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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2009 on The CW

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  • I saw Smallville's dignity being shred to pieces

    Season 9
    Episode 8: Idol
    Clark discovers someone is saving people and posing as the blur, but in his way creates a mess. It is later revealed that they are no less than the awful, suckish, crappy super twins!

    Smallville was good at a time, now its just being lame. I've seen a couple of good episodes this season, and I was beginning to think that it could rerise again, BUT! (oh yeah, the big BUT) this episode! The damage was already done, and to recover from a bunch of failures in the last couple of seasons isnt easy, and they were kind of doing it, but then the super twins arrive and trying to save us all, they completely pulled the show's improvement down! The show couldnt have a good superhero, they had to have the sh***est that have ever existed! (no offense to any fan, but its true!)
    This episode wasnt completely bad, the last part was quiet entertainning, but the rest of the episode was just lame!
  • 908

    I can finally say Smallville is back on track with the first superb episode of the season. Anyone that classifies this as a filler is dead wrong; We got so much development for one episode and we got such a great cliffhanger at the very end. But who knows? This show may very well go downhill again, but I hope this isn't the best episode of the season. Hopefully we'll see more episodes with high octane action like this one. From the mayor and his men throwing Lois off of the Daily Planet as if it were sport to the very intense and intriguing ledge scene with the underlying tension of the phone call.

    Every DC Universe fan will love this epsiode, guaranteed. We have very important DC characters here: Come on, it's the Wonder Twins. They definitely worked great together, and I loved all their scenes with Chloe. The phone call was so intense, Lois hearing Clark's voice on the other line, you'd think there would be no escaping that, but somehow they manage to throw Lois off the tracks.

    I also liked how this episode wasn't the "aftermath" of Clark & Lois kissing, their lines about the kiss were kept to a minimum which is always great. Now lets talk about the cliffhanger. Now I'm not a huge Clark/Lois fan but we got a great scene here! Clark & glasses, great Superman reference. Lois kicking the stack on newspapers to reach and kiss Clark, great direction here! Then Lois has her visions and passes out. Something tells me we're getting closer to these visions coming true. Just a superb episode of Smallville with finally great writing and eventful scenes.
  • Terrible casting and acting, this might be the worst episode of the series.

    The people responsible for casting have always done a great job. This episode makes me wonder if it's still those same individuals. The writing and acting of our new Super-Duo was painful to watch. Their choice of actress for the psychiatrist was another blunder. It felt like watching an actress act ; rather than, a psychiatrist in a session. It would be apt to say basically the same thing about the Super-Duo.

    While this episode can be thrown into the "filler" category, it was a rather disappointing break from the surprisingly good momentum they had built with the last few episodes.
  • Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna try to help their idol, The Blur, fight crime, but instead land him in hot water with D.A. Raymond Sacks. Meanwhile, Lois suspects Clark is The Blur, and sees a shrink about her "NC-17" dreams. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

    OK, even not knowing that much about the Wonder Twins (well, beyond their infamous catchphrase and Gleek the space monkey), when I heard they were coming to the SMALLVILLE universe, I had my doubts. However, the characters, for the most part, were done justice. In fact, I liked how they were reimagined as "misguided fans" of The Blur, and how their pet monkey became monkey-themed cell phones. I also liked how they stepped in and provided cover so that Clark could save Lois and keep his secret at the same time. And speaking of Clois, I was, of course, riveted during their scenes, as Clois is my main reason for being (not really, but it's my caffeine: it keeps me going). The afterglow scene was especially hot (shirtless Clark = yummy!), as was that last scene, from Clark in glasses (**drool** :P) to Lois just up and planting one on him. (Now, if only we could get Tom Welling to take off his shirt *while* wearing glasses. ;D) Anyway, moving on. The shrink Lois kept seeing seemed unnecessary (and has yet to be heard from again), and other than Lois confessing that Clark and The Blur were one and the same, I didn't see why Lois couldn't be let in on Clark's secret. Oh, well. All things considered, including Dylan Neal, who made an excellent villian you just love to hate, I would rate IDOL nine thick-rimmed glasses out of ten.

    Highlights -- Flashback (or flashforward) to Lois and Clark's afterglow; Clark trying to get Lois to talk about 'the kiss'; Clark helping Lois open the crate full of undercover cops, then he and Lois discovering The Blur's shield on a nearby building; Lois discussing her dream with a shrink (and Lois's ringtone for The Blur); Chloe pulling up "The Blur's" blog and Facebook account; Clark using Jayna's phone to track her and Zan, then stopping them from "activating" their powers; Wonder Twins waking up in Watchtower and getting a lecture from Chloe; Lois trying to lecture The Blur, before getting to hear his real voice; Lois trying to hint to Clark that she knows he's The Blur; Lois standing up for The Blur at the D.A.'s press conference; Wonder Twins helping Clark keep his secret while he saves Lois; Lois receiving a call from "The Blur" with Clark standing nearby; Zan and Jayna finally getting to meet The Blur; Lois discussing her feelings for Clark and The Blur with her shrink; Chloe and Clark praising the Wonder Twins, before Chloe reveals how she impersonated The Blur; Clark wearing glasses; and Lois kissing Clark.
  • What a spectacle!

    Duck! Now jump! Now-quick-duck! C'mon, keep up! Coz yup, it's a Lois Lane episode.

    Who'd've thought Smallville would reach the Daily Planet? But it has. And it's fantastic.

    Lois (Erica Durance) is like a six year old who won't stop talking. (Clark to Lois: "You tell me the color of your underwear every day.") But she's as selfless as she is selfish; there's no hesitation-not for a picosecond-when offering to sacrfice her life to protect Clark's secret. And that's powerful. That's a huge beating heart. And it truer that most Smallville angst-fests.

    Beyond the characterisation, the plotting is strung together as beautifully as a bead necklace, although every bead is a cliché. Metropolis again feels like Gotham – not that I'm complaining; nothing else on TV has that texture. And we get to see why proto-Superman "The Blur" must emerge from the shadows, without it being explained to Clark WITH THE CAPSLOCK KEY STUCK ON.

    Now if Clark's new-found short-sightedness means he must permanently wear specs, then it will crown the blast of an episode. And that's because Lois Lane: she's dynamite.
  • Clark finally sports some glasses!

    Definitely the best episode of the season so far! I've been wondering for so long how they were going to fit in Clark wearing glasses, and I liked the way they introduced it. And it was very 'classic', Lois figuring out that the Blur and Clark were the same person... only to get a phone call from 'him', while Clark is in the background. I'm getting concerned about Chloe though... the way her relationship with Clark has developed in the season makes me a little sad. I felt hurt for her when Clark cut everyone out of his life (including Chloe), but not Lois. She has SO much history with Clark, they don't seem so 'best-friendish' anymore. And the last image of Chloe in Lois' flashbacks just kills me!
    I was so happy for this episode after the disappointment 'reunion' of Clark and Jor-El - there was no build-up of relationship, and I thought the whole thing was pointless. I'm not nearly as interested in the Kandor part of the show as I am with the development of Lois and Clark.
    I will be watching this episode a few times more in the break til the next show.
  • Lois Returns

    I'm getting kind of tired of saying this, but that episode was way better than the commercials led me to believe. I mean, "Wonder Twins?" really? You probably couldn't pick a stupider choice on paper (well, maybe Wendy and Marvin). But they made it work. It probably helped that this wasn't a typical "hero guest star" episode. The twins weren't the center of attention, Clark didn't immediately hate them, and their story seamlessly fit into Clark's over-arching storyline. They used the Twins to showcase just how far Clark has come as a hero. It seemed kind of weak a few seasons back when he was "mentoring" Kara, and he still had his training wheels on, heck she had better control of her powers then he did. Now he actually is a big-time hero (for the Smallville universe, anyway) so it makes sense for him to be an idol for the younger kids.

    So far this season, I've gotten a little worn out with the Lois and Clark angle. But that definitely changed with this episode. I don't know if it was the break we took from it last week or the fact that Clark actually managed to balance his super heroics with his Lois-love, but it worked. Perhaps it was the fact that Clark didn't spend the whole episode mooning over Lois. I really preferred it last year when she was in love with him, and he was too busy to notice. This episode had more of that vibe. Also, actually moving Lois's future-vision plot forward was a good idea. And the timing at the end was priceless. I did not see that kiss coming, and for it to be "ruined" by her black out was classic.

    And really, I'm surprised how non-upset I am that Lois found out Clark's secret and was tricked into disbelieving it. Perhaps it was because she wasn't given amnesia or that it wasn't over-played. Frankly, I wouldn't have a problem with Lois knowing, and the fact that Clark won't admit it is what drives a wedge between them. But this was played well, in any case. And the glasses! It's a little late, but why not. At this point, does anyone care if it doesn't make perfect sense? We lost practically all of our supporting characters this week. No Tess, Zod or Ollie. And frankly I think we were better for it. I love all those guys, but I think it really helped to just get them the heck out of the way and focus on Clark, both in his personal and professional lives. This show works so much better when that is the law of the land. I really thought this was going to be a craptastic filler episode sandwiched between two important ones, but it turned out to be one of the best of the season, both in writing and character development, along with a healthy dose of surprises. Hopefully they can maintain this balance throughout the rest of the season.
  • As a super fan of CLOIS, that episode was amazing for me !

    First of all, I'm french so excuse me for the mistakes I will certainly write.

    That episode was awesome and actually the whole season 9 has been really good so far. In my opinion, Smallville is improving each week since Lana left (I couldn't stand her at all at the beginning of season 7)
    I like the new hero couple who is trying to do good things to help the Blur but that always end up kind of bad.

    I also like the fact that each time Clark and Lois are getting closer, on the other hand Chloe and him are getting away from each other. They're still friends, we can feel that but they're not as close as they used to be since Jimmy died. And that's a good thing since Chloe is unknown in Clark's future.
    The story is really progressing and I like that.

    Can't wait til newt week, it's too long !!!!
  • Cheesy special effects. Cheesy acting. Cheesy storyline. Get out your nose pegs for this one.

    This was a mediocre episode, thus the score of 5.

    The angle was good; giving Clark a chance to reflect on his relationship to the city for the first time in a year and whether the time was now right to go public. Lois finding out that Clark was the Blur was done in fine fashion; you can never trust technology and something like that was always going to happen. But!!! This was Clark and Lana all over again, and another one of those 'one step forwards, one step back' episodes. After 9 seasons it has become infuriating water torture.

    To agree with others reviewing this episode, the acting was particularly poor in this episode, especially by Erica - some things she is great at, but some things she most definitely is not. But in fairness, no one acted well; it was almost as though the puerile nature of this episode was undermining the actors' desire and ability to perform well. Only Tom came out with any credit in this episode, but there still wasn't much for him to work with.

    The storyline was also far too simplistic. This was most definitely a filler episode, as the main story arc is dragged out to cover a whole season. Smallville would do well to copy the format of Heroes which gives us two separate but related stories each season. It would get rid of so much of the dross.

    So the Wonder Twins... I think their cheap acting was meant to be that way, which is fine if you want to reproduce a comic on TV, but this is not what I watch Smallville for. There was one line I loved in this episode and that was Chloe telling Clark that he had come a long way from being scarecrow at high school; it instantly took me back to those great days, but then painfully contrasted how far this show has fallen. What used to be a serious TV show to link into the films has degenerated into a juvenile comic adaptation.

    But I hold out some hope, because this season started so well.
  • "With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet"

    It was a really fun episode. I really liked the twins 'misguided justice', it was good fun, but doesn't it kind of break with a long tradition of psychopathic meteor freaks? Ok so it's nice to see some more powered peeps backing up the big guy, but simply a surprise based on previous 'meteor freak' behaviour.
    It was good to see Lois is grappling with her feelings for Clark and 'El Blurro' and even came to the realisation that they were the same person (which would have made the poor girl's life so much easier) until Chloe and Clark put paid to those suspicions with a well place phone call. Poor Lois, I do feel that Clark is a bit of a b#@tard for not telling her the truth, I mean surely he should have learned from 'the Lana saga' that honesty is the best policy.
    Anyway, I am really loving this series (having watched from episode 1 to this one over 3 days) and am looking forward to the next episode, hoping that one day not too far away, Clark will finally learn to fly - because, let's face it, it's loooong overdue!
  • Good writing powers...activate!

    While I felt that the season got off to a slow and confusing start, the writers have settled in nicely and the show is finding its way back into my good graces. It still has its definite flaws, but it's easy to forgive when I come away from an episode satisfied. Granted, it's still early in the season, and the writers tend to lose their way in the second half time and again, but for now, I'm good with "Smallville".

    I will be the first to admit that enjoyment of recent seasons might be predicated on one's enjoyment of the Clark/Lois dynamic. That element has certainly been ramping up this season, and by making it a critical part of the season arc, the writers resolve one of the issues with its treatment last season.

    Unfortunately, there is a drawback. The writers are trying to play on the nostalgic factor of the Lois and Clark relationship. There is a certain degree of expectation and anticipation (and I say that personally). It's not all that different from the anticipation of Clark donning the familiar red and blue, taking flight, or managing to craft a believable secret identity when everyone and their brother has seen his face without glasses for all this time.

    It's a game of inches, and the writers want to touch on the Lois' constant suspicions about Clark and his true nature without pulling the trigger. But just as it became ridiculous after years of teasing during the Clark/Lana era, it's getting old now. In fact, having seen it all before, patience is becoming elusive.

    Maybe this is one of those few remaining constraints on the producers, something they're not allowed to have happen on the show. That would be unfortunate. The writers have already strayed so far from the traditional canon that they really could ignore the "rules" and have things happen much earlier in the timeline. In my opinion, the show would be much stronger as a result.

    Because it was clear that Lois wouldn't get to the end of the episode with her realization intact, my pleasure over some of the more iconic moments was mitigated. The saving grace was how Lois was convinced that Clark was not the Blur. Having Chloe abuse her power as Watchtower once again was a smart move. I like the darker direction that Chloe has been taking since her experiences last season, and how it threatens her relationship with Clark. If Chloe's death (once again used as a tease) doesn't come to pass, I begin to wonder if she'll go darkside in the future.

    The introduction of the Wonder Twins didn't bother me, even if there were indications that the writers once again assumed a certain amount of backstory knowledge on the part of the audience. I recalled just enough from childhood cartoons, I think! They served a purpose within the context of the story, helped indirectly elevate the legend of the Blur and the status of the familiar sigil as a symbol of hope, and gave Clark a chance to show some rare wisdom.

    Perhaps the best part of the episode was the final scene, and how it dovetailed with the vision in the teaser. A lot of the small details from earlier episodes are coming together to form a bleak picture, and I like where it's all going. As long as the writers keep their eyes on a solid plan for the whole season, this could turn out to be another winner.
  • The episode itself is actually one of the better episodes of the season, possibly the best one yet.

    I have to admit, when the episode began, I was fearful someone had let a crazed fan into the writers' room, it wreaked of that much bad fan fiction; Lois and Clark open the episode just after having a steamy romp, Lois' hair still perky, Clark fulfilling this shows mandatory shirtless quota. Thankfully, it's all just a vivid, soap opera-ish, red chromed dream. The episode itself is actually one of the better episodes of the season, possibly the best one yet.

    Why? Smallville has never felt so comic-book-y. Lois has never felt so Lois Lane like (trying saying that 5 times fast). What could have been a wondrous disaster cleverly relegates this week's guest heroes to a very watchable sub-plot. There are quite a few nods to The Dark Knight, or was I the only one that caught onto that? 'Idol' manages to be a standalone episode with several subplots streaming through it that drives the overall arc forward. There are more Clois moments than you can shake a stick at. AND there's a cliffhanger. Phew!

    Just so I can get it out of the way, the parallels with the Dark Knight. Check out that scene that introduces us to the Twins – the loud brass score is almost identical to The Dark Knight's opening segment. Identical. The fact that a D.A. is calling out a vigilante superhero should ring a few alarms. It's icing on the cake that Dylan Neal has such a strong jaw line, almost matching Eckart's striking features. Just like Bruce, Clark almost steps out to reveal his true identity, only for someone else to interrupt him. Annnnd – clutching at straws here – as with The Dark Knight, there are civilians who find the need to pretend they are the hero/assist him, but end up making matters worse.

    Now, then, onto Miss Lane: Erica deserves a lot of Kudos for this episode. She sparkles throughout. Lois goes through a significant arc within this hour. She gets more character development here than season 6 & 7 combined. She's everything that makes the character so unique, all within a short running time. She's quirky, sassy, egotistic, vulnerable, naïve, witty and love stricken. Erica tackles Lois with aplomb. While some moments are appreciated, if not entirely convincing (ahem, random therapy sessions, ahem), these are sides of Lois I'd like to see more of – her best moment being the majorly cheesy press scenes (like something out The Animated Series). I also liked that she wasn't knocked out at all and that, once again, we reassured that she'd take Clark's secret to the grave (it's more than Lana would have done, Clark! Tell her already!).

    As for the Wonder Twins, they worked out far better than I had imagined. They just about stayed on the right side of cheese, and their action scenes were handled realistically enough not to cause onslaughts of belly laughs (in fact, Zan's water powers were used to good effect here). Their time wasn't wasted, or more importantly, they didn't take over the show, as with former guest heroes, and contributed to the overall story rather than taking anything away. I wouldn't mind them paying us another visit, if I'm being completely honest…

    Overall, an impressive Smallville outing, it has to be said. It's a busy hour and scribe, Anne Saunders, who has written some remarkable episodes for BSG, allows for some strong character development while propelling the arc forward (if not the main one, then various significant character arcs).
  • someone is putting away bad people very sloppily and the blur is gettting blamed for it.

    Ok. that was cool. i like the Wonder Twins part. I thought it was going to be bigger though. Lois's visions are good. Wonder why there was no Oliver, Tess, or zod in this one. Chloe's part good and bigger this time. i liked the end when they revealed there secret. Setting up Clark to where glasses. Also with the end Clark will think that he can never kiss Lois again. Waitin to see when something happens with the visions and when she tells Clark. The scene where Clark saved Lis was good. I liked the WOnder Twin fog and the way Chloe covered up clark's identity. This episode was another great one this season, and they just keep coming. See you next week
  • Good one

    I gotta say, I'm liking how Smallville has been delivering good episodes in this season. Much to my chagrin, the show had been a bunch of annoying episodes following by even more boring situations, aka David Bloom and the 10 second fight between Clark and Doomsday.

    I know this episode was supposed to be the about Lois and Clark and their on going and growing affection for each other but the cheap shot with the calling was very unrealistic.
    I mean, of course he's voice if modified by computer, that is clear. Therefore anyone could've been on the other side talking to her while Clark stood there next to her.

    But nonetheless, except this specific scene, I like the chemistry between Durance and Welling. Hope they finally become a couple and Clark have a go at Zod.

  • Two characters from the Superman comics show up, discredit the Blur, then intervene to save Lois, who struggles to reconcile her feelings about Clark versus the Blur. Chloe pulls the strings again.

    "Idol" is, well, uneven might be the best word. I can't comment much on the superfan twins, as they are from the comic milieu, but if those fans enjoy it, okay. But here's a thought about screenwriting in general, and something that affects "Smallville" scripts more than I like to see. The producers and writers have to satisfy a range of demographic groups - they know who they are, they know what we like. So we end up with stories that amount to them throwing your group or my group a bone to gnaw on. Here's someone wearing the latest fashion or hairstyle, mouthing the latest expressions, excitedly talking about the current social networking sites - they're throw-away characters, meant to appeal to a narrow audience segment...and that sacrifices a good story for transparent demographic-pandering.

    The twins probably won't be back - not enough substance to them to become enduring characters. The rumors and trailers made them sound even more cartoonish than they turned out, but they were designed for someone else, so enjoy while you can.

    This episode was all about Lois and her struggle with her feelings for the Blur, and for Clark. The plot device of her getting counseling was a way for her to describe all her recent struggles with those feelings, and the therapist, played by Anita Torrance, was most convincing and sympathetic, not a flaw or a complaint about her role or the direction of her character. The flashbacks Lois has about her trip to the future are becoming more detailed and depict more and different scenes, except for the disturbing shot of Chloe apparently lifeless on the ground. Take your pick about the possible meaning - the producers plan to write Ms. Mack out of the script later this season, or these scenes are from some far distant future so they don't really matter in today's Smallville. But it gives me termination anxiety.

    Lois finally seeing that Clark is the Blur was a highlight - I thought - "good, this can work!" Every episode involving a character discovering Clark's true nature has been compelling - the revelation, the truth, the understanding. First Chloe, then Lana, then Lex, then Jimmy, and finally Tess. But the myth just can't allow that knowledge on the part of anyone who is to have a permanent love relationship with Clark, and that's borne out here again, as Chloe steps in to help preserve Clark's secret. Lois hanging onto the high-rise flagpole is a good old bit from the comics and lots of old movies, but it worked pretty well, combining the tension of her discovery of the secret with an imminent fall to the street below. Why is Chloe working so hard to help Clark keep the secret - isn't this a redux of the Clark - Lana problem? Lois gets the phone-booth call from the bogus Blur - her feelings of being crushed with disappointment is just palpable. She really wanted to be in love with just One.

    Some reviewers of last week's "Kandor" were disappointed that Lois disappeared from the script right after The Kiss. This episode was the logical follow-on, and could just as easily been shown after "Crossfire." Maybe that's the source of the "unevenness" I perceive - different screenwriters each week results in a loss of continuity - one week it's cartoons, next week it's heavy drama on par with anything in the current tv listings. Sometime I'd like to see five straight episodes on the same story arc, building up tension as the story proceeds.

    The black-rimmed glasses and Clark saying, "I'm a little nearsighted."? Nah - it's just an amusing reference to the previous movies. Remember, those were a disguise to keep his identity from Lois. This Clark is nothing like the oafish dweeb that Christopher Reeve portrayed. "Idol" is a fairly important episode this season - Lois gets closer to Clark, even though her feelings continue to be divided. I see that this story can continue to be interesting - it's not as if Lois and Clark are back to being friends only. Maybe that's enough - she doesn't have to know who he really is, and we can enjoy speculating about where they go from here. I'm in - watching it again on a re-run rating of B.
  • It was so so and probably the forgettable episode of this season.

    Let me first say that it wasn't a bad episode but it was far from good. The Wonder Twins could have been done so much better. I don't blame the actors really who played them. They were told to be uber-fans of the Blur and that's what they did.

    For me, they have really cool powers and yet don't see themselves in that fashion. I hope Cloe can keep them on the straight and narrow. Clark and Lois going at it again. How many times can Lois find out Clark has powers and finds a way to be convinced otherwise?

    This is def the forgettable episode of the season.
  • Intense, inspiring and well-written story ; wobbly direction, average visual effects and annoying subliminal advertisments ; Chloe's intriguing fate, Lois & Clark taoist candy and Erica Durance irresistible performance

    The story was influenced by a season 8 episode. In fact they were both written by the same author who also worked on a few others. They're not my favorites but they covered some interesting topics. In fact one of them is probably the most exciting when it comes to the Superman mythology. And when the others disappointed me Idol proved that the writer's skills matured and that it worked really hard to serve us with a script meeting season 9 standards. When a major twisted event occurred I thought the writer would choose an easy escape but instead it went the hard way by anticipating our thoughts to surprise and disconcert the good way. A particular speech should inspire most viewers and the speaker was so convincing that it should help you to better comprehend the myth. The very first minutes after that blew me away. It was so smart and I didn't see it coming.

    However the direction wasn't flawless and I wonder why Anne Cofell worked alone on it as it's her first episode according to Wikipedia. I think experienced directors like Michael Rohl should have helped her. It would have avoided some mistakes and shortcuts that prevented Idol from being a perfect episode. Some visual effects were good but others were quite disappointing. They were used in bright daylight scenes. It's sad because their action was intense and as often the acting was good but the effects sort of ruined the immersion. Metropolis doesn't look real anymore when its studio and digital seams are apparent. I think they should stick to night scenes when such effects are rendered or better plan things.

    But hopefully there were plenty of delightful moments and it was wise again to exclude some characters. This time it allowed the story to focus more on Clois, Chloe and a few new characters. Even if their role was interesting I found some moral lines too cheesy but they definitely brought some fresh air. However I really hated the recurrent ads for Twitter and Facebook. I'm sure some viewers registered on these websites, MySpace included, after watching Smallville without even wondering why. Otherwise I quickly forgot about it as the story was really exciting. It also seems the writers have planned something major for Chloe as her profile is getting more and more controversial. Now she reminds me of Tess because you never know what they're really up to. Do they serve humanity or themselves ? Last but not least Clois, played by Tom Welling and Erica Durance, reminded me of Lois & Clark, played by Teri Hatcher and Dead Cain. In fact Lois scenes were refreshing, funny, charming and deeply psychological. Being Erica must feel great because her talent is impressive and I really enjoy the close-ups when she talks with all her heart, the voice distorted by emotion and the eyes full of dew.

    As often the end was priceless so stay tuned because the upcoming episode is the last before the winter's break !
  • There would be those moments in classic television history where scenes get so steamy that your mouth waters at the sight of it.

    'Idol' had its effects and the eye capturing moments between Lois and Clark would have any Clois fan drooling over the sight of skin and Tom Welling's nipple hanging at bay, his chest caressed by Lois...
    I guess I'm swaying away with it and anyone would. What sealed that opening scene was Lois falling helplessly into Clark's arms as he caressed her into a kiss.

    No wonder Lois got lost in her daydream and even if that moment was happening in her head, it was still worth every second. I knew it had to be a dream of some sort, they wouldn't make Clark and Lois kiss and then skip a chapter, the strange orange light and dream-like scenario gave whiff to the daydream's being. Lois was just classic here, trying to cover up her emotions and the reason behind her sudden disappearance for two weeks. Clark really did a number on her and I couldn't understand how he was so calm in front of Lois. "We should talk about it" and "Are you turning red?", well 'go figure' stud, she's blushing, you don't just open a can of worms and expect them to stay in one place.

    I suppose given Clark's isolation from human emotions, even what it means to have someone blush after haven kissed them two weeks ago means zip to him. I'm sure he thought Lois was tough enough to handle it, but in the end it boils down to emotions anyone couldn't ignore, no matter how tough they are.

    This was definitely a Clois oriented episode, which explains why I am going into such detail trying to adjust to the range of emotions expressed between them. It is literally breathtaking.

    'Idol' definitely had its moments in the spotlight, and Clark's identity came close to being revealed many times over. It's good that Smallville links the social world of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs so we could easily relate. It's not everyday one would find a superhero as their plus one friend and it was good that Clark wasn't the one behind his 'Brand \S/' collation. The Wonder Twins were wonderful indeed and proved to be the biggest fans of 'The Blur'. They were definitely a new additions to the cast and I really look forward to seeing them again, on top of that they did do Clark a huge favor by setting up blogs in his name, it is the modern way of communication these days and the best way to get a message across.

    The one person that has been scaring me a bit lately is Chloe. She acts as though she has everything under control, but she's not exactly bulletproof and could easily get hurt. She also acts autonomously and lately, irrationally 'for the sake of all man kind'. I commend her for getting Clark out of the hot seat with Lois. I want Lois to find out about Clark's secret, but somehow it felt too soon for Lois to find out and I'm not sure who Chloe did it for exactly. The way Chloe is sounding these days, she would easily clunk you over the head ten times and then tell you she was doing for your well being and that a headache would have been inevitable.
    I'm not sure how friendly or family oriented Chloe is, since her only focus is recruiting and protecting the world and even Clark from himself.

    Everything keeps pointing it's way to Lois and the three week lapse in her memory. I admired that therapist a great deal, she is assertive in her depictions from Lois' dreams (which, may I add are WOW!) and involve clothes - coming off according to Lois. What I gathered from Lois' dream is the entire three weeks coming back to her. After all we do know she went to the future and brought the ninja girl back with her. I believe that she and Clark's relationship is intense and passionate in the future, but there was some sort of war going on between Zod and Kal El (referencing vague symbols symbolic of Zod's nature and Clark in some sort of cell), especially since Zod knows Clark's true identity and has even bothered to show his face since, which isn't good. The last time he did that he tried to have Tess killed.

    Somehow Chloe gets caught in the crossfire, being human and strongly hero motivated it doesn't surpass her, but was that a Chloe unconscious?
    What I don't get is why would the ninja chick try to kill Clark to save the future? My guess is his human side gets in the way of his objectivity; definitely something to do with Lois, which explains why the ninja chick knew Lois was the best way to get to Clark. This is all speculation though, but Lois' dreams have always been consistent with her being with Clark intimately (hopefully there would be no problems in that area).

    I love the new direction Smallville has taken. I am officially hooked and can't get enough of it. I actually get excited for more each week and... attempt to reconstruct the way in which the writers would take the Lois and Clark angle, but they always surprise me and I don't believe I could think up something so intricate between them and connect the chemistry bubbles they have together. The glasses was a sweet angle and Clark should take Lois' advice about the contacts, maybe Clark really didn't know about contacts or the glasses thing was just a cover up from Lois almost revealing his secret. So how would CK cover his identity when her does reveal his secret?

    I also commend Lois for taking charge back into her own hands you know! Let Clark whine and blush over her for a while. Kicking the box over with her stiletto heals was the first nudge, stepping on top of it was the second, but grabbing Clark's head in like that, even he was surprised and that kiss well it surely knocked heads out and blew the whistle. The cherry on top would be Clark's concern for Lois as she feel unconscious in his loving arms... (sigh) That was a real gem.

    Lexa Reviews


    Five Stars

    Grade A+
  • The Blur and his Supernerds

    Idol-Zan and Jayna come to Metropolis and assist the Blur with his fight to take down crime but several of their rescue attempts fail, which leads Clark in trouble with the District Attorney. After awesome and suspenseful plot driven episode last week, I was seriously dreading "Idol" for the fact it would feature the debut of the Wonder Twins!! I mean come on! The Wonder Twins are infamous for being the worst superheroes of all time, never living down the embarrassment that was the "Superfriends" cartoon. Everything pointed at this episode being lame from the get go! Yet....I'm completely in shock by how great this episode was! Not only do the writers pull off a Wonder Twins episode, but continue to develop the key elements of the Superman mythology. "Idol" is not only fun but iconic in many ways. Erica Durance returns with a vengeance this episode! It seems like everytime Lois is absent in an episode or a number of episodes, the next one where she returns in, she seems stronger than before and the character is at her finest once again. Lois gets a huge chunk of this episode dealing with a lot of her feelings toward Clark and her devotion to the Blur. Once again, Erica is brilliant throughout and this is by far one of the strongest portrayals of Lois Lane on the series since...well…ever! Lois was perfection throughout from her deep, emotional therapy sessions, to her being upset with the Blur because he stopped calling her, to her reaction to finding out Clark is the Blur, to her inspiring speech during the press conference defending the Blur, to pretty much sacrificing herself to keep Clark's secret. The writers really put Lois through a lot in this episode both emotionally and physically than ever before and it was written superbly. Clark was the iconic Clark in this episode, perfectly showcasing both sides of the legend: Clark Kent and Superman. We got to see the bumbling yet confident Clark Kent when dealing with Lois. Clark is the one who brought up the kiss and I loved how he could tell Lois was ignoring the subject. My favorite moment between them would have to be when Clark goes on the ledge and tries to save Lois as Clark Kent and not as the Blur. It's a suspenseful scene, reminiscent of the Superman movies as well as "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" showing Clark is just as much of a hero as his alter ego and Lois knows that, giving a touching little speech to Clark before she shockingly let go. Then we had the Blur, who once again was heroic and awesome throughout. Another one of my favorite scenes is the Blur giving the Wonder Twins a great lecture about being their own heroes. It shows just how much Clark has truly grown up so much and shows another important character trait of Superman's which is inspiring other heroes.

    Speaking of the Wonder Twins, they were surprising...decent! They are actually not featured that much in this episode besides setting up the plot and acting like dorks for the most part before actually helping Clark in the end save Lois and keep his secret. David Galleger and Allison Scagliotti were pretty good in the roles no matter how cheesy and campy the Wonder Twins appropriately were. I liked Smallville's version of them as they are just misguided fans who just wanted to live up to the Blur's heroics but were way in over their head. The SFX for their powers were also excellent showing Jayna morph from a lion back to her regular form and Zan from ice into his regular form. They served the plot well and actually got a bit of character development when helping Clark save Lois in the end. Another decent guest star was Dylan Neal ("Dawson's Creek") as Raymond Sanks, the District Attorney who forces the Blur to reveal himself at the press conference. Even if the character is a bit underused, I loved the twists with him being a corrupted DA and planning to kill Lois just to destroy the Blur's reputation. It just goes to show that Clark leaving his "S" shield around Metropolis is just as much of a bad thing as it is a good thing. While he is giving the city hope, it's allowing his enemies an advantage over him. I hope this means Clark's superhero graffiti days are over! Other awesome developments was the breath-taking opening teaser showing us a glimpse of "Pandora" when Lois is having another daydream (Clois has never looked so hott!), Clark revealing his glasses to Lois (a geektastic moment!), Lois returning the favor and planting one on Clark who wasn't prepared this time (Man, their kisses are electrifying!) and the "Pandora" cliffhanger at the end (holy crap, that was awesome!)

    The only real weak aspect of this episode is...wait for it...Chloe! I swear at this, there are absolutely no more redeeming factors to Chloe…at ALL! She's more self-righteous and self-involved than Lana ever was and more delusional than Tess. Yeah I know she helped Clark in the end by making Lois believe they were 2 different people again, but come on! Not only is Chloe spying on Clark's phone conversations now, but on the entire city of Metropolis! Are you kidding me? This is the same Chloe who got mad at Lana for snooping on her computer in Season 2? lmao! I loved when Clark once again called Chloe out on her BS, she's beyond out of control and turning into a monster (this time Brainiac is no where in sight!) I really hope this means the writers are setting up Chloe's official downfall/exit from the series. If Chloe can't die, at least I hope it hurts…a lot! Anyway, "Idol" is a fantastic episode full of mythos and fun character interactions/developments. Not to mention, the set up for "Pandora" was flawless. Next week looks like the mother of all mid-season finales! But will it beat last season's mid-finale, "Bride"? We'll see...
  • Idol is a new start!

    Season 9 is definitely "maturing up" the whole smallville experience especially after the greatness of season 8.
    Idol is a great episode for it took the nostalgic route to revisit forgotten DC characters "Wonder Twins" it also added a little bit of tension in the Clois thing going on especially with Lois starting to doubt Clark ... CK wearing glasses is an indicator that the show is finally going to be the true story of Superman, we only have to wish hard for him to find a way to make his suit and cape (his cape was given to him long ago by Christinia Millan when she was playing the role of the celeb girl making the film about Warrior Angel, it is time to remind the writers of that!) .... That does not mean that Superman is only about CK's geeky glasses or his suit, but that would be a great addition to the show! Anyway, IDOL was fresh and well done, the scenes, the music and the effects were great!
    Adding to the continuity of the Lois' dreams, great tension, we are only one episode away to get to know what really happened when Lois took her exit to the future.
  • I need a Hero!!!

    I must say that this season is getting better and better every episode. Last night had the best ratings of season 9. Im not going to be spoiler-ish on this review but the whole episode kept me in suspense of what will be the end of the episodes

    The whole Kandor-dreams are getting deeper and deeper and Lois is confused of what they mean (so am I). She confronts her feelings with the blur and Clark, she has to make a decision... and by the end of the episode we will see who she chose!

    A new hero is in town! actually a Duo! Love their appearance and totally fit the drama and story behind this season. Cant wait to 2009's last episode which is named Pandora (airing next week)!!
  • Very entertaining

    I thought that all the focus would have been on the wonder twins, but I'm glad that it wasn't. I'm happy that the focus was mainly on Clark and Lois. Lois, hands down, was the best actress. In the beginning when Lois was getting out of bed with Clark, I thought it was for real and I almost died of shock. But then Lois was just daydreaming. I can't say that I blame her. I'm glad that Lois and Clark didn't swept that they kissed in "Crossfire" under the rug. This show has a nasty habit of doing that. But I wasn't expecting Lois to plant one of him. My mom and I were giggling. This show is stepping up, bring on Pandora!
  • On the way to Pandora.

    I am always a fan of episodes dealing with Clark's double identity. That's why Identity was one of my favorite episodes last year. Idol isn't in the same league as Identity, but it was still quite a good episode. One thing that did bother me was the absence of Tess and Zod in this episode. Smallville's MO in the past couple of seasons is to make episodes that focus mainly on one arc. So last week it was entirely about Zod, Jor-El and Tess and this week it was about the Blur and Clois. I wish that we got episodes that focused on multiple arcs, because that would help preserve their momentum. It's not nice having to wait 2 weeks to find out Lois' reaction to the kiss or who killed Jor-El. Nonetheless, Idol was a fun episode to watch and i loved the final minute. It went from a passionate moment straight into the cliffhanger for Pandora.

    Clark was great in this episode. He was caring and understanding but he was also heroic when he had to be. I think Anne Saunders did a very good job of writing him. Lois had a significant episode. There were parts of her i liked(the way she threw herself in the Blur's protection as well as her final scene) and some of them i didn't like that much(her attitude towards that woman who was waiting for the therapist or Clark's line about the underwear). It' tough to judge Chloe when she has so little screentime. It's clear this season that she has taken a different approach to her sidekick role and i must admit that i am not a fan of her spying on people. I think that the producers have to do one of two things: 1) Figure out better plot devices to explain certain events(it was also her spying that led to Clark finding out about Jor-El last week). 2) Put more time into the Chloe character and explore why she has adopted this "the ends justify the means" attitude. Chloe has been a staple on this show and i think her character should be handled better.

    Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. Now it't time for the big one. Bring on Pandora!
  • Great Episode!

    I gave this episode a 10 because it did what no episode since Savior has done, it made all the elements of storytelling just work. Each part of what makes an episode great was strong tonight. I couldn't detect any real weak spots and that was just amazing. The acting, the writing, the directing, the pacing, the special effectsthe characterization, everything was amazing! Here are some thoughts for each:

    The Acting was top notch! Erica Durance was just...flawless! She was amazing, superb, brilliant! She WAS Lois Lane, every bit of her! Tom Welling was Superman...and he was just so iconic if that makes sense...he was just the character, the hero, the legend, the actors behind the Wonder Twins were hilarious and charming and I fell in love with them immediately! Allison Mack was really inspiring and sort of...epic in her scenes; the mayor was creepy and pulled off that powerful deceitful character so well.

    The Writing The story was about one thing, the Twins trying to help the Blur and causing a lot of trouble because of it. That was simple, yet there were SO many layers to it and so many interwoven stories. The wt story just worked so well with what was happening with Clois, what was happening with Chloe spying, and what was happening with the city (wanting to get closer to the blur). It was just this really fun, engaging story that brought the three main characters together to work towards one common story. That was the complete opposite of say Roulette, which I liked anyway, but it was just an episode that was so split apart with literally 3-4 stories happening at the same time that were very disconnected and disjointed.

    The Directing - This episode was just so beautiful shot! It was so cinematic; I felt I was watching the superman movie or something. Amazing, flawless, wonderful! It reminded me of the direction of "Rabid" which was superbly shot! Beautiful! Even with the zombies, just artistically beautiful.

    Special Effects – The special effects weren't cheesy! And that was one of my fears! The wt worked their transformations; Lois falling down the building was awesome! I just kept on wondering if SV had gotten a budget upgrade or something.

    Pacing - Finally an episode whose pacing didn't bother me. I enjoyed the flow of the episode! This was a huge weakness in the Metallo episode. The scenes just felt so jagged and the flow was forced. But this episode was the complete opposite. Each scene just fell right into the next one so perfectly.

    The Characterization – Powers Activate! The wt were so much fun! All the characters were just so enjoyable in this episode from Lois to the therapist. They were just themselves. Lois was fierce, loyal, loving. Clark was heroic , caring, and warm. Chloe was empathetic, smart, and protect. The Wonder Twins were funny, charming, and lovable, the therapist was caring, personable, and insightful. The mayor was powerful, interesting, and just the right amount of creepy and psychotic. In short, all the characters were great tonight. They did their thing!

    Clois- There have been some great Clois moments but never have I felt the intense chemistry and downright beauty of this couple more than this episode. They were just so wonderful together. And I think that has to do with how open the characters were. We saw Lois talking to her therapist, Clark talking to Lois (and even though he was avoiding the Blur issue, he was being so much more open than he normally is). I just fell in love with Clois. I know I am a Clois fan, but I wasn't really a "shipper, shipper" until this episode. I know, I know, even after the kiss, even after the rain scene, I wasn't really ready to completely embrace it. Now, I just feel...Lois is in good hands in this relationship. I want this for her.

    Lois - Nothing more to say than this is how I see Lois and the writers basically too a snap shot of my thoughts and put it on film. This is my Lois Lane and I adored her in this episode from start to finish. No other episode has made me feel this way.

    Put this all together and you spell out amazing. That's why I gave this episode a 10. It just worked on every level!

    Oh and the make-up people and the wardrobe people, excellent job on Lois's outfits! She looked radiant! The coat was cute!
  • Well after watching the episode, I have just a few things to say! Small spoiler alert here so realize that before reading more..

    Wonder Twin Powers Activate!!.. I was wondering when they were going to bring in more of the other hero's and the Wonder Twins seem like a good place to start! I find it funny that they are Blur Mega-fans, and that they, in their own way, try and help. But like they always seemed to do in the comics and the cartoons, the seemed to blunder at first and make a few mistakes and then start to actually get good at it. It's good that they are keeping with some of the original characters, with some new juice of course, but I can't wait to see who is coming out of the hero closet next!!

    With all the stuff happening so fast, I can only wonder what the season finale is going to be like! I mean you can read the synopsis to get a general idea about it, but still. They pack more then what you get in that short few sentences then you can imagine!

    I wish this show many, many, many more season. I just hope that The CW loves the show as much as the fans do, and it sticks around for a long time! There is so much more stories to be told, and other people to meet, and tons more hero's and villan's to take down. Heck, we haven't even gotten to The Legion of Doom, Although the Kandorians could almost have that covered, at least partly.

    For me, I love the show, I love the plots, and I love the way they try and stay true to the original stuff while giving it a new flair.. Keep Em Coming!!
  • Another Smallville treat for the true Superman/DC/Superfriends fans. I know you're out there.

    I caught it instantly, and though I did, I still had to rewind it on the DVR just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. When it showed Jayna pull out her phone, and the rhinestones created the picture of "Gleep" the little blue monkey character from the Superfriends, I was like "Nice touch." Only the true fan would've caught that, and perhaps the sound of their ringtone, also being the sounds that Gleep made on the cartoon. When I saw the preview for the episode last week, I instantly knew it was going to be the wonder twins. And my reaction was "Oh great! Not them." But I can say it was an overall good episode, and thank god they left out the corniness that the WT has been known to have. And also, let's be thankful they left out their "Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of......etc" Also, nice touch on when Clark shows up right as the twins are going to "activate" and places his hand right between their fists, knocking them out cold.

    I like how they're kind of aiming for a "justice league" in a somewhat slow and subtle way. But being that this show is already in season 9, I would've liked to have seen a little more Bruce Wayne & Batman by now. BW did make a brief appearance in an episode a while back apparently, but no dark knight. It would've been nice to have had another Swimmer/Robbins/Gough series based on Bruce Wayne in a similar format, that could have lead to a few crossovers. Or perhaps maybe a spinoff at this point? That would be a show I'd be interested in seeing.

    Good episode, and going by the previews, I can't wait till next week and for the rest of the season. One thought on that, I am going to guess that the Kandorians get "their powers" from utilizing the "Red Sun" which strips Clark of his powers, because we see it in Lois' visions. The question is, how do they get it to that point? Let's hope the writers can take it in a reasonable direction.
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