Season 9 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2009 on The CW

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  • Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna try to help their idol, The Blur, fight crime, but instead land him in hot water with D.A. Raymond Sacks. Meanwhile, Lois suspects Clark is The Blur, and sees a shrink about her "NC-17" dreams. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

    OK, even not knowing that much about the Wonder Twins (well, beyond their infamous catchphrase and Gleek the space monkey), when I heard they were coming to the SMALLVILLE universe, I had my doubts. However, the characters, for the most part, were done justice. In fact, I liked how they were reimagined as "misguided fans" of The Blur, and how their pet monkey became monkey-themed cell phones. I also liked how they stepped in and provided cover so that Clark could save Lois and keep his secret at the same time. And speaking of Clois, I was, of course, riveted during their scenes, as Clois is my main reason for being (not really, but it's my caffeine: it keeps me going). The afterglow scene was especially hot (shirtless Clark = yummy!), as was that last scene, from Clark in glasses (**drool** :P) to Lois just up and planting one on him. (Now, if only we could get Tom Welling to take off his shirt *while* wearing glasses. ;D) Anyway, moving on. The shrink Lois kept seeing seemed unnecessary (and has yet to be heard from again), and other than Lois confessing that Clark and The Blur were one and the same, I didn't see why Lois couldn't be let in on Clark's secret. Oh, well. All things considered, including Dylan Neal, who made an excellent villian you just love to hate, I would rate IDOL nine thick-rimmed glasses out of ten.

    Highlights -- Flashback (or flashforward) to Lois and Clark's afterglow; Clark trying to get Lois to talk about 'the kiss'; Clark helping Lois open the crate full of undercover cops, then he and Lois discovering The Blur's shield on a nearby building; Lois discussing her dream with a shrink (and Lois's ringtone for The Blur); Chloe pulling up "The Blur's" blog and Facebook account; Clark using Jayna's phone to track her and Zan, then stopping them from "activating" their powers; Wonder Twins waking up in Watchtower and getting a lecture from Chloe; Lois trying to lecture The Blur, before getting to hear his real voice; Lois trying to hint to Clark that she knows he's The Blur; Lois standing up for The Blur at the D.A.'s press conference; Wonder Twins helping Clark keep his secret while he saves Lois; Lois receiving a call from "The Blur" with Clark standing nearby; Zan and Jayna finally getting to meet The Blur; Lois discussing her feelings for Clark and The Blur with her shrink; Chloe and Clark praising the Wonder Twins, before Chloe reveals how she impersonated The Blur; Clark wearing glasses; and Lois kissing Clark.
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