Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • The episode was pretty good...

    The episode was pretty good....It was about this girl named Simone that had hypnotized Clark to do anything that she wanted him to do. Simone had been able to hypntize people becuase of her necklace, which she had murdered her father to get since he was a shrink.

    Lex knew about Simone murdering her father so he black mailed her to find out if there is anything wrong with Clark, and she found out that he had super powers, but she didn't tell Lex.

    Clark was completely hypnotized, of course, and he almost had sex with Sim one but then Lana walked in and saw them undressed and started crying. Then Clark told her that he didn't love her so hse ran out.

    The episode goes on with Lex going out to Honduras searching for Fine, and finds him. He wanted to confront him saying that he knew what was up to, which Lex thought that Fine was a government agent looking for the ship, but Lex was wrong.

    When the Simone around Simone's neck is destroyed, Clark and everyone else go back to normal and then Clark really tells Lana that he really doesn't love her ande Lana is heart broken.

    That is pretty much the summery of the episode. It was pretty good, especially when he says that he doesn't love Lana anymore. Such a sad ending, but it had to be done.