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    I don't know if anyone comes on here anymore but I just wanted to post my opinion on something. After seeing the movie man of steel I thought it sucked. I think it was too soon, since the end of Smallville to come out with a movie.

    To me Christopher Reeve will always be the true superman, but knowing that Reeve gave his approval for the show smallville, and even gave his blessing to have Tom Welling be the new superman, I think they should have came out with a smallville movie.

    Being a smallville fan myself, I don't think It was fair for them to give us a new hit television show about the origins of Superman, then come out with a new movie right away (that is supposed to be a origin movie) like they suspect us to just forget about smallville, many people have grew up knowing Smallville as the Superman story, and knowing Tom Welling as Superman, and giving us a great cast on the show. Many people became superman fans because of smallville. If they want to do a new movie they need to use the same actors we are familiar with, and the same story line that we are familiar with.

    This is what I think they should have done. Keeping all the original actors who were in Smallville Tom welling, justin hartley, Erica Durance, etc..

    in 2012 ( a year after Smallville ended) they should have made a 2-hour tv movie

    Smallville: The movie

    -the movie picks up where the show ended. Clark kent is the new hero of town, and people give him the nick name Superman. Him and Lois are married living in metropolis ( in their new appartment). They work together in the daily planet, with Jimmy olsen. people at the planet know that Lois and Clark are married, but they don't know that Clark is superman. Martha Kent is no longer a senator, and she moves back into the farm with Conner Kent living with her. Conner Kent is in high school (with second generation meteor freaks) and he tries to protect his class mates, while keeping his identity a secret (similar to what Clark did throughout the show Smallville). While saving people in need, Superman meets with the Justice League members in watchtower from time to time. Lex (well the clone of lex) who just recently had his memory wiped from tess in the last episode of smallville, Knows that he lost his memory and is trying to get it back. He knows he hates Superman, but doesn't know why. He gets tries to do whatever he can to find someone who know how to get his memory back. He sets up a team of supervillians (meteor freaks) to try and find out the truth about superman. his team causes trouble in metropolis and Clark continues to save people, from Lex's team. After alot of action and violence, at the end of the movie Supergirl tells Clark that she found out that Zod and the other Kandorians have found a way to destroy the phantom zone, and that Zod and his associates are causing trouble in space, along with other zoners. Martian Manhunter comes and says that some zoners are trying to destroy the remains of mars (his home planet) Kara (supergirl) agrees to help martian manhuner, and Clark agrees to fly out into space to try and find Zod and other zoners and stop them. Clark tells his mother and Lois and Conner kent that he is going to try and protect the universe from Zod and he doesn't know when he will be back. He tells Conner that if anything Happens to him, that he wants Conner to continue proecting the citizens of metropolis. the movie ends with Clark flying out into space.

    in 2013 or 2014 a few years after the smallville movie I think they should have made a mini series of about 12 episodes that were an hour long each. and the storyline of the tv show will be sort of a Superman Returns remake, still keeping the original cast of smallville in the show.

    Metropolis (TV series) 12 episodes

    -The show would continue where the smallville movie left off. Superman has been gone for 5 years and no one knows where he is at, or if he is alright. The city of Metropolis is starting to lose faith in their hero. They think that he abandoned them. Lois is still working at the daily planet and there is a new guy at the daily planet, an intern who likes Lois and tries to always hit on her, and always wants to work on headlines with lois. Jimmy is still working there too. Lois doesn't know if Clark/superman is still alive or what and is worried. The justice League is worried too, Oliver/green arrow is worried when Supergirl and Martian Manhunter return to watch tower but Clark isn't with them. at the Kent Farm Martha is still worried too if Clark is alright or not. Conner kent just graduated high school and is starting to go to college, he helps out around the farm. Lex (who has just gotten control back of luthorcorp) find out of a hidden stash of papers (that tess hid in lutorcorp). the papers are writings that his father (lionel) wrote. they mention about having top secret experiments with meteor rocks (kryptonite) and that he even had a secret krptonite cage, to hold a super powered being. Lex figures that his father must have known about superman, and that meteor rock must be superman's weakness. He then heads out with a team to try and get every meteor rock they can find in the city. with Lex's team causing trouble in metropolis again, the justice league get together and try to fight them. Knowing they need extra help Oliver goes to Conner and try to convice him that they need extra help. he explains that Supergirl and martian manhunter went back out into space to try and find Clark, and that the team needs someone with superpowers to help. Conner doesn't want to help at first, but then he desides to help out, not having a suit he goes to help with what he has on. While they are fighting Lexs team, Clark crash lands back to Earth on the kent farm. Martha finds him and he is in bad shape, she takes him inside and he slowly recovers inside the house. Clark notices a newspaper with a headline talking bad about superman, and reads about how the city gave up on superman. Clark sits there and wonders if he should bring superman back. Conner Kent comes back home and is surprised to see Clark, He tells him that Clark needs to get out there and save metropolis that lex's army is causing trouble again. Clark decides that it's time for superman to come back, he puts on the the suit and goes to metropolis to save the city. The people at first are mad at him, but assures them that he is here to stay to protect them. He returns back to the daily planet as Clark Kent and Lois is happy to see him. Then clark continues helping people and recreat the plane scene (from superman returns). Then at the end of the series Lex has gathered up enough kryptonite and he sets up a trap and ends up stabbing superman with kryptonite (similar to superman Returns). Lex leaves superman there to die with the kryptonite inside him and still bleeding. the citizens find him there and he gets rushed to the hospitalat the hospital they removes the kryptonite and they watch as the sun heals superman. Clark returns back to the farm and Conner tells Clark that he found out that some his class mates saw him out there fighting, and they know he has superpowers, he tells Clark that he doesn't want to put any of them in danger, if people know he has super powers and that he is living at the kent house that some people may pick up the pieces and find out that Clark is really Superman. Conner tells Clark and Martha that he doesn't want to go into the super hero business and just wants to live a normal life, so he says he is moving to the east to get a job as a fishman. Superman continues to protect the city, and Lex is frustrated to know Superman is still alive. Lex stumbles upon an old newpaper add that talked about a beast that was terrorizing metropolis a few years back (the episode Doomsday). there was a picture that was snapped by a eye witness at the time, and it shows Clark kent battling the beast (although lex doesn't know he's clark kent, he jus knows the picture is of a young superman). Lex sees how badly beat up the young superman is in the photo, and comes to the conclusion that kryptonite is not the only thing that can hurt superman. He then learns that there is a secret underground bunker, and a report that a hideous beast lives there. Lex tells his team they are going to investigate...the series ends there.

    then in like 2015 or 2016 a few years later they should make a 2-3 hour long movie In Theatres again keeping the original cast that we all know in there. The would be called

    Superman doomsday or (the death of superman)

    -the movie picks up where the metropolis movie ended. Clark is at the daily planet and realizes that Jimmy olsen has an inside scoop about a secret project that lex is working on. Superman continues to fly around saving people, and even saves people from a train (similar to the train scene in spiderman 2). After saving a bunch of people Superman returns to the anual meeting of the justice league at watchtower. He learns that Oliver and Chole split up, and while there the other heroes mention how batman (since they probably won't have batman in the movie) is in gotham and couldn't make it and that wonder woman coldn't make it either. Oliver tells Clark that he has been noticing alot of lexs men hanging around theunderground hanger (where they buried Doomsday at). Clark says he knows lex is up to someting and Oliver agrees to keep an eye out (since Clark will be busy saving people) and they hope that Lex doesn't find a way to release doomsday. meanwhile at the east coast Conner is working as a fisherman on a boat (sound familiar). He keeps getting a ringing noise (similar to what clark experienced in smallville) and realizes that Jor-el is trying to contact him. He ignores it, but he keeps getting strange images at night (since he is supposed to has some of Clark's dna) he keeps getting some of clarks memories. and He keeps getting a memory of the time Clark had the meeting with RoK where Rok tells him "Today is the day you will die", he keeps getting that memory stuck in his head. He tries to ignore them, but they keep returning. He then realizes that he needs to go to the fortress of solitude. He superspeeds over there. The voice of Jor-el tells him that he needs to help Clark out. He need to help clark fight the ultimate destroyer that is coming. That superman alone may not be able to fight it, but maybe two super powered beings can. Lex and his team find a way to release the beast. Oliver tries to stop them, but is caught by lex's men. Oliver watches as the beast (doomsday) is lifted out from underground. Doomsday causes destruction and Clark and Lois rush out the daily planet to see what the noise is, Clark realizes it doomsday. He quickly changes into the superman outfit and knowing he may get hurt, he fights doomsday. During the battle they both (superman and Doomsday) die. Cooner rushes to the daily planet to try and tell clark about the images he has had, but is too late, he sees superman die in Lois's arms. The city is sad over the lost of superman, same with everyone who knew him. Conner then realize the promise he made to clark, when he was going out to space to fight zod, and realize he will have to take Clark's place and become the new superman.

    Then release the man of steel movie.

    So what do you all think.

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    Pretty good............you should keep it up...
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    I agree. Warner should make a Smallville movie, specially to make justice to Darkseid. Darkseid was very poorly depicted on the final season of Smallville, mostly because he's the coolest DC villain.

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