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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2002 on The CW
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Clark gains a new power: heat-vision. As he struggles to control it, Lex gets married to the new Smallville High teacher, Desiree Atkins. Little does he know that she not only has an ulterior motive; but that she's coming on to Clark, too.

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  • Superman goes through Kryptonian puberty [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD]

    Maybe I'm kind of oblivious, but I never before noticed all the Clex subtext in this episode. Seriously, I only recently noticed that Clark actually seems jealous of Lex marrying someone else. Not only that, but Chloe seems to keep hinting at the possibility of Clark being repelled by the opposite sex. Oh, and speaking of sex, I loved that the heat vision ended up being used as a metaphor, and one that carried into later seasons (and for those that don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you ask your parents to tell you about the birds and the bees). I also, for some reason, loved the awkwardness between Clark and his parents regarding his heat vision. Maybe I have an inner sadist. In any case, the effects were pretty good, and for the most part, the acting was pretty decent. However, I have so many nitpicks for this episode, especially regarding the legal system in Smallville or why Clark was able to resist Desiree's pheromones, that I don't even know where to begin. All in all, though, I rate "Heat" 9 bursts of heat vision out of 10. (I don't know, maybe I'm a fangirl. Or maybe my inner masochist overrode my inner sadist. I'll let y'all decide.)

    Highlights include: Clark and his classmates meeting their new biology teacher (I especially loved Pete's comments regarding both the sex ed film and Desiree), Clark discovering heat vision, Clark setting the Talon on fire, Clark learning to control his new ability (the Elvis song that played seemed kinda out of left field yet somehow appropriate at the same time), and Clark using his new ability to make popcorn.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of smallville its having a heat wave and there starting classes and there in class that talks about sex ed. and there is a new sub that is really hot and clark keeps stairing at her and he looks at the projector and shoots fire from his eyes a few times and he puts the fire out . lex shows up and goes right to desiere and then tells clark he is getting married to her . and they only know each other for a week. it also happens in the talent were he is helping lana . clark thinks something is going on with lexes new feanace and clark is also struggling to deal with his new abitlty and clark masters to deal with it and clark and cloey are doing some digging on her and clarks trys to confront him but lex says desere said that clark tred to make a move on her. and the lex decides to get rid of the talen. but clark realies its not him making the decions its her .and can clark help lex in time .moreless
  • Lex gets married.

    Rev: Sophomore year is here, after a long hot summer, through the whole episode, Smallville goes through a terrible heat wave. Three months pass after the season premiere, and now it's the beggining of the school year. Chloe still has feeliongs for Clark, and she hides them and continues to make herself look stupid. Lana is making a video for Whitney, while he is overseas, and you can tell that Lana is developing feelings for Clark. Clark gets a new power, heat vision, and he only gets it when he thinks about sex. Lex gets married after only knowing her for a week, her name is Desiree. Surprise, surprise: She is a meteor freak, she seduces guys with her pheremones. the power was kind of lame, but at least it explained Lex's behavior. Lana gets evicted, Clark goes to jail, and Jonathan attempts to kill Lex in the process. Seems like every time that Jonathan is on something, he has an urge to kill a Luthor. Of course everything gets back to normal, by the end. I like the Martha/Lex confrontation. A really great episode, and a great first week of sophomore year. Lana breaks up with Whitney via video tape, ouch! But it gives Lana/Clark a chance. Really great episode.moreless
  • A new teacher at Smallville has powers to influence the behavior of others, including Lex, to whom she's being married, and Clark. Meanwhile, a new power manifests in Clark's life, and it's not under control.moreless

    This episode has zero continuity with last week's cliffhanger resolution season opener, so it's a little jarring to the senses. Only Chloe's disappointment with Clark is carried over from "Vortex," although there's some mention of cleaning up the town in the aftermath of the tornadoes. But it's a different screenwriter, and a stand-alone episode for this week.

    Lana and Clark make a video greeting for Whitney, already overseas with the Marines, and Chloe is back from an internship at the DP in Metropolis. While Clark is glad to see her, she obviously wishes he had more on his mind than a continued friendship. Their new chem. teacher is hot in more ways than one, and shows the class an ancient 16mm movie, with sound even, on reproductive habits in the animal kingdom. While staring at her, Clark suddenly manifests some eye beams, igniting that old movie screen, and causing an evacuation.

    Lex roars up to the high school; he's traded in that old clunky Mercedes convertible for another silver car - a Lamborghini Diablo, lucky guy. Turns out the barely-dressed biology teacher is Lex's fiance, Desiree Atkins. Surely she isn't even meeting the school dress code herself. And the wedding is that night, with Clark suddenly enlisted as the best man.

    Hmmmm, Desiree's kisses are supercharged, giving her some control over the recipient. At home, Clark tells the family about starting the fire with his vision. Hormonal connection?

    The set decoration team put on a nice spread for the wedding, and the bride is rather stunning, as is Chloe. She claims to be fine with the decision to be just friends with Clark. Lex explains how rapidly the romance started with Desiree, and urges Clark to go with his feelings - and his eyes meet Lana's.

    Later at the Talon, Clark admits to Lana that he's keeping an eye on her, but hey, wait, not that way. She misses Whitney too, but a long-distance relationship is difficult. Another surge - this one Lana-induced, and Clark's eyes set the Talon on fire. Clark finally isolates himself at the barn, as he explains the latest fire to Jonathan, who usually tries some training in self-control when a new power manifests in Clark's life. The most amusing scene has Clark heating up the Jiffy-pop until it explodes. With some guidance from Jonathan, he gradually gains control of the heat-vision.

    Desiree is an unwelcome visitor to Clark at the barn, provocative as all get out. Wait, teacher-student romance is surely grounds for a long prison term, and who's the minor here? Time to superspeed away, Clark, but she gets her force going first. Does it affect Clark? Apparently not, and Clark rejects her, so she quickly feigns an apology and leaves.

    Chloe discovers Ms. Atkins/Mrs. Luthor has an alias - and Clark tells an incredulous Chloe about the near-seduction. But she agrees to keep digging into Desiree's past. "Where there's smoke there's fire, excuse the aphorism," she tells Clark, who goes to see Lex. But Desiree already has Lex believing that Clark came on to her, and Lex doesn't believe anything negative about his new wife. She admits to Lex that she changed her name, and her power over him is intact. Meteor powers?

    Chloe admits to Lana she indulged her feelings about Clark, and got herself hurt. Lex shows up with bad news, he's buying out Lana, giving her 24 hours to vacate the Talon. Of course we can see he's under some strange Desiree-power. She's in a total snit, telling Clark she's being evicted, and Clark catches up with Desiree in the school hallway. She warns Clark that she can control Lex completely, but Clark isn't having it.

    Next she blows up a perfectly good red Chrysler LeBaron coupe - good pyrotechnics by the special effects crew. Clark has to tell Martha and Jonathan about the near-seduction, when Sheriff Ethan drops in to take Clark into custody for the car fire, at the behest of Desiree. Martha talks sense to Lex, but he's under a spell. Ms. O'Toole gets excellent dialog, and delivers it expertly as always. Then Jonathan is the next target as he foolishly stops at the Luthor mansion to confront Desiree about her perjury. Of course she gives him the pheromone breath, and he's hooked. She has a little task for him, something really evil, no doubt.

    Chloe and Lana visit Clark in jail, sharing more history about Desiree and her meteor-enhanced pheromones, her previous marriage, and her obvious need for lots of cash. They leave, and Clark sees an opportunity to escape - starting an electrical fire and getting Sheriff Ethan to release him...and he's gone fast.

    Lex is finally beginning to suspect his own actions, confronting Desiree about his last will and testament, through which she says she will own everything. Was she planning to kill him? No, as she opens the door - Jonathan and his rifle are planning to kill him. Clark arrives before the second shot, and uses his new heat-vision to melt the round halfway to target. Desiree throws some flammable liquid on Lex, and ignites it, forcing Clark to save him, too.

    So Desiree is in jail somewhere, Clark is off the hook with a warning after saving the life of Lex, and things are about back to normal. Later, Lex is quite apologetic to Clark, and the divorce from Desiree will be filed soon. Still, he advises Clark not to wait too long for Lana to resolve her feelings for Whitney.

    So he stops to see her while repairs to the Talon are underway. Lana wonders more about how Clark was involved in three fires, and Clark has to practice benign deception yet again. Lana pointedly asks about relationships built on secrecy and lies - and Clark can't deal with this reality, so instead of helping, he backs out and leaves. Finally, Lana prepares to end it with Whitney via video message...or does she?

    "Heat" has some good performances, especially by Ms. Mack and Ms. O'Toole. The antagonist is here today, gone tomorrow, so there's no long-term relationship changes to keep track of. Lana and Clark continue keeping their distances, so everything is routine Smallville, except Clark's acquisition of a new superpower, so it's worth seeing again. Re-run rating B-.moreless
  • Good episode I really enjoyed it.

    There on fire, amzaing episode. When the "hot" new Biology teacher Desiree Atkins (Krista Allen) arrives in Smallville, Clark Kent gets excited in her presence and his hormones sets fire to his classroom. After the incident, Lex Luthor informs that he will get married with Desiree and invites Clark to be his best man. When Desiree tries to seduce Clark Kent, he realizes that she has the power of seducing men.

    "Heat" is a funny episode of Smallville, with Clark Kent leaning how to deal with his sexuality and his hormones. Krista Allen is really hot and her dresses are wonderful. nagain good show.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Krista Allen

Krista Allen

Desiree Atkins-Luthor/Alison Sanders

Guest Star

Shawn Reis

Shawn Reis

Jail Deputy

Guest Star

Mitchell Kosterman

Mitchell Kosterman

Sheriff Ethan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • When Desiree smashes the bottle of alcohol on Lex's back and sets it on fire it burns bright orange. Alcohol burns blue almost clear. There might have been a small amount of orange from the shirt burning, but that wouldn't start for several seconds.

    • When Sheriff Ethan runs to get Clark out of the jail area when the fire has started, he unlocks the door, in the second or so it takes the camera to follow him, the wall the gate locks to is clearly visible... with no lock plate attached to it.

    • Toward the end, Clark prevents Desiree's escape by using his heat vision on the door handle. Even if she didn't know how hot it was upon sight, there's no way Desiree should have held it as long as she did. Her natural autoreflexive action should have been much faster against something bearing such high degrees of heat.

    • Jonathan tells Martha they don't have air conditioning because of the electric bill. However, in "Drone", Clark says Martha is addicted to the Discovery Channel. The Kents can't afford an air conditioner but they have cable TV?

    • Why does Clark use his heat vision to stop the bullet at the end of the episode? Wasn't that just a tad risky, seeing as how he had just acquired that ability and really had little to no experience using it? A great time to experiment - Lex could have been killed! A simple superspeed run-and-block from Clark would have sufficed. How did he get so good (amazing split-second, pinpoint precision heat vision) so fast, anyway?

    • When Clark heats up the popcorns with his eyes, it looks like Clark wanted the heat-beams to come out for a longer duration than the special-effect crew agreed on.

    • When Clark put the scarecrow in the ground, look at Jonathan's belt. Isn't that belt just a little too nice to wear while working on a farm?

    • Why is Clark sweating during a heat stroke of possibly 100 degrees but when his car explodes he says he didn't even feel the flames? (some thought it might be tied in to the emergence of his heat vision powers.)

    • Does Martha have a bakery somewhere on the farm, because there's no way she could bake a six-tiered cake in less than a day without several ovens, particularly the size that cake was). Also, Martha looked amazed when Clark announced that Lex was getting married. Wouldn't having baked the cake herself tipped her off? At the point when Clark was telling her, she should have been either putting the finishing touches on it, or at the wedding site assembling it. Also, the timing was: Lex gave Clark the invite at school, when Desiree was teaching, saying the wedding was that night. Then Clark goes home, tells parents as Desiree has Lex rip up pre-nup, and the wedding that early evening, when Clark says his mother put finishing touches on cake 2 hours ago (when Martha appeared stunned at Clark's news RE: Lex's impending wedding). (editor's note: it's possible Martha may have just decorated the cake, not baked it, but even so the whole sequence seems badly timed)

    • Nearly three months have passed since the tornado struck and the Kents don't seem to think twice about where the spaceship ended up after the storm. Odd, considering they were so uptight about it when it was hidden in their storm cellar.

    • Why does Desiree have to work on her wedding day? You'd think she could take a day off to get ready, what with marrying the richest man in town in an incredibly fancy wedding ceremony.

    • It's one of those things you see in a lot of shows and movies: Desiree frames Clark but has no (apparent) idea where he is at the time the crime is being committed. What if he's sitting at home watching TV in front of Ma Kent's knitting bee? Or out at the Talon with friends? As is almost always the case, conveniently Clark has no alibi.

    • Now Jonathan strolls into Lex's manor pool. Lex really needs to get some security guards.

    • Why don't the Kents alibi Clark? Okay, they probably wouldn't be believed but they don't even try. Are they really so honest that despite the fact they're sure that Clark didn't commit the crime and that he's being set up, they wouldn't lie to protect him?

    • So what did Lex's dad say about Lex ripping up the prenuptial agreement? Nothing?

    • Didn't the Kents learn last year not to have Clark use his powers in public, what with Nixon videotaping him and all? This week Clark's using his heat vision right out in an open field.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Clark: What would you say if I told you Miss Atkins a.k.a. Alison Sanders, showed up at my loft last night and... tried to seduce me.
      Chloe: I'd say you were living the voyeuristic fantasy of every male student in this school. Clark, she just married Lex. Why would she possibly be interested in you?
      Clark: Thanks.

    • Chloe: (to Clark in jail) Hey, sorry we didn't have time to bake a file in a cake.
      Lana: So how are you holding up?
      Clark: Besides being accused of being a serial arsonist and trying to sleep with my best friend's wife? I'm great.

    • Chloe: This is quickly going from merely nauseating to genuinely disturbing.

    • Chloe: Clark, she was in the throes of major passion when the meteors hit. If her pheromone levels were enhanced, she could get a guy to do whatever she wants. Lucky for us, Clark Kent seems to be immune to some members of the opposite sex.

    • Pete: Every year the incredibly aged Mrs. Kowalski kicks off biology class with an ancient sex ed film.
      Clark: Who told you that, your brother?
      Pete: No, my dad.

    • Chloe: That's me - Cupid's cannon fodder.

    • Clark: I just wanted to make sure everything's okay.
      Chloe: Everything's hunky-dory.
      Clark: Now I know something's wrong. Only my dad says 'hunky dory'.

    • Martha: You set it on fire just by looking at it?
      Clark: Hello? I'm Clark, I'm the kid who can lift up tractors and see through walls.

    • Martha: Tell me again your aversion to air conditioning.
      Jonathan: Two words: electric bill.

    • Desiree: (about Clark) He's the only one who kept a cool head. He put out the fire by himself.
      Lex: Why I am I not surprised?

  • NOTES (7)

    • Deleted Scene: Lex and Desiree are in the wine cellar having a moment of intimacy.

    • Music: "A Little Less Conversation" by JXL vs Elvis, "Truth Or Dare" by N.E.R.D., "Hot In Herre" by Nelly ,"My Friends Over You" by New Found Glory, and "Tomorrow" by Avril Lavigne.

    • "Tomorrow" by Avril Lavigne was heard during the last scene of this episode. Presumably Lavigne is contracted to Warner - the WB music supervisors also used another Avril Lavigne song in Birds of Prey in episode 1-3 "Prey for the Hunter", called "Anything But Ordinary."

    • When Krista Allen enters the classroom, we hear Nelly's "Hot in Herre" song. Nelly and Sam Jones filmed the movie Snipes in 2001, prior to Sam's casting as Pete in the series. This movie - like Sam's previous one Zig Zag - is set for a 2002 video/movie release.

    • The animal film shown in Biology must be popular since it also appears in the movie Baby Boy starring Tyrese.

    • Despite being bumped up to opening credit listing this season, John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

    • Krista Allen, besides playing seductress Emmanuelle in the Emmanuelle in Space series, also played a mutant who could use pheromones to entrance men in the Mutant X episode "Deadly Desire."