We Do" to myself because of Tess and Emil. But I'm sure you've heard it all, so I'll spare you the details. And if you haven't seen the episode means, you're doing yourself a great injustice if you listen to all the negative reviews. "Fortune" was a lovely episode and nice way to take a break from the main plot points of the season before we enter the final stretch of the series. I'll end this review with a thank you to Allison Mack. Thank you so much for 10 years of your amazing portrayal and crafting such a lovable character. The fanboy in me got chills when Chloe mentioned Batman and Wonder Woman. And I'm by no means a Chlollie shipper, but I thought that having her move to Star City with her new husband Oliver working as a journalist by day and a hero helper by night was just a wonderful happy ending for her. What a fun hour of television :)
  • I was cracking up laughing at the majority of this episode!

    This episode was surprisingly funny, the writers have a tendency to sneak in some funny moments into most episodes, but this one was exceptionally hilarious! I thought the moments when they were watching the video of the night the had where hilarious! I was almost like watching the actual cast off screen having a great time and acting like themselves! I didn't like seeing some other girl play Zatanna"s part, Serinda Swan is gorgeous and the only one that should play that role on this show, but when i saw the d-class stand in they had for her it was disappointing and really hard to actually remember who that character was supposed to be. Still love this show and will seriously miss it when it's over this season, but i guess they can only take a show like this so far! Hope to see the cast in other projects in the future!
  • Awesome

    Between the critter, Chloe in a wedding dress locked in a closet, the question of "did they consumate it," etc.

    The best part though was when they went downstairs and saw the building's logo in the living room. I remember thinking "I want to see the flashback of what happened there."

    It would've been nice to see Zantanna have a quick cameo since it was all her fault.

    I like it when relatively straight show has a comedy episode in a season, and in this case it seemed like a nice good-bye since the show is wrapping up. Though besides Tom (who's been on there for 10 years) the next-longest cast member is Erica and the rest were just scattered through the years.

    On the other hand, they've been putting off the final season's storyline long enough. They need to focus themselves if they want a good closure.
  • Can we say "rip off?" Or how about copy cat?

    Or perhaps just unoriginal. The episode was ok, don't get me wrong. It had some funny and even some sweet moments like at the end. But this episode screamed the film "The Hangover" from almost the very beginning. The only things missing were Tyson, a tiger, a stripper, and of course, full frontal nudity. Kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see Zatanna though, she's kinda cute. But by far the best moment of the night was Ollie/Justin Hartley in drag. I was rolling on the floor when he came onto the screen. And I have to admit, he makes a pretty woman, looks pretty ripped, and he can certainly kick some serious butt, whether in clothes or not. And I did like the ending though with Chloe and Oliver. And Tess & Hamilton? Even they make a cute couple. :)
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