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    [1]Jun 14, 2012
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    My friend told me about this. I was wondering if anyone read this or if it is even out yet.

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    [2]Jul 13, 2012
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    I've read them, the new "season 11" Smallville comics that take place after the show ended.

    They're OK. They focus on him as a full-blown Superman now. Lex is officially back, but the damage done by his sister's poison is still there... WITH some interesting side effects. The poison wiped his brain but also amped his intelligence... and a side-effect of the poison is apparently if someone was in super-close proximity while being administered then the brain-waves of the super-close person gets mapped into his brain. So he sees honest-to-goodness .

    Chloe is still with Ollie, and they apparently work together and go on investigations and stuff.

    The public loves Superman, but the government is very scared. Much of this is apparently due to Lex's influence.

    And now, the comics are introducing a version of Hank Henshaw... everyone's favorite Superman Cybernetic Clone and energy intellect.

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