Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Jimmy takes the amnesiac Kara to a gum factory being used for a performance of OneRepublic , in the hopes of restoring her memories. Meanwhile, Pete Ross is a roadie for the band and goes to get them some gum. He grabs a piece, unaware it's contaminated with kryptonite. A speaker starts to fall and Pete spots it and stretches his arms, pulling Kara out of the way while Jimmy gets it on his cell phone camera.

The next day, Clark comes down to find Lionel meeting with Lana. Both of them advise against Clark telling Kara the truth and taking her to the Fortress. Clark wonders if her missing bracelet could prove to be the key and resolves to find it. Lionel leaves and bumps into Pete at the door. Pete is surprised that Lionel is there.

Kara goes to see Lex at the manor and thanks him for her efforts, and wonders about trusting Clark. Lex doesn't believe he can be trusted and Kara wonders if Clark is lying about her past. Lex vows to help her and asks about her missing bracelet. He reveals that the symbol on the bracelet matches others that have appeared around Smallville, and may be the key to her background.

Clark helps Lana load up her truck and then after she leaves, talks with Pete who is still chewing the gum. They play basketball and Pete finds out everyone who knows Clark's powers. He's not thrilled with Clark being involved with Lionel, who was responsible for the loss of his family company. Clark points out Pete's been gone for three years and wonders why he didn't call. Pete was reluctant to keep in contact in case someone tried to get to Clark through him, and has been looking over his shoulder ever since because of knowing Clark's secret. He then demonstrates his newfound stretching power and admits he's thrilled to be a hero. Clark insists on reversing it and Pete figures Clark couldn't be happy for him. Clark warns that kryptonite warps people's mind, and Pete threatens to reveal Clark's secret if Clark goes against him.

At the Planet, Chloe discovers that she's been locked out of her computer files. She sees Jimmy's photo and recognizes him, and Jimmy said he has Pete set up for an interview to try to promote the cause of the meteor-enhanced. Chloe is reluctant to let the press get hold of Pete and offers to help rewrite his article. Once Jimmy leaves, she calls Clark to let him know what's going on. She then discovers that someone is uploading the photo… and in his office, Lex studies the photo. Chloe storms in and confronts Lex, but he tells her to find other work and dismisses her.

Clark goes to the gum factory and finds Jimmy there. Clark tries to convince him not to go public but Peter insists on trying to gain recognition for "meteor freaks." As Clark leaves he feels kryptonite and pushes aside a skid of boxes, revealing a kryptonite leak in the floor.

Pete goes to see Chloe at the Planet and demonstrates his powers, then offers to run interference while she tries to get her files back. Pete wonders if Chloe is feeling the stress of covering for Clark, and he insists he doesn't want to keep his powers a secret. He insists that other meteor-enhanced people are living a lie, striking a nerve with Chloe.

Kara goes through Clark's things in the barn when Lana confronts her. Kara asks Lana about the symbols and Lana denies knowing anything about them. Kara doesn't believe her and asks about the tattoo Lana used to have, admitting she got the info from Lex. Lana tries to warn Kara against Lex but won't tell her the truth. Kara leaves after vowing to find the truth on her own no matter what.

Jimmy arrives at the Planet and sees Pete uploading a virus from Lex's office to erase Chloe's files. Lex catches him and tries to convince Pete to join him, while Jimmy secretly listens in. When Pete rebuffs him, Lex demands that Pete help get the bracelet from Lionel's vault or he'll reveal that Chloe is a meteor freak.

Clark tells Chloe about the kryptonite-enhanced gum and how he destroyed it, and they discover that the Planet computers have been infected with the virus. Chloe figures Pete is responsible and Jimmy comes in to reveal where Pete is going.

Pete breaks into Lionel's office and uses his powers to slip his hand into the vault door and open it from the inside. He finds a case of kryptonite and then the bracelet, but finds Clark waiting for him outside. Clark warns that the kryptonite is affecting Pete's judgment but Pete shows Clark that Lionel was holding onto the bracelet. Pete uses the kryptonite on Clark to weaken him then leave with the bracelet, while insisting he's going to take Lex out of the equation, once and for all.

Pete goes to the gum factory to meet with Lex and start strangling him. However, Lex's bodyguard knocks Pete down and kncks the gum out of his mouth, and Lex demands the bracelet. Pete claims he never found it and Lex has his bodyguard beat it out of Pete.

Lionel returns to office and removes the kryptonite from Clark. Clark says they're going to talk but he goes to rescue Pete. Pete still says he doesn't have the bracelet and Clark arrives at superspeed to knock Lex and his man unconscious.

Later at the farm, Pete apologizes to Clark and Clark admits it would be nice to not have to live a life. Pete admits now he understands what Clark went through and blamed Clark for his own problems. Pete resolves to find another way to save the world. He goes to visit Chloe at the Planet and she insists he doesn't need to apologize. Pete tells her that he knows she has a power but doesn't have to tell him what it is. She gives him a hug and Jimmy sees them, and Pete admits he's going to not go public with his powers. Chloe has to reassure Jimmy that she and Pete are just friends. Jimmy in turn admits that there's nothing between him and Kara, and it's clear he still has feelings for Chloe. She agrees to have a cup of coffee with him.

Clark goes out to the barn and hides the bracelet in a lead box beneath the floor boards. At the manor, Lex gets information from an assistant that the stars in his family crest match a configuration on the day of the first meteor shower. There's something else, but they're interrupted when Kara comes in and admits she doesn't trust Clark and Lana and wants to stay at the manor rather than live with them at the farm. Lex just smiles and closes the door.
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