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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2010 on The CW

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  • Best Episode of the Series!!

    Wow! This is the first 10 I have ever given Smallville. This was everything that we've waited for. Everything was perfect. Can't think of a single scene that I would change. Wow
  • A clever title goes here!

    one of the best episodes
  • The Smallville High Reunion Episode or the Smallville rendition of It's a Wonderful Life.

    This was an especially sappy episode with more than it's share of awful dialog. The Braniac part was good, but the whole nobody remembers Lois thing was just pathetic, in more ways than one. This show has never grown up, and I'm afraid and this Episode proves it. It wasn't easy to watch, but you had to. These actors all deserve Emmy's for saying some of those lines with a straight face. I like Erica Durance as Lois and she does a good job with the crappy dialog. I miss Allison and she's even better at it than Erica. Fly, dammit, fly...
  • Perfect 10 Through and Through

    I simply cannot see how any true fan of Smallville can rate this episode anything other than a 10. It had everything: flashbacks, recalls to some of the series' most memorable moments and characters, a glimpse into the times of Superman, massive amounts of character development for both Clark and Lois, and an unforgettable ending.

    Nostalgia played a huge part in this episode as the series looked back on its previous 199 episodes as Lois and Clark walked the halls of Smallville High once more. Clark is at a key point in his decision to remain the Blur and fight Darkseid or hang his new leather jacket up and let it all go. Going back to his roots was a great way to uncover a lot about Clark's current dilemma as well as showcasing how far Clark has come in these 10 seasons. We are treated to some hilarious moments about how Lois seemingly failed to connect with anyone else at Smallville High before an old friend returns: Brainiac.

    Seeing James Marsters again was a real treat and he did not disappoint as Brainiac 5. He showed Clark the parts of his life that he is holding on to and causing the darkness inside of him to grow: his blame of himself for his father's death has caused him to seek out the problems in the others around him and hold them accountable, straining his relationships with Oliver and Lois in the process.

    Clark then takes a trip to the future sans Brainiac and sees his life as he's always wanted it. This entire sequence is something the fans of Smallville have long been hoping for but thought would never happen. We finally saw life post-Smallville, after Clark has embraced his destiny and become the Man of Steel. His relationship with Lois was amazingly sweet and Clark realized just how much he wanted to open up about his secret to her. His discussion with his future self was fantastic, as was the save by Superman of the nuclear plant. Brainiac showed up to bring him home and Clark returned to the high school reunion with the knowledge that things in the future would work out and his fears are without cause.

    Clark then proceeds to tie up a lot of loose ends that have been dangling out there for a while. He lets go of his father; he patches things up with Oliver; and he finally admits his feelings to Lois in one of the most romantic scenes Smallville ever had. For once in his life, Clark was truly happy and burden-free. And he flew.

    We learned a lot about Clark in this episode alone and this set everything up for the upcoming episodes in the season and the end of the series. This series is about Clark's transition into Superman. It's not about Lana. It's not about Pete. It's not about Chloe. It's about Clark. Smallville's 200th episode was able to effectively pay homage to the series as a whole, give the fans some long-needed service in the way of the scene from the future, and give us a huge dose of continuity and character improvements. Homecoming turned out to be exactly what the series needed heading into its final season. And, much like Clark, all it took was a little nudge for this season to take off and fly.
  • It felt like It's a Wonderful Life with a hint of Flashforward, the infamous Lost flashbacks and Smallville all in one little bundle.

    Well I couldn't help but get my say on this episode. Smallville's 100th episode took the tragic death approach. (I actually thought Chloe might have gone in the 200th, but thankfull not). In fact Chloe wasn't in it at all which was quite upsetting. But it also helps the show progress toward the Clark and Lois style that the show really should have been heading toward in season 8 but instead they brought LANA BACK! GRRR! I enjoyed the final scene it was very romantic. They dance in this episode, then Clark "comes out" in the next episode to her and then they have sex in the one after that.

    PROGRESSION! What I like to see!
  • Arguably the best one of this season (maybe series)

    This episode was excellent. The first thing that I liked was that the earlier part of this episode really treated Smallville like it was a reality show with all of the adults going back to college for a reuinion. There were an appropriate amount of laughs (Lois not being remembered for her one or two days of school at Clark's Alma Mater; Older Clark talking smack to his younger self at the Daily Planet about the crisis with the helicopter and the explosive reactor) but the episode still got serious... and fast. Clark dealt with his insecurities concerning the death of his father and learned a VERY important lesson about blaming himself and letting the weight of the past cripple his future. I can't express how long I've been waiting for Clark to learn how to move on. It was also cool how Clark was able to finally realize how much Lois loves him and how much she's sacrificed for him, sealing the deal with the magic words, 'I love you.'
  • Can't wait to see it here in OZ!


    I live in Australia, and so I haven't even watched this episode but it's my favourite already! I'm such a big Lois & Clark fan, and I love their romantic endings and this is the best one by far - and all this just from reading the recap! Can't wait!

  • Great Episode for those who miss Lana and Chloe..

    This episode is all about Lana and Chloe for me. Lana and Chloe flashed back, Lana and Chloe name tag; Every flashed back scene was a heart breaker and I agree with the woman saying Lana and Clark are perfect together. I don't care about the others I just miss Lana and Chloe.

    I just hope at the end of the show, I mean the final episode all special character will come back including Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan, and Kara. I really don't understand why they need to remove Chloe in the final season. Chloe is one of the most important character in the Smallville and they cut her role on the first episode without any good explanation.

    And about the last scene when they dance at the barn. It's the same scene in Kyle XY when they float while dancing.
  • Long time coming

    It has been quite a while since Smallville has given us such believable emotion and there was more character development in this one episode that there has been in perhaps the last 2 seasons. It was so relieving to see Clark's progression as a person (hard to comment without spoilers...). More than anything, this was perhaps the most emotionally driven episode since way back in Season 1, Episode 19. The use of music, lighting, editing, and heartfelt acting to allow the story to develop itself has been sorely missed from Smallville. Also, this episode worked so well because it was so unexpected! In this the final season with so much do to, with so much going on, I doubt anyone expected such a toned-down episode . This episode reminds us of why Smallville has been around for 10 years. These moments of brilliance keep us coming back for more.
  • Homecoming

    Great episode for people who have been watching since day one and I got a sense of nostalgia while watching it. I do feel this episode is just as overrated as "Justice" though. This wasn't the best episode of the series, maybe it was one of the best of the season but definitely not the best episode of the series. Sure, we got some really sweet moments, and nice flashbacks, but there are better Smallville episodes out there.

    The glimpse of Clark's future, I'm sure got most fans cheering. Seeing how life is in 2017 was great. Seen Clark as Superman was also great. Also who else loved the return of Braniac? I know I did. I felt like they could have done more with Bug Boy, but that's just me. This episode just made me sad to see how much this show has evolved over the past 5 years. 5 years ago, I remember Smallville was consistently good, with successful story arcs, and intriguing characters.

    I'm not saying Smallville is bad, but it definitely isn't as good as it was back then, and this episode was a constant reminder of that. I also felt like the writers could have shown some more familiar faces (Pete, Lana, Chloe, Other Meteor Freaks). Still a great reminiscent episode, and is definitely a memorable episode for any Smallville fan.
  • Lois takes Clark to their five-year reunion at Smallville High, and 31st century Legionnaire member Brainiac 5 travels to his past to show Clark some unknown facts and future predictions of his life.

    This was one of the best episode for a long time and the best of the ultimate season so far.
    I was really far behind watching this show and I've lost interest about it during season 7 to 9. But the end of the season 9 brings back what I like about this show.
    This episode was the perfect way to celebrate the 200th episode of this show with a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards. It brings us some idea of how the show is going to end (even if we all know the story, we don't know how the authors are going to bring it to us)

    I really like the relationship between Clark and Lois because it's kind of sweet to know that Lois is protecting Clark by not telling him she knows his secret. Plus the 2017 scenes between Lois and Clark were really nice.

    This episode made a difference because it is more about the characters feelings than the quest of Clark and the villains.
  • The future is now

    As 200th episode celebrations go, this was a pretty good one. James Marsters came back to reprise his role as Brainiac (though an evolved version working with the Legion in the far future, apparently), and that gave him the chance to play Marley to Clark's Scrooge. Yes, this entire episode was a riff on the classic "A Christmas Carol" motif, though without the holiday trappings, and that familiarity allowed the audience to just sit back and enjoy.

    The trip through memory lane was well-designed. Part of it was just to remind the audience just how far the story has advanced since those early days, and yet, how true it has remained to the core notion of telling the story of Clark's journey to Superman. Yet it also allowed Clark to see a critical moment in the series: the night Jonathan Kent died. (And that just happened to be the 100th episode, which is a nice touch.)

    The episode is riddled with nods to past seasons and past Superman productions, and I'm sure that Superman fans far more devoted than I were able to pick them all out with glee. What I appreciated was how the constant reminders of the past fed into Clark's development in this particular episode.

    In terms of the present, Clark got to see how Oliver's announcement at the end of the previous episode has fanned some of the flames of criticism against superheroes, and how his decision to distance himself from everyone has been hurting his friends and allies. This point has been driven home before, but Clark was always too caught up in his own issues to do anything about it. Now that he has a better perspective on things, he can start being the leader that he always had the potential to be.

    And that's due to the real draw of this episode: the flashes to the future. In a way, it's a bit of a cheat: Clark can only get over his ridiculous hang-ups by seeing what his future holds, which is a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it serves the purpose of erasing many of his doubts, both in terms of his relationship with Lois and his role as a hero. It's worth the overwrought and cheesy presentation of the "classic" Superman tropes, if it means that Clark will finally start acting like the hero he's supposed to be.

    If there is one flaw with the whole premise, it's how this is supposed to intersect with the rest of the season arc. The previous episode firmly established, however clumsily, that Clark's lack of purity in purpose was going to make him a prime target for Darkseid. This episode essentially takes that scenario and wipes it off the map. Clark has seen his future, and if the end of the episode is any indication, it has liberated him of many of his doubts. It all comes down to execution, but the net result is to make the previous episode seem even more tonally "off" than it already did.
  • The best recap episode I've ever seen! Bravo Smallville!

    I'd just like to say, lots of series insist on doing these recap episodes now and then where they use old footage. Most of them realy suck and just seem like a couple o clips put together at random with a crappy story around it. However this was outstanding! The use of old footage was superb and the story wrapping everything up actually had impact on the series, I love it! Probably among the top 10 Smallville episodes ever. And the last few minutes in the barn, omg what an awesome finish. This last season has realy opened up strong. Bravo Smallville!
  • What a freakin' awesome episode

    So when I saw this episode I was expecting something crazy and wild like episode 100. But it took a much more subtle, reminiscent approach. It starts with the bug boy, from season 1, episode 2, and that brought back a whole bunch of memories. We really don't encounter bringing back meteor freaks and seeing how they are. And usually when they are brought back they are as crazy as they were. But bringing him says to us that Clark has made a difference. This aspect of the episode felt good and it felt like an epiphany for Clark ready to make a real difference instead of simply imprisoning his adversaries. There were other good moments but the bug boy's symbolic appearance made it one episode that will be placed alongside the other greats.
  • Best episode in a while!

    I've been a long time Smallville fan since the get go and this episode was one of the best (in my opinion) in quite some time. It was great seeing some flashbacks. I'm really happy to see Clark let go of the the darkness in his past and to simply live the present with those closest to him. I loved the Lois and Clark scenes from the present and the future. And the future Clark meeting the present Clark...I did not see that coming at all, but it was awesome. I can't wait to see when he actually tells Lois he's the Blur (cause I know its coming)(I'm a bit behind on the episodes so I'm playing catch-up now). This episode had the smiling through all the way...AWESOMEEE!!
  • This one had filler written all over it.

    Almost nothing exciting happens in this happen. The only exciting things were getting to see James Marsters again (boy is he wasted here as a good guy with no personality and getting a glimpse of the future - which in itself kind of spoils some of the ending to this season.

    Other than that this was a filler episode that served just one purpose, to talk about clark's dark inside that turns out to not even be dark at all - good job there writers!

    Don't really get why people are calling this the best episode ever and stuff - how did this episode further the main story arc other than spending 30 minutes to tell us that clark's daaaark side is his past and this fear of the future?
  • Fanfreakingtastic

    There are no words to describe how excellent this episode was. I had my doubts because of the previous episode of Supergirl and all the big hype, but all my doubts were eliminated and this episode had me speechless. This episode surpassed my expectations for the best. This is by far the best of the series. Season 10 is off to a very good start, thanks to this episode. My favorite part of Homecoming has to be Clark seeing Clark. I was in disbelief because I didn't know that the producers were going to do that. Also Clois flying in the air. I almost cried. Hope the darkness is over and he can finally be Superman.
  • A superb celebration of this long-running series!

    Clark Kent: this is your life!

    And Smallville fans: this is the episode you've been waiting for!

    I have to admit, I was very afraid for Smallville's whopping 200th episode(!). I thought the writers were going to pull a cheap one and bombard us with flashbacks to save some money. It certainly looked that way in the beginning. But as soon as Brainiac 5 showed up (James Marsters, effortlessly cool, although now showing his age a bit), the episode took off!

    I have only one niggle with this episode. Just one. And considering this is the show's 200th episode it's kind of a big deal (and has nothing whatsoever to do with my crazy, fan-boy obsession with her): a serious void in the shape of one Miss Chloe Sullivan. I mean, I realise it doesn't make that much sense to have her in the episode, but c'mon, she has been there from the very beginning. A flashback and a lousy text message (that I think was from Clark pretending to be Chloe) don't cut it.
    Moving right on.

    The amount of fan-service in the episode is UNREAL. I really have no clue where to start. I think I'll squee over little blasts from the past (like re-using the Lighthouse song Everything at the school-dance; new students keeping Chloe's wall of weird alive; Lana Lang's name-badge; the blink and you'll miss it profile of Alicia Baker; heck, just revisiting the school!) and then jump up and down as I type about Clark's trip to the future. Where Lois is just beyond amazing. Where Clark sees himself all nerdified and confident. And then as Superman.

    Screw it, I'm just gonna geek out over the future clips:

    Well, they were nothing short of fantastic. This is the first episode where we truly catch a glimpse of the real Lois Lane. The zippy, confident, always-hunting-down-a-story, knows all of Clark's secrets, loved up Lois Lane. Erica Durance proves that she is the perfect fit for the character. Her little jabs about which colored Kryptonite infected Clark to explain his peculiar behavior being a particular highlight, in an episode with oh-so many of 'em. Clark's little encounter with himself is a true gem. Present-Clark's reaction to a stuffy, specs, trench-coat wearing, version of himself is positively priceless (''When did I become so up-tight...and Nerdy?''). And then there's that cool moment where we're shown just how different future-Clark is than his fumbling counterpart as he issues out orders and jets off to the rooftop. Soon after that we catch a truly awesome scene through a reflection via one of the windows of the Daily Planet, as Superman speeds on by Present-Clark and flies off to prevent a nuclear explosion (the special-effects are a little wonky, but to hell with that – it's Superman!). It's followed nicely by present-Clark preventing a helicopter from crashing, Lois knocking out the pilot to protect Clark's identity, and then one hell of a lip-lock between Lois and Clark. I really want to watch this show. I'd happily take one more season set in this future.

    This is Clark's episode and I have to say I'm more than a little surprised that they addressed many of Clark's self-esteem issues so early into season (OK, not that surprised; it has been ten years, and this kind of development and realisation should have happened seasons ago, but they were building this season up as if Clark's doubts would one of the bigger arcs to the season, they all seem to have diminished towards the end of the episode). Clark finally learns to let go of the past. He also finally discovers that it wasn't his fault that his father died the way he did, a pivotal moment for Clark and for this series. The show really is pushing forward without hesitation. He has also realised to live in the now – leave tomorrow until tomorrow – which leads to one of the show's most iconic, most romantic scenes ever: Clark professes his love to Lois, they try to enjoy a nice slow-dance but Clark's a rubbish dancer, so Lois stands on his shoes...and he flies. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. (Call it hovering all you want – he was flying! His feet were off the ground and he was moving around the barn. Our survey says: flying).

    Brainiac also shows Clark how much he is needed and how much good has come from his actions over the last ten years (there's an entire subplot involving Oliver about this, but I wasn't all too interested...maybe because he wasn't his usual shirtless self...). It's true of Clark (and of the writers): everything kinda fell to wayside over the years. Lois and Clark were together for a whole year last season, but there were too many threats to embrace the relationship fully. Clark never truly appreciated his time with Lois and neither did the writers. This episode reassures us that one of the most important aspects of Clark's life hasn't been forgotten. I hope they continue to explore this relationship with the same punch as they do here, because as we're all very much aware, occasionally on this show it can strike the perfect balance one episode and then muck it up the next. Let's hope that after ten years and 200 episodes, the writers have learned a thing or two from past mistakes.
  • Super-doper excellent and Romantic Episode ever

    Thanks to Tom and Erica.they done great great work I love Clark(Tom Welling)& Lois(Erica)
    10/10 perfect episode

    And this week's episode was just a mixture of past memories of the good times and bad times Clark had to face and how he was figuring out himself as a teenager with super-human abilities and also sweet/amazing peek into the future of our favorite super hero......Hands Down Great Episode and A really good addition to the season 10
    great great episode Finally true filling of LOVE
    10/10 perfect episode.

    I love Clark(Tom Welling)& Lois(Erica)
    10/10 perfect episode

    And this week's episode was just a mixture of past memories of the good times and bad times Clark had to face and how he was figuring out himself as a teenager with super-human abilities and also sweet/amazing peek into the future of our favorite super hero......Hands Down Great Episode and A really good addition to the season 10
    great great episode finally true filling of LOVE
    10/10 perfect episode
  • There's no place like a homecoming....

    An excellent episode to say the least. Yes, it would have been great to have Pete or Chole back, but nevertheless, a great way to spend the hour. I'm not going to reiterate what others have said, however, discuss something may have been forgotten. Is it just me or did the helicopter scene with Lois reminded me of the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve. If I am not mistaken, I believe the dancing scene was seen in one of the movies, sorry I don't remember which one. One of my favorite episodes of the series!! Looking forward to what is yet to come....
  • Great episode, nice trip down memory lane for a fan who has watched this show from day 1.

    Is it me, or is it still a little weird to hear James speak without that "british" accent? But he has aged a bit though.

    It was a bit of a stretch though for Lois to be attending a homecoming at a high school that she barely attended, let alone me even remembering she ever attended. But they were taking it a little too far with her approaching almost every person and they didn't know who she was. (Isn't she supposed to be famous by now?) But nice touch with her looking at Lana's & Chloe's name tag though.

    I do like the flashback scenes with Lana and Chloe. The Lana scene makes me miss her and hope they bring her back before the show ends, unless this was the way of them doing that. And also a nice scene with Chloe, paying homage to a show that is in it's last season. The scenes with Braniac and Clark came off great, but also a little bit "This is your life/It's A Wonderful Life". But what's with Chloe sending the kids the text message about keeping the WoW going? How did she know about it, and does this mean she's still alive? Hmmmmm......
  • The fourth episode for Season 10 is the best yet, almost classic Smallville, with numerous scenes designed to please the fans. I can now say without reservation that I enjoyed an S10 episode.

    The Homecoming theme extends beyond Lois and Clark's return to Smallville High - the producers are also bringing home many other characters in the series, some with new material, others by means of video from the archives. James Marsters got one more episode, which first struck me as a tiresome retrenchment, but it wasn't the same old nemesis. Instead, he's from the 31st century, back to help Clark see how his self-doubt and guilt deters his ability to serve the human race. The scenes he showed Clark were a combination of "A Christmas Carol," and "It's a Wonderful Life."

    I still feel a bit cheated on behalf of Allison Mack, both mentioned and seen in the last couple episodes, but they're getting mileage out of a character who has slipped away from us, and is given no new material. Clues to her survival were offered, and I hope she returns for a least a couple episodes. But I don't expect to see her ride off with Oliver, so some heartbreak may yet be coming.

    The school reunion was a flop for Lois - rejected, unremembered, and lectured by others about Clark's fame and glory. But she held out long enough for Clark to return for another dance, and later, their own reunion dance at the barn, a pledge of love and another flight with him, if at a fairly low altitude.

    Many scenes amounted to a goodbye for the series - probably the last glimpse of Lana, a final farewell by Clark to Jonathan, ending his guilt and pain over that loss, a reminder of how much John Glover did for the series. I wonder when and how Annette O'Toole will reappear. Her finale is likely to be much more significant than a quick cameo. Michael Rosenbaum - remains to be seen - the producers may yet surprise us, but little time remains for a return, a conflict, and a resolution. This goodbye theme brought me some angst about the series ending - I'm feeling the impending loss of a favorite show, and see nothing to take it's place.

    Oliver's tv interview was well-done, with Clark appearing just in time to give him a confidence boost that the Green Arrow can fulfill his mission even if he is known publicly. This ends much of their recent conflict, and should have them working together in the rest of the series.

    I did enjoy that glimpse of the future with Lois at the DP. Clark gained hope for his future and his relationship with her, even if he finally learns that she has known his identity for some time. I took those scenes not as what will be, but what could be. Clark's v.2017 was amusing, and for the final rooftop scene, he adopted a new hairstyle similar to that on his future self. "Homecoming" thus is a significant episode - Clark has passed more tests, grown in confidence, and is far closer to becoming...Super. Re-run rating B+.
  • Best episode ever.

    OMG best episode ever. The whole darkness thing could have been poorly resolved, but this was a touching, beautiful resolution to so many questions about this series. Not at all a filler episode, this one pushed the series forward to its just conclusion. Beautiful.

    I cried for the last 15 minutes. Justin Hartley had some excellent lines, and it was perfect. Just perfect. Well done.

    Allison Mack, we miss you, and it was noble of you to step aside and let this happen. Please return as Doctor Fate. Having Brianiac return was delightful, and such a terrific twist to things. It was a Christmas carole and so much more. Thank you, folks. Well done.
  • Only on Smallville do we see Brainiac as Jacob Marley!

    I'm going to be another reviewer who is going to start the review with WOW! Last week's show was a downer and I applaud Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders on their creative skills of writing a fluid episode that not only paid tribute to the past but also propelled the rest of the season. The "Christmas Carol" is one of my favorite stories and it was skillfully used in this episode. I was wondering how Lois was going to be dealt in the future and was hoping that she would not be like the Lois of the Superman movies. I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite part of the episode happens during the final 15 seconds of the episode. Congratulation to the Smallville crew on the 200th episode!
  • One of the best episodes in the series so far...

    Homecoming is one of those episodes that makes you stop and realize just why we all love Smallville in the first place. It incorporates a lot of scenes from episodes long past and sort of has a "Christmas Carol" feel to it. The chemistry between Clark and Lois has never felt stronger or more real than it has in this episode. We get a small glimpse to Clark's future as Superman, and we even get to meet the Clark Kent of the future. With the return of Brainiac, Clark's return to Smallville High, and a dose of time travel thanks to a Legion ring, we get to see how Clark's past is turning into Superman's future. Spectacular episode. One can only hope the rest of the season can come even close to matching this gem.
  • Can you say perfect???

    This was by far my most anticipated episode of the season, (If not the entire series) and not only did it not fail to disappoint, but it blew my mind away!!! The first scene that really hit me to the fact that this was the real deal was when we get to see young Lana again, wearing that infamous Green K Necklace and ask the same question she asked Clark 10 years ago. "So what are you? Man or Superman?" That alone was enough to give me chills. Then there was the flashback to Clark first seeing the wall of weird with Chloe, and the two new Smallville Torch reporters that took the place of Clark and Chloe. Then came Clark the (unhappy) Homecoming King, that was a big shock. All of the brainiac flashbacks were Amazing!!! I would love to go into details for all of them, but i don't think you guys want to read 5 or so pages!! Seeing Chloe write something on the wall of the new Torch Reporters was a cool thing, although i wish we could have seen her in person. The (almost) end with Clark burring his dad's watch made me think back to when Mrs. K first offered the watch to Clark and he refused it. We finally learn that Oliver does need people in his life and Clark goes there to help him. Oliver finally calls himself a hero, something that has been a long time in the making! Then talk about an ending, Finally hearing the word we have waited to hear forever, The first "I Love You" between Lois and Clark and we finish watching Clark slowly float into the sky.........How much better can you get!!!!!

    Now even as perfect as this episode was there were 3 things that kinda bugged me. 1. There was Absolutely no mention of Pete Ross, Does anyone else remember him but me......He was Clark's best friend for 3 seasons, doesn't he at least deserve a flashback. 2. Still no return of Lex as MR or Lana (Who i actually would have enjoyed seeing again.......) and 3. Is stated above a little bit, I would have loved to see Chloe and Clark standing in the office of the Smallville Torch again...That would have been amazing. This was a Fantastic episode, what a great 200th Smallville. If the episodes were like this every week then there is no way it would EVER be taken off the air. Hope the rest of the season is this good!!! Best episode in the entire series!!!! Happy 200TH Smallville!!!!!
  • Best Episode of the series in my opinion.

    Super! Amazing! Very few shows are awe inspiring but this was the best episode of Smallville. It showed flashbacks of Clark's life that explained things even a new viewer to the show could understand but also made the viewer think about their own past, present and future. It's gonna be a hard episode to beat but I look forward to next week. I just hope the Justice league gets some new members in the next episodes. 200 episodes, a thankful fan to say the least. Today is also Smallville's 9 year anniversary. Congrats!

    Here's hoping for another season of great television.
  • best in a long time

    this was one damn good episode. and let me say thank you....for not adding the ruinous presence of lana to it...i was dreading to see her come and totally ruin the mood of the show's flow. know the deal...there's lana....lois gets out of the way from the uncomfortable silence...clark's blank stare as he drops everything....wa wa wa for a bit...poor lois on the side......none of that this time...well done. it just set the tone for the rest of the season. i can't wait. they really should carry this series over under the title superman after this series ends. tom has a lot of youth left in him and tv is really going to be empty after this series finally ends.
  • A landmark episode.

    Homecoming was everything I expected it to be. A very good episode that dealt with some serious issues that have been haunting Clark for a long time. It also addresed the future and how it might intimidate him. I loved the nostalgic parts of the episode. It was a nice nod to show the likes of Lana, Chloe and Jonathan again. I also liked the Oliver parts of the episode. He is still having troubles with his decision, but it was nice to see his growth in confidence once Clark was there. It was a also a good move to have Chloe text the new guys at the Torch. She, along with other past regulars was missing in Homecoming, but that was expected. Finally, I am just glad that Clark has gotten over whatever darkness he had inside him. That arc had run too long and now we can enjoy the rest of the series without that burden.

    Congrats on 200 episodes Smallville.
  • I joined just to say how amazing this episode was.

    What a fantastic way to mark the MASSIVE 200 Episode Milestone. I found it extremely hard to find anything that I disliked about the episode. In my opinion, the best episode of the series so far. It was definitely an episode that every Smallville fan has been waiting for. To see Clark and Lois finally confess their love for each other, a surprise appearance of fan-favourite Braniac, and the reuniting of Clark and Oliver (Green Arrow) when Clark finally responds to Oliver by showing up to his interview relating to his confession to being the Green Arrow. Definitely an episode to remember. 10/10!
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