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is lana's baby really lex's or could it be clarks!

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    MrSteel2007 wrote:
    L_d_G wrote:
    Theres already a ton of threads on this and you newbies just keep putting more and more up. IT'S REALLY ANNOYING!!!!

    Also yeah, maybe his parents havn't told him about the birds and the bees.maybe his illiterate in that subject.

    If this is real annoying why are you getting involved in this

    Thread! hmmm! Interesting!!! and also this is what a popular shows

    causes a lot of discussion!!!

    He's posted something that hasn't got anything to do with the subject. He's only telling people what's right but some people think it's right to make up 20 threads on the same subject. You obviously don't understand how threads work, read the submission guidlines or something.
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    it could be....the thing is ...remember in one of the episodes..Lex sweared on his unborn child...How could someone do that if its really their's ....

    Also in one episode Lex said the doctor is the baby ok..not in those word but something similar....and the doctor is said YES..its normal. just a thought???
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    Jus for the record Clark being an alien doesn just mean it could take longer than 9 months it means that without heavy genetic altering he can't reproduce with humans which doesnt happens untill right before he dies, ill try to avoid spoilers but just in cas SPOLIERS ALERT basically Lex finally succeds in a plan to end superman but it takes a long time to fully kill the man of steal and while lex is in jail for this act he relizes tha Superman only meant the world good and as a act of remorse heworks tiresly to find a way to help superman live on through a heir and eventually he suceeds giving the information to Lois lane who ends up having their half human half kriptonion child and that is how there ends up being supermen in the future after Clark is long gone but since none of that has come remotely close to happening yet here i think its definitly safe to assume clark wnt be getting any one pregnant for goow long while whether or not hes trying lol (i know my speeling in this isn't the greatest but its late im tired and so im rushing through this hopefully its still partially ledgable)
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    • posts: 198 your first post here was to bump a 5 year old thread to explain the complications of the human and kryptonian pregnancy, years after that story arc got wrapped up and it turned out Lana wasn't pregnant at all?
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