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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on The CW
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A Daily Planet gossip columnist uses her special power to overhear a conversation between Lana and Chloe, and publishes the conversation... where Lana admits having doubts about marrying Lex. While Chloe investigates the reporter, Lois asks Clark to help her investigate the mysterious Green Arrow bandit when she suspects he may be Oliver Queen in disguise.moreless

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  • Clois first kiss

    This is one of the best episodes so far. Lois Lane is on the verge of revealing Oliver Queen is actually the Green arrow. So she asked Clark to help her, but little does Lois knows, Clark and Oliver have a trick up their selves. I love how Clark took off the mask and seems quite pleased with Lois' kiss. I loved the teasing Chloe gave Clark because she knew it was him dressed as the green Arrow to fool Lois. Meanwhile, Lana says yes to Lex and Clark lets Lana go free because he knows that she's carrying Lex's baby. The ending was sad, but the clois banter was hella funny.moreless
  • Lois schemes to unmask the Green Arrow even as she realizes she loves him. Lana and Chloe battle a DP gossip columnist who threatens to expose Clark. The Lana-Clark-Lex triangle reaches it's climax.moreless

    Although "Hydro" is another meteor-afflicted antagonist-of-the-week episode, it's not all that repugnant, thanks to Allison Mack's good acting. The obnoxious gossip columnist for the DP can transform into a blob of water, which strangely still has the ability to eavesdrop on and remember various conversations, and oh, also to commit murder. She exploits this ability to get way too much information on the Lex-Lana-Clark relationships and threatens to expose Clark's deep background cover as an alien.

    Lana reveals to Chloe that Lex has proposed, but she hasn't given an answer. Her hesitation is over Clark, but our Hydro-adversary overhears this by somehow camping out in Chloe's water jug, a real strain in the plot. A bit of background on the gossiper having already targeted Lex for some tabloid coverage would have made this scene more plausible, if that term can even apply to a human turning into a puddle. But then, why is the reputable DP printing tabloid trash anyway? Chloe has to dump the proposal news on Clark, including some word-for-word coverage of Lana's conversation with her. Mr. Welling plays the shock-and-awe scene admirably, going from stunned silence, to wondering if he's still on Lana's "A" list, to believing she's endangered by tying up with Lex. The expose also reaches Lex, and Lana has to admit she still loves Clark, who drops in for a confrontation with Lex, and they both play the very good script in an engrossing fashion. Lex gets the winning hand, with the bombshell for Clark that Lana is "carrying my child." One could argue that Clark never had cause to really doubt Lana's love - ultimately his secrecy was the cause of their estrangement. Lex has doubts too - finally hooking with with the gossiper with an offer to get dirt on Clark and Lana.

    Jimmy and Chloe start to suspect murder in the case of a drowned (by the water-blob) baseball player, referring to his use of steroids as "roid rage" and "muscle-mixers." You have to listen closely to keep up with all the pop terms, particularly from Jimmy.

    A more interesting subplot involves Lois and her quest to identify the Green Arrow, with Jimmy moonlighting to get some incriminating photos. When Lois and Oliver try a Yoga duet - a plot excuse to display cast physiques - she notices a cut on his shoulder identical to one on Jimmy's G.A. photos, and Lois ducks out in mid-tryst. She talks this over with Clark - another conversation which first appears to be about his secret and a "hero complex." But her suspicions about Oliver give Clark the chance to help hide a fellow superhero's secret, a nice plot turn that will help forge a stronger relationship between the two.

    Clark's snooping into the G.A. photos (why would Lois leave her purse in the Talon apartment?) is discovered by Chloe, who again outplays everyone in the cast, as Ms. Mack drops the clever line of the episode - "You're covering for the new pledge of your hero fraternity." And Clark's accusation that Chloe knew of Lana's pregnancy leads to another great reaction - Chloe blows up with, "Clark, before you unload your anger on is incredibly unfair that everyone trusts me to keep their secrets, and then they turn around and they throw me attitude when I keep someone else's secret!." What an example of true righteous anger! This is followed by, "I'm sorry that I had to take a two-second breather from hiding the fact that you are an alien from another planet!" Compliments to the screenwriters who bring out the strain Chloe often feels being caught in the middle of "Secretville." Clark is no insensitive clod - he simply sees her frustration and embraces her, a dear friend.

    Clark, too, gets a good line - "I prefer 'intergalactic traveler' over 'alien from another planet.'" Unfortunately, the water-blob is hiding out in the tub and absorbs this revelation - meaning that, like anyone discovering Clark's secret, it's about to be terminated. Not before Chloe has to endure more "attitude," Lana being next in the queue. But Chloe has found that the gossiper was once caught in a meteor shower, and the plot thickens.

    Overwrought Lois tells Clark that she may be in love with Oliver - "I swear, the guy could tell me he's from Mars right now and I'd find a way to dismiss it as an endearing quirk." Perhaps this tells us something about the far distant future for Clark and Lois. She wants to know about the G.A., but she doesn't want to jeopardize her love life if she's wrong. Clark has a plan - she'll play damsel-in-distress in a dark alley outside Oliver's place, forcing him into a rescue. But it's a double-blind - Clark and Oliver set up a ruse with Clark playing the G.A. When real thugs show up, Jimmy is first on the scene to get photos, but ends up being hero #1. Clark is #2, and grateful Lois plants a big one on him, but Oliver arrives, too, confirming to Lois that he's just her boyfriend. Clark-as-G.A. speeds off, perhaps for the first time exhibiting superpowers in costume, but they ain't tights, so The Principle is not violated.

    As Chloe and Lana prepare to entrap water-blob, Chloe discovers the next gossip column - it will expose Clark's secret identity. Gossiper discovers Chloe in her office; Lana overhears the incriminating conversation, forcing Chloe to smash the laptop before Lana hears too much. Chasing Chloe to the street, water-blob bashes Chloe around, but is finally squished by Lana's Jeep. Water drains off the hood, reminiscent of Terminator 2, and into the sewer, I hope to be diluted to extinction by a Vancouver rain shower.

    Epilog 1 - Clark, Lois and Chloe discuss the G.A. - how did Lois know it was not Oliver before he even appeared? She kissed him - "Ollie's a good kisser, don't get me wrong. But that Green Arrow...he could teach Ollie a thing or two." So Clark had to be giving something back in that lip-lock, and that's another inspired reference to his future with the inimitable Lois.

    Epilog 2 - Lana is back to see Chloe, who thanks her for the water-save, but Lana is probing for an explanation for Chloe's computer-bashing before the water-battle. Something about a farm-boy secret, and Chloe can't lie about this secret very well. "I would never do anything to hurt you," Chloe says, words Lana has heard far too many times from Clark. The tension between the two is palpable - superior script writing as well as directing by Mr. Welling here. And Mark Snow's musical score is just perfect.

    Epilog 3 - Lana tries one more time to win Clark's trust - virtually demanding it, and the scene is played with great intensity - she begs for his trust. But Clark now has another reason to push her away - everything is changed - he knows about the baby. His parting comment, "I hope Lex makes you very happy," is just a bit cold and uncharacteristic for Clark. Lana now turns to Lex, who still awaits her answer. She admits she met Clark, she admits her love for him, but she sees someone who trusts her, and shows her sides of himself that no other is shown. "Yes, Lex Luthor, I will marry you."

    "Hydro" is a fun episode, well-designed to play up the Lois-Clark relationship, avoiding too much Lana-Clark angst, and offering some of the cleverest lines of dialog in the series. Ms. Mack is the key player again, holding together the entire episode with skill and humor, but without acting like a Big Important Star. The seeming end of the Clark-Lana saga, and a future wedding episode to confirm that, make this a watershed story. If you can close your eyes when water-blob is on screen, it's even better. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • A gossip columnist finds out Clark's secret. Starring: Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Erica Durance, Allison Mack, with John Glover, and Annette O'Toole.

    When this episode first showed that it was going to premiere right before Justice, which i was really looking forward too, so i was mad that this episode premiered before Justice. However, this episode proved to be one of my favorite episodes of the season. I really liked the idea of Linda Lake (guest star Tori Spelling) being able to figure out all of her informationa and gossip with her ability. I thought this was a good episode with good acting, and also revealing that Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) proposed to Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and that she hasn't given him an answer because she still loves Clark (Tom Welling), interesting. But, perhaps my favorite part of this episode was that when Linda got hit by the car after fighting with Chloe (Allison Mack) she started to reform herself, making it possible that she could return.moreless
  • Watered Down Journalism

    Hyrdo-A Daily Planet gossip columnist uses her special power to overhear a conversation between Lana and Chloe, and publishes the conversation... where Lana admits having doubts about marrying Lex. While Chloe investigates the reporter, Lois asks Clark to help her investigate the mysterious Green Arrow bandit when she suspects he may be Oliver Queen in disguise.

    Despite an over-the-top performance from Tori Spelling, "Hydro" is a surprisingly well written episode that creates some nice drama between the characters. I like the fact that Linda Lake was using her hydro powers to get her stories and reveal the secrets of the characters. The character may be unbearably campy, thanks to Tori Spelling once again, but she doesn't hurt the episode by any means. It's expected that Lana still has feelings for Clark and is the reason why she hadn't said yes to Lex's proposal yet. The Clark-Lex-Lana triangle actually works in this episode and some characters just have some great dialogue, especially Chloe. Allison Mack is brilliant in her scene where she attacks Clark about him getting mad at her about not telling him about Lana's pregnancy. It's about time Chloe stood her ground as she has other friends beside Clark and can have secrets of her own to keep. I also liked the scene of Lana figuring out Chloe's hidding Clark secret and it's good that her suspicions are building.

    Lois also gets a fun sub-plot as she finds out the identity of Green Arrow. I love how Oliver and Clark came up with a way to keep his secret. The scene where Clark, disguised as the Green Arrow, saves Lois and she gives him a kiss was very entertaining. Not to mention, Lois saying that Green Arrow was an amazing kisser at the end was just beyond hilarious! Lana accepts Lex's proposal at the end but of course, theyre' happiness doesn't last long. "Hydro" has lots of tense developments and fun sub-plots that make for a great episode. Also, nice direction by Tom Welling!moreless
  • Lois and Clark's kiss: the beginning!!!!

    I love Superman, that why I watch this show. But I really love the romance in the Superman's series. Lois and Clark is a wonderful couple and when they hired Erica Durance to do Lois Lane in Smallville, I thought that I would see the beginning of this romance. Well, at first, they didn't have anything in common. But, in this episode, the producers started to explore this side of the history. I'll be honest, I didn't like this episode so much, but when I saw Lois and Clark's kiss and Clark's little smile, I just love it. And when Lois said that it was a great kiss (even though she didn't know it was Clark, not Green Arrow), it just makes this episode one of my preferred.moreless
Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

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Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Linda Lake

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Shawn Reis

Shawn Reis

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Christian Vincent

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Aaron Ashmore

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Jimmy Olsen

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Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Lois calls Oliver to come save her from the thugs, she bangs her phone into the dumpster and it breaks. You can see that her phone is already broken on one side after she hits it the first time, but she continues to speak into it.

    • Also during the Chloe/Linda confrontation, Chloe says that Linda's news van was nearly hit by a meteor and crashed into Crater Lake. But the news article shown to Lana states that Linda was reporting in a field and was struck individually by a meteor.

    • During the Chloe/Linda confrontation, Chloe states that Linda Lake was a rookie reporter for KSCW covering the second meteor shower. However, if you look at the news article that she shows Lana earlier, under Linda's picture, it clearly states that she was reporting for KPAZ.

    • Towards the end of the episode where Lana is at the Daily Planet talking to Chloe about the "farm boy secret" that Linda Lake discovered, Lana says that Chloe took a hammer to the computer before she could hear the rest. While this is true, the leadup to this scene clearly shows the camera broadcasting is on the left of the computer and yet when Chloe hits the computer its from behind and towards the right of the computer. There is no way Lana should have known about the hammer. And further more Lana took off early as Chloe said so the incident clearly wasn't discussed after Lana had run over Linda Lake.

    • Nail-guns have safeties to prevent what could be a hazard on the job by those using them. But Linda doesn't take off the safety or give any indication it's there.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Lois: You can't have cocktails without ice. (turns to Clark) Don't worry, yours will be virgin.

    • Lois: (talking to Clark and Chloe about the kiss with "Green Arrow") Well... he was holding me in his arms and... Ollie is a good kisser, don't get me wrong. But that Green Arrow... he could teach Ollie a thing or two.

    • Oliver: (after watching Lois kissing Clark) That's one hell of a "thank you."

    • Chloe: (to Clark, after Lois kissed him thinking he was Green Arrow) Luckily, Oliver showed up when our hero was still around, but looks like you were way off base about him! And the craziest part is that he threw a guy across an alley! (to Lois) Right?
      Lois: Oh yeah!
      Chloe: (faking incredulity) And then he supersped away! I mean, who does that???
      (Clark smiles warningly at Chloe)
      Clark: Huh!

    • Lois: Smallville, sorry about the article, it's bad enough having a broken heart but to have it splashed all over the newspaper.
      Clark: Well, I guess that's what reporters do, don't they?
      Lois: Okay, I think that little zinger just ricocheted off Linda Lake and hit me!

    • Jimmy: Scoopgirl?
      Lois: Hotchat485?
      Lois: (surprised it's Jimmy) You've got to be kidding me?
      Jimmy: (also surprised) Look, I'm not the one up all night long touring the internet for Green Arrow pics! Don't you have a boyfriend?
      Lois: (clearly annoyed) Do you have the photos?
      Jimmy: You got the cash?
      Lois: I don't get it, with all the photographers in Metropolis how is it that you end up with the first shots of our merry archer?
      Jimmy: I have my connections.
      Lois: No, really?
      Jimmy: Oh, umm, well a guy doesn't get out on the suicide slums much so I just hung out there for a few weeks... in my car, with my pepper spray and the doors locked.
      Lois: (looking over the pictures) This is it? A bunch of arms and legs? Nice work hot shot! I mean you didn't even manage to catch one shot of his face. All these tell me about Green Arrow is that he needs a band-aid!
      Jimmy: (looks at the picture) Well at least you got a good look at that.

    • Clark: You're like a pitbull on a pants leg. You won't let it go.
      Lois: I hate that you know me like that.

    • (Chloe sees the pictures Jimmy took of Lois kissing "Green Arrow")
      Chloe: Oh, I feel dirty.
      Jimmy: Phhh, think about how Oliver feels. Lois and Clark put this whole scheme together because they thought that Oliver was Green Arrow, then POW, poor sucker comes around the corner catches her sucking lip with leather daddy.

    • Lana: You deserve better than that.
      Lex: Lana, with the life I've led, I go to bed every night praying I don't get what I deserve.

    • Chloe: Oh, Clark, wait a minute. It's... it's a lot more complicated now.
      Clark: What could be more complicated than living your life with regrets?

    • Linda Lake: What matters is that I can see Gotham from my new office, and you... oh well, you, hon, you work below sea level.
      Chloe: At the risk of heresy, I would rather be snorkeling for the rest of my life than destroy a man's career based on rumor.

    • Clark: It must be eating at you that she's hesitating... wondering why she hasn't given you an answer.
      Lex: I guess it would... if I didn't know what the answer was going to be. You see, I highly doubt she'll say no, Clark... now that she's carrying my child.

    • Clark: For the record... I prefer "intergalactic traveler" over "alien from another planet."

    • (to Lana)
      Lex: A million dollars for your thoughts. (pause) Sorry. My comic timing is the first to go after my nerves.

  • NOTES (8)