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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2007 on The CW
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A mysterious man who claims to be a product of Lex's latest project plants a bomb on Chloe and uses her to force Lois to get the truth on 33.1 from Lex.

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  • More 33.1 Mysteries

    33.1, the big Luthor mystery of the series, makes a return in this episode. Well, not really, just a recent action that 33.1 did, which was create clones - Julian Luthor's clone specifically. Story progression-wise, we got Chloe and Jimmy making up (or out) when he learns about her meteor freakiness, and the fact that Julian is a clone. Amount of things that furthers the Superman canon - none. Rather decent episode all in all.moreless
  • A Luthorcorp experiment gone bad tries to expose Lex by threatening Chloe's life, and uses Lois to threaten him. Grant is found to have a questionable ancestry, while Clark and Lana track down an evolving alien force.moreless

    Lois and Grant's romantic tendencies are starting to interfere with their work life; she thinks she'll be perceived as a recipient of special favors, such as her expose of the Luthors. Oops, Grant lets out the fact that Lex asked for Lois to get the assignment. None of this can lead to objective journalism.

    Chloe is on the phone trying to reach Clark, who is in Minnesota visiting Kara, to which Lois refers as the land of 10,000 frozen lakes (an allusion to the state license plate motto - Land of 10,000 Lakes). Chloe hands over to Lois all her research on the Luthors. Isn't that a bit unlikely to be all on paper? Wouldn't techie Chloe have it all on disc? Chloe thinks Lois has broken off with Grant...Lois lets her go on believing. Lois answers a cell phone found in her desk - a man claims to be sending information to help bring down Lex, and tells Lois there's a bomb planted on Chloe.

    Lex and Grant do a bit of fencing, then Grant asks him to ask for another reporter for the expose, since Lois is just too good at that. Lex's response, "I always find a way to win in the end."

    Lois now listens carefully on the phone to the mad bomber, an escaped clone from the Luthorcorp labs, with a body aging on overdrive, so he'll soon be deceased. He's even cut her ethernet cable so she can't send email, then she spots him across the room, and nails him in the head in the storage room. Oops, Lois over-reacted again, it's not him. As he turns back into the room, he sags into her arms with scissors imbedded in his back. Time to have Lois call for some professional help. The caller calls first, telling her Chloe will be next, and he's in the same room with Chloe.

    On a cold December night at the Kent farm, Clark returns to Lana; she was worried about his absence while at the Fortress, and Clark did not find Kara. She has thought about her life and intends to drop her fixation on Lex. Clark wants to see all the data she has on Lex, to get him for good. At her ISIS surveillance center, all the equipment is covered, but still burning electricity. This isn't at all "green." Clark has resolved to put Lex behind bars, at least for this episode. Lana turns up videos on Project Scion, and an alien invasion threat seen by Lex. She now decides to tell Clark everything she has on Scion.

    Lana brings Clark to see Casey Brock, a Luthorcorp employee found incoherent, with metal poisoning. Somehow Lana has the resources to get Brock transferred to this unidentified, isolated lab (is this kidnapping? practicing medicine without a license?). Casey is still speaking a strange language - Clark identifies it as kryptonian. Now we have a potentially interesting story development.

    Lois continues trying to get word to Chloe about the bomb, passing her a note via interoffice mail. Chloe gets it as she leaves, on the way to see Clark. Tension still exists between Chloe and Jimmy, as they ride the elevator together. Just then she sees the note from Lois, "bomb on you," and the elevator halts between floors. Let's see, they started in the basement, presumably were to get out at ground level, and get stuck at the 12th floor. They must be distracted, or pushed the wrong button, or the editors don't know how observant we Smallville fans are.

    Lois is still in the office, reading her draft article titled, "Luthorcorp's First Functioning Clone," which obviously wasn't written by someone in the real journalism field, but features the name Adrian Cross. He approaches her, with a detonator in his hand. In the elevator, Chloe and Jimmy are frantically examining her purse contents, looking for a bomb. It's in her Secret Santa gift box, plainly marked as C4 with a Federal Stock Number on it, no less. Gee, off-the-shelf explosives.

    Cross has read the article Lois drafted; she believes his story. But our culture still labors under the fantasy that a human clone would have an identical personality and memory as it's originator body, which is a silly mechanistic view of the cosmos. And downloading a lifetime of memories into a brain, as if it's a big flash memory? Why do these sci-fi fantasies persist? But Cross says someone downloaded all that life experience into his brain. As if. Why would a clone be angry that it's a clone? Cross insists that Lois get Lex to confess what he's done.

    Chloe tries to contact Clark via cell; Jimmy wonders, why call in Clark? Lois is wired for sound by Cross, who directs her to Grant's office; Lex is there. Cross tells Lois to ask Lex about Project Gemini; Lex feigns ignorance. She brings him up short with "Adrian Cross sends his best." Cross tells Lois to reach into her purse, she reluctantly brings up a large-caliber pistol. "Lie again," she says, "and Grant Gabriel dies." Too much yakking gives Lex the opening to club Lois to the floor. Now the shocker - Grant says the clone's biographical information Lois just recited was from his life! Lex may be in trouble here, as Cross enters, stating more of his life memories.

    "How do you have my memories?" Grant asks. "Because Lex made me," Cross answers. Nothing like a conspiracy to grab your attention. And Cross says to Grant, "When I didn't work, he made you!" Shazam! Grant is a clone! Lex has been found out - he pulls a gun, and shoots Cross, shouting, "You're not my brother!" Falling dead, Cross activates the detonator.

    The explosive timer in the elevator starts counting down, as Chloe and Jimmy pound on the door. What about the elevator alarm? They start talking, time may be short - Chloe confesses that she's a meteor freak. Jimmy responds with a passionate embrace, bless his heart. Lana and Clark arrive at the DP looking for Chloe - would it make any script sense to have them call first? Security is so lax, a stranger like Lana can sit right down at a reporter's desk and start using their computer. Clark finally activates some super-senses, hears, then sees the elevator, and flies right up the shaft in front of all those employees. Oh well, he moved fast, superspeed slo-mo nice FX to the elevator, grabs bomb, flings it into the Metropolis sky. Lois comes to as Lex offers her a helping hand, claiming that Cross escaped, and Grant left to find medical help. She threatens to continue her expose; he counters, "With what evidence? Merry Christmas, Lois, I just bought the Daily Planet."

    Jimmy and Chloe back off their near-confession of love for one another...why? Chloe thinks Kara is still on Jimmy's mind, but she's not. He asks - "OMG, can you fly?" She shows him her ability - the force in her hands healing his cut finger in seconds. He gets to deliver a supportive and humorous line - "Where were you in ninth grade rugby?" At last, her secret is shared with someone she loves; they embrace.

    At the mansion, Lex is finishing up Daily Planet acquisition paperwork. As a new manager should, he asks for bios. of everyone on staff. What you do with that information tells whether you're a GOOD manager. Grant bursts in, angry that Lex is his creator; Lex insists they're brothers. "You're different, Julian, " Lex says, but it's too late to patch up a relationship made in test tube hell. Grant/Julian asserts his "free will," and leaves, perhaps out of the series permanently.

    In a final scene for the Christmas holidays, Lois is visited by Grant, and she expects to be fired. But he announces they're breaking up, without explaining that he's an artificial person. What/who is Grant? All he has synthesized memories of a life that never was. Can he begin to create a real life? Hard to believe he'll continue being the DP editor-in-chief. Ms. Durance has shown the pain of so many doomed relationship that she's getting pretty good at showing it. But we know she just has to find the right guy, and a Lex-created clone would not be a candidate.

    At the farm, Chloe and Clark realize that the metallic sentient fluid has evolved, and could end up recasting itself as Milton Fine - it's the Brain Interactive Construct; Fine could well be out there. This is the last show of the holiday season, and things seem to be well with Clark and Lana...but no! As they embrace, Clark's face is transformed into...Bizarro! Flash to the Fortress; Clark is immobilized in a crystal tomb.

    This episode has enough shockers and revelations to be required viewing by all Smallville fans. A few implausible ideas and setups are present, such as the idea that Julian was created in full human form, a blank, and then somehow downloaded with artificial memories, but that's no more far-fetched than a guy with x-ray vision. So you just have to go along with the story. See this one again just to keep track of all the major developments in several story lines. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • Bizarro is back!

    This episode had so much twist and turns that I swore it was the season finale. My eyes were glued to the TV. I had to use the bathroom really badly, but I refused to get up and miss one second of this episode. The writers had us all fooled, thinking it was Clark, but when "Clark's" face got disfigured, I literally jumped out of my seat and fell to the ground. Then it showed Clark trapped in the fortress of solutide. This is the kind of episodes that the writers should write. More people will watch and becoming Smallville Fans.moreless
  • a great episode with the major players, and some new developments. It's episodes like this I kinda miss.

    It's Christmas time in Kansas, and everyone's wearing their festive outfits (kind of). Lois receives a call from a man named Adrian, who claims he's one of Lex's experiments. He demands Lois write his story or he'll detonate the bomb he's placed on Chloe. Lois tries several times to warn her, but Chloe gets her message but doesn't read it until she's stuck in an elevator with (Surprise!) Jimmy. Meanwhile Clark returns from the fortress, tells Lana that Kara is gone, and asks her help in taking down Lex. She agrees and she tells him about Project Scion. Lois goes into Grant's office and threatens to shoot Grant with the gun in the bag given to her by Adrian, unless Lex confesses to what he did. Before she can get the confession Lex knocks her unconscious and Adrian comes into the office to continue what she started. He tells Lex about a bunch of his memories until Grant realizes they both share the exact same memories. Viewers realize that Grant is also an experiment created by Lex out of his dead brother, Julien's, DNA. Lex shoots Adrian, who sets off the bomb just before he passes out (or dies). Lois later wakes up and tells Lex she's going to run with the story, but Lex tells her she won't be able to, since he just bought the Daily Planet. Luckily Clark and Lana had entered the Daily Planet and were looking for Chloe. Clark uses his powers to find her and gets rid of the bomb before it blows up, and the elevator doors open to reveal Jimmy and Chloe kissing. Jimmy and Chloe make up, after Chloe tells him that she broke up with him because she's a meteor freak. She heals a cut on his finger, and Jimmy promises to keep her secret. Grant enters Lois' apartment and tells her she still has a job at the Planet, but then breaks up with her. Heartbreaking for Lois. Of course the fact that the song is singing "I'm canceling Christmas this year" doesn't help. Last Chloe tells Clark that Professor Fine is still alive and trying to regenerate. She leaves when Lana enters, who tells Clark that she's never been more happy. We see them hug, and watch as Clark's face flashes silver, revealing he's not the real Clark Kent. The last scene is at the fortress, where we see the real Clark Kent has been frozen in ice by Jor-El.moreless
  • WOW!!! amazing, this is probably the best episode this show aired EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't review a lot but I think this episode should be reviewed by everyone who saw it

    there were many good episodes, several great episodes, 1 awful! (Noir), and some very controversial episodes (like transference) and up until now season 3 finale was my favorite

    BUT this episode is from another league the plots the twists the fact that it was Lois centric (got most screen time in my opinion) and gave it so much than the usual episode I hope all who reads this review will agree with me this was something else

    if this is why Superman never tell Lois who he really is and DC will take and work with it I'm all for it

    If TPTB want to give this as the reason why Clana break up (since he understands that Lana is a liability and that he can't trust people to know his secret without endangering them) I'm all for that too

    I hope they find a way to top this episode because Ican't see howmoreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore

Jimmy Olsen

Tim Guinee

Tim Guinee

Adrian Cross

Guest Star

Elyse Levesque

Elyse Levesque

Casey Brock

Guest Star

Michael Cassidy (VI)

Michael Cassidy (VI)

Grant Gabriel

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • It turned out that Chloe was on the same floor as the Christmas Party. How did nobody hear them yelling?

    • Lex shot Adrian in Grant Gabriel's office with numerous Daily Planet workers just outside the door. As there was no silencer on the gun the gunshot would've been heard perfectly in the next room and yet no one noticed.

    • When Lana and Clark go to see the scientist lying down, a man can be seen standing next to the wall.

    • If Grant and Adrian were supposed to have the same DNA, why were their eyes different colors?

    • If Chloe knew Clark was back in Smallville, then they obviously communicated in some way. So how come she was leaving the Planet to go see him, as Clark and Lana were going to the Planet to go see her?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Grant: (after a sword fight) When I suggested a dinner meeting, I was hoping to consume calories, not burn them.
      Lex: Well, technically, I should be stringing popcorn at a Suicide Slums nursing home, but then I wouldn't have the pleasure of beating you two bouts to one.

    • (Chloe is in the elevator and Jimmy was about to get in)
      Chloe: Jimmy!
      Jimmy: Oh! I... You know I'll just grab the next one.
      Chloe: Don't be ridiculous there's plenty of room.
      Jimmy: Yeah... yeah, you know the thing is I'm going the other way.
      Chloe: We are in the basement, travel options are kind of limited.
      Jimmy: Oh... right.

    • Chloe: Clark? Hi. It's your daily freak-out call.

    • Jimmy: You waste your one phone call on Clark?
      Chloe: I didn't realize we had so few flares.
      Jimmy: Regardless, you call Clark before you dial 911. I mean, what's he gonna do, dismantle the bomb with his great hair?

    • Grant: Congratulations on the Daily Planet. Wonderful. One more piece in my life you can control, starting with my creation.
      Lex: I can't believe you let that lunatic sneak his ideas into your head. You're my brother.
      Grant: No, Lex. I'm an experiment. Beneath all that arrogance, your cracks are starting to show. Did you really think you could keep this a secret? Or are you so desperate to mean something to someone, it was worth the risk?
      Lex: You can't punish me for wanting a family.
      Grant: How am I supposed to feel, being the product of a man who's destroyed everything he's ever touched?
      Lex: No. You're different, Julian. If I didn't love you, you wouldn't be here.
      Grant: I'm living proof you've forgotten how to love. But if you wanna play God, you might wanna remember his greatest gift, free will. Let me live my life.

    • Chloe: (getting a bomb in a present) I have the worst Secret Santa ever!

    • Chloe: (after she heals a cut on Jimmy's finger) Can you just, uh, promise me that we keep this between me, you, and my Neosporin?
      Jimmy: I promise. But you're still the same Chloe.

    • Lois: (after Grant tells her they're breaking up) Wow. And I didn't even drag you to all the places I usually ruin a relationship.
      Grant: Well, when you do decide to take that trip... he's a lucky guy.
      Lois: Whoever he is, we sure as hell aren't gonna work together.

    • Adrian: You created me in a test tube, you kept me like some kind of freak pet just so you could have a brother? Is that why you couldn't get rid of me?
      Lex: You're not my brother! (shoots him) You're a mistake.

    • Lex: You're no longer writing my exposé.
      Lois: Nuh uh. You'll have to take that up with my boss.
      Lex: I am your boss. Merry Christmas, Lois. I just bought the Daily Planet.

    • Grant: Lois has a mysterious way of diving for a penny and coming up with the Holy Grail.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Although credited Laura Vandervoort and John Glover don't appear in this episode.

    • Music: Deck The Halls, Canceling Christmas This Year (Michelle Featherstone), Joy to the World (Stan Reynolds)

    • This is the first ever episode where Clark Kent has no lines. However Tom Welling did have dialogue.

    • The following scenes were left out of the episode:
      - Grant criticizing Lois for giving into her emotions.
      - Jimmy stops by the farm to ask about Kara.

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Norway: Monday, March 3, 2008 10.50 pm on TVNorge
      Denmark: Monday, May 19, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: Thursday, May 29, 2008 on Ten HD
      Greece: Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 16.45 on Star
      United Kingdom: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 10.00 pm on E4
      Sweden: Friday, July 25, 2008 9.00 pm on TV6
      Belgium: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 18.50 on 2BE
      New Zealand: Friday, March 21, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: February 25, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: August 13, 2010 on Markiza