Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • Great Episode

    In Sierra de la Botija, Honduras, Central America, while collecting samples of a deadly virus in a quarantine zone, two men are attacked by Professor Milton Fine. In Smallville, Clark is hypnotized by the beautiful Simone and ends his relationship with Lana. Meanwhile, Lex travels to Honduras and has a meeting with Milton Fine. Lana with her broken heart, visits Lex. In this important episode, Clark breaks with Lana and Professor Milton Fine returns in an evil partnership with Lex Luthor. Lana Lang, with her broken heart, gets closer to Lex and probably this association will harm Clark Kent in the future.
  • The Break Up …..

    I use to like seeing Lana with Clark in the 1st 3 seasons they were adorable together, Clark was always saving Lana’s life and he was always there when she waked up, and for Lana she was so sweet with him and lovable but these kind of relationships never last, every relationship is based on honesty and trust and Clark never show Lana that and for Lana the same thing she knew that Clark and Lex weren’t close as before and she was always going to him for her problems plus both of them were always lying especially Clark.

    Let’s talk about this episode … a blond girl named Simone came to Clark with a powerful nickels the nickels can change a person feeling and nothing new Lex send her to find out Clark’s secret and break up with Lana, she did both .. she made Clark call Lana and till her to pass over and of cores they started to make out and Lana came in the middle of it, so Lex 1st plan worked her 2nd and main mission to find out Clark secret and plan 2 worked but she didn’t till Lex about Clark\'s secret, making the episode shorter some action happened in Lex mansion and Chloe came to save the day the nickels got broken and the spell went away.

    Now its time to face Lana to be honest I was shocked that Clark finely had the guts to till her that there relationship is off but he did it in a stupid way they way he did it Lana for sure will revenge …. That\'s what we will see in the coming episodes.

  • Lana and Clark finally break up! Clark meets Simone at The Talon and because of her breakes up with Lana. In the end Clark relizes that because he has to keep his secret from Lana he is always going to hurt her so he breaks up with her

    Ok that episode was so weird and a lot of questions could be wondered. Its like Clark and Lana loved eachother forever and Clark always wanted to be with her and after hurting her for the millionth time he says he doesnt love her anymore its so sad.But why didn’t Clark leave when he first heard Simone saying she was glad Lana left. Why was Simone going after Clark there are other guys that could of came back from preivous episodes or guest star in this episode. Also I thought that Fine died well he\'s alive. And did everyone go bac to normal after the thing on Simone’s neck broke. Also how did Lex know what Simone did? Chloe knew that something was wrong why didn’t she tell Lana so when Clark called she would of knew not to go, it would of kept Clark and Lana together. But why did Lana tell Lex first, because of their research together or something else it seemed that Lex likes Lana more than a friend.
  • Clark and Lana call it quits. Lex and Brainiac team up for the first time.

    For the first time Lex Luthor and Brainiac team up. In what is destined to be one of the great villian teams throughout the DC universe, Brainiac and Lex have gotten together in what promises to be trouble for Clark. Meanwhile, thanks to a seductress Clark and Lana are done for good.

    It was an excellent episode, playing further into the DC universe. With Clark and Lana done, does this mean it's time for Lois to realize her feelings for Clark? Or will we finally see a quick fling between Chloe and Clark. Chloe has trully grown this season into an amazing young woman and it's hard to believe that Clark hasn't noticed.
    What trouble will Lex and Brainiac cause for Clark? Things are really picking up and Clark's about to face his biggest troubles yet.
    This episode was just another great example of Smallville's appeal and it pushes us closer to Clark's days of flight and tights.
  • Clark is hypnotized by a woman who uses a supposedly magical charm to control others - he reveals his super powers and is sent to kill Lex. Meanwhile, Lex has tracked down the missing Professor Fine and plans to confront him, unaware that Clark is coming

    Now we all know how many times clark and lana have broken up. will this really be the last time? (yeah right)Now Lex really thinks he can get lana(NOT). I cant belive he is really trying the rebound tactic to get her. I cant see them two at all. Next episode looks hot.
  • Amazing Come Back!

    Finally, Smallville has come back on Air, and with a punch. I was wondering when the writers of smallville were going to get off thier butts and give us, the fans, something to talk about. The last few episodes have beeen alittle weak, but this episode was on point. I can't wait to see how this story line turns out. !!
  • We see Milton Fine again while Lex goes to Honduras in search of the spaceship. A girl named Simone uses a hypnotic necklace to make Clark do anything she wants.

    I am really really sad about Lana and Clark breaking up. That's it, no more. It will never come back. I was yelling at Clark during the whole thing. Stupid whore had to mess everything up. Oh well I guess cause it was kinda getting dragged out. I hope Lana and Lex hook up cause I also like them together. It was cool to see Milton Fine again. The clones near the end of the episode was great and how he played Lex was simply genious. It was a great episode just like the series and I can't wait til nex week.
  • Clark broke up with lana for the very last time. Lex hires simone to hypnotize clark to get his secret. She uses his secret to her advantage and has him to try and kill lex. Clark would succed if chloe did not use the kryptoniteand knock him our in time.

    this was one of the best episodes i have ever saw of smallville. the suspense was crazy. i like the part when mrs. kent pulled the shotgun out on lois.Chloe knock her out with a rolling pin from her very own kitchen. simone is one crazy person who is going to jail for murder of her father.
  • Finally...A new episode!!!

    I must say that I liked this episode. The biggest reason is that the whole Clark and Lana thing is over. If he was not going to tell her his secret then it was not fair to lead her on like that. So I must say them breaking up was not that bad, plus this way we will once again see HOT new guest stars back on the show. Anyway this episode had much more to offer then a bunch of sappy love scenes…we once again see Dr. Milton Fine/Braniac, he is in Honduras and Lex tracks him down thinking he could find the spaceship. Also Lex employs a girl to hypnotize Clark (hence the name of the episode), so that he could her all his secrets and then she would report them to Lex. Luckily for Clark, this girl told Lex nothing as she was too excited to have Clark all to herself. Once again Chloe comes to rescue when she finds out the past history of the girl who has Clark under her full control and then she sets out, along with Lois, to find her and free Clark from her grip. Finally we see that Milton Fine is morphing and that so far he has made four copies of himself.
  • Finally over...

    Thank God the Clark and Lana relationship\'s over. It\'s been like the idiot \"The bold and the beautiful\" problems at times.

    As to the plot, Clark hypnotized setting out to kill Lex, than Lex attempting to kill Chloe... whatever... deja vu anyone? ... hello! The writers seem to be running out of ideas and repeat old themes (\"Jinx\").

    I think the struggle with Fine will set the tone for the rest of the season (although I sincerely hope it won\'t).

    One thing that irks me. How many times has Clark been tossing Lex all over the room already (or lifting him with one hand)? Isn\'t it proof enough for Lex, he\'s stronger than he should be?

    I will give it a 9,5 for ending the relationship bull.
  • The episode was pretty good, but it reminded me of the Season 4 episode "Jinx"

    Well I waited in my room to watch Smallville, then they showed this thing like Minnesota WB or something and it showed the city with Cars. That was going on for about a minute and I realized, great it froze. That lasted for 9 minutes.. 9 minutes!!! So I missed the beginning and the credits and commercials. When it came on they started showing Supernatural, then they showed it and there was no sound. So I had no idea what was going on.
    The episode was okay, but it was just like the episode "Jinx" in Season 4. The person tells you to do something, and you do it. They can control the people they are speaking to.
    The thing that I liked about this episode was the Clana is over. I'm pretty sure it's officially over. I liked it in the beginning, but I thought they broke up in "Reckoning." I'm ready for a new relationship, and I'm pretty sure that Lex and Lana will hook up. I want to see how that goes, at lease Lex will be more honest with her than Clark was.
    I thought it was pretty funny Martha being under Simone's spell. Then what Chloe said when she knocked her out. I'm glad there can actually be some funny scenes in it.
    Smallville is a wonderful show and I just hope that the episodes get even more action packed and more intresting and exciting. This season was well done so far, even if some of the episodes weren't the best.
  • A suprisingly good episode

    I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about this episode. On the surface, the premise to this episode sounds extremely lame. Clark being hypnotized and becoming a sex slave?

    However, I was really suprised how good this episode turned out to be. In fact, it is one of my favorite episodes from this season.

    I thought the episode was outstanding.

    The Clark and Lana break up was long overdue. I really like the way that it was done too. Clark realized it was the right thing to do. Although the Clana shippers must be really hating life right now considering they waited 5 years for Lana to find out the secret and Clark would rather lie to Lana than tell her the truth. What really cracks me up is how many people were saying they short changed the reveal in Reckoning to serve as a preview for what's to come..

    I loved the Lex/Fine subplot. I found it to be extremely interesting and very well done. The ship with the multiple Fine's is very cool. It is always great to see Lex embracing his curious side, because as we all know it is what eventually makes him become who he is destined to be.

    I actually enjoyed the hypnotize plot. I thought the actress who played Simonne was extremely attractive which helped, but I really thought TW was on tonight in the role. The way he delivered that line about Lex "Then he's a dead man" was just so perfect. Cracked me up.

    While I hate the idea of Lexana, I liked the way they put the spin on it of Martha saying " I hope you don't force Lana to do something we will all regret" like Lana and Lex both becoming evil. That would be interesting to see.

    Chloe was great as always. Really liked the references to various types of Kryptonite too.

    Gripes I had :

    - Why was Lois in this episode? Everytime she is used, it feels forced. There is never a real point to the appearance of the character. She is always just there. Although, she did have a few good lines tonight, and the way Clark knocked her out was funny.

    - How in the hell did Lana get to Smallville so fast? Last time I checked, Metropolis was not ten minutes away.

    - Lex's attitude about how Clark was able to be so strong. "You are under hypnosis, how else do you think you could throw me across the room?" The whole reason Lex hired Simonne besides breaking Clark and Lana up was because he suspected Clark of being unusual. Then he just casually dismisses it? How many times has he suspected Clark? Hell, has he forgotten how Clark and he met? Also, why in the hell is Lex still defending Clark?

    But overall, I thought this episode was entertaining and filled with outstanding character development.
  • Blah Blah blah.....

    This episode is better then it is being reviewed. This episode sets the plot very well for the future episodes in the season / series. Even though the plot was not totally great, the details of the story line were great.

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  • This episode is so full of surprise.

    My comment on this episode:

    All right, this episode has leave my eyebrow raised already. I've suspect about it. This episode has surprise me very well!

    In the beginning, lana told clark that she'll be alone in dorm by herself, but not just herself, inculde her boyfriend too as well. I was very excited that their realtionship has moved forwardly very well.

    Unluckly, Clark has work to do at the barn, has left lana pretty much disappointed. As she leave and this beautiful woman, Simone. I has a strange feeling around her that I cannot ingore! Something about her isn't right at all. As she approach to clark and I discover that she using her gemstone necklane to control clark and command him to make love with her!

    So, something about her has troubling me so far since her approaching! Since they've begin to make love and his friend has show up and see what they've been doing.

    Apparentely, it has left his friend a clue about her and went to tell chole all about it. They were discussing about clark and simone. Chole puzzled and she knew that clark wouldn't do that to her.

    Aye, I agreed with her. Clark wouldn't never do to her. That's what I suspect that he was hypnotized after all.

    So, at the house, simone and clark have this talk and she want to have a champage and he runs very fast to get it.

    At this point, I fear that simone being to know his secret. I fear that she would tell everyone about him. So, she being to ask him to show him of his power.

    He did it anyways, I was so mad that simone using him like puppet after all! I find that it was so wrong! Totally wrong! I shake my head off and still troubling by her.

    When both of them started to making love and his girlfriend lana has showed up and got heartbroken after she seeing them by making love.

    I almost feels sorry for her, that she didn't know that clark was hypnotized by her. Well, simone did a such good job breaking them apart for good.

    Now, As lex prepared to depeart smallville and head off to south america and see fine. Simone show up at his buidling and I become greatly angry! I knew that she is working for him! What's the bloodly heck is she doing??

    So, lex want to know everything what she has work on so far and she did, but I suspect that she is protecting clark's secret. I was very worried that she would do that!

    Lex is capable of everything and he could tell everyone around the world about him. That's a big, dark secret that clark doesn't want reveal to everyone.

    I raised my eyebrow and I knew that lex ask her for one more favor left to do. It has left me a clue and couldn't raise my finger!

    As chole show up and see clark to find out what's going on. She see the different clark and I like that when chole find a new clue about simone!

    find anything in her bag was very brilliant! Many clues is inside of her bag!

    Of course, lex/fine! I like the plot between them and fine was talking about how the alien race would wipe human race out on the earth for good. That's pretty scared, by the way!

    Now, the clue has revealing about simone and I learned that simone murdered her own father for this gemstone necklane! I knew that if her father give this gemstone necklane to her, She has the powers to control everything whatever what she wants to!

    Finally, I begin to understand what's going on with simone lately!! That's make me mad for what she did!

    Chole grab the green stone and went to save clark from do something stupid.

    As clark bring the travel luggage and were about to leave smallville forever for good! Thank god, she show up and stop him! Well, she tried her best to do.

    That's where clark's mum show up and to see what's going on and simone told her to stop her from block them leaving to california.

    Now, I'm very shocked that simone ask him to kill lex! He was doing her dirty work after all!

    Afterwards, lex returned from south america and find himself in a clusmpy situation and clark find him and throw lex off like baby!

    Lex tried to warn him that he is hypnotized by simone!!

    Clark was SO close to kill him! Simone show up and enjoy the show!! Thank god chole show up and put green stone in his pocket and left him very weak and return to normal!

    Lex has the gun and was about kill clark! He put up the great fight of all! In the end, the bullet has destroy gemstone and killed her! Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, she is out of the picture! I wont have to worry about her anymore! :D

    In the end, I was so shocked that clark told lana that he doesn't love her. Aaah, that's the ugly truth I just discover by him! Perhaps, he was protecting her from discover his secret after all.

    Perhaps, in the near future, lana will somehow discover his secret anyways, I just know it.

    Overall, this episode deserve to be good score! I rated this episode to be 9.4. That will be all for now.
  • w00t, back with a bang from the break!

    Been waiting a long while for this Clark / Lana moment to happen, thought they handled the whole thing really well.

    Kinda annoying that yet another villain can come in and just "take over" Clark easily and control him like a puppet tho.

    This season is easily the best of smallville to date , I just hope it keeps up!
  • YAY! Clark and Lana broke up forever! Seriously, it was getting sickening. I'm so glad Clark finally came to his senses/

    This episode is good because it really throws you off. In the beginning, you think that it's just another "Freak of the Week" episode with someone having an "identity crisis" and being controlled by some psycho or the other, but this episode is actually really revealing.

    We find out that Lex sent Simone out to find out Clarks secrets, so he really hasn't at all given up on his so called "friend." Of course, we knew this in the episode "Mortal" where Lex is spying on Chloe and Clark with his video camera when he does a set up trial for Clark. Then, after the spell is broken, Clark decides to break it off with Lana and actually DOES it. Genius, simply genius...

    I can't wait until he and Lois fall in love.
  • What's next?? I prefer the killing of ...

    Well, after such painfull breakup, I don\'t want to see Lana getting hitched with LEX :( a good twist is that either she moves for good or for Lex to kill her!!! what do you think people? this way we will never hate Lana and that would increase the drift between Clark and Lex so that they become enemies. Lex does not deserve Lana. It would be a HUGE disappointment if they get together. Imagine that Lex kills her because she discovers a big secret and does not approve, and before her death Clark tells her everything and she dies peacefully with Clark by her side!!!!
    I had a stomachache watching this episode and seeing Lana passing through such pains :(
  • The episode was pretty good...

    The episode was pretty good....It was about this girl named Simone that had hypnotized Clark to do anything that she wanted him to do. Simone had been able to hypntize people becuase of her necklace, which she had murdered her father to get since he was a shrink.

    Lex knew about Simone murdering her father so he black mailed her to find out if there is anything wrong with Clark, and she found out that he had super powers, but she didn't tell Lex.

    Clark was completely hypnotized, of course, and he almost had sex with Sim one but then Lana walked in and saw them undressed and started crying. Then Clark told her that he didn't love her so hse ran out.

    The episode goes on with Lex going out to Honduras searching for Fine, and finds him. He wanted to confront him saying that he knew what was up to, which Lex thought that Fine was a government agent looking for the ship, but Lex was wrong.

    When the Simone around Simone's neck is destroyed, Clark and everyone else go back to normal and then Clark really tells Lana that he really doesn't love her ande Lana is heart broken.

    That is pretty much the summery of the episode. It was pretty good, especially when he says that he doesn't love Lana anymore. Such a sad ending, but it had to be done.
  • Despite the rather annoying Simone, this was a pretty decent episode.

    My knee-jerk reaction to Simone was freak-of-the-week, add to that getting Clark naked etc, and I was worried. But this was unusual – 1) she’s not a meteor-freak, her powers are supernatural not a side-effect of meteors and 2) she was only briefly in it, just long enough to change the status quo, though we’ll see how long that lasts. As a woman, I fully understand the urge to get Clark naked, but it’s only fun if it’s relevant, this was borderline. But I’ll forgive it because 1) got to see Clark naked ;-) and 2) they moved quickly past it and it succeeded in breaking up Clark and Lana. Clark and Lana have been beyond irritating this season, it’s time to move on. I loved season 3 for many reason (not the least of which was Jason!) but Lana and Jason worked, they were good together, had a normal stable relationship, something the writers are apparently incapable of doing for Clark and Lana. Besides which, watching Clark continually pine over Lana is annoying, not to mention boring. The writers must stay this course, it’s good for the story and takes out a relationship that has never really worked - and I don’t mean because the writers keep interfering, I mean that Clark and Lana just don’t go well together, they turn from the interesting people they are individually to this mushy mess as a couple. There’s more sparks and friction between them when they’re not together, so this is a good thing. Also, it opens the door to Lex/Lana which could be very interesting. I’d like to see Lana go to the dark side, that could be fun…

    I wholeheartedly agree with Clark’s decision and it shows a maturity that wasn’t there until recently. It was the right decision for many reasons but that maturity also is appropriate given the age they are now, they’re adults and are finally acting like it. The scene was handled well when Clark tells her he doesn’t love her anymore and Kristin did very well when she breaks down.

    Then there’s South America and Fine, who was very cool here. Gotta say – where is Lex getting his info from?! A government agent?! If I was Lex, I’d fire my entire staff (particularly security!) for incompetence! Even Fine looked startled but went with it because it’s the perfect cover and plays perfectly into events and Fine’s behaviour. I wish they’d told us what that disease was, because it resembled Ebola, and what does Fine intend to do with the sample? And why is he, and the ship, in South America to begin with?

    The most interesting thing in the episode is what does Lex think? This was the first time that Lex actually saw Clark’s powers with no supernatural influence to explain it away, this was straight hypnosis, and no convenient memory loss to reset the status quo. Lex saw Clark’s superstrength as well as Chloe using meteor rock to take Clark down. The look of shock on Lex’s face – I hope the writers don’t cop out now - leave it as is, let Lex finally have a clue about Clark’s true nature.

    A pretty interesting episode overall.
  • The gloves come off...

    Hypnotic is a deceptively pivotal episode from Season 5. Besides the obvious, there are other developments in this episode that make this episode important for the series to evolve to its known conclusion.

    When a mysterious girl named Simone enters Clark's life, she uses a strange jewel (which she wears around her neck) to hypnotize Clark into doing whatever she wishes. This leads to a very awkward "discovery" by Lana and a cold breakup between the two of them. When Clark's behavior becomes even increasingly unpredictable and uncharacteristic, Chloe investigates the girl and finds that she has a quite skullduggerous past.

    The more chilling aspect is Lex's involvement in the proceedings, proving that he is going to more extreme lengths to find out about Clark's secrets (although the episode "Mortal" certainly makes that a case as well). But Lex has bigger fish to fry. He is off to Honduras to investigate strange behavior and a possible Milton Fine sighting.

    Lex finds Fine and informs him he is aware of his true identity (which, of course, is far from accurate). Fine feeds him a story in which he is investigating strange extraterrestrial activity for the government. Lex, of course, is quick to believe the story given his same belief (Owning a spaceship for a while sure helped) and his obsession with unexplained phenomena.

    So what is Fine actually doing in Honduras? Apparently collecting hazardous biological samples that can help him "multiply". It appears that Fine's next move will be much more powerful and much more subtle.

    When Simone decides to make Clark kill Lex for his blackmail on her, this leads to a somewhat disturbing sequence in the mansion that ends up involving Lex, Clark, Chloe, and Simone. The ultimate conclusion of the scene is actually more effective than it could have been due to the quiet nature of the scene. Actually a pretty good climax to the episode.

    But the big stuff happens in the final 15. Clark makes a giant leap forward in his evolution toward Superman. He finally throws up the towel on his relationship with Lana, citing that he cannot continue the relationship as is without telling her his secret -- which he cannot do because of possibly severe consequences. Chloe and Martha give some rather ominous words regarding Clark's decision, and there is no doubting the darkness of the scene between Lex and Lana at the end of the episode. And now we've got a new can of worms to attend to.

    Overall, I thought this episode was pretty good. The dialogue was fairly solid given the writers were Slavkin and Swimmer (my least favorite of the bunch), the direction was appropriately personal (There were many long close-ups on several of the characters throughout the episode), and the storylines were, to varying degrees, entertaining. Obviously the best was the Fine storyline.

    Finally, the acting was above average again (a recurring theme from Season 5, to the show's credit). James Marsters and Michael Rosenbaum, as usual, stole the thunder in this one -- though I have to say that Kristin Kreuk did a pretty nice job in this one also.

    Overall, a worthy effort from Season 5.
  • Heartbreaking...tragic...sadder then "Reckoning"...

    So this is what it has come to for Clark and Lana. Besides the fact the fact that I believe their relationship should have at least lasted till season's end, the truth is that the writers assasinated Smallville's most important couple in the worst way possible. No it was not a mutual, bittersweet ending, but rather a knife-in-the-heart, tragic ending which shattered Clana into dust. And more than that is the fact that it was a lie when Clark told Lana "I don't love you", it means that Clana STILL would have been together if it were'nt for certain "circumstances". It leaves everyone thinking, 'well maybe Clark and Lana WERE meant to be, if only...". The truth is that Clark didn't leave Lana because he wasn't in love with her, but because of all the outside "factors" keeping them from being happy together. Meaning, even when he finally is with Lois, he'll still wonder, "If only...". Sad, sad, sad. But there WAS a redeeming quality to this episode, Kristin and Tom's acting is flawless. Especially Kristin's when Clark falsely abdicates his love for her, the look of shock on Lana's face is heartbreaking as she stumbles backward onto the couch. She realized that the person who has been the ONE constant thing in her longer loves her. And as Joss Whedon once said, "The worst feeling in the world is loving someone who used to love you."
  • Clark 'officially' breaks it off with Lana. Clark is hypnotized and is turned into a sex slave. Lex finds Fine.

    O.k raise your hand if you really think its over with Clark and Lana. I'm convinced she will eventually find out about Clark. Maybe not this year but before this show ends. I can't help it I like those two!! I agree with whoever wrote that when Lois is in an episode it feels forced. I don't think I'd miss the character if she left. Lex ans Lana as a couple makes me gag. Lex is not sexy in any way shape or form.I'm excited for next weeks episode. Looks like a good one!!
  • Lana and Clark are apart and Lionel knows Clarks secret and that freaks clark out

    Im afraid that smallville is going more and more bnoring each time, I am a big fan but the last episodes have sucked, beacuse they put too much stuff in one episode and episodes are too shorth to but soo much stuff in it, so everything is too tight, but ill hope too see some improvment:S
  • nice episode with a twist at the end

    i know belive thatthe story lina has to go fastr to be on track with the original stroy of superman, in this episode we see how clarck leaves lana for ever using the excuse of the hipnotism. I think that the next episode will be very exciting with the coming back of the "profesor"
  • Finally. Clark and Lana end it.

    I have been a fan of this show for years, and for the first two seasons I liked Clark's crush on Lana, but then it got monotonous. Then it got aggravating. Then it got just plain boring, and the more I disliked the "Clana," the more I disliked Clark Kent. Hence, the reason why I liked this episode: it marks the ultimate, final end to their relationship. Now she can move on, be furious, plot revenge, and finally sweat up the sheets with Lex Luthor, like I've been rooting for all along.

    All in all it was a solid episode... although the WB hasn't figured out yet that their main audience isn't all that thrilled with gratuitous pre-sex scenes (we weren't subjected to skin with Clana when they finally did it in that gag-worthy scene, so why do we have to see him making out with the 100,000th freak of the week?). That aside, the scenes with Lex and Professor Fine in the jungle were fantastic. I can tell this is going to be a great diabolical dynamic. Lois Lane delivered her one-liners brilliantly, again, since that's what she does best, and Chloe had a few moments of brilliance.

    By far the best scene is at the end. It concludes, as so many episodes have, with Lex and Lana, only this time the audience understands what's happening: the ultimate seduction of Lana Lang has begun. I say, after all this time, bring it on.
  • Hypnotic

    My thoughts on this episode, We got Simone , another good villian on the show. Something we haven't seen in a while. I loved this episode, with some mixed feeling at the same time. We have our beloved Chloe doing the reporter than, she a Lois lane in the makin. She was one step ahead of the others. Gotta love Chloe. Milton fine does a good job in this one as well.
  • Clark gets hypmotized by a mystery girl and breaks Lana's heart when she finds him and the girl half naked in the barn on a couch. In the end of the episode he breaks up with her because he doesnt wanna break her heart anymore.Lex comfort's Lana after the

    I'm starting to get sick of Lana. I liked her character for the first couple of season's but now that she's all about Clark having secrets and how he doesnt open up to her and yet she has secrets of her own. I know Clark and Lois end up together which is good but it would be nice to see Chloe and Clark together, since she is the onlyone besides Martha that knows about Clark's secret (oh and now Lionel ofcourse). This episode I liked because Clark finally officially ends things with Lana. Even though before it looked like things between them was over it just wasnt really anounced. I mean how long has it bin since they even kissed? It's over...and it was time.
  • The episode that changes the life of Clark and Lana forever.

    This is a very pivotal episode which shows the fate of Superman being turned. Clark and Lana finally break up. Lana tells Clark it is over forever. And if anybody knows the Superman legend at all knows that this is his destiny not to be with Lana but with Lois. Clark is very stupid to make this decision though since he wants to protect Lana but at the same time doesnt realize the only way to protect her is to stay with her.
  • Hypnotic

    My thoughts on this episode, We got Simone , another good villian on the show. Something we haven't seen in a while. I loved this episode, with some mixed feeling at the same time. We have our beloved Chloe doing the reporter than, she a Lois lane in the makin. She was one step ahead of the others. Gotta love Chloe. Milton fine does a good job in this one as well.
  • to hate the feeling of love, because the love hurts you more than the hate does.

    So what do I say about this? Clark Kent has to break the heart of someone that he loves. Although you can\'t see the passion between them you always know it\'s there. He has to break her heart so he doesn\'t rip it apart beyond repair. I really think that he thought he did it for the best, but if Lana is as strong as she comes on to be, then if Chloe can take Clarks secret, so can Lana. I can\'t imagine what it would be like to mysteriously get a call from your boyfriend who you\'ve loved passionately forever, and just when you think you\'re getting back on track and you can try things again...BAM...he\'s \"in love\" with another woman. Horrible, unspeakable, words would be able to put my feelings into perspective. I really feel sorry for Lana, while everyone else knows, Clark can\'t tell the one woman in the world that he truly loves. She just wants answers, and although Clark has those answers he chooses not to give them to her for \"her sake\" I\'m sure. If this is supposed to be suspenseful, then it\'s not working, its just agrivating! Although I love this episode I must say. Some things that don\'t make sense...When Clark does his super-run to get Simone the champaign and the chocolate covered strawberries, it doesn\'t take him more that a few seconds, and I know from personal experience that cashiers take a few minutes to check the item, get your money and give you change etc. he couldn\'t do it unless the stuff was stolen, and in that case the police would be after him and would have proof that he\'s an alien.
    story line-9
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