Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • Despite the rather annoying Simone, this was a pretty decent episode.

    My knee-jerk reaction to Simone was freak-of-the-week, add to that getting Clark naked etc, and I was worried. But this was unusual – 1) she’s not a meteor-freak, her powers are supernatural not a side-effect of meteors and 2) she was only briefly in it, just long enough to change the status quo, though we’ll see how long that lasts. As a woman, I fully understand the urge to get Clark naked, but it’s only fun if it’s relevant, this was borderline. But I’ll forgive it because 1) got to see Clark naked ;-) and 2) they moved quickly past it and it succeeded in breaking up Clark and Lana. Clark and Lana have been beyond irritating this season, it’s time to move on. I loved season 3 for many reason (not the least of which was Jason!) but Lana and Jason worked, they were good together, had a normal stable relationship, something the writers are apparently incapable of doing for Clark and Lana. Besides which, watching Clark continually pine over Lana is annoying, not to mention boring. The writers must stay this course, it’s good for the story and takes out a relationship that has never really worked - and I don’t mean because the writers keep interfering, I mean that Clark and Lana just don’t go well together, they turn from the interesting people they are individually to this mushy mess as a couple. There’s more sparks and friction between them when they’re not together, so this is a good thing. Also, it opens the door to Lex/Lana which could be very interesting. I’d like to see Lana go to the dark side, that could be fun…

    I wholeheartedly agree with Clark’s decision and it shows a maturity that wasn’t there until recently. It was the right decision for many reasons but that maturity also is appropriate given the age they are now, they’re adults and are finally acting like it. The scene was handled well when Clark tells her he doesn’t love her anymore and Kristin did very well when she breaks down.

    Then there’s South America and Fine, who was very cool here. Gotta say – where is Lex getting his info from?! A government agent?! If I was Lex, I’d fire my entire staff (particularly security!) for incompetence! Even Fine looked startled but went with it because it’s the perfect cover and plays perfectly into events and Fine’s behaviour. I wish they’d told us what that disease was, because it resembled Ebola, and what does Fine intend to do with the sample? And why is he, and the ship, in South America to begin with?

    The most interesting thing in the episode is what does Lex think? This was the first time that Lex actually saw Clark’s powers with no supernatural influence to explain it away, this was straight hypnosis, and no convenient memory loss to reset the status quo. Lex saw Clark’s superstrength as well as Chloe using meteor rock to take Clark down. The look of shock on Lex’s face – I hope the writers don’t cop out now - leave it as is, let Lex finally have a clue about Clark’s true nature.

    A pretty interesting episode overall.