Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lois arrives at work and is splashed by a passing car. Clark arrives and admits he missed her at the airport three hours ago. Lois says she understands she isn't on the top of her priority list. Once Lois leaves, Linda Lake appears behind him, solidifying from her water form. She reveals she's been watching him and knows he's the Red-Blue Blur. Linda explains that the police cleared her name but she's lost her reputation in the last two years. Now she plans to be the voice of the Red-Blue Blur and tells Clark he either helps her cover him, or she'll publish everything she knows about it. He tries to grab her but she turns to water and escapes down a drain.

Chloe meets Clark at the barn and brings her up to speed on Linda. He decides to go public on his terms. Chloe is skeptical but Clark insists it's the only way, and that now he can be himself.

A doctor finds Davis Bloom in the drug storage room taking anti-psychotics. She accepts his story that it's for a patient and leaves.

At the Daily Planet, Clark tries to talk to Lois and get her to write his story that he's the Red-Blue Blur. She laughs and goes to get some supplies on a high shelf. He demonstrates his super-strength by lifting her into the air and catches her when she falls. They go to an office and Lois admits she thinks he's a hero. She wonders why he told her first and he admits that Chloe and Lana already know. Lois has him list his abilities and wonders why she didn't figure it out sooner, then agrees to write the story.

The story hits the stands the next day and the people praise him for reminding everyone what it means to be a hero. Linda appears and warns him that she'll have the last word before fleeing. The people soon begin to crowd in on him.

At the hospital, Chloe tries to make arrangement to transfer Jimmy there but the doctor warns that they're overwhelmed with paparazzi trying to get pictures of the guy married to Clark's best friend. Chloe spots Davis, who explains he left to give her space. He admits he can't forget what happened but it's too dangerous for her to be near him. As she leaves, a nurse mentions that she's a friend to Clark the Kryptonian. The word "Kryptonian" rings a bell with Davis.

Linda goes to the city editor at the Planet and says she has a story for him.

Clark talks to his mother, who warns she may be forced to go on leave as a Senator. Chloe makes her way through the crowds at the Kent farm, and explains Clark has been given a penthouse office at the Daily Planet They notice a news broadcast of an anguished mother whose husband died when Clark wasn't there. Chloe reveals that Linda was held at Black Creek and her power can be neutralized by electricity. They see that Linda Lake has called a press conference to announce that Clark is the first wave of an alien invasion. She tells the press that the real hero was Lex Luthor, and Clark killed him. The police arrive and Clark refuses to leave. He goes outside to confront them while Chloe slips out the back.

The police demand answers from Clark and don't believe his protestations of innocence. The officer informs them they'll be running some tests and calls in his men. They open fire on Clark to no effect, and Clark superspeeds away. He meets with Chloe and tells her to leave. On the car radio, the authorities order a curfew and put a warning out on Clark. Clark tells Chloe to run and says he'll find her later. Clark considers using the Legion ring to travel back in time and stop the story from being released. Chloe warns there's always a consequence but Clark insists he can't help the world if everyone knows who he is. They're unaware that Linda is watching them from the shadows.

At the Daily Planet, Lois tries to get hold of Clark when the city editor shows her Linda's article on Clark's alleged murder of Lex Luthor. She gets into the elevator and finds Linda inside. Linda is thrilled she's turned the people against Clark. Lois goes to see Tess only to find the government waiting for her. She tries to escape and Clark arrives to rescue her then takes her to the barn where the Legion ring is stored. Lois tells him to stay and fight back but Clark doesn't believe it will make a difference. Lois insists that it was different with him and realizes that when Clark alters the time line, he won't tell her. She says it's okay and she realizes that she isn't that special, but Clark insists that she is.

Clark goes to get the ring only to discover a piece of kryptonite. Linda knocks Lois out and shows him the Legion ring she's taken.

At Isis, Chloe is destroying all of her files when Davis arrives. He says he can't stop it and says he's built up a tolerance to the anti-psychotic pills. He remembers that the possessed Chloe told him it was his destiny to destroy Clark, and that he's a Kryptonian as well. Chloe realizes that he's Doomsday and Davis tells her to warn Clark. He starts to transform and tells her to run. She runs out into the street and calls Lois to leave a message. She gets to her car but Davis, transformed into Doomsday, rips off the car door.

At the barn, Linda points out how fast people turned against Clark. He warns her that the ring is dangerous but she plans to use it to travel back in time and learn stories before they break. Lois wakes up and attacks Linda and knocks her out. Lois throws the kryptonite away and then checks her phone messages. She starts to tell Clark about Doomsday but he puts on the ring and travels back in time. He goes after Linda at her apartment and shows her him story about the murders she committed. He plans to run it to discredit her. He grabs an electrical wire and forces her to stay in her human form and knocking her unconscious.

This time Clark meets Lois at the airport. He admits that thing got crazy during the wedding and Lois suggests they forget everything they discussed there. She invites him for coffee later but says it's okay if he doesn't.

Clark tells Chloe what happened and remembers how he thought things would work out when he told Lois about his secret identity. Chloe suggests that he create a secret identity to fight crime. Clark insists that he can't tell Lois and explains that he destroyed the Legion ring. Chloe wonders what might have changed this time.

At the hospital, the doctor confronts Davis as he takes some anti-psychotics. She tells him there's a patient looking for him in the criminal containment ward: Linda Lake, held in electrified restraints. She tells him that she knows his secret and he closes the door. Davis tries to deny it but Linda wants him to release Doomsday and break her free. She threatens to tell Chloe and Davis starts to transform. He smothers her with a pillow, then his eyes return to normal. He slips out, throwing away the psychotics.

Lois waits for Clark at the coffee café. Clark watches from a distance but decides not to approach her. He leaves her a text message saying he's busy at work. She sends him a message back saying she's busy on a story as well, and Clark walks off into the night.