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  • Painful.

    I've loved "Smallville" since its appearance, and so it is with great reluctance that I have to write this review of "Icarus." There were still some great moments where this episode drew on the depth of the DC legends and brought them wonderfully to life, but despite such moments, "Smallville" season 10 seems in danger of concluding a favourite series with a decline into weak schlock rather than delivering the sci-fi seriousness of its best seasons. The writers have generally succeeded throughout this series by respecting the source material and adapting it to our decade with creativity and enthusiasm. This year is suddenly quite different, it seems to me. It's as though "Smallville" suddenly began employing writers who thought you had to write these stories as "comic-booky," with the lightly-veiled contempt for the source material that has killed too many television and film adaptations of comic book properties. "Smallville" has been feeling a lot more like the television adaptation of "Birds of Prey" this year, and that's no compliment. This year, the writers' sudden insistence on trumpeting such weak political stereotypes as Cat Grant, and pseudo-Nazi-uniformed VRA soldiers pompously enforcing every unconstitutional whim they want to, is seriously undermining what could have been a much more believable and edgy story arc. Is there any liberal *or* conservative in America who would settle for the rampages of the VRA? Or any eighth grader who couldn't muster fatal constitutional arguments against it? If you have to riff on this sort of theme of political persecution so characteristic of the "X-Men" film franchise, at least they could do us the courtesy of imagining it seriously. Instead, the former political "neutrality" of the show that let a more conservative Lois Lane openly complain about the liberal leanings of Oliver Queen – and let both of them be "the good guys" – is being smothered by these distracting and preaching clichés. The figure of Sam Lane was robbed of all the potential character we saw in his earlier appearance, and the horrid hatchet job that is this incarnation of Cat Grant – with her reprehensible conservative vices of loving domesticity, of listening to Amy Grant CDs, and of believing every word that comes from talk radio – is just painful to see in a television show that previously had been so generous as to imagine that the greatest hero of the age could be a product of middle America and of the domesticity found in the Kent family. The wooden dialogue characterizing these subtle political lessons intended for the viewers tragically bled over into the proposal scene in "Icarus," where ten years' growth as an actor couldn't save Tom Welling's delivery. He and Erica Durance were faced with such uneven dialogue that it's little wonder the result seemed so phoned in, leaving the grand gesture of the rose petals to be the strongest aspect of the scene, and robbing a ten-year climax of anything like the passion showed in just about any random high school scene between Clark and Lana.

    Like I said, I've long loved "Smallville," so I'm not writing as the sort of person who likes delivering flaming reviews on the internet. If anything, it's a desperate plea in hopes that such reactions could make it to the writers' room in one form or another. The overall story arc for the concluding season could be a great climax to the series: but lessening the standards of the writing by disrespecting the source material, and deciding to caricature "conservative" America (which might make up half the viewers) ad nauseam, are both just features of a series that sometimes seems determined to coast to a conclusion. Please don't let it!
  • 1011

    The last episode of 2010 was lacking in a lot of ways. Clark & Lois' engagement took up about 1/3 of the episode, and the rest was the league trying to take down Slade. Other than the death of Carter Hall and the very odd cliffhanger, there really wasn't much to write home about.

    To be honest, it was quite boring at times, and it just wasn't mid-season finale material considering after this episode, we wouldn't be getting another episode for a month. The Chloe flashback was a highlight, I liked how they used unused footage from the premiere, that was clever.

    The last scene before everyone falls to the floor was quite sad, and I it was just a good scene. The league carrying the casket. I didn't know what the final cliffhanger was all about, but I just expected more. Obviously nothing serious is going to come of that. Interested to see what it is, but not enough to hold me over for a whole month. This season has been great with a few exceptions, but this episode kind of fell short unfortunately.
  • Clark finally pops the question to Lois in his own unique Superman way. She says yes. There is a big party with other Justice League members. As he leaves, Oliver saves a girl from a mugger, but the citizens think he's the attacker and beat him up.

    As I watch this Anti-Hero storyline unfold, I find it very similar to the X-Men Anti-Mutant storyline. You've got people like Slade aka Deathstroke drumming up hatred and distrust of anyone calling themselves a hero. The heroes want to help people, but the people are turning on them. The highlight of the episode was the proposal. As a long time Superman fan, I've seen it done many times, but I always enjoy when Clark and Lois get together. It's a romance that as I write this has lasted over 70 years. Tom and Erica have such amazing chemistry together. I've been waiting for this moment since she first set foot on camera in Smallville. It was neat to see them get most of the League together to congratulate them. Then we have to move on to the not-so-nice stuff. The army wants to find the heroes, and decide to question any possible known contacts including Lois, Tess, and Emil. I still am interested about Tess being part of the group. Did she really have a change of heart, or is she setting them up to turn on them later? Lois and her clash with Slade was awesome. It was so real, that I relaly wanted to see Clark come to the rescue, but surprisingly it's Hawkman first on the scene. Slade kills him, but not before Hawkman jumps out the window and saves a falling Lois. That visual effect must've cost the CW a good chunk of change. The funeral for Hawkman was very touching. I can't wait to find out what caused the flash that left them all laying. I know Chloe is supposed to be coming back. Those that have read my past posts know that she is my least favorite character on the show. I actually don't mind her coming back, I just hope they don't shift the focus, and make the show all about her again. I've really enjoyed this season thus far, and would like to continue to do so.
  • A proposal. A villain take down. A Superhero Funeral. A weird white hero coma inducing pyramid.

    The episode was a little subdued for a mid-season finale, especially considering that last year we got the Absolute Justice two-parter. And while I love Clark and Lois together, it's still feeling a little rushed to me. Especially getting to the proposal, although I guess they want to give fans as much payoff in the final season as they can.

    I didn't need the outright comparison of the Icarus moment that Carter had when he went after Lois with wings ablaze. But I suppose Smallville never really leaves their overt symbolism to chance, they want you to know even if they have to tell you themselves. I suppose not everyone might be familiar with mythology, though if they're watching a show as deeply (in some ways, not all) based on the Superman mythology they should have a better understanding of mythology as a whole.

    I have to say that my favorite part of the episode was the whole team coming together for the Superhero Funeral. I wish we could see more of the whole team, but I understand that it isn't possible for budgeting reasons. I'm hoping that when the series really starts to wind down they've saved up to do a few episodes with all the team members, although I also hear that Canary will be on quite a bit more. Anyway, I really like that the entire team comes together to honor their fallen member. Even though there's 4 who are obviously played by random extras and their faces were kept hidden. Aquaman, Cyborg, and Impulse were very obviously 3 of the four 'hidden' heroes, but the fourth one gave me a little bit of trouble. Long curly black hair, black coat, black heeled boots. I would have instantly pegged her as Lois, but she was up front and center. It wasn't until the very end when they're all lying on the ground (knocked out) that I noticed the fishnets and a little bit of white peeking out of the bottom of her jacket. Zatanna. I wasn't aware that Zatanna had completely joined the hero squad, but it makes sense. She's meta-human, not just meteor infected. Has actual powers. I'm not familiar with Superman mythology other than Smallville (my mythology source was my dad and he died 6 years ago, so I can't ask), so I don't know if she's a character from the comics or not, but I enjoy her and always thought that she should join up with the crew.

    I hear that the weird-white-here-coma-inducing pyramid might get a link back to Chloe and bring Allison Mack back for her handful of episodes that she's slated for this season. It was a bit odd of a cliff-hanger and chances are we won't see everyone wake up or what happens, just the aftermath, but the fact that Chloe might be back makes it better. I've missed Chloe this year. It's been a pretty good season, with Clark finally moving passed those issues that have always made him kind of annoying, but Chloe's absence is definitely felt. I wish Allison Mack had stayed for the final year. I just hope that after her several episode arc they plan on bringing her back for the finale. I've heard something about her becoming a hero called 'Oracle', I don't know exactly what that is, but I look forward to it.
  • The government keeps trying to track heroes for the VRA.

    Well where to start. I knew the proposal was coming soon although according to Kryptonsite we might not get to see the wedding. Everything with the wedding plans and things at the beginning was good but a little slow paced because not much action at all. I did wonder however if Lois knows Chloe is alive because that is what I thought when I saw the card she read. Once the action of the show started it went by quick. I enjoyed it a lot. Oliver being set up and justice society stepping in to help, nice. I liked that Clark impriosoned that military leader with one eye that was good. I also think the leader had a speacial power but who knows. The interrogation in the daily planet was a little strange but it worked and Kat finally did something worthwhile instead of being a nuisance. Hawkman's final fight, that was cool and I liked that he had a good fight, a lot of the heroes don't get that. Him dying was interesting, but I think he would come back to life again eventually, because he can't really die. The part at the very end was definitley intresting. What was it that knocked them out and how did it effect Clark. Guess we have to wait and see. Anyway good episode, looking forward to next weeks.
  • Best in Show

    This episode was one of my favorites out of this whole season. It stepped up the action in almost every department. In the public opinion on Superheroes area, we get to see how thorough hatred is towards masked heroes nowadays. There's an enforced curfew, a manhunt, a government ban on heroism of any kind, and sanction of citizens attacking (and, at their discretion, stoning [not with marijuana, at the risk of getting in Oliver's bad graces]) heroes, even when they're just trying to help. Clark's identity may well be compromised (the government have already closed in on his bride to be), all thanks to that ungrateful snit whose life he saved twice (Cat Grant). And Slade managed to deal a very heavy blow to Clark's team before he was exiled to the Phantom Zone (I don't pity him for what those prisoners will do to him in there, having seen seasons 5-6). In the Superheroes trying to make their way area, we have heroes underground. It's so unsafe to be a hero on the streets now that Clark has given the word for all heroes to go into the underground and not speak to each other. We have the death of Hawkman (which was expected by his earlier comment to Lois but not really anticipated to happen right here and now [I mean, I wasn't taking bets on Slade taking out a seasoned fighter with CENTURIES worth of experience]) and that freak light show at the end of the episode (what was it- the re-incarnation or what). In the romance area, Clark and Lois are finally getting married. Though it goes against every Judeo-Christian belief system that they lived together first, and though it will destroy the comic book mythos continuity (what little of it that Smallville HAS preserved over the years), it was admittedly sweet to see that the two will finally be at peace,or as much peace as you can have with the 'Apokolips' brewing in the distance (pardon the pun). Which brings us to the final department. There is still the teeny matter of an intergalactic alien force that incites and feeds on the darkness of every thought an action that humans have. And, let's face it, if anti-hero prejudice and fear continue at the rate that they are now, well, let's just say that Clark has his work cut out for him. At any rate. Awesome winter break finale. Can't wait till January 28.
  • Help! They've Fallen and They Can't Get Up!

    Icarus-In the wake of the VRA's passage into law and the spread of the Omega Tattoo, civilians begin rioting against vigilantes, including Green Arrow. Meanwhile, Slade kidnaps Lois and Clark turns to his allies Hawkman and Stargirl for help.

    So this was the last mid-season finale of Smallville....THIS...seriously? Well, I guess this is what happens with Genevieve Sparling REALLY shouldn't have written. Honestly, All I got out of this was "meh" and "WTF?" at the end of this. The majority of plot development seemed so exciting and pivotal yet I was bored through most of it. There was just too much talking growing on in this one and not enough action. Sure "Bride' has a heavy amount of talking, but at least it all build to that jaw-dropping Doomsday attack and brilliant cliffhanger. Even Pandora ended promising enough with Clark facing Zod and the Kandorians for the first time. But THIS....all of heroes falling unconscious...from what exactly? There was no build to this moment, it was one of the most random cliffhangers I've ever seen and won't be surprised if this doesn't even get rapped up and everything is back to normal once "Collateral" starts next year.

    I have to say the episode could have been a big episode and I mean BIG episode, yet the most monumental moments are tried like any old episode because of poor direction. As a Clois fan, it really pains me to say this and it will piss off most of you, but that proposal feel flat and I mean FLAT!! Again, it was all in the direction and because the execution was sloppy, it ruined what should have been a epic climax to the iconic romance that has been built so well up to this point! Tom Welling, I amazed how you can go from a chilling performance to the monotone mess during that Clois proposal. I just don't understand why Tom played Clark so blank stared and wooden, it's not like he can't emote, and we've seen Tom play nervous MUCH better than that, so no one should give me that excuse. I heard it was very cold in Vancouver when this scene was shot and Tom had to re-do the scene with coice acting because he couldn't be heard in the original shooting. But whatever it was, it really left the scene feeling...empty and lacking raw emotion for such a powerful moment for both characters. I can't believe the Clana proposal was better than that, really sad.

    It's ironic considering the rest of the Clois scenes were very enjoyable and natural, so I don't know what was going on with that flubber of a scene. The scenes with Lois deciding what last name to take aftrer their marriage and espeically the engagment were wonderful, natural scenes. Never have the characters seemed so happy and felt like a family. But when it comes to the actual plot, it was bore. Slade's vigilante hunt isn't as exciting as it was in "Patriot" and watching his group of soldliers intergate the rest of the team got tedious. Stargirl's return was a waste as her only real moment is when she uses her staff to make her, Oliver and Carter disappear. Speaking of Carter, he pretty much owned this episode. He got some great dialogue, had an awesome(ish) fight scene with Slade, even got to save Lois with an impressive flying sequence. Outside of the proposal, Clark's part in this felt lackluster and his convenient absences in certain scenes felt off. I mean Clark saving Tess and Emil was just stock footage from "Prey" and "Beast". WTF!? Seem like just a plot device to get Clark out of saving Lois and Carter to die. Also, what was up with Clark sending Slade to the Phantom Zone? Sure, he was brought back alive with cyborg tech but he was still a human that was corrupted by Darkseid. Such a merciless act from Clark that was so out of character that it just sucked away all the possible enjoyment I could have had in the episode. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Some great Carter stuff, a nice fight scene between the hero (not Clark *sigh*) and the villain, some nice scene between the Watchtower crew but the lackluster porposal, weak plot developments, out of character behavior and poor cliffhanger left me feeling...."meh". "Icarus" makes sense as a title for this episode, it could have soared so high and been a great episode but it just falls to it's doom. I mean I liked Cat more then the majority of the main characters in this, that's just worng. Uhh, let's hope the final 11 put some erff back into this season. The writers have a lot to wrap up by series finale time (Darkseid, Clark=Superman, Lil' Lex, VRA, Suicide Squad, Chloe's farwell, etc.) Talk about a cluster f@#k!O_0
  • Darkness and death..

    I like this storyline. The whole Darlseid thing plus the people going berserk against the vigilantes seems like a great storyline.
    Ok, it gets a little bit old that the population knows who everyone is but Clark..

    But I wonder if there will be enough time to develop Darkseid as a character and not just the master pulling his monions' strings behind the curtains.
    Hope we don't get a disappointing ending to a promising storyline, like we had with Doomsday.

    What's up with showing Black Canary onscreen and not actually allow her to do anything besides showing her face and help carrying Carter to his cerimonial grave?
    Ok, we pretended we didn't notice some extras portraying AC, Impulse and Cyborg..

    They should've just hired the other super as recurring characters.. so stories would be even more exciting and fast paced, with lots of actions and memorable moments..

    Anyways, hope it keeps delivering consistent episodes.

  • The darkness spreads

    This episode has gotten a lot of mixed reactions from the fandom, and I'm not entirely sure why. While it's clear that the writers have accelerated the storytelling to the point where some details are being glossed over, the overall direction is one that I never would have expected out of "Smallville" in the past. At the mid-point of the final season, things are looking grim, and I'm loving it.

    Part of that, of course, may be my devotion to "Babylon 5". There are definite shades of Nightwatch and the changes to Earth society mandated by the similarly-influenced Clark administration. All the historically relevant and disturbing elements are there: institution of the police state, elimination of privacy, control of the media, labeling of dissenters as traitors, and a society willing to let it happen (or too afraid to speak out). The difference, of course, is that the changes to Earth society on "Babylon 5" took place over a few seasons; the situation on "Smallville" is progressing much faster.

    There's also a certain amount of resonance being invoked in terms of recent changes within American society as a whole. While the writers couldn't have fully anticipated the recent TSA policies, there has been an understandable friction between the fervor for national security and the desire for personal freedom over the past decade. What is seen on "Smallville" now is the fear of those who believe that the real world is slipping into those same familiar patterns.

    The pacing can be easily forgiven, with the implicit understand that Darksied's minions are fanning the flames and using the darker impulses within humanity to achieve the endgame. But that's really not the important part: it's how the changes force our heroes, led by Clark, to go even more underground, all in the hopes of limiting the collateral damage to their allies and their own casualties.

    Which is why the death of Hawkman, already foreshadowed earlier in the season, had to happen now. The story has been escalating the stakes, and when the writers allow everyone to emerge unscathed, it just doesn't ring true. This situation would realistically result in someone's death (and perhaps more). And since Hawkman was the one who always led the charge against the darkness in the past (as reinforced in this episode), this represents the fated moment when the baton is passed to Clark.

    The gathering of the heroes at the end is also a stirring moment, and not just because of the circumstances. While they couldn't get all the guest stars lined up, they did everything possible to demonstrate how the nascent JLA was together now, honoring a fallen ally as one. The writers have been trying to give the audience the impression that the team has been working together for quite some time now, but this really drives it home.

    Without a doubt, the dark road of the current story arc has not come to a close. It's likely to get a lot worse. And that's what was missing from much of the ninth season and the Major Zod arc. The writers left too much of the critical plot progression off-screen, so the stakes were never entirely clear. That can't be said of this season, at least so far, and that's why the final season is succeeding so well.
  • Clark asks the big question!

    This is one busy episode of Smallville! So much so, that Clark's proposal to Lois is pushed to a pre-title teaser (FYI: she says yes). Clark's petal-filled romantic gesture is undeniably sweet, and having Clark call Lois from a phone booth was a really nice touch. Sure, this series can be extremely irritating from a storytelling point of view, even in its last season, but Smallville has certainly come a long way when dealing with Clark's relationships, especially with Lois. We don't have to spend countless episodes with Clark weighing out the pros and cons of his actions anymore, we don't have to sit through all of that angst. It only took 10 years...

    On the flip side of the writers' willingness to speed up certain scenarios, the same praise cannot be awarded to their treatment of the VRA arc. Things are moving much too quickly, with a lot of the goods happening off-screen. Metropolis is under curfew now and the vigilantes have been branded terrorists. Slade has whipped up his own Nazi regime and any potential conspirators are being apprehended and taken in for questioning. The idea is fine, but the broad strokes are a lot to digest, I would have liked to see this Nazi-like agenda implemented a bit more subtly into the show, but then again, subtlety was never one of Smallville's apparent strengths.

    Nevertheless, there's still plenty to enjoy here, and there's actually a decent climax to the episode, with a steady amount of tension building over the course of the hour, ending with an impressive action sequence and a notable loss with the demise of Hawkman (we were warned earlier in the season that his time was almost up). Hawkman's fight with Slade was awesome! It has been too long since we've had a decent scrap on this show. The CG effects for Carter's wings looked way better than when we saw them last, and that striking visual of Hawkman swooping down to save Lois, his wings engulfed in flames, was mighty impressive. I could have done without Slade making an actual comparison to Icarus, though. We get it. Also, where exactly did Clark get that amulet to send Slade to the Phantom Zone?

    I didn't really enjoy the interrogation scenes at all, they felt forced and too flat. And once again, Cat Grant proves to be an absolute waste of a character. Lois manages to change her entire outlook on the whole VRA with a few pithy lines. Why didn't she just tell Cat from the start that Clark rescued her several times? This late in the game, Cat should be committed to her beliefs more than ever, not doubting them at the bat of an eyelid.

    The cliff-hanger felt extremely tacked on. What the heck was that thing that popped out of the sand and knocked our heroes out? It was nice to have the entire Justice League present for Carter's funeral, even if the producers couldn't afford all of the actors to return, shooting the entire sequence in a way that obscured their faces. Will we be seeing the whole League when the show returns from its hiatus? I very much doubt it. I bet Clark will wake up only to discover the rest of the league have been captured. I wish this show had a bigger budget.

    Overall, this was a satisfying, although somewhat low-key mid-season finale. Lets hope Smallville's last ever batch of episodes can deliver the promised goods.

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  •'s one of those love/eh not so much eps.

    The main gripe I have about this episode is that too many ppl know who all the heroes are. This isn't the Justice Friends era where only a very few ppl know who is a hero and would have no way to spread the news about the whole world.

    But Clark's solution toward Slade was great. Not that it was a big surprise, but that Clark didn't fret and worry over his decision like he has done in similar situations. Maybe the writers realize that they can't dedicate 2 or 3 episodes to Clark doing the tough things. Just think back the way Clark was with Bloomsday and imagine if he acted like that now.

    Hawkman's demise was strong but would have been better if we could have seen the actual saving. Stargirl is a cutey and she needed to spend more time in the uniform. Oh..and why was Black Canary there again? Next to Flash, she has been the most MIA hero introduced on Smallville.
  • Great Episode!

    This episode was like watching a movie, damn it was great! Smallville is really shining this year with its maturity and more adult feel to it; Clark and the crew have grown up and its so refreshing!

    It had all the elements that we each enjoyed. Its funny, seeing the proposal scene with Clark and Lois brought back some memories for us, so its always nice to see a show kind of connect to you in that way. Great work Smallville. All the Clois scenes were fantastic.

    The funeral scene with everyone was great; Clark grabbing Lois' hand in that scene was a nice touch kudos to the director for that.

    What can I say about Carter Hall always fun to see him back with Oliver and Clark. Shanks was great tonight.

    The ladies of Smallville totally kicked ass tonight, Lois and Tess especially.

    That Lois/Carter/Slade scene was brilliant. Hawkmans wings on fire, nice tie in to the title of the episode.

    And finally, Mr. Clark Kent, what can I say this season he's everything I could've asked for, the confidence, maturity, swagger, happiness in his life, the relationship he has with Lois is so much fun to see! Tom Welling continues to blow me away this season, great work!
  • Nice idea but poorly executed.

    I am sorry to say that in my opinion this most recent outing of the justice league did not nearly live up to expectations. For the last episode of 2010, this episode fell along way short of usual Smallville greatness.

    The episode starts with Clark proposing to Lois in a typically awkward Clark and Lois way. I understand that this is the last season of Smallville but this seems to have come way too early in their relationship being as their relationship has only really been strong in this season. To be honest I was expecting something like this to have come in the finale of the show, not this early. But now this means that the show will more than likely finish with a wedding and I am not sure that is how I want to say goodbye to Smallville.

    This proposal was not nearly as interesting as when he proposed to Lana in the fortress of Solitude. I mean for her he crushed a lump of coal into a diamond... I am sorry but that was awesome and this was certainly not.

    The strongest part of this episode was how they tried to show the VRA stepping up their game and cracking down on vigilantes... sorry, terrorists. This was a nice idea and works well in building the tension in this final season. I particularly liked how they have managed to rile up public opinions to the point where people attack Oliver Queen in the middle of the street.

    But here again this is another storyline that seemed really rushed. It almost feels as though all of this animosity has appeared overnight.

    In response to this Clark decides to shut down watch tower for some reason (I understand if you need to go underground by why shut down watch tower?), and the VRA decide to round up known associates of Superheroes and start interrogating them... in the Daily Planet!

    Whilst they are being questioned Clark, Oliver and Hawkman decide to break their own idea to go underground and checks out the office of the General in charge of the VRA. To be honest neither the interrogations or the Justice League's actions add very much to this episode other than directing the episode to a scenario in which Hawkman can have a showdown with the General in charge of the VRA. One quick fight later and Hawkman is run through with a sword, a gas line (Which for some reason is in Oliver's office) is ruptured and there is an explosion which knocks Lois out of a window and sends Hawkman after her with burning wings (there's your Icarus reference folks).

    So Hawkman finally dies after a convenient amount of time has passed, just enough for him to say some last words to Clark and the superheroes take him out to Egypt where they lay him to rest next to Shaira.

    Then something like a white pyramid rises from some sand somewhere, flashes with a bright light and when the screen regains focus there is our group of heroes taking a nap around the tombs. Not the strongest of Smallville cliffhangers to say the least.

    The most interesting things that happened this week were Clark sending the General to the Phantom Zone and a weird cameo from Alison Mack. I enjoyed seeing her back on the show as other than Clark she was the only regular to have survived the first 9 seasons of the show and it feels a lot more like Smallville when she is around. But it does raise the issue of where is she and why the hell aren't our heroes looking for her?

    Overall this episode had some great ideas and I do like the direction they are leading us in. But those stories didn't seem to get the quality of writing they deserved. There were way to many rushed lines and convenient conversation segways that can only be described as lazy writing.

    I love this show, always have and this final season has been awesome. I am eagerly awaiting the next episode in 2011 and hope that Smallville enjoys a recovery of its usual form.
  • Season 10 is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything about this episode was pure awesome sauce! It's definitely one of the coolest mid-season finales ever. From the beginning, it caught my attention and never let go until the very cliffhanger-y end. As a fan of the Clark/Lois relationship, I really loved that aspect of the episode. Since Season 4, we've known that they were destined to be together. But actually seeing the proposal and an engagement party felt a bit surreal. Never in a million years did I think I was going to see the Clois relationship develop up to this point. But I'm not complaining, I love it! The other big aspect of the episode, involving the Justice League and the Vigilante Registration act, was really well executed. It built up to the point where the viewer is literally at the edge of their seat. When Slade showed up again, things got really intense. Clark is looking for Lois, but Slade got to her first. Luckily, Hawkman swooped in to save the day. The Hawkman vs. Deathstroke fight was my favorite Smallville fight since Clark vs. Zod in "Salvation" it was well choreographed and it was really exciting to watch. Before I review the final portion of this episode, let me start off by saying that Michael Shanks has been the greatest contribution to the show in a very long time. He's an extraordinary actor and he's made the Carter Hall character a very paternal figure for Clark and one of the most likeable members of the team. That being said, it made his death scene all the more horrifying. His final sacrifice to save Lois was very true to the character and that shot of Lois falling while Hawkman glides down with fiery wings was beyond epic.

    I loved that Clark used the Phantom Zone crystal to get rid of Slade forever without killing him. I guess this means he might be able to stop Darkseid's other minions the same way, but we'll have to wait and see. It all led to a very emotional final act. Carter was in his final moments and his last words to Clark were beautiful. I definitely cried when the red light on his chest went off and that funeral scene at the end was very emotional. It was cool seeing the whole League paying respect to their fallen comrade and it sucks that we have to wait till January 28th to find out what happened at the end. So that's it for 2010. It's been a great season and it's crazy thinking that there are only 11 episodes left. As a longtime fan of the show, it's heartbreaking. But as long as the next 11 episodes are as good as this one, count me in.

    This is episode was very good, I loved it exspecially the proposal in the beginning was awsome and I've been wait for 6 years and finally. I loved that they brought back some of the justic league it was epic. Smallville still contiunes to amaze me the 10th and final season is coming along nicely. Clark finally becomong the hero he is meant to be. It sucks that Hawkman had to do but at least he is now with his wife. It was sad the end, but his finally act was saving Lois that is so him. All in all the episode was perfect. Love smallville and Lois and Clark awsome.
  • Clark and Lois take their relationship to the next level. Things take a turn for the worse for our heroes, Black Canary, Hawkman and Stagirl appear. Starring: Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley and Allison Mack (uncredited)

    The episode started off with a moment that I have been waiting for since Season 4, when Lois Lane (Erica Durance) first appeared. I thought the way that Clark (Tom Welling) proposed to Lois was very Clark like and well handled by the writers. I loved how he incorporated the relationship between Lois and the Blur in there. I was a little disappointed that, other than the party which lasted for like 5 seconds, we didn't get any more good engagement celebrating in there. I have always liked the episodes where other heroes appear, which is one reason why I still love seeing Oliver (Justin Hartley) as a series regular. Whether they bring in Hawkman (guest star Michael Skanks) to Zatanna (guest star (not in this episode however, in Season 8's 'Hex' and Season 9's 'Warrior') Serinda Swan) to Stargirl (Britt Irvin), I have always loved their appearances and continue to love when they appear. I loved the grilling of Tess (Cassidy Freeman), Lois and Dr. Hamilton (guest star Alessandro Juliani). It was a lot of fun to see them stand up for Clark and the other heroes. I loved Lois talking with Cat (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) but her change in thought, for me, happened too quickly. I really liked that the writer's actually killed off a character that recurred and not in the finale. Carter died in this episode, and while the title tipped me off, it was still emotional and sad. I loved that he saved Lois and that for once it was not Clark who saved her. The last good thing before my complaint, CHLOE! I love Chloe, she's my favorite character and I was thrilled to see her return in this episode, even though it was just in the past and a scene they filmed for the premiere but I loved it. I can't wait for her remaining 4 (5? based on another scene that they saved from the premiere possibly?). I did not like how little screen time Stargirl and Black Canary (guest star Alaina Huffman) got during the episode. I love both characters, Black Canary especially and I wanted to see more of these characters and was disappointed in the little screen time they received.
  • What an episode!

    I must say this has been one of my most anticipated episodes of the season and it really didn't disappoint. First off I must get the proposal out if the way. We've seen this coming for a while so it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone but I liked that it was done. Now whether or not we'll see an ending before the show ends is another question. Personally it doesn't matter to me one way or another, I mean we know they end up together based off of the journey to the future in 'Homecoming'. One of my favorite moments from the ep is when they go to Watchtower and everyone is there for the engagement party. It has that real sense of family between all the heroes like Carter was referring to in 'Absolute Justice'. And Clark asking Oliver to be his best man was a nice touch, It really shows how good of friends they are. Now, I love the whole VRA arc. It's been working really well and it makes sense. If we did have heroes in our world this is what the government would probably do, but what teh Heroes need is someone to stand up and tell their side of things instead of hiding in the shadows all the time. I was super sad to see Hawkman die, he was one of my favorite guest characters, but he went out in a very noble way and his last words to Clark were very touching. so much so that I almost teared up myself. Now I do have one problem. Calrk sending slade to the Phantom Zone just felt so out of character. I mean he's faced worse and slade is just a man, why did he deserve the Phantom Zone over all others? Including Doomsday and Zod? Maybe we'll see this addressed at some point. I know he thought Lois was dead but it's just not the Superman thing to do. As for the cliffhanger, I thought it was really weird. I liked it, but it will take some explaining. And will all those heroes played by body double in the final minutes of the episode actually feature in the conclusion? Only time will tell I guess. In conclusion, this was a very strong episode that move dthe story along nicely and left us wanting more. So until next time, have a Merry Christmas!
  • Tsk, tsk...

    I'm a SMALLVILLE fan, and usually, when fans don't like the show, I rush to defend, but unfortunately this time, I'm the one who's going to give a not-so-favorable critique, and that's because the portrayal of the epic love of Lois and Clark have not been portrayed well in the last couple of episodes.

    I've been keeping this emotion bottled up, being CLOIS fan and all, but after ICARUS, I had to say my piece. Here are the reasons why I think the CLOIS relationship isn't living up to expectations:

    1. After ABANDONED, there isn't much sweetness between CLOIS. I get it; the writers need to show that there's a real side to their relationship, the side that disagrees and has fights. BUT, come on! They just finally admitted their love for each other and became intimate. No matter what kind of fight they have, they're supposed to be in their honeymoon stage of their relationship, so I was expecting to see some more intense emotions when they make up after a fight. Instead, we get a bland reaction from Clark apologizing to Lois for leaving her out in the dark in PATRIOT. That's it? No hug or even a smack on the lips? No painful expression on his face for treating Lois like an imbecile? For crying out loud! She went to Florida via airplane to tell him that Oliver has been taken, only to find out that he already knows because Clark trusted Tess to be his sidekick more than Lois. He basically just treated her like she's only meant to be a love partner, nothing else. I know, I know...he wants to protect her to keep her in the dark. Still, after realizing his mistake, I would have expected a bit more love on his face or sweetness when he was apologizing. But Nadah!

    2. Then not to forget the LUTHOR episode. Clark has just been in a world where Lois Lane didn't love him but despised him. Then when he came back to Earth 1, and Lois hugged him, he couldn't hug back? I would think someone who just said "I can't live in a world where you don't love me," will show more passion to see the woman he can't live without.

    And the best he can do is to give her flowers in the hospital and yet again an apology? It was Lois who again gave him a smack, not him. I am not looking for any big gestures. In fact, I'm looking for the small ones. A caress on the cheek, putting her hair back from her face, a squeeze on the shoulder, holding hands? Aren't those signs that couples who are in love unconsciously do? If the writers want to make CLOIS relationship believable, then they need to focus on minute but telling details like that, not just the issues that go along in relationships.

    HOMECOMING, HARVEST, and AMBUSH did a better job of showing how the two are in love, and from experience, after monumental steps in a relationship like what CLOIS had, the emotions and manifestations of such emotions only become more obvious, not downplayed, which I felt what happened in recent episodes.

    3. But the last straw for me was the proposal in ICARUS. Really? That's the speech? After all they've been through, those are the only words he can say?

    Don't get me wrong; I love the phonebooth; I love the petal shower. That's romantic, but what makes a proposal memorable and powerful is not just the execution but the words the man says to a woman. Seriously, that's all Clark can say after everything? After all those years they've known each other, and after all the support LOIS gave him? The speech Clark gave to Lois before they made love was so much better. No contest there: "You're the one. You will always will be." And you would think a marriage proposal will top that speech. Tough luck!

    Maybe I'm expecting too much about what a relationship should look or be like. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. But I would think that that show is supposed to give people hope: There is a hero out there who will defeat evil; there is a love out there that can withstand difficulties; and there is someone who will be there for you especially when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. If they're going to spout out those ideas, then might as well do it with a blast.

    I know it's not the actors' fault. I totally blame the writers. I guess there really are just some better writers than others.

    Having gotten that off my chest, I know that despite the let down I had, I will still be watching Smallville...yes, even when I get disappointed again. What can I say, I love the show. But I do hope that the writers come up with better lines in the future. Maybe the New Year will give them some explosive ideas. I can only hope...
  • Smallville signs off for 2010.

    Icarus was a step down from Luthor in my opinion, but it was still a good episode. I loved how the episode started on such a high and ended like that. It was a good change of pace. I have to say that Hawkman's death was the best part of this episode for me. I've liked the character ever since I saw hi in Absolute Justice and Michael Shanks has done a great job. Seeing him die was very sad, but at the same time, it makes you feel happy for him because he can be with his wife again. As for the cliffhanger, I thought it was a bit weird, but the trailer for next week kind of clears the air. Can't wait for that! And it looks like a certain old face is returning. Can't wait!

    All in all, it was a good mid season finale. Roll on Collateral. Happy holidays everyone.
  • Icarus

    Icarus was a very good episode of Smallville. I enjoyed watching as the Hero's faced scrutiny from not only the government, but the people have begun to turn against them as well. I thought this was portrayed in a good way. It was interesting to see what happened, and how things progressed through the episode. The begining where Clark proposed to Lois was great, while the ending of the episode saw the Hero's laying Hawkman to rest next to his wife, when some thing happens and we are left wondering what will happen next. I can't wait to find out!!!!!!!
  • This is a good way for the season to end, with this season being the last they have really stepped up their game.

    As a mid-season finale this episode did a great job, they managed to tie everything that has been happening the season really well and ending with such a climax. There was death and violence that was well portrayed, it did not seem overplayed or outrageous in the sense that it was unrealistic as it has been in some previous seasons like on black Thursday a few season back. Questions were answered and also new questions have risen all to make us look forward to the return after the holidays.

    I know people will disagree but I think Chloe not being in majority of the season has been good for the show. She kinda lost her use around the time Lana and Lex left. She was a sidekick but not one that was really essential to the show. Unless she became a love interest for Clark she did very little in the show after she left the Planet. I am looking forward to seeing her role in the last episode. I really love that this season has had some really good writing and very little filler unlike some other recent seasons that could have had 5 episodes to cover the whole story driving the season. I hope this trend continues as it has been a great season so far.
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