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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on The CW

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  • One of the worst episodes of Smallville

    Now. I love Pete as much as the next guy, and I love that he came back for an episode, but this was a disgrace to his character. I've never seen such blatant advertising in a show. Stride gum, stride club, stride factory, superpower that is stretchy like gum, while saying stride-like-things throughout the episode like "long-lasting flavor" and all that. Pete was a huge part of the show at a point, why bring him back to be a spokesperson of all things? Man, this episode STINKS like POOPOO!
  • Really sorry for this for one republic...

    I really love really hated Pete, I never really liked him, don't know acting is a little off, and all his macho macho is just the worst!!! and this episode really was terrible!!! So sorry because I 've been happy marathoning Smallville so far but this episode really had me snoring!!! and mad...
  • Only one aspect of it made the episode for me.

    The fact that Pete was back was a little shocking for me, it just came out of nowhere, but then again, how could they have hinted it. I have to say, it felt like an episode from seasons 1-3 all over again. The usual meteor freak storyline and the troubles of keeping it a secret, and better yet, there was Pete to remind us of all of it. The story was pretty horrible, I think Pete could have had better use on the show, I'm disappointed they had him back to Smallville and give him such a disappointing role, one a lot of characters have already played in the past.
  • Worst Episode Ever

    This is Smallville's worst episode ever. The reason is: Strident gum and OneRepublic. I know all about in-show advertisement and usually I'm fine with it. But jeez a whole factory of strident, Pete's powers coming from Strident, Chloe and Clark talk about Strident at the Daily Planet. I will never chew their gum again. As for OneRepublic, they're a cool band but I swear it felt as if they were playing the entire episode. They started the episode, their tunes were played several times during the episode, and the episode ends with them. But with that being said, I still love Smallville; forever and ever.
  • I reckon the thought process behind this episode was "How are we going to get Pete back?" "I know, lets have him be a roadie for an up and coming band. He can eat some gum and end up with stretching powers. Itll be just like the good old days!" Wro

    So many horrible things about this episode I almost dont know where to start. How about the Kryptonite laced chewing gum? LAME!! When I heard about that I laughed so hard I almost ruptured something.
    Or the fact Pete was brought back as a roadie? Lame, again.
    How about the blatant Stride product placement? I read someone else describing this episode as "an hour long commercial" and they were so right, thats exactly what it was. At one point Pete even did the cheesy grin with the packaging being held up!
    How about the fact Pete was as irritating and childish and jealous as ever? I was never a fan of pete, he just always bugged me and he was no different after 3 years of being gone. His rants about how he can never compare to Clark and how he always feels like hes in Clarks shadow etc etc were still as annoying as they always used to be. Having said that, his return should have been impressive and worth all they hype. Not Ive-just-been-turned-into-a-Mr.-Fantastic- clone-by-eating-glowing-green-gum. Oh and by the way its STRIDE gum. Ok? STRIDE! Just incase you missed all the banners and various other mentions of it thoughout the episode.
    The only good point in the episode was Jimmy finding out about Chloe being a "meteor freak". And OneRepublic's appearance but even that didnt save the episode.
    I hope the Smallville team take note of how horrified the fans are with this episode and never ever ever do one like that again.
  • I'm glad Pete Ross returned and got some "hero" time. I'm glad in the future we will see Pete as a hero and not just future man of steel-Clark Kent!

    I think this episode deserves a perfect 10! It shows how Pete is still very loyal to Clark Kent and risked his life yet again to keep Clark's secret. I might be wrong, but I still think that Pete is still in love with Chloe, but I'm glad that Jimmy and Chloe will be starting up again. I miss that relationship. The best part of this whole show is when Clark knocked Lex and his bodyguard in a comma to save Pete. I hope Kara gets her memory back so she can stop trusting Lex and join forces with Clark to strengthen their powers to defeat Brainic.
  • Extremely disappointing!

    Before this season even began, I heard rumors that Pete would be returning and it made me excited. I waited through the writer's strike for this! And I was presented with...disappointment. Pete returned and it was so good to see him. At first. He was a complete jerk, an idiot, and it was sad to see a favorite character turned into a loser. There was too much One Republic and too much Stride gum in this episode. I wanted to see more Pete-Clark interaction. I hate that Pete was such a jerk. He should have known better. It's completely unbelievable to me that Pete Ross would act like that, especially after the years that passed by. The only plus: Chloe and Jimmy. :) I love them as a couple and I'm happy to see them get closer.

    What a disappointing episode.
  • Pete returns.

    This episoede as just okay. For one, Pete was a total jerk. He was way better in the old days. Who goes missing for 3 years and then comes back with just "Hey whats up" No one looked that surprised to see Pete. Kara continues with no memory which totally sucks. Jimmy seems to not like the new Kara. Kara & Lana have a confrontation about them lying about her past. Her moving in with Lex. Whoa! Um other than that it was just a filer. Pete returns and then leaves. He could of stayed for a while. That isn't a real friend. Okay episode.
  • Kara's amnesia hands Lex an opportunity to exploit her to learn more about Clark, while Pete suddenly gains meteor powers and attempts to become a Hero, putting Clark and Chloe in danger.

    Kara is still suffering from memory loss, so Jimmy takes her to a night club, but she's a blank. Hard to believe they can hear each other speaking in a normal voice over the ear-splitting rock track, as most of the opening scene is a promotion for someone's favorite band. The clunky setup has Pete, now a roadie, back for a guest spot. For some trivial reason, he begins searching the adjacent warehouse for chewing gum, but it glows green and poor Pete, with all his Smallville experience, doesn't notice. At least not until a speaker falls from above, and his arms extend way beyond his torso to pull Kara to safety, as Jimmy gets a photo, and voila! He has that exclusive story he's been wanting for so long.

    Kara's loss is discussed by Lionel, Lana, and Clark at the Kent farm; they're concerned about her relationship with Lex. This makes one curious why none of Kara's powers have been manifested. Lex offers to help Kara restore her memory - and her bracelet is now an object of interest. He tells her a bracelet symbol has appeared elsewhere, such as in the caves and the kryptonian symbol burned into the Kent barn. As Lana leaves, we're burdened with more product placement, as even Lana has to drive a full-size Toyota pickup, so there's less story and more poorly-hidden advertising.

    Pete lays a guilt trip on Clark, showing his power to extend physically, to finally be a "Hero." Clark wants him to reverse the process; Pete is defiant, to the point of threatening to expose Clark if he opposes Pete's new avocation - saving folks.

    So over to Chloe at the DP, where Jimmy has shown her the photo of Pete and his size-large arms, and tells her of his plan for a front-page story. Pete volunteered for an interview, so Chloe tries to put the brakes on the story with some enhancements. But the photo of Pete finds it's way to Lex, and Chloe confronts him in the editor's office, but he's the boss, and lets her know it. Clark too, tries to discourage Jimmy, but he's not listening, and Clark isn't too good at explaining his misgivings. Clark finds the tainted chewing gum in the warehouse, and Pete has a reunion of sorts with Chloe. A real hero doesn't hide in the shadows, Pete asserts.

    Kara, still trying to connect with her unknown past, is digging into Clark's things, finding evidence of symbols around the area, but also seeing that Lana is lying to cover up things. Lex has been a source of more secret info. Lana warns him about Lex lying, too, but Kara pleads for the truth. Lana has no effective comeback to this; something's gotta give.

    Jimmy finds Pete in Lex's office, uploading a virus onto his computer, but Lex finds him, too. Lex challenges Pete to help him find the bracelet, which may be in Lionel's office, and Lex threatens him with the fact that he knows Chloe is a meteor freak. Clark tells Chloe he has destroyed the kryptonite-laced chewing gum, but we don't hear how. How long will Pete's supply last?

    The computer virus hits the entire DP staff, and Jimmy reports to Clark and Chloe what Pete is up to. Pete uses flex-flesh to easily open Lionel's vault, the only notable special effect in the episode. He finds the bracelet, as Clark arrives, which reveals that Lionel has not been completely honest. But Pete uses green meteor rock to disable Clark. Is Pete friend or betrayer?

    Pete heads back to the warehouse to find Lex, who overcomes Pete's powers and disables him. Lionel happens on Clark, nearly helpless with meteor rock on his chest. His powers restored, Clark hits Lionel with the need to talk - about the bracelet, but he's quickly off to save Pete, while Lionel realizes he's been found out. Pete is easily captured by Lex, by why Lex would choose a huge warehouse to interrogate Pete is a mystery. Superspeeding in to avoid detection, Clark knocks out Lex and his henchman, freeing a somewhat repentant Pete.

    If this episode was intended to be a happy reunion with Pete, it falls flat. All is quickly ok, and Pete is apologetic, as Clark has always held that kryptonite affected Pete's judgment. Pete come to say goodbye to Chloe, too, and he still wants to be a hero, and Chloe assures him that he was, for her, in risking his life to help. Jimmy and Chloe then tentatively re-start their former relationship. What about the Kara story line?

    Back at the farm, Clark has Kara's bracelet, and hides it, presumably until the time is right to use it to help restore her identity and memory. Lex is left with very little to show for his threats, except his partial success in befriending Kara, someone he can exploit her to learn more about her. Kara comes to the mansion, asking Lex to allow her to remain with him, rather than at the Kent farm. That fits right into his plans, and provides a future story line. Other than the mildly interesting Kara story line, the rest of this episode almost trivial, with too much promotion of contributing advertisers, a too-quick resolution, and not much interesting dialog. It's pretty far from the compelling episodes produced earlier in the season, but it's not the director - this is his fifth Smallville episode. It may be due to the first Smallville script being written by a pair of new screenwriters, and it shows. Experience makes a difference. This one is no classic - re-run rating C-.
  • the best part was the soundtrack

    So... Pete's back. And he has a power. By the way I didn't quite understand if he got the power during the concert or if he had it already and didn't know... anyway what was that inspector gadget thing??????? Because he got the power from a gum??? oh come on how clichet is that?? And than *obviously* he wants to tell the world. One would think that after years and years of risking his life to protect clark's secret he had understood how dangerous going public is...
    And then again: kara wants to know the truth about her past and she can't get it from clark (nor lana) so she turns to lex *and* ends up moving in with him......... now where have I seen that before?? 2 positive points thought:
    chloe and jimmy (hopefully we will see more of him)
    lionel's still hiding something... that earned a 6. (hardly)
  • This disappointment has been brought to you by Stride gum!

    This show has always pushed the boundary of tastefulness when it comes to product placements, but this one really takes the cake. And by that, I mean it was disgusting.

    Jebus. Why didn't they just have everyone wear t-shirts with great big Stride logos on them? Maybe the Luthorcorp building could be renamed the Stride building. Maybe Clark could change his name to Stride, and would eventually become Strideman. Maybe they could add a computer-animated stick of gum as a sidekick. Maybe they could just get rid of all the expensive actors, sets, and special effects and just show Stride commercials for 45 minutes.

    Then of course there was the usual gratuitous pimping of whatever generic, mediocre boy band the music industry wants to shove down our throats this week. But after nearly 7 seasons, I'm at least used to that.

    Regarding the non-Stride-related portions of the episode, I actually liked having Pete back. He helped to break up the monotony of the whole "Clark & Lana Show" vibe I've been feeling all season. Though I certainly can't complain about having so many gorgeous women on one show, it would be nice to have a male character for Clark to interract with (and maybe teach him not to be such a whiny **** all the time). And he would help to mix up the all-white cast, of course. Too bad he's not staying.

    The storyline has been done many times before (in fact, I think every episode of Seasons 1 and 2 had this plot) and here it wasn't much different. It's a pity that Pete's return episode wasn't better.
  • I said I wouldn't review this awful episode, and I'm sticking to it...

    We all know why we hated, and why we tried not to hate it, Pete Ross was back, but in the form of a jerk without the brains to know that superpowers doesn't give ya the right to be a Jerk ....and that if your powers depend of keeping gum in your mouth, it actually could be that you don't have any powers at all... you are just being used as a shameless product placement....

    And that's all I am going to say.

    Yeah that's it, and only because the review needs to be at least 100 words long, COUNT them!
  • Too much product placement. Too much band promotion. Not enough story... Disappointing...

    When I heard that Pete was coming back, I expected a filler episode with no story development. Boy, was I right... Even though I liked Pete in the first 2 seasons of Smallville, his character annoyed the crap out of me during this episode. After three years, you'd expect the guy to get over some things, but he immediately has hard feelings and mistrust towards Clark on their first encounter! Sure he plays a part in helping Chloe and Jimmy form feelings for each other again, but that's nothing important!!! The best part of this episode was when Pete tried to kill Lex and got his ass whooped!

    Another thing that bugged me about this episode was the fact that it was an hour-long commercial for Stride gum. I understand a bit of product placement, but to plaster the name and logo on everything in the episode, and even to have Chloe spew the line "I guess they shouldn't have the flavor last so long" was just cheesy...

    Finally, I like the band One Republic. But they didn't need to sing three of their songs on this episode. We already know who they are. And their songs aren't even that great...

    Poor episode overall...
  • Worst ever. Stay gone Pete. The Stride promo was not the worst of it, either. They've done this story at least two other times! There were very few highlights.

    The only thing that kept this episode alive was Michael Rosenbaum's and John Glover's acting ability, and Allison Mack's sweet smile. There was precious little of John Glover, and Michael Rosenbaum could not carry the entire episode as it was written.

    I admit that I never liked Pete in the first few seasons, and I was glad to see him go. What bothered me more than having to see him return was that his dialog was nothing more than rehashed, childish rants that were lame the first time he gave them before he left the show. The opening lines of this show were the worst I have ever seen. "Have you got any gum?"
    "look around; you're in a gum factory, genious."
    Who wrote that trash?!

    I have seen shows do the obvious-placement of logos for the companies that have heavily sponsored the episode before. I guess if that is what it takes to continue to make the show, I can ignore it, but to force-feed it into the story without a little tongue-in-cheek humor just made me groan in agony.

    The best example of it that I have seen was when the ABC show, ALIAS was struggling with their budget, and talked the Ford Motor Company into being a direct sponsor. In return they featured a car chase with a blue Ford Focus. (They did it other times with a Ford F-150, and a Mustang GT.) They had their comic-relief actor inquire what color it was during a very intense part of the show. It was answered, "Blue. Why?!" (as though there might be a bomb in it or something)
    "Oh, I was just thinking of getting one for me and my wi... hello?" (cut to the person on the other side of the phone slamming the headset down)

    -They were able to pull it off as a part of the dialog with the wink that they knew, we knew what they were doing, but that it was for the good of the show. Not-So-Much with the Stride gum interpolition. All of this leads me to ask,"Are the writers still on strike?" It sure seems like they may still be disgruntled about something, or they are letting the actors make up the story as they go, and the only ones who can pull it off are not the focus of the episode.

    This whole season seems weak to me, especially after a blockbuster-season last year. There have been some pretty good episodes to this point, but this one has to be the worst of all seven seasons.
  • Pete should have stayed away

    First of all let me say that i am a fan of Pete's character, but i hate the way he was portrayed in this episode, and IMO his acting was sub par, which was unlike him. Considering that all the other characters have developed a great deal since his departure, his character hasn't changed much. His still in Clark's shadow all the way in the city.
    Kryptonite laced gum, thats a new one, took me a while to figure out why he had elastic powers. Very little happened in the ep thats worth mentioning and if your not fan of the show you still won't be after watching this episode
    Bottom line, if they do bring Pete back, please make his character more interesting. This Ep was BORING.
  • great episode

    It's been 3 years since Pete Ross have been in Smallville, but his visit becomes really strange when he develops a superpower by chewing on a kryptonite laced gum. Pete meets up with all of old friends Clark, Chloe and Lana. When Jimmy Olsen discovers Pete's new superpowers he convinces him to tell his story with the daily planet. The kryptonite gum is affecting Pete's behavior, it's making him arrogant, Clark must stop Pete before he does damage to himself and everyone around him. It's a really exciting episode. Lex's is befriending Kara too much. Pete's return is a real treat. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Trash..Trash..Trash..

    The smallville series falls to a new low with this thoroughly insipid and banal episode - producers a serious note : viewers tend to take episodes very critically where the show is trying to make in-show advertisments!!
    As If the regular commercials weren't enough - The Stride angle was a low idea and very poor in taste!!

    Keeping that aside - Pete Ross returns and with a super power by eating a chewing gum (i know it sounds as stupid to read as its to write it..and did the writers consciously wrote this script or were they completely drunk??)

    Regardless, pete saves an amnesia stricken (riiiight..another boring, overused smallville concept!!) kara from death...returns to smallville to see everyone knows clarkie boys secret and takes on lex on-on-one with his new plastic-man-ish superpowers!!

    All the while blaming clark for his bad luck in life after leaving smallville because of the burden he carried - the "secret" about clark!!!!
    Life takes a flip - literally - when lex turns the table on Pete and almost kills him when clark does his boy-scout thing and saves Mr. Stride from certain death.

    Sam jones - I've always felt - makes a really bad pete ross!!! I've never liked him in the earlier seasons and was really REALLY glad when they wrote off his character!!!
    Now that clark to superman transition is happening - its time the writers let go of their stubborn liking to the freak of the week syndrome that plagued the initial seasons and set a more mature theme.

    All in all a terrible and completely forgettable episode.
  • Well, Pete Ross returns as a roadie for OneRepublic and wait.. he develops a super-power thanks to some kryptonite-laced STRIDE chewing gum. Need I say more?

    Ok so I'm gonna divide my review into 2 parts. The Good and The Ugly. Good:
    Pete Ross is back since we last saw him in season 3. And it's good to know that the character has been developed since then although he wasn't on the show. For one thing, the episode actually showed him telling Clark about how he's living in his shadow and also showed his darker side and the desire to be special. It also showed how he came to resent Clark for helping him keep his secret. Well, that's about it ohh wait... OneRepublic made an appearance. I thought that was way cool cos' they had Lifehouse the previous time round.

    What is up with the constant mention and banners of STRIDE chewing gum? Alright we get it. It's STRIDE, it's STRIDE, STRIDE STRIDE. See, now I'll remember to get that when I go to the store ok Mr STRIDE MAN? The constant advertisement kinda took the flavor out of the gum I must say. STRIDE STRIDE STRIDE.. oh no, I've been brainwashed :s
  • loved how pete had lingering feelings towards clark. I know how he feels. i mean i know pete was wring, but can you blame him for feeling angry towards clark ? i would have. I mean personally, I HATE CLARK !!!! but thats just me.

    this reminded me of some of the older episodes, especially with pete in it. and the basketball,
    i really think it was quite great !! there have been better episodes, but this wasnt bad by any means.
    i just dont think it was that special of an episode.

    i thought it was very good though and its set up really well for traveler and veritas with the symbol that lex was looking into.
    i think there has always been some sort of symbol on the glass wall, but they just kinda changed what it actually looked like and where it is placed.
    the one ive seen previously is down low and this one seemed to be a bit up higher.
  • They don't have "disappointment" as a choice? This was a wasted opportunity.

    Boy, I was pumped when I accidentally read that Pete Ross would be making a return to Smallville, KS. I thought that maybe, just maybe, we would have an episode that didn't try to be so heavy. Maybe Pete and Clark could have a great, little, character-developing episode, with maybe some minor conflict (although major in Pete's mind), such as: why is Lionel Luthor in the Kent's home? Although briefly touched upon, this could have been the springboard for the enjoyable, small episode I conceived.

    Unfortunately, we got another FOTW episode with Pete as the freak. And don't get me started on the products this show continues to shill, or the way they incorporated green K into the said product this week. Geez! On top of that, his ability was lame, lame, lame. From the half-hearted hug between Pete and Clark, to Pete's gullibility, distrust of Clark, and blame game, this episode failed on many levels.

    There was an acceptable resolution, with the door open for Pete to return in the future. I hope they, the writers, can find the time to write an episode with meaningful dialogue between two former best friends, therein giving the VERY talented Sam Jones, III something to do. I'm looking for Smallville to rebound big-time next go-round.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love this show =)
  • Stride, Stride, Stride, Stride, Stride, Stride, Stride till you puked. Sorry but we didn't deserve this junk.

    Product placement in this episode made me want to not watch this series ever again. I am actually going to skip buying this seasons DVD when it comes out, after having bought the last 6 years. Sorry but I think first it was the Prius or Yarus or whatever it was in an earlier episode, now this. As if the commercials were not enough we got beat over the head with product placement. It really was a stretch to sit down and watch this episode. This series is getting cheesier and cheesier by the week, and what started out as an interesting storyline is turning out to be control by their advertisers.

    My wish for the following few episodes, and for next year...Please stop with the product placement bull@#t.
  • Blatant product placement derails a character's return

    This episode marks the return of once-series-regular Pete Ross, one of the first of Clark's friends to discover the truth about his origins. Pete was originally an integral part of the status quo, so many long-term fans will no doubt enjoy seeing him again. On the other hand, more episodes have been produced since his departure than included him, so to a certain extent, his relevancy to the overall story is minimal.

    The concept is simple enough: Pete chews some kryptonite-laced gum and develops temporary superhuman powers. Rather than hide his abilities, Pete chooses to "out" himself and pursue an openly heroic life. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done, and Pete finds himself on the wrong side of the delicate balance between secrecy and disclosure. Pete comes to appreciate the difficulty of Clark's position.

    Two key points come to mind. Whatever else might have gone wrong, Pete taught Clark a valuable lesson. Pete's decision to be an open hero was largely embraced by the public, which shows Clark that it's possible to act for the public good without resorting to Green Arrow-style antics. This is another good step towards the Superman future, adding to what the sixth season arc intended.

    Additionally, Pete serves to shed a light on the many changes in the Smallville status quo, most of which are in stark contrast to the earlier seasons. Pete's life was ruined by the Luthors and living with Clark's secret (at least from his point of view). A few years later, Lionel and Clark are uneasy allies, and several people seem to be living with Clark's secret rather casually. His bitter reaction made perfect sense; if anything, it wasn't played strongly enough.

    This episode also continues, via short and sweet subplot, Lex's attempt to uncover Kara's Kryptonian past. This also seems to connect with Lex's sudden interest in the Luthor family crest, particularly the "V" surrounded by a constellation pattern. Recalling that Lionel Luthor manufactured the family legacy, my prediction is that the "V" is connection to "Veritas", mentioned in the previous episode. (This would be in keeping with my theory that Veritas is the Swann/Queen/Luthor/Teague alliance.)

    Of course, the strengths of the episode were deeply compromised by the blatant and overbearing product placement. Kryptonite-laced gum is a silly idea in the first place; tying that to an existing product betrays how corporate interference can undermine a writing staff. It's hard to believe that Clark didn't save the day by chewing non-laced Stride, just to put the icing on the advertising cake. "Smallville" has been infested with product placement for several seasons now, but this example is particularly egregious.
  • Pete comes back to town and his attitude is the same as the day he left. Tries on a new power, plays the hero and ended up needing to be rescued by Clark.

    This episode does nothing for the series so it is kind of a space filler and only adding a tiny piece to the puzzle of Kara. The only think I thought was interesting about this episode was Pete's temporary powers which reminds me of DC Comics Plastic Man (whose name was Patrick) so that dashed any hopes of Pete becoming the future Plastic Man, Pete has been away from Smallville for a while and while all the remaining character has grown and evolved, Pete comes back the same old Pete. This character wasn't that likable to start with so bring him back did not change that. He still acts like an immature high school boy. I hope with the writers back from the strike and a higher pay package, they will write a better script for the last half of the season.
  • extremely useful for insomniacs and people with sleep disorders

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    sorry didnt see the rest
  • The Hour Long Commercial

    This wasn't so much an episode of Smallville as it was an advertisement for Stride gum. Blatent product placement isn't enough. Lets have the characters discuss the product and how its flavor lasts so long. Really? What happened here? A glowing piece of gum gives Pete powers on his return visit to Smallville. This episode must have been concieved during the writers strike. If not then whoever got paid to write this crap should be fired. Even with a main characters return this is the most boring episode of the Season.

    Nothing happens worth while. The only thing of interest is Clark and Lyonel's 2 second exchange near the end. "We need to talk..." But we the audience wont get to see it in this terrible episode.
  • Pete returns with a lost opportunity for the writers. Kara, Why do we care? Lex watches from sideline again.

    The writers really miss the mark on Pete's return. Pete was always a likeable character until this episode. The last time we saw Pete, he said it was because he didn't want to hurt Clark by unknowingly revealing his secret, but we're to think with one piece of gum he becomes this resentful jerk who is acting not like a bestfriend but an enemy. It doesn't go over well. Sam Jones is a wonderful actor who came back with not a well written script. You could almost tell by Clark's reception of Pete that this script was unbelieveable. I would have thought Clark would have been more excited to see his suppose bestfriend. It was a missed opportunity that could have turned into something more. They didn't even explore the relationship between Pete and Lana which could have posed as a foreshadowing like that of Clark and Lois. Now to Kara, I'm just really not interested in this character at all. After momentary meetings with Lex, she suddenly choses him over blood. The girl has no memory and no loyalty. And yet again Lex is on the side line trying to intervene in Clark's life, indirectly. Let's hope the writing gets better, because I would hate to see Season 8 be destroyed by a weak Season 7.
  • Lame. It was all about product placement.

    I enjoyed seeing Pete again, that's about it. He fit right in again that it was almost like he never left. Or maybe it's because he whined about the same crap he did every season when he was on? How hard it is to keep Clark's secret, how much he hates Lex, his parents divorce, losing their farm, blablabla.

    The product placement with the Stride Gum and "Stride" this; "Stride" that was over the top. They should've taken it a bit further and had Pete work for the Stride Gum company. What a LAME power he got! Chew gum and get gummmy arms!

    The thing with Lex and Kara was terrible. They are rewriting history. Kara turned into Lana being naive and falling for Lex's lies and how she can only *trust* him.
  • WHY?

    I was seriously disgusted by the way Petes character was written. He was so envious and resentful that I wish he never would have returned. To me the only thing they accomplished in this episode was destroying Petes character. Bringing him back on the show with powers was just unneccessary, let alone stretching powers that looked hideous on screen.
    Smallville needs to hire some writers who are interested in writing for Clark and who know the Clark/Superman legend. If the title of the episode is called "Hero" then it should focus on the Star and Hero of the frickin show:Clark Kent.Clark shoud not be relegated to a guest star on his own show no matter what. Tom Welling deserves better than this and I see why he doesn't promote the show anymore, with what they've done to his character(regression). I hate to sound negative all the time but this season has been very frustrating and this episode adds fuel to the fire. I know it's just a show but is it too much to ask to do justice for the main character,come up with better storylines, give the fans what they want, and get back to the original premise of the show?
    What is Karas purpose on the show? Really? This whole amnesia thing is played out. Writers step your game up.I'm just not interested at all. Sorry!
    Why couldn't Chloe, Clark and Pete all be in at least one scene together. They could have all been investigating a juicy story, but who cares about Clark showing his investigative side on this show.
    Why does almost every conversation that Lex has on the show with another man have to involve a woman(Lana,Kara or Chloe)? Why can't the situation just be about them? Lex could have reminded Pete that he saved his life before he left smallville and that he owes him big time,not use Chloe as his weakness.
    A big missed opportunity.
  • Disappointing..

    When I first heard that Pete was gonna return I thought.. ow this should be interesting. Not that I was a big Pete fan in the early years of Smallville but I still thought it could be a very special episode. Then I heard he was gonna have powers that he got from eating gum and I started to be a little worried. Turned out that I was right.
    First of all why is he eating gum that looks like kryptonite has he learned nothing from three years of being around meteorfreaks? His powers were really lame, if you're gonna do an episode like this at least make his powers cool.
    It also seemed as if he sat at home 3 years long resenting Clark all day long.
    When I heard that Pete was returning in an episode called Hero I thought he was coming back to Smallville to save the day. That Clark was gonna screw something up and Pete had to save him for once. Because usually Clark saves everybody and in this episode this weren't any differant.
    To sum up, it was a very disappointing episode.
  • This idea was quite a "stretch"

    All bad puns aside, this episode had absolutely nothing going for it. Thank God for the "Wait, there's more" scene before Kara interrupted Lex and his employee.. wait, that storyline doesn't even seem that interesting so forget that. I just love how it is now season 7, and we are focusing on Kara/Lex, Jimmy/Chloe, and Pete Ross. (who came back to town about 3 years too late. If you don't ever mention someone's name for 4 1/2 years, it's hard to get excited when they come back) Again, why must we wait until 1 episode before the Season Finale in order to delve into the adventures of Superman? Please create storylines for Clark, and not have Clark swoop in for 5 seconds, knock out Lex (boy that tumor has got to be the size of a meteor rock about now, from all those knockouts), and give someone a lecture about what it is to be a hero. How does he know what being a hero is?! He hasn't developed into one in seven years!... so far. I hope it gets better.
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