Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2002 on The CW

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  • Chlark fan heaven!

    This is a great episode IMO. This episode has not only a Villian FOTW, but a good one as well! This plot offers retrospect with Lex and Clarks friendship,which is also big in this episode. Also this episode is big for Chlark-fans,which I will explain later.

    Clark- This episode reallly shows the good in him. Knowing Kyles a good man while everyone is saying hes bad,and him still sticking with his opinion. The various saves he does this episode is awesome. I like the allusion the writers made between Clark and Kyle. Kyle chooses to use his powers for good instead of hiding, really develops Superman IMO.

    Lana- This episode is where I started to develops feelings of hatred for Lana. While the last episode focuses on Clana growing,this episode shows them seperating. I suppose this is a good thing, as it allusion's to them not being togther in the comics. But did you really have to make Lana unlikeable to do it? Her b*tching at Clark really got on my nerves.

    Lex- While Clark was allusioned with Kyle,Lex is allusioned with Bob. The whole episode shows Lex's dislike for Bob, with him never shaking his hand. The Climax is epic IMO, with Lex going commando on Clark and Kyle. Boy do I love the scene where Lex is firing that SMG. It really shows what Lex will become with great acting by Micheal Rosenbaum. The ending with Lex and Clark in the loft houses one of my favorite lines in Smallville history. "Trust me Clark. Our friendship will be the stuff of legend."-Lex

    Chloe- While this episode started my dislike for Lana,it really grew Chloe in my favor. The episode shows her first real team-up with Clark, and she is one of my favorite sidekicks of all time. Plus where she kissed Clark isent that bad either ;)

    Kyle Tippet and Bob Rickman- Really liked this storyline. Plus I really liked Kyle and I wished he would have appered in the series later. Once again I have to say this is the stongest Lex-Clark allusion the show has ever done. The end was well done as it showed good will always prevail againest evil.

    A fantasic episode! While the beginning is kinda slow,the episode quckily picks up. Again,a must watch and nice change to your average FOTW stuff.
  • A crooked businessman, who has designs on land in Smallville, has the power to hypnotise people into doing his bidding when he shakes their hand. Clark meets the man's former partner, who gained the same ability during the meteor shower. Another ace ep...

    This review contains spoilers.

    "Hug" is another first season episode that I really enjoyed. Recovering from the interesting but off-balance "Shimmer", "Hug" offers a great story that kept me gripped throughout.

    I did find it a little convenient that Clark just *happened* to meet "good handshake guy" Kyle after Lana is thrown from her horse (she mistakenly thinks she is attacking him), at exactly the same time "bad handshake guy" Bob also appears on the scene plot-wise. Of course, this is just a plot convention to get the story running, but even so, I did find it a little over-convenient (especially by 'Smallville's usually creative and well woven plot threads).

    ...But I can forgive that for all else that happens in this episode. I really liked the back-story that was given to Bob and Kyle (former friends, who were both affected by the meteor, turning Bob bad); I felt that it really fleshed the characters out and brought them to life, making them much more believable.

    As with this majority of 'Smallville' episodes, this one is pretty much played straight, only with a fun though heavy handed comment from Clark near the beginning that he doesn't want to grow up to "wear a suit and do lots of flying" (!), and of course, Chloe kissing Clark (under Kyle's influence, when she challenges him to prove his power). Many fans seem to love this, but for me personally... meh. It's okay, but hardly hilarious, though some of this feeling may be down to the fact that I usually find Chloe quite annoying anyway.

    The episode also boasts some great special effects, most notably, several instances of bullets flying and Clark intercepting / dodging / being hit by them, all in slow motion. For a moderate TV budget, I found these effects to be pretty much of movie quality.

    Both Rick Peters and Gregory Sporleder give very solid performances as Bob and Kyle respectively; I particularly liked Kyle, and felt he's a character that I would like to see more of. I won't research ahead to see if he ever does return (bear in mind, until watching the series on DVD, I've only seen the first and very early second season, before Channel 4 here in the U.K. started darting the series all 'round the schedules and I lost track of the series).

    The episode also holds some nice parallels regarding friendships turning sour. Both regarding Bob and Kyle, who were friends before the meteor gave them their "special handshake" powers; Lana and Clark, who fall out after Clark accuses Whitney of attacking Kyle (which indeed he did, under Bob's hypnotic influence); and that of Lex and Clark – Lex, again under Bob's influence, tries to kill Clark (thus witnessing some of Clark's own special powers, which ironically Lex will forget as his memory returns). The final scene, of Lex and Clark in the barn looking out at the sky, with Lex insisting that their "friendship will be the stuff of legends", is a terrific ending to a solid episode.

    All-in-all, this is another first season episode that I enjoyed throughout. I give "Hug" a very decent 9.5.
  • Very original...

    Again, this episode is one that I would rate as above average. The dialogues are good. This was a good freak of the week episode. And the guest stars were good as well. I also loved the scene when Chloe was "hypnotized" by Kyle when she kissed Clark, it was SOOOOO funny! I also loved the scene when Lex was also hypnotized bye Bob and started shooting at Clark. The slow-mo effects were really well done and really cool. Overall this episode was really good and i think I'm gonna give it a 9.1. Great work you guys at the studio!-
  • Great climax.

    I love the climax in this episode. Lex witnesses Clark's powers and gives a droll "Clark, you've got some explaining to do." He let's loose maniacally spraying Clark with bullets and confides that he always thought Clark was hiding something, all under the influence of the bad guy. I love it when people's true feelings come out unintentionally because they're influenced by something. I also like the writers having them forget the incident because that preserves the pristineness of the storytelling. It's far more intriguing when they don't know Clark's secret than permanently changing the direction of the story by letting them in on it. I like Lex pulling away from the hug guy, saying "don't touch me" and Jonathan at first not being affected because he's wearing gloves. Those are all great twists and surprises. I love Clark's response to shaking hands by bone-crunching the guy's hand and giving a great reaction by moving on in a very determined "I-mean-business" fashion while unwittingly showing the guy he was completely unaffected. Great acting by Tom Welling. Another great, well-thought-out story.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of smallville there is a guy that has come to town that has the abilty to make people do what ever he wants a by a single hand shake. it is a pretty cool abilty. and there is a guy in the woods who they think is at falt. but clark thinks he is good and lana gets mad at him for taking his side over witneys and hers. but that is why he is superman he sees the good in people. but anyway the guy even gets the kents to sell there farm and clark starts to investgate and he lears that the guy also has the ablity to do the same and clark and the guy must try to stop him.
  • A Smallville recluse is the key to thwarting the plans of a man who has strange powers to control others, even to buying the Kent farm to develop a pesticide plant. Clark chooses to support the unpopular one in this conflict.

    Businessman Bob Rickman calls on the head of the "Center for Environmental Protection," proposing to build a new pesticide plant in Smallville. Since his company's environmental track record features pollution, contaminated water, and just about every other eco-sin in the books, the CEP head turns him down cold, promising a restraining order against the plant. This exchange has no relation to how such proposals are actually conducted, but rather than roll one's eyes, we'll just follow along for the sake of the story. A handshake between the two conveys some unseen force, and the CEP head is suddenly waffling. Rickman suggests that he's feeling pain and isolation, and we see desperation in his eyes. As Rickman leaves and reaches the ground floor, a body falls from above and smashes into a parked cab out front - and it looks like a real body, not a dummy, so the Smallville special effects crew is getting pretty good, or there's an iron-man stunt crew on duty.

    Out in the forest, Clark and Lana ride horses slowly along, as Chloe struggles with her mount, and talks about a dangerous hermit in the area. Chloe dropped her camcorder; Lana goes back to retrieve it, and is suddenly heard screaming in the distance. A local character named Kyle finds her and seem to be aiding, but when Clark appears, Kyle disappears. Later, Clark and Chloe look at the video and try to identify the man, who did not appear to be harming Lana. Clark proposes to go see Kyle at his home.

    Victoria Hardwick (Kelly Brook) is still hanging with Lex for the third consecutive episode, but gets less and less screen time and part to play, so she must be on her way out as a continuing character. Rickman butts in, but no love is lost between him and Lex. The new plant is to occupy the Kent farm; Lex tells Rickman that the Kents won't sell.

    At Kyle's isolated trailer in the woods, Clark finds him to be strange and eccentric, and he seems to already know Clark. Clark gets back to Lana; she wonders why he didn't go to the police, and both she and Whitney question why he went to see Kyle. Lana remembers nothing of the incident in the forest as she suffered a mild concussion. Lex then informs Clark that Rickman is after the Kent farm, warning about his tactics.

    Then we see Rickman and Kyle have a relationship, it seems they have similar skills in controlling others, but Kyle warns him and leaves. Whitney is seen observing Kyle and Clark talk, and has a short confrontation with Kyle, warning him to stay away from Lana. Clark, being a friendlier type, offers Kyle a ride home. From the shadows, Rickman sees a chance to use Whitney, and approaches him with a handshake. Ok, so now Whitney is a tool. Clark drops off Kyle at his trailer, questioning why Kyle was at Rickman Industries - Clark informs him of the attempt to purchase the farm. Dialog flows pretty comfortably in these scenes, nothing forced or contrived.

    As Clark drives off, he spots Whitney's truck, and speeds back to the trailer, where Whitney is doing his major league batting impression on Kyle, who can duck pretty fast. Before Kyle can deal a deadly blow to Whitney, Clark intervenes and takes the shot, with slo-mo wood splintering. But Kyle is the one to be arrested a short time later. What story is Whitney telling? Just that Kyle swung first, but we can see Clark believes Kyle. Whitney is getting pretty irritating in this whole story.

    Chloe sees a chance to investigate, as suggested by Clark, a "tree-hugging hermit versus pesticide tycoon." Lana pops in the Torch office, burned at Whitney's treatment by Clark, who can't do much against Lana's tongue-lashing..."Don't pretend to be his friend."

    Rickman comes to the farm, but Jonathan is skeptical about any offer. He gets a telling line, "If I was interested in money, I wouldn't be a farmer, would I?" Jonathan leaves his glove off for the next handshake, and becomes chemically altered, right down to the green neuron level. He signs the offer for the farm; later Clark and Martha are stunned, but Jonathan can't explain his actions. Clark takes the contract, and meets Lex to talk about Kyle. Lex thinks the contract is iron-clad, but offers legal help.

    Clark heads to the jail to see Kyle, but Rickman subverts a deputy first, so we can figure on an assassination attempt by said robotic deputy. Kyle uses his influence to get released from jail, but is attacked by the deputy as he leaves, forcing Clark into another speeding bullet save. Kyle's wounds are tended by a friend of Lex, and Clark returns home. to find...Lana, a surprise. She's apologetic, she heard about the escape, which she wants to understand, but she and Clark have cross words again.

    Rickman sees Lex, who has the advantage of refusing to take his hand. Lex is trying to help the Kents get out of the land sale contract, and Clark comes in as Rickman leaves, but Clark is not affected by contact with him.

    Backstory - Rickman was trapped in a car during the meteor shower 12 years ago. Kyle has disappeared from the mansion, but Clark and Chloe find him at his trailer. They question Kyle about this powers; he was a sales partner with Rickman, and gained the power of persuasion through the meteor shower. In a clever scene, Chloe challenges him to prove his ability on her. Taking her hand, he suggests she show feelings for Clark. Not much of a challenge there, doesn't she already feel that way? She lays a big one on Clark, but in a moment, she has no memory of the move. Kyle tries to leave.

    Rickman sees Lex about dropping the farm as a proposed site for the new pesticide plant, and we see him offering a handshake to Lex. Will we have another victim of the unseen force? Clark calls Lex about Kyle going public about Rickman, and Lex arrives in his Mercedes sedan while Clark has a blue GMC pickup. Is Lex under another control? As Clark and Kyle enter the Merc, Lex locks the doors, douses the car with gasoline, and throws a lighter. Next week Lex will have a new car.

    Clark rips off the doors and runs with Kyle before the M-B explodes in some pretty first-rate special effects and pyrotechnics. Rickman rolls in and gives Lex an automatic pistol, giving Mr. Rosenbaum the opportunity to portray an insane killer - he does quite well at it. "Respect and fear are the best you can hope for," Lex yells, and fires on full auto, forcing Clark to dodge a lot of bullets, but of course he survives the attack, and now we expect Lex to remember none of this. Kyle and Rickman have a hand-to-hand fight, the gun ends up firing, and Rickman is shot dead. Kyle saw Clark survive several rounds, but will not expose his secret.

    So Clark let Kyle go, but the Smallville screenwriters have a habit of killing off a character with no consequences to anyone, no investigation, no arrests, no prosecution, no autopsy, and that plot hole opens up and swallows the story of Rickman.

    Lana finally comes to see Clark, somewhat apologetic, so they're friends again, all sweetness and light. This puts things back to neutral for next week's story, but what's wrong with a little tension carryover?

    Lex comes by to see Clark, remembering nothing of his violent episode. Didn't he ask about the Mercedes? Who explained that? Lots of loose ends, but we just gloss over the improbable here. They wonder about Kyle, who had been best friends with Rickman. "You think we'll end up like that?, Clark asks. Lex replies, "Trust me Clark, our friendship is going to be the stuff of Legend!"

    Prophetic words to we viewers, who know more than the cast because we read the comics. "Hug" is a pretty adventurous episode, with believable dialog, although most of the outcomes are pretty easy to see coming. But this one is at least a couple grades above last week's weaker episode, so see it again some day. Re-run rating C+.
  • What? Why are looking at me like that? ...and why is my mouth minty?

    It's funny how the meteor gave every individual exactly what he/she needs! So two salesmen got the power of persuasion. So they can sell anything they want now. Or make people do what they want with only touching them.

    It's weird how no one really pays attention to what Clark can do! I'd be suspicious from the first moment I saw something strange, but not even Kyle, who was saved by Clark many times, using his super powers, saw what was going on. Didn't he ask himself how was Clark able to save him without getting shot, burned,...? Funny thing- clark and salesman shook hands and you could hear his veines cracking. Why didn't he notice his hand is acting strange? and why is he suddenly imune to kryptonite? two men with super powers, that meteor caused, and Clark is ok. How come?

    And Chloe kissed Clark. That doesn't proove that she's in love with him! I mean, yes, I've seen the way she looks at him, but in this case she was 'under spell'! Kyle made her kiss Clark. So that isn't proof... But I'd say she wanted to kiss him herself too...

    Quite ok episode...
  • Persuasion is a Powerful Thing!

    Hug-A salesman has a kryptonite-based ability to force anyone he touches to obey his commands.

    Okay, so the power of persuasion doesn't seem like the most interesting or lethal power, but "Hug" manages to make a great episode out of it. The backstory of 2 salesman who were both given the power of persuasion by the meteor shower and have both used the ability differently. Gregory Sporleder is very convincing as the sympathic Kyle Tippet who has chosen to hide his power rather than exploit it. The scenes between him and Clark are well acted, especially when Kyle demonstrates his power to Clark and Chloe. Just the sight of Chloe kissing Clark and both their reactions afterwards was priceless. Rick Peters is perfect as Bob Rickman, who has become a successful salesman thanks to his power. The character is cleverly written as he outsmarts pretty everyone to get shake his hand to use his power like how he gets Johnathan to sell the farm, which brings some nice drama. The best scenes are between Lex and Rickman as Micheal Rosenbaum adds just the right sense of sarcasm to his performance to counteract Rickman's cockness.

    The action set pieces are also well done like Whitney attacking Kyle. But the climax with Lex after Kyle and Clark is a real treat. It a truly tense moment as Lex finds out Clark's secret and shoots him multiple times with a machine gun! The special effects are great as Clark dodged the multiple bullets through the air. Then there was the scene where Kyle and Rickman use their power on themselves which ended very well with Rickman's death. But I love how the Kyle and Rickman's situation forshadow Clark and Lex's relationship. The last scene in the barn where Clark and Lex discuss if their friendship will end up like theirs is symbolic as we know they indeed become enemies! Despite a horrible title, "Hug" is an intelligent episode with a clever villain and wonderful series of events.
  • A salesman wants to build his new plant in Smallville, but is met with objection. Lucky for him, he has the ability to make anyone do what he wants, just by shaking his hand.

    Now, this is an interestin episode about a guy that brain-washes people into doing what he wants. Thank goodness that there is another person with the same ability, and he wants to help Smallville. Overall, this episode was interesting. The entire episode, the bad saleman tries to shake Lex's hand and the entire time I was hoping that he wouldn't. It did a good job at keeping interest the whole episode. This is another episode that wasn't my favorite, but it was still good. With all that said, it has the ability to make me watch it all the way through
  • Great Episode

    Bob Rickman has the ability to bend others to his will, because of an incident with the meteor rocks years earlier. Rickman has plans to put a new pesticide plant in Smallville, and he needs the Kent farm to do it. Rickman uses his ability to convince Jonathan to sell the farm. Clark seeks out Kyle Tippet for assistance, after learning the two were salesmen who were both caught in the meteor shower. Rickman uses his ability to convince Lex to kill both Clark and Kyle. While Clark is battling Lex, Kyle, who has more control over the ability, forces Rickman to take his own life.
  • Another brilliant smallville ep!

    This episode features two meteor infected guys who have the ability to make anyone do what they want, without them realising it just by touching them. I really liked this episode as it is the first time Lana and Clark have a fight, but rather than agree with her, Clark believes in Karl (one of the meteor freaks) and sticks to his opinion that Karl is a good guy, despite Lana not agreeing. I also LOVED it when Karl made Chloe kiss Clark, the look on his face is really funny. This is also good character development as we know that Chloe is in love with Clark and she shows it. Definately watch this ep!
  • Another good Season 1 episode!

    This episode is way much better some past episodes that could have some potential but were to trivial. I think this is the first episode in which we see the first good meteor freak.

    I like this episode because it is one of the first one in which Clark and Lana have a fight, despite being friends (and having a crush on each other) and that was kind of cool, because every friendship needs its best and bad moments and this season there were more good moments than bad (unlike Season 5 and 6). What I like also, it also kind of reflects the first sign that Chloe is in love with Clark, something that goes all the way around until, probably, the end of the series.

    The meteor freak in this episode was cool, he try to make Lex Luthor to kill Clark Kent and his old friend, Kyle, and eventually it leads to a battle of who can convince better. Kyle wins. This episode was great!
  • a great episode.

    A hypnotizing villain. All kinds of villains are popping around smallville. At least in this episode, one of them is on the good side. Clark finds himself a fellow super hero that helps him out with the evil hypnotizer. This is a pretty good episode. Chloe gets to kiss Clark without her knowing it, that was cool. When Clark runs from place to place with lightning speed, this effect looks so cool to watch and it works well for the show. The writers did a great job with this episode, it's always interesting to see Clark use his power and at the same time hide his secret from others.
  • Someone wants to buy the Kent farm and a wheelar deelar with one handshake has the power to make people buy and sell...but are the Kents interested?

    Foreshadowing in chapter 2 when Clark says: "I don't see myself being a farmer." Ironic for Clark to say "Any job as long as it doesn't invlove a suite and flying." because we all know he will become Superman. But the best quote of the show came from Clark when he said "I understand what it means to be hidden from the world."

    Great scenes in this episode, totaly sweet when Lex burns the car at the gas station. After when he shoots at Clark and the slow motion.

    Good episode well written, exciting, great job!
  • Cool!

    Another great episode of Season 1, is one of my favorite because it marks the first appearance of Clark and Lana fighting that by following seasons will be much more angrier than anything, and also because Clark shows out how noble is him, and his strangely trust in people, and I also like the storyline of the guys with power of persuasion that is something out extraordinary, is really cool, this is one of my favorite episodes! 8)
  • another amazing episode...

    One of the reaons why I like this episode, again, is because the guy can make people obey his every command. It was especially hot when he made Eric Johnson's character go on a rampage and start smashing things up with a bat (and his eyes glowed green...creepy). Like I've said before, when an attractive hot and sexy guy, like Eric Jonhson or Tom Welling or any teen male guest star, is affected by the villain's power in some way, it makes it that much more suspenful and cool (because the guys are supposed to be protecting the girls, that's just how it is in society's eyes, and when he cannot protect her for a brief time because he's either unaware, immobalized, or under a spell, it makes it THAT much more exciting to watch)! Also, any episode such as this one where the characters have a personality change, or a good guy becomes the bad guy temporarily, are really popular episodes and super exciting!
  • The power of persuasion, some nice effects, maybe a little overreacting in some parts though.

    This villain uses the power of persuasion for his business practice, gaining zoning licenses and removing enviromentailists attempting to stop his pollutive company from expanding. They also give him a past, including a friend with the exact same power.

    As usual, most of the people in town know of Kyle Tippet and his sculpture selling despite having never introduced him in the series. I would greatly enjoy if at one time they had gone to his store in a previous episode..anything to make it seem like one episode is connected to another and get a feeling of knowing the townspeople a little more before they become villains.

    The special effect (similar to CSI) of the kryptonite travelling from the hands to the brain and coating it was neat. I comment on it since it's pretty much the only special effect the villains power could create, aside from a green tint in the handshake.

    During the episode Whitney and Clark have a dispute about what caused the fight between Whitney and Kyle, and this seems amplified in Lana's emotions as she bashes Clark rather harshly about his hatred of Whitney..despite one episode ago she was about to cheat on Whitney to be with Clark and Clark turned her down. She just seems to be overreacting to the situation.

    Lex comments on how Clark is similar to Atticus in "To Kill a Mocking Bird" and also on how there friendship will be the stuff of legends. Also Lex finds out about Clark's secret and says some things that make you wonder what he is really thinking, and gives more depth to his character.

    It's a good episode, with Chloe kissing Clark, but it isn't anything that really stands out either.

    -As a side note here, I'd like to note that Rickman and Kyle have to put both hands on the victim to brainwash them. There is one scene with a police officer and Rickman that doesn't show his hands, but you can see his arms move to make that gesure. So when Rickman shakes Clarks hand in the coffee shop, he has no intention of brainwashing Clark, Clark is just mad and squeezes his hand very hard.
  • Interesting Episode

    This episode begins at the environmental protection agency where a very successful businessman named Bob Rickman is discussing his plans for Smallville. The environmental worker Paul plans to keep Mr. Rickman from entering Smallville, that is until Rickman shakes his hand. A strange green tint
    glows from Rickman\'s hand when touched. Rickman is then able to command his victim to perform any task. In the case of Paul, the environmental worker, his order was to jump out the window of a very tall building.

    Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Chloe Sullivan are out horse back riding. The Smallville gang talks about mysterious goings on in the woods where they are riding. Lana goes alone to retrieve Chloe\'s camera. Suddenly, Clark and Chloe hear Lana scream. Clark gets off his horse and runs super speed, behind Chloe\'s back of course, to help Lana.

    Lana is lying on the ground with a mysterious man hovering above her, as if he was checking on Lana\'s condition. Clark yells for him to get away from her. The man turns out to be Kyle Tippet. We later learn that Kyle was a friend of Bob Rickman in the past. Now Kyle lives alone in the woods in a very small trailer.

    Clark talks his father, Jonathan Kent, into letting him go talk to Kyle. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor pays a visit to Bob Rickman and lets him know how he feels about Rickman polluting his town, Smallville. Bob doesn\'t get the chance to shake Lex Luthor\'s hand. Lex, after all, does not like Bob at all and doesn\'t care to let Bob know that. Rickman reveals to Luthor that he plans to use the Kent farm for his business. Lex advises Bob that the Kents will never sale their farm.