Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • Chloe Sullivan to the Rescue... Again!

    Clark is hypnotized by a pseudo "freak"-for-blackmail-induced-hire of Lex's. Lana is traumatized to see Clark in the throws with hypno-Simone. Chloe, the always loyal and bad ass sidekick, puts the pieces together, single-handedly stops Simone, and releases Clark from her hypnosis.

    Carries on the "Lex is underhanded and slippery" and the "Lana and Clark just won't work ever" plots. All in all, an average episode of Smallville in which Chloe jumps to the rescue and gets far too little/ no credit.
  • Crapville!

    Hypnotic-Clark is hypnotized by a woman who uses a supposedly magical charm to control others - he reveals his super powers and is sent to kill Lex. Meanwhile, Lex has tracked down the missing Professor Fine and plans to confront him, unaware that Clark is coming to murder him.

    After watching "Hypnotic", I couldn't help but question if I wanted to continue watching this season. This could have easily been the worst episode of Smallville if it wasn't for James Masters' return as Brainiac! What I don't understand is what the writers were thinking when they thought Clark acting dumber than usual would make for a decent hour of television. Lex hiring a seductress with hypnotic powers to break Clark and Lana up...I mean really?! Of all the things Lex could have done, that's what he uses her for. What about learning the truth about Clark? Wouldn't that have been a better storyline? This episode features some of the worst acting from the cast, especially Tom Welling. This is probably the most I've hated Clark until Season 7's "Sleeper" topped that. Lana just grates to no end and when she finds Clark cheating on her, you're suppose to feel bad for her, but I just didn't care as you know it would resolved at the end. Nichole Hiltz is one Smallville's most horrible guest actors and Simone is one of the worst freaks of the week ever written. I just hated how everyone acted so childish around Simone with her hypnotic powers. Once again, the only saving grace was Brainaic's return. The scenes between Lex and Fine are award winning material compared to the garbage that's the rest of the episode. I loved the teaser with Fine stealing a vaccine from 2 scientists and wrecking havoc in Honduras. Also, the Clana break-up scene was rewarding and pitiful at the same time. Finally, all this Clana angst is done with (atleast we thought it was at that moment!) yet you find it hilarious that the writers couldn't find a better way to break them up. It makes their relationship seem even MORE pointless that it already was. But despite all that, "Hypnotic" is one awful piece of television with some terrible writing, horrendous guest stars, and cringe-worthy performances.
  • Some wh*re gets with clark and hypnotises him to break up lana... this is beginning to get ridiculous. Can't directors find anything else interesting than this ball game all the time. Beginining to really get to me now.

    Some wh*re gets with clark and hypnotises him to break up lana... this is beginning to get ridiculous.

    Can't directors find anything else interesting than this ball game all the time.

    Beginining to really get to me now.

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  • Great Episode

    In Sierra de la Botija, Honduras, Central America, while collecting samples of a deadly virus in a quarantine zone, two men are attacked by Professor Milton Fine. In Smallville, Clark is hypnotized by the beautiful Simone and ends his relationship with Lana. Meanwhile, Lex travels to Honduras and has a meeting with Milton Fine. Lana with her broken heart, visits Lex. In this important episode, Clark breaks with Lana and Professor Milton Fine returns in an evil partnership with Lex Luthor. Lana Lang, with her broken heart, gets closer to Lex and probably this association will harm Clark Kent in the future.
  • wow...again, clark does the same mistake - push lana away, and this time worse.

    y does clark repeatedly do the same mistake over and over again. i mean, he doesn't have to lie again because jor el's warning about someone close to him is goin to die is over now. he can easily tell lana without risking it. i mean he already know the outcome so wut the hell is wrong with the creators? could they make clark any more dumb? this is ridiculous. i hope they make better episodes because this one is extremely pitiful, and i'm tired of seeing this over and over again. alicia baker and kyla willowbrook were better for clark anyways. it's too bad the creators managed to kill off the good characters so easily. this is too pathetic.....
  • Clark should move on from Lana and be with Chloe!!

    Clark and Lana’s relationship always seemed so hectic. They could never just happily be together and now it has apparently ended - for about the billionth time. Seriously how many different ways can Clark and Lana’s relationship end? Even though when I saw this episode for the first time I didn’t think it was over for good because it never is. I think Clark should be with Chloe because those to are so close, she knows his secret, she likes him and I think they would make a really nice couple. I also felt so sorry for Chloe when Clark told her he’d proposed to Lana, her face!
  • Clark should move on from Lana and be with Chloe!!

    Clark and Lana’s relationship always seemed so hectic. They could never just happily be together and now it has apparently ended - for about the billionth time. Seriously how many different ways can Clark and Lana’s relationship end? Even though when I saw this episode for the first time I didn’t think it was over for good because it never is. I think Clark should be with Chloe because those to are so close, she knows his secret, she likes him and I think they would make a really nice couple. I also felt so sorry for Chloe when Clark told her he’d proposed to Lana, her face!
  • Wow. I was a little worried that I was going to be dissapointed witht hisa episode. I mean, Clark is brainswashed and breaks Lanas heart by being with another woman? Havnt we seen this already? But this time, they actually got it right!

    Wow. I was a little worried that I was going to be dissapointed witht hisa episode. I mean, Clark is brainswashed and breaks Lanas heart by being with another woman? Havnt we seen this already? But this time, they actually got it right!
    Wow. I was a little worried that I was going to be dissapointed witht hisa episode. I mean, Clark is brainswashed and breaks Lanas heart by being with another woman? Havnt we seen this already? But this time, they actually got it right! Heres my usual breakdown:

    Clark: Man it sucks to be you. Things that I wanted to happen this episode almost or actually did happen with him. He almost Superpowered Lex's arse and he broke off his relationship with Lana. (Breathing a heavy sigh of relief) ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!! I think he was to easily seduced. I would have loved him to put up more of a resistance on some of Simones commands. Like when she asks him for his secret or when she tells him to leave Lana. And especially the command to kill. He gave in to easily. I know he's young and not yet Superman but those are things that he should have at least shown a little bit of struggle in his face. Of course Im just notpicking. I did enjoy how he realized, despite him loving Lana, he knew, deep down, she wasnt the one. Lex: What an @$$. Not only did he blackmail Simone, but he sent her after Clark to discover his secret. And to break up Clana. (Of course he's actually my hero for that last one) I love seeing him one step ahead of everyone and manipulating the scene even when he's miles away. This is the Lex of the future. In the here and now. I was suprised that he started defending Clark at the end, but then I realized, it was only a ploy to get to Lana. Lana: I here many people complaining about the way things broke up with Lana and Clark. I have no problems. Youve got to see the story potential that will occur. One one side we have the Zod Squad: Lex, Lana, and Braniac. And on the other side the Jor-El Squad: Clark, Lois, and Chloe. Its gonna be great!!!

    Chloe: Clark is damn lucky to have her as a friend. And I hope this episode finally puts to rest the theory that she's still in ove with Clark. I saw absolutly ZERO reaction to her learning Clark was with another woman. I also loved how she "knows" how Clark is. And KNOWS when he's being manipulated. The signs of a true friend. I was also laughing when she knocked Mrs. Kent. It was unexpected and hilarious. I dont think she's ever been knocked out like that.

    Lois: Ah, the comedy relief. She does bring something to the show that was missing. I enjoy her more and more. Her being knocked out by Clark has got to be another hilarious scene in this episode. Her use of the sunshades on Simone shows just how resourceful she can be. And that she's not a mindless body.

    Simone: Your classic freak of the week. Nothing really special. I dont think she was inherently bad, and she did find Clark interesting. She was good enough to protect Clark secret from Lex and everyone else. But of course murdering your own father puts one a long way from being a saint. Nothing special about her. Just the situations she created. Braniac: Ah the true star of the episde. Despite his short and brief appearances. He returned in a blazing glory...quite literally. The episode finally establishes that Braniac is actually the Spaceship. And that Milton Fine(s) are just his extensions. Lex was lucky to not be turned into a human sized shiscobob in the begining. I love him manipulating the situation for his needs. It shows how intelligent he truly is. He changed his background from Teacher to FBI and left breadcrumbs for Lex to follow. To gain Lex's trust. And in doing so, his company. He looking for samples. Obviously Blood Samples. But what for? How will infected blood help int he release of Zod? Could it have something to do with Kryptonian visitors of the past? This episode set down the groundwork for what can be a GREAT season finale.

    All in all, a re-hash of a previouse episode that I would have given s 5-10. But this time they actually did it correctly. And the sub-plot (Braniac returns and Clana break up) makes this episode a 8-10
  • A blonde beauty hypnotizes Clark. While under her spell he tells Lana he wants to break up with her and tries to kill Lex. When the spell is broken he realizes he has to break up with Lana even though he still loves her.

    More than painful it was dumb.
    I mean how does it make sense when you think about all the things Clark has said about Lana and done for her that when she asks him point blank, do you love me, he says no.
    I don\\\\\\\'t get it. It wasn\\\\\\\'t that long ago that he finally got the courage to reveal his secret to her and propose to her. And he was so crushed when he thought she was dead. If he still loves her like he told his mom, why didn\\\\\\\'t he just say Lana we need a break from her instead of telling her a lie he had to know would crush her?
    It seems like part of that phony destiny thing and the people who feed Clark his lines have decided its time to keep him and Lana apart so they can set up some kind of relationship between Clark and Lois.
  • A young woman comes along with a cleavage and a pendant and suddenly Clark is a changed man? Nothing really makes sense in this episode!

    OK, so Clark is vulnerable to certain things - all the varying colours of Kryptonite - but he's never been vulnerable to the same things as others in the same way.

    Suddenly up pops Barbie from nowhere in particular for no particular reason and suddenly just one little word and Clark's anyone's!? It's not even clear that it's red kryptonite in there until the end, and even that wouldn't have the same effect. It makes him bad and rebellious because he wants to be - not controlled by hypnosis.

    There are too many plot holes, many of which are included in the notes and trivia. The differences in time, the fact that he's not supposed to have had sex with this woman despite the taking off of as many clothes as they could get away with on prime time.

    And why doesn't she reveal his secret? To anyone? How could Lex hope to control her if she's really able to control him at the drop of an amulet? And since her abilities seem caught up in the necklace, why is she so great at hypnosis. Shouldn't it be one of the meteor rock abilities that she's gained or something vaguely believable?

    The only rather fun part is Clark knocking Lois out by flicking her head with his finger. The episode needed much more of this kind of insight and humour - or needed a real dark side to it.

    It seems obvious to me that the writers were looking for a way to break up Clark and Lana. Unfortunately, now the series has continued (which I'm really glad about), it's becoming obvious because of the Superman legend that Clark and Lana are never meant to be together, so they had to find a way of making sure they aren't. I just think it could have been so much better handled than this very wimpy episode. I haven't watched the final episodes in this season yet, so I'm hoping that this is the last time we'll have to sit through the friends/lovers/enemies/friends/lovers/in-love/broken up/ not quite sure where are now kind of stuff that they've put us all through for the previous seasons. Yes we wanted them to be together. Yes we know they can't be. So stop simpering the pair of you and get a life!

    There was such potential here for a great ending to the romance, but I truly believe the writers botched it big time.

  • Here we go again

    This week in the Smallville, the town where everyone has long term memory problems Clark gets hypntotised by a blond with red Kryptonite. Re-used plot again from season four when Alice uses it to take control of Clark. But anyways following a series of nasty, confusing and considerable shortsightedness events bang bang the witch is dead and everyone gets on with their life. And something real good happened!

    Clark came to his senses and dumped Lana, moodkiller extrodinaire. Whilst Clark made some half hearted attempts to look sad Martha says something some fans have known for ages: If Clark truely loved her he would tell her his secret. She isn't the one!

    Whilst Lana, the one who will point a finger but fail to see the three pointing back runs to Clarks not officially sworn nemesis the bald eagle Lex who went off on a jaunt to find Brainiac played by the yummy James Marsters. Following a series of sweaty jungle shots James Marsters runs off in four different directions and Lex comes back just in time to be comforted by the woman any sane person knows he loves.

    Oh to be rich!
  • YAY! Clark and Lana broke up forever! Seriously, it was getting sickening. I'm so glad Clark finally came to his senses/

    This episode is good because it really throws you off. In the beginning, you think that it's just another "Freak of the Week" episode with someone having an "identity crisis" and being controlled by some psycho or the other, but this episode is actually really revealing.

    We find out that Lex sent Simone out to find out Clarks secrets, so he really hasn't at all given up on his so called "friend." Of course, we knew this in the episode "Mortal" where Lex is spying on Chloe and Clark with his video camera when he does a set up trial for Clark. Then, after the spell is broken, Clark decides to break it off with Lana and actually DOES it. Genius, simply genius...

    I can't wait until he and Lois fall in love.
  • The episode was pretty good...

    The episode was pretty good....It was about this girl named Simone that had hypnotized Clark to do anything that she wanted him to do. Simone had been able to hypntize people becuase of her necklace, which she had murdered her father to get since he was a shrink.

    Lex knew about Simone murdering her father so he black mailed her to find out if there is anything wrong with Clark, and she found out that he had super powers, but she didn't tell Lex.

    Clark was completely hypnotized, of course, and he almost had sex with Sim one but then Lana walked in and saw them undressed and started crying. Then Clark told her that he didn't love her so hse ran out.

    The episode goes on with Lex going out to Honduras searching for Fine, and finds him. He wanted to confront him saying that he knew what was up to, which Lex thought that Fine was a government agent looking for the ship, but Lex was wrong.

    When the Simone around Simone's neck is destroyed, Clark and everyone else go back to normal and then Clark really tells Lana that he really doesn't love her ande Lana is heart broken.

    That is pretty much the summery of the episode. It was pretty good, especially when he says that he doesn't love Lana anymore. Such a sad ending, but it had to be done.
  • Simone was annyoingly distractive and dumb.

    Clark is hypnotized by Simone, and he is at her command, so they are in his barn when Lana sees them making out, Clark sees her there and tell Lana he loves someone else, but Lana doesn't know that he is under Simone's control, so then Simone tells Clark to kill Lex, Lex is coming back from meeting Fine in Honduras, and finds Clark waiting for him, well Clark is about to kill Lex when Chloe puts Kryptonite in Clark's jacket, and then Lex shoots Simone's necklace, and Clark comes back to life but tells Lana he doesn't love her, I thought this episode was alright, but Simone made it boring, and the stroyline wasen't the best.
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  • Blah Blah blah.....

    This episode is better then it is being reviewed. This episode sets the plot very well for the future episodes in the season / series. Even though the plot was not totally great, the details of the story line were great.

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  • Despite the rather annoying Simone, this was a pretty decent episode.

    My knee-jerk reaction to Simone was freak-of-the-week, add to that getting Clark naked etc, and I was worried. But this was unusual – 1) she’s not a meteor-freak, her powers are supernatural not a side-effect of meteors and 2) she was only briefly in it, just long enough to change the status quo, though we’ll see how long that lasts. As a woman, I fully understand the urge to get Clark naked, but it’s only fun if it’s relevant, this was borderline. But I’ll forgive it because 1) got to see Clark naked ;-) and 2) they moved quickly past it and it succeeded in breaking up Clark and Lana. Clark and Lana have been beyond irritating this season, it’s time to move on. I loved season 3 for many reason (not the least of which was Jason!) but Lana and Jason worked, they were good together, had a normal stable relationship, something the writers are apparently incapable of doing for Clark and Lana. Besides which, watching Clark continually pine over Lana is annoying, not to mention boring. The writers must stay this course, it’s good for the story and takes out a relationship that has never really worked - and I don’t mean because the writers keep interfering, I mean that Clark and Lana just don’t go well together, they turn from the interesting people they are individually to this mushy mess as a couple. There’s more sparks and friction between them when they’re not together, so this is a good thing. Also, it opens the door to Lex/Lana which could be very interesting. I’d like to see Lana go to the dark side, that could be fun…

    I wholeheartedly agree with Clark’s decision and it shows a maturity that wasn’t there until recently. It was the right decision for many reasons but that maturity also is appropriate given the age they are now, they’re adults and are finally acting like it. The scene was handled well when Clark tells her he doesn’t love her anymore and Kristin did very well when she breaks down.

    Then there’s South America and Fine, who was very cool here. Gotta say – where is Lex getting his info from?! A government agent?! If I was Lex, I’d fire my entire staff (particularly security!) for incompetence! Even Fine looked startled but went with it because it’s the perfect cover and plays perfectly into events and Fine’s behaviour. I wish they’d told us what that disease was, because it resembled Ebola, and what does Fine intend to do with the sample? And why is he, and the ship, in South America to begin with?

    The most interesting thing in the episode is what does Lex think? This was the first time that Lex actually saw Clark’s powers with no supernatural influence to explain it away, this was straight hypnosis, and no convenient memory loss to reset the status quo. Lex saw Clark’s superstrength as well as Chloe using meteor rock to take Clark down. The look of shock on Lex’s face – I hope the writers don’t cop out now - leave it as is, let Lex finally have a clue about Clark’s true nature.

    A pretty interesting episode overall.
  • Once again the writers back track on previously established "rules" in the Smallville series. Rules that they established themselves. An utterly ridiculous episode.

    The writers in this series have repeatedly established that Clark is not affected in the same way as other people by "special powers". Time and time again we have seen him be immune to the mind controlling affects of other peoples special abilities (see the episode where he gets his heat vision or the episode where Chloe has the ability to make people tell the truth). Once again we have been betrayed by the writers of Smallville.

    What is Clark trying to save Lana from by breaking up with her for good and LYING and saying that he doesn't love her? Shouldn't the great Super-moron be doing just the opposite and telling her the TRUTH so that she can understand what's going on and can be better protected by knowing that Clark can be trusted and has the power to protect her? Why is Clark so obtuse that he can't see that Lana is in danger EVERY episode, whether she knows the truth or not? How can telling her the truth put her in any more mortal danger than what she suffers each episode already?

    Since Season 3 Lana has been such a poorly written and misused character. She is justified in hating Clark because he is written as a COMPLETE and utter idiot. He needs to find a backbone and start standing up for what he believes in and what he's willing to fight for. He needs to stop being reactive and become more proactive. He needs to stop making all these spur of the moment, poorly thought out decisions.

    Just a completely poor episode all around. Hack-writers couldn't write their way out of a wet paper bag.
  • I thought it will be a whole way much better...

    This episode is really boring... first of all Lex contracts a woman named Simone in order for her to hypnotized Clark with her incredible diamond and that way break up Lana and Clark apart, later on when Lana discovers them Lana cries out, while Lex is out on Honduras to keep track of Milton Fine, but as he moves on, he discovers that Fine has been doing a lot of things around the place, later Clark decides to break up with Lana for once and for all. This episode was really a filler episode, and I just like it because Lana and Clark break up and because of Milton Fine...
  • this episode was very werid i hate lex for getting a girl to fall in love with clark even though he likes lana and lana catches them at the loft and lex is so happy cause now he can get with lana lana asked clark if he still had feelings for heR

    I didnt like it at all lex is so mean and selfish he wants lana for his self that way he can make shore they can never be together he says he lovs lana but i think he is just using her and who nos clark and lana can still be together in season 6 and the girl lex setted up with clark is a ugly cow with curly farty dum hair 1 she realised wat lex did she gets angry because clark had a girl friend all ready chole nos wat lex is up too and get angry that is so mean
  • Truly rubbish. Bad script-writing. Relationally unrealistic. Factory manufactured.

    Rubbish. Yet ANOTHER episode where Clark is "not himself." How many of those do we really need to see again? And this whole breaking up with Lana thing? It's wrong on so many levels. Let's look at this rationally.

    Firstly, Jonathan's dead. So no one else is going to die. Secondly, Cyborg's girlfriend obviously understands from the last episode. In fact, Lana HERSELF says it's the right thing to do; to tell reveal the truth to one's loved one. So what's stopping Clark from telling Lana? In reality, Smallville's powers-that-be don't want to piss Superman purists off by contradictin the Lois Lane romance. But as we all know, the comics are a mess and it's time we have a version of Superman that has Clark go with Lana. Get some backbone! In the show, the writers make up some flimsy nonsense with Martha telling Clark, "Oh maybe you didn\\\'t tell her because she's not the one." That's the lamest thing I've ever heard in my life.

    What should have happened? Clark should've told Lana and they should still be together. And what if the powers-that-be insisted on having them break up?

    Lana should do the breaking up, if anything. She should get sick and tired of Clark not being himself and being secretive. I know I'm sick and tired of it. Or maybe Lana should die. That's not a bad idea either, actually. That episode where Lana died was a REALLY powerful episode. A lot more than I can say for this rubbish. Alternatively, Clark could tell Lana and Lana could freak out and ask for a long break for her to think. Then she could go off somewhere for a while. Like Paris. Again. Lol.

    Bloody ridiculous. Season Six better be better.
  • another great episode but one that was certainly predictable soon after Simone lies to Lex about Clark. And why is Milton Fine being dragged in again?? is there any purpose to that?

    certainly a great episode but the writers might want to come up with a new original plot for an episode. the seductive woman with a magical charm? how predictable is that?

    second of all... i liked the take on milton fine but why resurrect him? he is a goner... the writers obviously have no idea where they want to take the series...

    i would appreciate it if they come up with unique ideas... the series needs a new uplifter and although the plot with milton fine looks solid, revisiting old stuff just doesnt cut the cloth anymore..

    therefore, we need new ideas to maintain further great interest in the series. i enjoy it right now but something totally different would be appreciated.
  • Contrary to popular belief I thought this episode was ok

    They have already used hypnosis quite a few times before in Smallville, however I didn't think this episode was that bad.

    It was really sad at the end where Clark told Lana that he did not love her anymore, I still don't really understand the logic behind that one.

    Although relatively plain this episode did have its up points.
  • Clark is hynotised into falling for a strange girl. Uchk.

    This episode was edfinatley not the standard of quality I expect from smallville, not only was the hypnotised storyline stupid, but the braniac stary was also stupid! I was bored watching the whole episode waiting for it to pick up but it never did. And this lana/clark break up back together break up thing is getting very annoying. They can only take it so far, and it really makes Clark seem like an idiot! For god's sake just tell her your secret!!!! After the 100th episode it looked as if things were changing for the better but for example "tomb" but this episode clearly proved me wrong!
  • Fairly lack lustre episode, back to the old villain of the week theme. Simone arrives as a villain with hypnotic powers, which is the back story behind Clark, yet again, breaking up with Lana.

    Fairly lack lustre episode, back to the old villain of the week theme. Simone arrives as a villain with hypnotic powers, which is the back story behind Clark, yet again, breaking up with Lana.

    The writers of the series seem to have boxed themselves into an insane corner. They\'re never going to let Clark hook up with Lana, because we all know from Superman lore he\'s destined to be with Lois. But they wanted his childhood girlfriend, so week after week we get the same, on again, off again, stuff. The only way of progressing the Clark/Lana storyline is for them to break up or him to tell her his secret (and not have it convieniently forgotten by the end of the episode). He can\'t tell the secret so they\'ve got to break up. Hopefully they\'re finally finished with this and Clark and Lana break up never to try again.

    Meanwhile the Simone story line was daft, she can do anything with that crystal so why let herself get boxed in by Lex. She could easily hypnotise others to get herself close to Lex.

    As an aside at the end we get the crystal destroyed and everyone\'s hypnosis removed. Presumably this means all those people hypnotised by her father also have their hypnosis removed. So all those poor smokers, nail biters etc. are back to their bad habits (if the release was due to her death then her father\'s hypnosis patients would have been released when he died, something Chloe might have spotted in her research).
  • This was dreadful! I don\'t understand people who wrote a bad review about this episode and rated it 9.1. In a scale from 1 to 10, I think 9.1 means pretty good! Clark hypnotised again! Probably the writers are running out of brain, so they

    Also, didn\'t Lois interrupt Clark and Simone while they were going at it in the alley? So, how could it be possible that they did not go all the way in the barn just after Simone forced him to dismiss Lana!

    This is typical of this writers, like when Lana, Chloe and Lois were possesed by evil witches, they had an all night long party with half Smallville High (including Clark), but somehow neither of them ended up getting any (nor Clark, obviusly).

    Besides, had or had not Clark make love to Simone while hypnotised does not affect the main story. Wait...! I forgot, the lame excuse for Clark being so distant with Lana is that he may hurt her in the heat of passion. That is just plain stupid.

    Come on! he mastered super strength when he was 9! Was not his first revealed power along side super-speed?

    I dont want to forget the very unsupportive attitude of Martha. How could he not suggested Clark to tell the truth to Lana when he keeps saying she is the one for him?

    What kind of Mother is her? She doesn\'t know about the time travel that allowed Clark to save Lana from Lex, so there is no reason for her not to support his son in this matter.

    This was probably the worst episode ever (and though most episodes are entertaining, I might say this was not the first really lame episode in the 5 years of the show).

    PS: is such a crime to let Lana know about Clark super powers? there were versions of the story in which she knew and besides, this show has taken so much licenses when it comes to the real story, that such a thing would not heart it at all (or is it that they plan to continue Smallville until the whole gangs turns 30 without Clark turning into Superman?).
  • nice episode with a twist at the end

    i know belive thatthe story lina has to go fastr to be on track with the original stroy of superman, in this episode we see how clarck leaves lana for ever using the excuse of the hipnotism. I think that the next episode will be very exciting with the coming back of the "profesor"
  • This was seriously one of the worst episodes yet. I mean seriously Clark should just tell her....

    Clark breaks with Lana twice in this episode. After seeing what it did to her the first time he should of had enough heart to tell her his secret. Its not like she can die because of his secret since Jonathan Kent already died. I understand that he doesn\\\\\\\'t want to hurt her while intimate, but he can learn to control his power like he did when playing on the football team. He didn\\\\\\\'t chuck the ball a hundred miles every play, he controlled himself. She understood him the first time he told her and they both love each other and they can work it out amongst themselves. (But i guess Kristin Kreuk asked for too much money so they killed her off as they did with John
  • The role of Clark is made more and more stupid by the storywriter. No sane young man would ever react like him... Please don\'t let him act as he is living in another world!

    Anyone who watched Smallville from day one, was expecting Clark and Lana to become a couple. I don\'t see Lois and Clark ever having a relationship, because characterwise they don\'t fit together. But alas, the story doesn\'t allow it.
    The storywriter does not know what the public wants or he just ignores it. We want Clark and Lana being together!!!
    This episode is just painfull and tries to explain by all (possible and impossible) means why Clark breaks up with Lana.
    Now it starts hurting my sense of reality...
  • Clark undergoes a series of hypnosis from Simone, a girl hired by Lex to find out his secret, and the location of the spaceship

    I agree with users who didn't like the episode. This story went nowhere and other than showing hat happened to Richard Fine (James Marsters from Angel) this story had nothing. We've seen Clark under someone's influence before, we've seen Lex behind it, but Clark doesn't follow through.

    The only difference with this episode and others was the alleged breakup with Clark and Lana,I say alleged because we all know they'll probably get back together. The episode was ok but nothing special in terms of story. This is what makes Smallville such an overrated show.
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