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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2010 on The CW

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  • Well if I am honest it did not feel like an episode of Smallville at all it felt more like a horror film set in the 1800s but I loved it.

    I thought it was refreshing for the story to be set out of the whole "I will be Super-blah soon" storyline which I do love but it is becoming repetitive. I am a fan of thriller and horror films so the village segments were exciting for me and I really enjoyed the storyline.

    It reminded of of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a bit with the policeman pretending to be helpful but in fact is louring people to a little secluded place were they would be killed.

    It also made me thing of The Village and other films of that genre. Was so enjoyable.

    Also CLARK and LOIS have SEX! It was romantic and so hot. They're both so hot. SEXY HOT!
  • Smallville meets Supernatural and finally some clois sex

    I liked the clois sex, but I wish that it was more passionate and raunchier. I hate the fact that it is on the CW. But nevertheless, the episode was fantastic. I thought that it would suck. How many times have we have seen these so-called creepy episodes. But I'm so glad that they proved me wrong. I was glued to the TV. I couldn't take my eyes off of the tv. I loved how Clark is showing how much he deeply loved Lois and would do anything for her. This is a match made in blissful sweet Smallville heaven.
  • The Little Town and the Sacrifice

    I want to say that I thought this episode was dull. I want to say that the main village of the damned ordeal would put years on a calendar. I'd also like to highlight some inconsistencies in storytelling. But I won't. Clark and Lois finally do the deed, dammit, candle lights and all! This is a huge moment for 'em both, as well as the show! We're only six episodes into the season and they've come leaps and bounds with this couple. What's next?

    Stripping the episode down to its bare minimum, ''Harvest'' only juggles two separate storylines throughout: Tess' attempts at making Lex's clone feel like a normal child, and Clark's effort at rescuing Lois from a quaint village of crazy folk (who have consumed blue kryptonite, stripping Clark of his powers). Neither would be what you would call earth-shattering storytelling, but they get the job done. And it's impossible to resist the charms of Clark's new-found relationship with Lois. Her 20 questions segment in the car was a hoot, I got a real kick out of Lois finding out that her trip to the phantom zone wasn't a heavy acid induced experience and calling Doomsday ''that horny toad-looking thing''.

    We do seem to get a powerless Clark episode every season. In this instance, however, it offers up some terrific interaction between Lois and Clark and it was great watching them fight the big fight as a team for once. And in the spirit of Lois and Clark, the storyline was suitably cheesy in parts too. And in typical Lois fashion, not only does she stand up to her captors, but when Clark regains his powers it's impossible for the bull-pen reporter not to gloat and, ya know, threaten to burn the village to the ground with Clark's heat-vision. Very funny.

    As for Tess' storyline, I'm a little worried at this stage. There's quite a lot of buildup here concerning the real Lex's return. I hope it's not merely something to keep naysayers at bay until the producers figure out whether or not they can afford to have Michael on the show again. Apart from the striking final image of Alexander standing in front of a mirror and shaving off all of his hair, the storyline didn't connect as much as it should have. I really hope they can bring Lex back for a few episodes, there's only so much child acting I can take.

    The next step for this series is finding a perfect balance. I guess even after ten years there's still a lot room for improvement. The scenes with Lois and Clark were dynamite and played up to my geeky expectations, but the overall plot was extremely dull. They literally had to rip Clois from their Metropolis setting in order to indulge in a full blown Clark and Lois adventure. I appreciate the effort and focus, but they really need to find a way to juggle such a whopping relationship, as well as the many arcs the writers will no doubt tackle across the season, otherwise the tenth and final season of the show is doomed to suffer the same convoluted fate as with the last few seasons before it.
  • All too familiar story

    The evolution of the Clark/Lois relationship has changed the series for the better, as the writers can now approach the characters and the plot from a fresh perspective. Even the sudden prevalence of "blue kryptonite" doesn't detract too much from the strengths of the new dynamic. The use of a somewhat well-tred plot device, unfortunately, does keep the episode from fully succeeding.

    Kryptonite has always been the most convenient way to strip Clark's powers and force him to use his mind. Like the previous episode, which used magic to accomplish the same relative task, the goal is fairly transparent: demonstrate that Clark is more than just the sum of his powers. He is also capable of thinking his way out of a situation, or at the very least, relying on his allies to do some of that heavy-lifting.

    Enter Lois, who uses her intuition and insight to spin Clark's abilities in a way that has maximum effect on the deluded townsfolk. She probably should have worked out the creepy subtext a bit sooner, but since the writers were going for "Halloween spooky" more than strict logic, it worked. The same holds true for Clark and his abilities. At one moment, they are completely wiped out by the kryptonite; the next, he is healing and zipping around like there is nothing bothering him. But they did manage the trope of having his hand popping out of the freshly-dug soil!

    Far more effective, in my mind, was the Tess/Young Lex plot thread. If the producers don't get Michael Rosenbaum back for at least the big finale, after all this obvious setup and foreshadowing, I will be deeply disappointed. They are putting Tess in a classic bind between her stated desire to protect Clark and her hopes for Young Lex.

    The end of the episode makes it clear that Young Lex is getting beyond her control, but I doubt the writers would have set him up if they were just going to let him die. To say nothing of the juxtaposition between Clark and Lois, making love, to Young Lex shaving off his hair, staring into the mirror. Very well done! (And am I the only one who thinks this kid looks more like a young Michael Rosenbaum than the original Young Lex earlier in the series?)
  • 1006

    Good episode of Smallville tonight. I came in to this episode really not expecting a lot. In fact, I almost knew that I wasn't going to like the episode. I was actually surprised, well, not because of Clark & Lois' story line. I was pleasantly surprised with Tess & Alexander. I wonder how the writers will handle the Lez story line without Michael Rosenbaum, looking forward to see how they handle that.

    The interactions between Tess & Alexander were definitely the best of the episode. Clark & Lois' story just spelled out filler, until the end of course when Clark & Lois have sex for the first time. Why couldn't have Clark "figured out his abilities" and how to control them when he was with Lana? Oh well, I guess it follows the Superman story, so I won't complain.

    Overall a good episode regardless of the somewhat bland been there done that main plot.
  • Great,Super and awesome episode.

    it is a great and good episode and some scary scenes made it best for Halloween. Lois and Clark are the best ever. and they looks durable and best couple ever. In this episode great work performs and good action. "It's a creepy ghost town really good in this episode, Clark reveals to Lois he's an alien from the planet Krypton after she tells him how she found out he was the Blur, and before the kiss Lois discovered the Book of Rao in Clark's box chest in Salvation.

    and Tess is afraid of Alexander becoming evil like his genetic template.
  • A couple comes together while a boy comes of age.

    Wasn't a big fan of this episode. The final two short scenes make the episode feel a bit more special, but it was mostly a filler. The whole village story was forgetable for me. On the other hand, I liked the Tess-Alexander stuff a lot. It's an intriguing storyline that will probably lead to Lex's return. I just hope that they find a way to bring the old Lex back because it wouldn't feel right if the final Lex on Smallville was a clone. But Connor Stanhop always does a great job playing Lex. His barn scene with Tess was fantastic, as was his smirk in the end. As for Clark and Lois, at least one major breakthrough happened in this episode. Good to see Clark getting past his fear of hurting a woman while he is having sex. Lets see where it goes from here. Bring on Ambush.
  • Great Episode!

    This was a great episode for everyone (Clark, Lois, Tess, Alexander). Creepy scary but powerful in some ways.

    Guess now I understand why Lois was wearing nail polish!

    Best scene (other than that beautifully shot love scene)--Clark saving Lois from the blueK sacrifice. Hands. Down. Loved that moment for Clark.

    Wish there was a little more with the whole "Darkseid" storyline, and although we didn't get to actually witness Clark's full disclosure, I do like the way they did it in this episode. I do like that he was telling her, apparently, pretty much everything about things that had happened in the past (Bloodline, Doomsday).

    Can't wait to see where we go next week.

    I'm giving this one a 10. Perfect "Halloween" episode. Great Lois and Clark episode. And I loved Tess to pieces. (Although, if even Lionel Luthor couldn't get Lex's friends to come to his birthday'd Tess do it for Alexander?)
  • Please note that no Amish people were hurt in the making of this episode!!

    If you are a hardcore Smallville fan like myself, one thing you will notice is that Smallville has no problem with is mixing filler and central into the same storyline and while it can be frustrating, it usually pays off with entertaining results. Picking up from Isis, Clark has come clean with Lois about his Kryptonian heritage and all the trouble it has caused through the years. While Lois is thrilled to finally know the Blurs inner secrets, she is starting to feel smothered by the whole "Damsel in Distress" scenario and now knows how Clark is always trying to protect her. This little spat leads to Lois getting kidnapped by a amish colony whose village has been "blessed" with the effects of blue kryptonite after the meteor shower of 89 though they belive a human sacrifice must be given in order to please their "god". As Clark fights to save Lois, he must do so powerless which proves to be a problem. Meanwhile, Tess continues to try and cure Alexander, a child clone of Lex. She belives thar Alex can be redeemed though she begins to have doubts after a chilling confrontation with the young clone who has started to embrace his inner Luthor. This was a really good character growth episode. We get to see Clark and Lois's relationship blossem in a way that makes longtime comic book fans squeel with delight. The Tess/Alexander storyline is also going well as not only do we get to see a more human side of Tess but we have started to witness the apparent rebirth of Lex Luthor, shaved head and everything!! Next week has Clark dealing with the return of General Lane, which will be interesting to observe. Talk to ya later !! :)
  • Harvest

    Harvest was a great episode of Smallville. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see Clark and Lois getting closer now that his secret is in the open between them. I thought that the story of this episode was fun and interesting as well and some how fitting for this Halloween weekend. It was also interesting to see more of the Alexander and Tess story line, and it it seems there may be a few surprises in store. I can't wait to see what happens next and how the rest of the season is going to turn out!!!
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Well balanced smart writing, refreshing Lois & Clark arc, rock solid production, dual "Tex" story, stellar acting, ambivalent ending and jaw dislocating cliffhanger

    A Zod is bugging your mum ? Who you gonna call ? Al Septien and Turi Meyer of course ! They ain't 'fraid of no Zod(s) and the only masters who have the talent to overwrite such a pesky mumbling creature. Indeed even if Callum Blue was convincing as the General in season 9 I still haven't digested half the dialogs he pronounced. Seriously he wasn't back for an encore, like Chloe used to say, but the writers of the excellent Kandor, Conspiracy and Salvation were.

    Since Hostage the audience has no doubt about Lois capacity to take care of herself and save the day. She's superb and definitely a role model we can count on. But when your boyfriend is Clark Kent it's not easy to affirm yourself and become who you are. Harvest was about settling things once and for all. Of course a couple is like a living organism and its redefinition is inevitable but sometimes it's wiser to be satisfied of what you have. Like in Escape our two love birds had planned a trip out of Metropolis but it quickly turned into a survival tournament. At the beginning while they were driving I couldn't help noticing the awkward close-ups to hide the fake background. But it was a minor issue considering the production was rock solid and even surprising. Indeed half the scenes occurred outdoor or in brand new sets. Moreover Lois & Clark skills were brilliantly used and their little adventure should make them grow on you even more. Their arc wasn't original nor scary but intense enough and as refreshing as a cold lemonade. And as expected it was filled with irresistible Lois moments. Her usual funny dialogs were used in the most uncommon situations and Erica Durance also managed to hot burn some scenes with her stellar acting. As for Clark what happened to him wasn't a first but definitely the perfect excuse to strike an other episodic home run !

    After watching Isis I only had one name on my lips : Tess Mercer. As much as I love Lois & Clark I just couldn't resist her. Cassidy Freeman perfectly portrayed the mother in distress for her beloved child. It's specially disturbing and intriguing considering he's Lex Luthor's clone. In Harvest her role wasn't anecdotic, it was probably as much important as the others. From the acting to the dark ambiance their arc was captivating. I was specially impressed by their dialogs and the way they unveiled the dual nature of Tess. She's almost like a female vampire, mesmerizingly beautiful but so dangerous. However after Isis it's obvious it's not about turning her into an other Lex but develop a new character able to puzzle the viewers and twist the story in the most unpredictable ways. It's exactly what happened in this sixth installment and the performers can only be praised for their acting. The more we see them, the more demanding we become. Captain Freeman and her crew know it, that's why they keep delivering !

    Two perfectly balanced arcs but one fascinating universe to bind them all. Six episodes aired, sixteen to go ! After Harvest you'll be certain of one thing, that the best is yet to come. The ambivalent ending could have been better but overall it successfully opened the gate of what should be the main plot of the upcoming episodes, if not of the whole season. In the one hand the last minute featured the brightest moment of the season and in the other a new nemesis rose. I couldn't help being slightly disappointed by the last because my expectations were probably too high. But I'm a dreamer so I still have high hopes that my wish will be granted ! Until then, pick up some bloody popcorn because even if Lois & Clark are no Buffy & Spike the harvest is upon us so you better be ready for it ! Show no mercy !
  • A fairly decent episode.

    Clark taking Lois outside of the city to keep her safe. You knew how this was going to end real quick. As usual there was some good things and a few bad. So lets begin with the good:

    1. Clark and Lois quality time. I liked that they spent a little time together and just being a couple.

    2. Lois saving the day, sort of. She is a tough lady indeed and they decided to remind us of her clever side again.

    3. Creepy child. If you want to bring out the cringe factor, that will do it.

    4. Lex, not Alexander is back. The coming of age for Lex and not Clark has begun.

    Now for the bad,

    1. Blue K-rock confused me in this ep. Especially at the end. If that stuff is nearly everywhere...why did Clark get his powers back?

    2.Lex shaving his hair. I though Lex-Prime didn't like the fact he was bald. You would think Lex 2.0 would be thrilled to keep it.

    3. Bad Christians. Why did the cult have to be Christian? Couldn't they made up a random cult?

    Overall...pretty good. I will make a blind guess right here and right now. Lex-Beta will be possessed by Darkseid and even his whole personae out.
  • Finally!!! I knew it!

    Even before "Harvest" aired, I was already half-expecting that Lois and Clark will make love in this episode. The progression to their love-making is only natural.

    In Homecoming, they confessed their love, and in the last episode, Clark confessed about being the Blur, so I knew that the next step is to let them finally express their love for each other. It was bound to happen, and I for one, am glad the writers didn't drag that phase until another episode.

    I have to say that I had a different idea in my head about how Lois and Clark would come together, but I can't say I was disappointed with how that part came out. Clark's words were so freakin' awesome: "I want you to know me completely...coz you're the ONE. You always will be." It's not just the words but how he said them that gave me the chills. The sincerity, vulnerability, trust, and love in his eyes as he was delivering his heartfelt speech gave the words the punch that the speech needed to convince me that Clark truly loves Lois. Finally! It's not just Lois who was willing to risk her heart. This time, they're in it together, and what a great relief that is! After the on-again-off again dance CLOIS had in season 9, I was getting dishearted to when Clark will finally hit his head, realize that Lois is his true love, and finally give himself completely. With the way the writers ended Clark and Lana's affair in REQUIEM, I didn't know how I would be convinced that any other woman that will be linked to Clark will not come as second best, which is why I hated that episode about Lana taking on the kyrptonite. They made it look like if it weren't for the kryptonite, Lana will still be Clarke's love, which should never have been implied at all.

    I'm still brimming from that episode (obvious much??!), but I'm glad that they're taking extra care to make Clark and Lois' relationship more special by letting Clark decide on his own to trust Lois and really open his heart to her, which he didn't do with Lana.I think this is because in his heart, Clark knows that Lois' character is a more perfect fit to his.

    How many times has Lana disappointed Clark with her choices? Lois isn't perfect (although she can't do anything wrong in my eyes), but if there's one thing Clark can expect, it is that Lois will always choose what is right and good, and isn't that what Clark/Superman holds of utmost importance? I think this commonality between them is what strengthens their bond and holds them together as a couple.

    And "Harvest" did a good job of solidifying more the Lois and Clark tandem. Others can call the episode a filler if they want, but all episodes in the season can't just be about Darkseid. Smallville is more than just battling evil; it's about Superman's journey before he became Superman, and that includes his relationships.

    This episode in particular showed how Lois and Clark are great together as partners, not just as lovers. We get to see that there's more to Lois and Clark than just sparks flying (of course the combustible chemistry doesn't hurt to keep the fans happy...and squealing with delight). The episode showed us how well they work together. It's not just about Clark saving Lois; it's about both of them saving each other.

    Clark shielding Lois from the blue flame was spectacular, and Lois, smart gal that she is, used the townspeople's overzealous belief about signs against them. She delivered this funny (to me) speech to scare off the people so that they would step back away from Clark, making him heal faster. If that wasn't a display of remarkable teamwork, then I don't know what is.

    The euphoria I felt in Harvest is not the same as the one I felt in Homecoming, but only becuase Homecoming had a lot of things going aside from CLOIS: Oliver's speech (damn inspiring!); future Clark in the elevator with present Clark; and of course the flying (ehem floating) while CLOIS were dancing. But man oh man, the love scene at the end of Harvest made the episode one for the books. It took CLOIS relationship to the next level and in the right direction. I can't wait until next week's episode!
  • Very poor

    Very disappointed at this episode. Very disappointed at this season overall. The Clark and Lois Lane thing is not at all working for me. They have no chemistry. Bring back Lana!
    Lois is too strong headed and always putting herself in one dodgy situation the other. This season is proving to be pretty poor. Season 8 and 9 were by the far the best with the General Zod and the Doomsday storyline. Perhaps Smallville needs another archenemy story. Bringing back Lex might help.
    Would also have liked to see more of Chloe and Oliver. Can't believe she's only got 5 episodes in this season!
  • The Smallvillage

    Harvest-To protect his girlfriend, Clark tricks Lois into leaving town on a story. When she realizes what's going on, they argue but an accident strands them in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Tess tries to find a cure for Alexander, who is suffering from rapid aging because of his unnatural origins.

    In a week filled with Halloween specials/themed episodes for almost every on every network, it's no surprise that Smallville would do the same with "Harvest" and despite it's flawed attempt in that department last time ("Thirst"...vomits!), this episode actually works! Sure the whole crazed Amish town scream "Wicker Man", "Children of the Corn" and "the Village", but luckily, thanks to Clois, the storyline manages to entertain enough and there some scenes were pretty creepy. Smallville sure knows how to cast creppy child actors don't they?

    Charlotte was all kinds of creepy from when she first ran into Lois and Clark on the road. The reveal of her luring Lois to the town was eerie and her delivery of "this is your last supper" to Lois actually freaked me out a little, especially thanks to the creepy new scoring we got this episode. Great work from Smallville composer Louis Ferbe, who often is underrated for his work. Turi Meyer's second round at directing was refreshing this time given the great location the episode takes place. The cinematography was really well done here and the tone shift was different than anythign Smallville had done before, but thankfully, it was well executed and helped to translate the series into some out of comfort zone territory. Also, it helps that Clois are at their best now that all secrets are out the door. Luckily, the banter and humor is still strong between them and I'm glad Clark fond out about Lois taking out the dagger. Such a heatwarning moment in the middle of an intense situation. Also, you got to love Lois' line about Clark taking off his shirt in the most least romantic times. lol Although the main plot has it's Halloween worthy moments, the way concludes isn't as good but you gotta love Clark risking his life to save Lois, that back burn was all kinds of messed up! Our other resident creepy child is Lil' Alexander with his rapid growth causing to quickly adopt some very Lex Luthor-like behavior. Connor Stanhope, who is without a doubt the best child actors to grace the series returns as a now 9 year old verison of Lex and the developments made her are striking and excellent. Cassidy Freeedman only adds to richness of this stunning sub-plot. Like I said before, it's great seeing Tess in this motherly role and her desperation to save Alexander was well done as well as Alexander beginning to remember the details of his relationship with Clark. The scene in the barn brought back some great callbacks from Season 1 and Alexander's whole speech, Tess' reaction and his declaration of being called Lex was just haunting and such a beautifully played scene. It's amazing how Michael Rosenbaum may never come back yet Lex's menancing presence is being brilliantly delivered this year than in Season 8 (won;t even go there!) That fact that Alexander cut off all his hair and grinned after the fact in the mirror, shows that Lex Luthor's sotry is far from over. My only problem with this storyline is that the writers seem like they are setting Lex's clone to be Superman's nemesis, which is wrong on many levels. Kinda defeats the purpose of that 7 year long development of Lex's character and his friend turned enemy relationship with Clark. The clone is just a shadow of the real thing and I wouldn't agree to that development. I'm sure Michael Rosenbaum wouldn't even walk back on set knowing he's jsut playing a clone of the real thing. Makes all his work from the first 7 seasons seem worthless, if a clone can just come and take all the glory. Not to mention, the real Lex went out like a punk and needs to be corrected! Anyway, the episode concludes with the long over due love making with powers from Clark. I can't describe how long I've wait for Clark to bang a human with his powers! Escape hinted at this and here, it's confirmed, that Clark can DO IT! with a mortal powers or not! And it's with Lois! I'm in Clois heaven right now! Wooooooo! But as great as it is to see Clois full circle, I'm glad we're jumping back into the thick of things next week, the Suicide Squad and especially the Darkseid arc need some serious development and I'm seriously missing some Blur/superhero action this season, which this season is lacking. As for "Harvest", it was a pretty good Halloween treat with a stellar sub-plot and Clois gold as always! Happy Halloween indeed! :)
  • A very well-written and enjoyable episode.

    Mwahahahaha! It's that time of year again where TV shows decide to show off their creepy side and like last season's "Rabid", I was expecting another train wreck like Season 5's "Thirst". But boy was I wrong!

    Kudos to Al Septien and Turi Meyer for this amazing hour of television. I'll start off with the nitpicks (there weren't that many) before I get to the good (and when I say good, I mean it was GOOD). There were a lot of inconsistencies with the Blue K this time around. Clark can't run away when he's a good distance away but when they're all crowded around him, he can superspeed? And I'm not sure how he survived getting burned like that, but it was such a powerful and selfless moment, I'll have to let it slide.

    Now on to the good stuff. It's such a breath of fresh air to have Lois in on the secret and Clark knowing that she knows (and Lois knowing that Clark knows that she knows [try saying that 3 times fast] :D). They have great chemistry together and what they're willing to do for each other only makes me appreciate both characters even more. I surprisingly enjoyed the "creepy ghost town" story mainly because I had no idea where they were going with it. I was literally at the edge of my seat dying to know how they would escape. And the last Clois scene of the episode? WOW! This is the third episode in a row to end with a huge Clois milestone, so maybe we'll get an engagement in the near future...

    I also really enjoyed the Tess/Lex interactions. It's obvious that Tess really wanted to save this little boy, but at this point it's a lost cause. The little redhead boy will grow up to become Superman's nemesis and there's no stopping that. Connor Stanhope and Cassidy Freeman both delivered powerful performances that made their scenes all the more believable.

    Bonus points for all the awesome continuity. I caught references to Hug, Tempest, Accelerate, Kara, Bloodline, Bride, and Lazarus. When you can slip in references to Seasons 1-10, that's always gonna sit well with me. Fantastic episode -9.5/10
  • To be honest I completely thought this episode was going to suck!

    To be honest I completely thought this episode was going to suck! I thought it was going to be a lame Halloween episode. I actually loved this one soo much! The creppiness of the episode, when Clark got SLASHED!! Soo good! I'm impressed Smallville, you don't like to show ick, but I'm glad you did!

    Then the poor guy got FIRE pored onto him! b/c he loves her!!! It looked so painful too. NASTY! Then the fact that they finally had sex!! (not under anything/our time frame) was soo cute! The holding hands at the end made the episode too!
  • I loved this episode! It was everything it could be.

    Ok this episode was heartfelt,funny,sweet,saddening and everything it could be. Now ladies and gentlemen the newest lines for a guy to win over a girl:'I want you to know me completely,without any secrets,cause you're the one...and always will be.' Tom Welling acted the hell out of that. And the whole 'you are not worthy to be in his presence,he will smithe you with his superbreath and heat vision',hilarious! And then the 'can you speed us away from the children of the corn,honey?' was priceless. I have to say Erica Durance and Tom Welling make a cute tv couple. Although I was a real Clana fan,I have to say I like Clois. Clana was always sweet and charming and Clark was always afraid Lana would break if he hugged her too tight or something. Lois showed him that she can handle herself. Even though Clark has gotten her out of a few hairy situations, she's a lot tougher then Lana was before she became SuperLana. I like what Erica brings to the table. She plays Lois as the perfect combination of sarcastic(which I love),sweet,tough, funny and charming. And I do believe that if Tess had reversed 'Alexander's aging she could've helped him be a better person. One of the reasons Lex became Lex was because of the way he was raised. His mother hated him and his father never really showed any love either. He was to strict with him and thought he was a wuss. 2 weeks is not enough to reprogram Lex. If she'd reversed the aging proces she could've started with the little innocent boy. But Alexander is smart so she'd have to be completely honest with him about who the real Lex was,how he became that way,that he was a clone of Lex and tell him everyday that he had the chance to make the right choice,to be a better person. That people choose everyday how to live their life. But Tess let him get under her skin because she has so many doubts herself. Denying everything and making him believe what he saw was a dream was wrong. Anyway great episode.
  • "Harvest" is the second successive story with the real theme written into a dangerous encounter facing Lois and Clark. Tess and her demon child finally reach the breaking point.

    "Harvest" played very much like last week's "Isis." The ostensible story line is peripheral to the real theme - the continuing development of Lois and Clark's relationship, especially his role as her protector. More on that.

    As they drive along, Lois explores their past - playing question and answer with Clark about events from several seasons, to which Clark mostly answers "Kryptonian." Not the quiet tete-a-tete in a nice sidewalk cafe that I envisioned, but it serves the purpose of helping her understand Clark's off-world origins. Their reporting assignment "in the boonies" sure got them from the plains of Kansas to the Rocky Mountains quickly to cover the cherry festival - in Colorado?

    The crazy cult in those boonies was pretty well staged and directed, although the flat tire delay had me wanting to see Clark's hands as he spun off those lug nuts. The cult cliches were all there - an authoritative leader, an aberrant interpretation of religious scripture, naive followers - nothing new, but it was all set up to put Clark and Lois in danger, and let them face the threat together. This story succeeds because it's not just another Clark-swoops-in scene. Lois displays grit and determination and shows she's capable of supporting and even saving Clark, too. This puts to rest the "damsel-in-distress" idea, and convinces Clark that he has an equally-capable partner.

    An older Connor Stanhope plays his second young Lex role - this time as the growing clone - Tess showing a strong mother instinct born of the mistaken belief that she can forestall his development into the monster that was Lex. The boy's level of discourse is a bit high for a 10-year-old, as he accuses Tess of attempting to redeem herself through Oliver, Lex, and now Clark. I had not detected that purpose in the Tess character before, but at last she sees that "He IS Lex Luthor," and destroys the serum that might have slowed his growth.

    At the end, as Lois encourages him to someday become a visible symbol of good, Clark uses the phrase, "stranger in a strange land," a nice nod to Robert Heinlein's 1961 science fiction novel. And a chilling final scene has Alexander-becoming-Lex shaving his head, and making me continue to hope that Michael Rosenbaum will come to contract terms that will allow him to put the icing on the 2010 season. Re-run rating B.
  • Clark and Lois get trapped in some weird little town. Tess finds out important information about Alexander.

    Well lets see. THis episode wasn't as good as others but it was still very good. The most important thing that happened in this episode was what happened with Alexander. He kept drwaing the Superman symbol and knew a whole bunch about Clark. So we figured out that he had Lex's memories even though he was a little Lex. Him admitting that he was Lex was awesome too because that could be a way to bring back older Lex that we all know. Tess wanting to kill him is initeresting. He admits he's bad so she wants to kill him right away. Well we will see what happens. Everything with Clark and Lois was cool but seemed like filler just so Lois could find out more about CLark's abilities. One question I had was how did CLark get his powers back in the town. There is water in the ground and they said blue meteor rock was is what purified the water. The only thing I can figure out is that it wasn't running through his system so maybe that is why he was able to heal. THe thing with the blue kryptonite fire was coll and seeing his back heal. Anyway it was a good episode and next weeks looks even better. See you then.