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Official Discussion Thread: Finale (possible spoilers)

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    SupermanNYC wrote:
    azyber1 wrote:
    SupermanNYC wrote:
    azyber1 wrote:

    Originally Posted by Leviathan

    For any and all naysayers: I'll say this one last time...

    THIS WAS ABOUT CLARK BECOMING SUPERMAN. It doesn't matter that he only flew for a few seconds, his entire life had been building up the that moment: becoming Superman. It doesn't matter that he easily pushed Apokalips aside, because it was about him becoming Superman. All of these last ten years came down to one simple truth: THAT CLARK WAS DESTINED TO BECOME THE WORLD'S GREATEST HERO, AND LIKE ALL GOOD THINGS, IT CAME IN IT'S DUE TIME.


    I for one, am deeply touched by the show, and it ended perfectly. I hope this person does not care that I stole his post but this was well said. I know a lot of you were wondering why the fight was just as bad as doomsday. Personally I enjoyed them both

    I agree with you 100%. I never said it wasn't about Clark. Oh and for the record....It was a joke when I said it took him 10 yrs to fly.

    yea i know, that wasnt pointed at you anyways but just in general..maybe you can help me with a couple questions

    how did the flashbacks work when he was fighting darkseid? Out of nowhere he was in the fortress? Was that all in his head and if so how did he know Jor-El would say that? Could it have been some telepathy thing?

    was that the classic superman costume in the final shot instead the one from superman returns?
    He was in thoughts. Jor-El helped him out, if you noticed, he was in the barn and when Darkseid hit him, and sent him crashing threw the roof of the barn, well remember he (Clark) had that white crystal, so that kind of sent him back to the fortress and Jor-el talking to him. Once that was over, well we all know how that turned out.

    your right, I know he had that in his hands. I loved that scene just was confused on how it fit
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    I kind of stopped watching Smallville for a while now , but I had to watch the last episode. It's part of my life.
    I missed the first 30 minutes of it, but I understood what was happening.
    Thought it was very cheesy, and had too much advertisements for a series finale. I really didn't want it to end that way.
    However, the last hour (more likely, the last 30 minute) made me love it. I think they ended it well.
    The superman costume, the flying, and most importantly Lex!
    Ah! ♥ Will miss it.

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    SupermanNYC wrote:
    groovydeadite78 wrote:

    They always get me with the original Superman movie score. I get reminded of when I was a kid in the 80's jumping down an entire flight of stairs in my Superman pajamas.

    Hey, thats the theme for Superman! Whats Superman without it. Love that music.

    No doubt. Superman wasn't and still isn't my favorite superhero (Always liked Spiderman and Batman more), but the original two movies held a special place for me when I was a little guy. Superman Returns had it's flaws (Mainly the idiotic idea that Superman is going to lift and fly off with an entire island of kryptonite), but I was completely caught off guard by the Williams score in the intro. I'm not too proud to say I got a little glassy eyed in the theater. I was trying to cover it up, and looked at my buddy next to me and he was in the same place as me. Epic is the only way to explain it.

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    An epic ending to a magnificent show. The end of ten years of a fantastic voyage in the world of entertainment. We had our Star Treks and our Stargates but Smallville was truly a show out of this world. I wonder if I am ever going to see anything as good during the rest of my lifetime. I do have a wish or maybe just wishful thinking, of a show with the same characters but a few years into the future with already established Superman.

    So this in not goodbye, just a see you later to all the Smallvillers.
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    Lex: His scenes were great, including his conversation with Clark. And they resolved the whole "I know your identity" thing about a well as they could. I would've been relatively OK had he kept his memories but it gave Tess something to do.

    Johnathan: Considering he was dead, his scenes were as good as they could make it.

    Tess: a sad ending. She tried so hard to stray from the Luthor path, only to wind up shooting someone in her last days. It was a cool fight scene though, a nice reminder of when she used to practice kickboxing.

    In the end though she came through, with her dying breaths she saved Cark in the the best way possible without actually killing Lex.

    Chloe: I was a little confused about her leaving the Kent house. Her hugs seemed "final" so I thought she was going to sacrifice herself or put on the helmet again. I guess it was a real goodbye hug from Allison to the cast instead of Chloe.

    Flashbacks: 2 decent flashback scenes, I liked Clark's better but Lex had a good one too.

    Flash Forward: a decent way to end the series. Clark is apparently a full blown Superman, and like the comics Lex eventually became the President.

    Perry White: that really sounded like him, why didn't we get to see him? It seems like a waste.

    The resolution to the story though... a little weak. Before the end I figured they were going to do 1 of 2 things:

    1) Clark makes a big showing across the world and on camera, inspiring Hope and breaking everyone free.

    2) Clark physically pushes the planet away like some Silver age stuff

    We really didn't see much of either. A simple fly-over and I guess a push and it was resolved. Granted it's hard to make pushing a whole planet seem realistic.

    I really thought it was going to be Clark saving people on live TV, stopping falling debris and buildings, building up Hope rapidly.

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    I didnt cry throughout the episode.....but when the credits came on

    :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
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    I've loved Smallville since the second episode. Seen every episode a couple times. Well except season 10 obviously. And the finale was good. Not great. Not close to great, but a really solid, good finale. I loved the Jonathan Kent scenes. Every minute of all of them. Same with the Lex scenes. So nice to have them both back in pretty significant parts for the finale. Loved the flashbacks. As a person who can't stand Tess, I liked the way it ended with her. She got her big redemption which was nice. But I think I knew this finale wasn't going to be great from the Booster Gold episode. The writers wasted too much time on pointless filler episodes down the home stretch.

    Also was that the longest non wedding in TV history or what? And Darkseid was that big of a pushover? Best part of season 9 was that for once, the big bad, was actually a good villian. Not a hey I'm here for 20 minutes whats the easiest way Clark can beat me? And I know the CW has bills to pay, but are you kidding me? We were lucky to get 10 minutes of the show at a time. The amount of commercials was stupid.

    Those criticisms aside, I loved it. Good way to wrap up the Smallville story and start the Superman story.

    Edited on 05/13/2011 10:11pm
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    Great ending. I loved Lex and Clark final scene of the series was awesome and my favorite scene of the series finale aside from Clark flying and the shadowy Superman figure which made it even better somehow for me. I will admit I was hoping with so many changes that Lex would remember Clark. I know it's different but I always love it when the villain knows who the hero is. Tess died saving Clark from Lex. Darksied being beaten didn't bug me because it was a plot device to show Kent final step to becoming Superman. Like Lex and Zod, Darksied will be back. For once I didn't mind a lack of a good fight. Jonathan and Martha scenes were great it was good to see all three of them together in the barn again. Joe-El was redeemed sort of by saying Smallville events were his trials. Sorry for the long paragraph I am writting this on my phone, computer troubles. I will miss Smallville. It was a good ride in the long run for me. Even with all of the bad twists and turns it took in the end it was a good show for me.
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    That is how you end a tv series
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    Wow, so many things in this. The return of Lex. The flashbacks (Clark and Lex) Finally putting on the suit and flying (but no full body close up - I know that must have disappointed some fans). Chloe with her son and the two comic books - Cute - Chloe was my favorite character because she was the most real and human. John Williams theme ftw. The ending at least was better than Superman Returns.

    I didn't watch all 10 seasons of Smallville and this episode wasn't the greatest but it was satisfactory. Smallville was a big part of my life though because it was filmed in the area where I live. There will never be a show like Smallville. It will always be the best American "filmed in British Columbia" show of all time in my opinion or at least my favorite.

    Now all I have is Doctor Who to watch which is better.

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    Edited 3 total times.
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    me too. I also only cried at the end credits. There was just something about it being the end.

    Edited on 05/13/2011 10:42pm
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    Finale was amazing!

    The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that we never got an true shot of Tom Welling in actual suit. Perhaps DC or WB wouldn't allow it?

    Other than that I loved EVERYTHING about it. When Clark stopped himself mid air and was just hovering there I jumped out of my seat and was like "Yes! Yes! Friggin Yes!! Get him Clark!". I loved how he slowed time down and Jor-El showed him all the flashbacks of his trials. Amazing!!

    The fly over with Oliver on the ground at the end was Epic!
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    While they obviously tried to give a satisfying final it seemed to fall short of the mark. The Lex's heart plot point didn't seem to work, and Darkseids appearance left a lot to be desired. I mean why bother using a villain like that if you don't plan to do him justice. Even the badly done Doomsday came across much better than this. In my opinion they may have been better off using Zod as a more established villain this season or choosing someone else not so difficult to portray on a low budget. Speaking of budget the effects while he was flying seemed to look like a youtube video where someones super imposed tom wellings head on a flying body. One other final complaint I had was the convieniant memory loss trick. Even the lines used made it seem pathetic. Why even take his memory, Lex knowing who he is would perfectly justify him becoming the villain of the story.
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    Hamzie wrote:
    I didnt cry throughout the episode.....but when the credits came on :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

    No way -- the end was kinda just cheesy...and expected. The first half was the intense stuff I thought. The scenes with his mom...the one with him and Lois on opposite sides of the door...and that non-wedding. Man, watching them walk down that aisle was like giving away your own children. Lol yes, so lame...but it was touching to see them all together and happy (until Apokalips came, oops!)

    Edited on 05/13/2011 11:08pm
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    aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! this is the mostdisappointing tv series ever !!! i can't believe i wasted my time watching 10 seasons of this mambo jabo !! i can't believe they made us wait 10 years to see him fly in his cape !

    thank god its over !!!

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    I hardly know what to say. This finale was absolutely the best of all. It far exceeded my expectations.

    Downers: Tess being killed. Umm, that was about the only one.

    Confusion: How did Oliver recognize "Clark" in his Red and Blue uniform flying when he was never seen that way before.

    Interesting: Lex Luthor is elected President in 2018 and will institute his economic recovery plan. Well, we've done worse. Maybe what we need is a person who knows what to spend, what to save and how to balance the checking accout.

    Editing: ABSOLUTELY SUPERB. Mixing in the flash backs from previous episodes were all done at the right time. Well done. I especially liked the way Clark flew out of the FOS and subliminally changed into his Red and Blue uniform on the way.

    Director: See last sentence above.

    Special Effects: UNPARALLELED.

    Surprise: Clark and Lois don't get married until 7 years later. Also, Jimmy Olsen is back?

    Tears? Oh yes. I used to drive tanks in the Army, I've been on Battleships during gunnery trials, I've worked with SEALS and an Astronaut. But I was soaking up the wetness well before the final ending.

    Final Opinion: THIS WAS SUPERMAN as we all wanted to see and love.

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    Just a note to whomever wrote the recap: Jimmy is Henry's brother, not his nephew. Lois specifically said, "Your brother left some pretty big shoes to fill, Mr. Olsen." This was alluded to in the episode where Jimmy died; they revealed his real first name was Henry, and Clark gave his camera to the little boy they said was his brother.

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    FINALLY. Second hour was better than the first one, but not great. Special effects of Superman were a bit cheap compared to the movies to me and they copied the movies. Haha. Anyways, it was weird to see Tom in a Superman outfit (it looked very nice). Cool ending with the Superman references even John William's theme song, but they didn't play the whole the song. BAH, they were trying to save money I see.

    Yay, no more Smallville. WB should do a spinoff for Superman, but then special effects and plots would be crappy. Bah. Also, the Clark's flashbacks/memories scene was a bit too long IMO.

    Alright, one less show to watch. We should be glad to get an ending compared to many shows that got axed!
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    OH MY GOD!!! was all I could say when I saw him hovering after the flashback. Best finale everrr. I watched this show from day one when the pilot first premiered way back in 2001 easily taking up a third of my life and well worth it.

    Wizard magazine convinced me to give it a try and for that I will always be grateful. I can't believe its over. I just want to say goodbye Smallville. You definitely will be missed. Like someone mentioned earlier we have our Stargates and Star Trek but theres something about this show that will always have a place in my heart. And also a shoutout to everyone on this forum who watched Smallville and loved it.

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    Good riddance. It's a relief to me that it is over. That had to have been one of the worst written series on television.

    They couldn't even pull off Welling looking like Superman. What the hell was that five second long head shot in space combined with the miniature computer animation? I know they don't have a movie budget, but couldn't you save some money over the last ten years to make the unveiling of Superman worth the effort? It was a great premise and they had some good seasons, but if this show was about anything other than Superman it would have flopped with that creative team.

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