Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on The CW

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  • I reckon the thought process behind this episode was "How are we going to get Pete back?" "I know, lets have him be a roadie for an up and coming band. He can eat some gum and end up with stretching powers. Itll be just like the good old days!" Wro

    So many horrible things about this episode I almost dont know where to start. How about the Kryptonite laced chewing gum? LAME!! When I heard about that I laughed so hard I almost ruptured something.
    Or the fact Pete was brought back as a roadie? Lame, again.
    How about the blatant Stride product placement? I read someone else describing this episode as "an hour long commercial" and they were so right, thats exactly what it was. At one point Pete even did the cheesy grin with the packaging being held up!
    How about the fact Pete was as irritating and childish and jealous as ever? I was never a fan of pete, he just always bugged me and he was no different after 3 years of being gone. His rants about how he can never compare to Clark and how he always feels like hes in Clarks shadow etc etc were still as annoying as they always used to be. Having said that, his return should have been impressive and worth all they hype. Not Ive-just-been-turned-into-a-Mr.-Fantastic- clone-by-eating-glowing-green-gum. Oh and by the way its STRIDE gum. Ok? STRIDE! Just incase you missed all the banners and various other mentions of it thoughout the episode.
    The only good point in the episode was Jimmy finding out about Chloe being a "meteor freak". And OneRepublic's appearance but even that didnt save the episode.
    I hope the Smallville team take note of how horrified the fans are with this episode and never ever ever do one like that again.