Season 9 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2009 on The CW

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    I can finally say Smallville is back on track with the first superb episode of the season. Anyone that classifies this as a filler is dead wrong; We got so much development for one episode and we got such a great cliffhanger at the very end. But who knows? This show may very well go downhill again, but I hope this isn't the best episode of the season. Hopefully we'll see more episodes with high octane action like this one. From the mayor and his men throwing Lois off of the Daily Planet as if it were sport to the very intense and intriguing ledge scene with the underlying tension of the phone call.

    Every DC Universe fan will love this epsiode, guaranteed. We have very important DC characters here: Come on, it's the Wonder Twins. They definitely worked great together, and I loved all their scenes with Chloe. The phone call was so intense, Lois hearing Clark's voice on the other line, you'd think there would be no escaping that, but somehow they manage to throw Lois off the tracks.

    I also liked how this episode wasn't the "aftermath" of Clark & Lois kissing, their lines about the kiss were kept to a minimum which is always great. Now lets talk about the cliffhanger. Now I'm not a huge Clark/Lois fan but we got a great scene here! Clark & glasses, great Superman reference. Lois kicking the stack on newspapers to reach and kiss Clark, great direction here! Then Lois has her visions and passes out. Something tells me we're getting closer to these visions coming true. Just a superb episode of Smallville with finally great writing and eventful scenes.