Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • Crapville!

    Hypnotic-Clark is hypnotized by a woman who uses a supposedly magical charm to control others - he reveals his super powers and is sent to kill Lex. Meanwhile, Lex has tracked down the missing Professor Fine and plans to confront him, unaware that Clark is coming to murder him.

    After watching "Hypnotic", I couldn't help but question if I wanted to continue watching this season. This could have easily been the worst episode of Smallville if it wasn't for James Masters' return as Brainiac! What I don't understand is what the writers were thinking when they thought Clark acting dumber than usual would make for a decent hour of television. Lex hiring a seductress with hypnotic powers to break Clark and Lana up...I mean really?! Of all the things Lex could have done, that's what he uses her for. What about learning the truth about Clark? Wouldn't that have been a better storyline? This episode features some of the worst acting from the cast, especially Tom Welling. This is probably the most I've hated Clark until Season 7's "Sleeper" topped that. Lana just grates to no end and when she finds Clark cheating on her, you're suppose to feel bad for her, but I just didn't care as you know it would resolved at the end. Nichole Hiltz is one Smallville's most horrible guest actors and Simone is one of the worst freaks of the week ever written. I just hated how everyone acted so childish around Simone with her hypnotic powers. Once again, the only saving grace was Brainaic's return. The scenes between Lex and Fine are award winning material compared to the garbage that's the rest of the episode. I loved the teaser with Fine stealing a vaccine from 2 scientists and wrecking havoc in Honduras. Also, the Clana break-up scene was rewarding and pitiful at the same time. Finally, all this Clana angst is done with (atleast we thought it was at that moment!) yet you find it hilarious that the writers couldn't find a better way to break them up. It makes their relationship seem even MORE pointless that it already was. But despite all that, "Hypnotic" is one awful piece of television with some terrible writing, horrendous guest stars, and cringe-worthy performances.
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